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January 30, 2015 11:50 am

Antisemitic British Baroness Jenny Tonge Pressures UK Jews to Condemn Israel

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Baroness Jenny Tonge's latest comments continue her long tradition of antisemitic remarks. Photo: Twitter

Baroness Jenny Tonge, a member of Britain’s House of Lords with a long record of inflammatory, often antisemitic, statements against both Israel and the British Jewish leadership, has again been pressuring British Jews to collectively condemn Israel.

Earlier this week, Tonge tabled a written question in the House of Lords in which she asked “Her Majesty’s Government whether they plan to encourage Jewish faith leaders in the United Kingdom publicly to condemn settlement building by Israel and to make clear their support for universal human rights.”

Tonge’s question, which comes against the background of rising antisemitism in the UK, was quickly condemned by Jewish campaigners.

Jonathan Sacerdoti of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, which recently published a disturbing survey about the current levels of antisemitism in the UK, told The Algemeiner that the “widely accepted” definition of antisemitism coined by the European Union Monitoring Center “specifies that it is antisemitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for any action of the State of Israel.”

“Baroness Tonge has a long history of making these sorts of remarks,” Sacerdoti said. “It is despicable to see her using the House of Lords to try to harass Jewish people.”

Since 2012, Tonge has classified herself as an “Independent Liberal Democrat,” as she was compelled to resign from the Liberal Democrat Party – the junior partner in Britain’s governing coalition – for refusing to apologize for a comment made at a public meeting that Israel “would not be there for ever.”

In 2010, Tonge was fired from her position as the party’s health spokesperson after she made the outlandish claim, which evoked memories of the ancient antisemitic blood libel, that Israeli medical teams assisting in Haiti after the devastating earthquake there were involved in organ trafficking.

Despite these bruising experiences, Tonge continues to assault both Israel and the Jewish community at every opportunity. Speaking in a House of Lords debate last night on the Palestinian issue, she declared that “Israel is becoming a pariah state, and, because of its cruelty towards the Palestinians, the general public are conflating the Jewish State of Israel with Jewish people all over Europe.”

Tonge then repeated her demand that British Jews must condemn Israel if they want to avoid increased expressions of antisemitism. “When those of us who criticize the Government of Israel are accused of anti-Semitism by the Israel lobby, it further reinforces the view that Jewish people everywhere support the actions of the Israeli Government,” she claimed. “Can the Jewish community not understand this? It is not responsible for Israel’s actions: of course it is not. Why, therefore, do its leaders not speak out in condemnation of the injustice to the Palestinians at this time? Why, oh why?”

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  • bev

    What right does this idiotic evil woman have to give views of a country that has absolutely nothing to do with her.
    What goes on in Israel is correct and no-one should interfere, Its a wonderful country and they know how to treat people. No-one interferes with what goes on in the UK, so she should keep her big nose out of things and hopefully disapear into the ground very soon.

  • Eliot Schickler

    Jenny should be ashamed of herself and incarcerated!

  • Matthew Satchwell

    Viva Lady Tonge. She speaks the truth. Why is it that when Israel is discussed there is no logic to the Zionist rhetoric?

    • A Zionist

      When people use the word “Zionist” in an insulting and derogatory way, one knows that they are in the presence of an antisemite.

      Zionist means Jewish self-determination. To deny the Jewish people self-determination,a right for all other people, is antisemitism.

      The antisemite is described, not by name, in the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer’s “The Art of Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argument” (1831). To win an argument, even if the argument is weak or in this case, non-existent, you put your opponent into some”odious” category and then attack.

      This is whatSatchwell does

    • simply because anti-semitism is no logic

  • Leah B

    Institute legal proceedings against this reckless woman, for inflammatory discriminatory comments which are harmful to a minority, the Jews. This is set within the context of already present anti-Jewish sentiment. This brazen call to action can whip up sentiment and can cause dangerous actions against Jews, as seen in France. Lawmakers and influential Jews please. She is in a position of so-called ‘authority, and this wanton provocative call to action from her can have dire results. Stop her by instituting LEGAL action.

    • A Zionist

      Why is this person allowed to post with an offensive “name”?

      The name describes the person who made the “comment”!

  • Ron

    If Baroness Tonge had been around in 1940, her statements indicate that she might very likely have been an active collaborator with the nazis, if Hitler had succeeded in invading Britain. We know the nazis had a “hit list” of those they wanted to eliminate (unsurprisingly many Jews were on that list) on defeating Britain and seizing power. It was in anticipation of this that Churchill created secret units of commandos, based in small hidden bunkers sited around the country, whose job would have been to assassinate collaborators and German occupation officials. This only came to light in recent years when records were released. One of these men was interviewed in a TV programme made about them, and he said if they had been activated following a successful invasion, their life expectancy would have been about 6 weeks. In the event they were never needed. A war game of a German invasion of Britain was conducted several years ago, with some of the surviving WW2 German commanders taking part. It showed that, although the South Coast areas where the fighting would have taken place would have suffered serious damage, the invasion would not have succeeded. There were two separate lines of defensive fortifications right across Southern England, much of which can still be found in the shape of pill boxes covering railways, canals and other strategic points.

    Maybe such units will be needed in the future if our politicians continue to appease islam!

  • Hugo

    Why are you all so nasty and insulting?

  • Matt Cusumano

    If you read the definition of “Anti-Semitism”, it states: “It is anti-Semitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for the actions of Israel”. Is asking Jews in the UK to condemn Israel for their actions in Palestine holding these jews responsible for those actions? By definition it cannot be, because if she was holding the UK Jews responsible, she would have to ask them to condemn themselves. By her very words, she is separating UK Jews from the actions of Israel by asking the UK Jews to condemn Israel’s actions..not their own actions. She’s not asking them to condemn themselves…so by definition she is clearly not making an “anti-Semitic” statement.
    Of course, this article likes to confuse the issue, and blame Jenny Tongue for something she clearly has not done.
    This is an example of harassment and a method to deflect any legitimate criticism of Israel. They might as well say that any criticism, or even questioning of the policies of Israel is “anti-Semitic”…ie, Israel is immune from criticism, regardless of what they do.

    • Eve

      You’re as twisted as your comment. Stick YOUR tongue where the sun don’t shine. Idiot.

    • Lynne T

      As long as Tonge is silent about the human rights abuses against both Palestinians and Israelis by both Fatah and Hamas, some very deeply egregious, and focuses solely on Israeli abuses as she does, her conduct is indeed antisemetic.

    • Isaac

      Not every Jew agrees with every act that Israel takes. I personally do not agree with the settlement strategy and many of her actions. But Israel is the Jewish state, and attacks on her is antisemitism. What is so hard to understand?

    • Dante

      >>If you read the definition of “Anti-Semitism”, it states: “It is anti-Semitic to hold Jews collectively responsible for the actions of Israel”.<<

      This is not a definition. It is antisemitic to hold Jews responsable for Israeli actions but it is not the only antisemitic thing. For example, condemning Israel for actions other states are not even criticized for is applying double standards to the Jewish state’s detriment and thus antisemitic.
      Any violence Israel applies is still less than an average European country did during colonial times although the former is living under steady mortal threat. Israel’s violence is not for the lullz but for survival as a country where Jews are not at the mercy of Goyish majority societies which can be extremely unrelyable, as Germany, my country, proved exemplarly between from 1933 on. It took half a decade to turn citizens into Helots and less than another half to treat them like vermin (BTW, this is close to Hamas’ terminology).

      >>Is asking Jews in the UK to condemn Israel for their actions in Palestine holding these jews responsible for those actions?<<

      1. Yes. At least this means linking UK citizens to Israel’s actions just for being Jewish, regardless of whether they are also Israeli citizens or not.

      2. As I understood the article, she did not ask but pressue UK Jews to do so for avoiding the rise of antisemitism, just as if such were a natural consequence from Israel’s actions.
      This is as antisemitic as it were sexist to pressure women to condemn a movement for female self-determination to avoid the rise of rape.
      Additionally, both antisemitism and misogynism do not depend on what Jews or women do or say (see below).

      3. The pressuring to condemn Israel means overriding freedom of thought for Jews. They simply have to obey by adopting all the factiods and lies about Israel and an anti-Zionist opinion. This is like commanding all women to adopt some misogynic myths (e.g. rape myths) and to embrace extreme patriarchy.
      Additionally, this is useless, see above.

      >>They might as well say that any criticism, or even questioning of the policies of Israel is “anti-Semitic”…ie, Israel is immune from criticism, regardless of what they do.<<

      Indeed, the opposite is true. Israel is not criticized but rather demonized regardless of her actions. In 2005, Israel left the Gaza strip and destroyed Jewish settlements. The Gazans thanked them by bringing NSDAP, ah, pardon, Hamas to power and by fiering rockets against Israeli dwelling zones – and it’s not their merit that these rockets are still (!) rather ineffective. Overmore, their military ineffectiveness means that Gaza could live thousands of times better without them because the only thing they can do is threaten Israeli civilians and thus force Israel to do something against it, thus causing civilian casualties among the Gazans. Hamas thus sacrifices the own civilians in the altar of the god of propaganda war and kills Israeli children, e.g. by mortar fired from a building spared by IDF to save Palestinian lives.
      But Israel is the evil side, so claims Mrs. Tonge. Yes, I consider it antisemitic.

  • Paul

    Tonge will not be there forever. Anti-Semitism might. Was she Pro-Jews before anyone heard of Palestinians ?

    • Baroness Tonge

      How could I not be “pro Jews” I was brought up on the Anglican Church and celebrated as a child with my family when the Jews were given their homeland. Palestinians to me then meant jewish muslim and christian.
      it was not until I went out there in 2003 that I saw what injustices and cruelty was going on. I never imagined that the Israelis would seek to make their country an exclusively jewish state.
      Very sad. I have NEVER been anti Semitic–just anti injustice .Abuse me all you like, and you are all very good at abuse, but you will not stop me speaking the truth.

  • Monica ribald

    Tonge should be spelled Tongue. That’s what she has.

  • Evan

    Israel’s actions are far less reprehensible than Baroness Tonge. Maybe the House of Lords should address the question of whether it is appropriate at a time fo growing anti-Semitism for an outspoken anti-Semite to sit in that chamber.

  • Pierrette Winter

    Baroness Tonge is a sick, deluded person and it stuns me that someone holding such repulsive views, contrary to human dignity and fairness, is given a forum to express those views.

    She should ask her Muslim constituents to decry Islamism instead.

  • Doodad

    Just one more British Jew hater. To Hell with her and them.

  • US Jew

    Jews must leave Europe as soon as possible. Nothing has changed. The anti semites were quieted for a bit. Their true intentions have been seething beneath the surface like the festering pus that is Euro anti semitism. Leave the ignorants to wallow in the cesspools of radical Islam they’ve enabled and which will consume them in the end.
    As for the likes of Tonge: Life tends to pay back evil.

  • Jonah

    Do you think Obama would pay her to come to Israel. He needs all the tounges he can get to lead the left wing demise of Israel. 6000 years islam from Ishmael have attempted to raise their Messia for the destruction of Israel and they are so close. The Arab spring, Isis, hundreds of other factions, lone wolves, left wing lunatics, the time is NOW to move in for the kill. Obama has turned in to a magic act….look I am in Cuba, look I am in India, look I am letting illegals in to America, but the Iranian nuke is hidden in the cap about to be pulled for the finale act.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Why does Tonge noto ask the same of Muslims. Why cant they speak out against the Muslim terrorists.? Tonge is an fine example of British Islamists, who have been responsible for the colonialism of England in the middle east and thus began to think and see as the arab people whom they supressed.

  • Jack Kopowitz

    How many times do we hear politicians telling us not to blame Muslims in general for the actions of some. If you’ve
    heard anyone say that about Jews please let me know.

  • Typo:
    …for refusing to apologize for a comment made at a public meeting that Israel “would not be there for other.”

    That should be:

    …Israel “would not be there forever”



    • bev

      Yes, you are right, she is a witch, she says she has visited Israel, but she went with her eyes closed. She saw nothing and made up a bunch of anti-semetic lies.
      Israel treats all people equally, they do not make up lies as she does.

  • Katie

    Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of anti-Semitic idiots in the UK at the moment. It’s depressing to see just how irrational, obsessed and hateful some people – particularly on the internet – are. One prominent anti-Semitic bigot and holocaust revisionist is Chris Spivey. He was in court the other day for harassing the family of British soldier Lee Rigby who was brutally murdered by an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist. Unbelievably though, he puts up a post moaning and feeling sorry for himself about how unjust he felt it was to summon him to court for causing a bereaved family so much grief but then it doesn’t take long before his post turns to the subject of Israel and then Jewish people as a whole as he blames us for ending up in court(!)

    Incredibly, his supporters seem to rally around him and one can’t even understand why he was banned from his local gym for upsetting other users by promoting holocaust denial and conspiracy theories in their faces. Spivey was arrested a few months’ ago too – police found child porn on his computer. He seems to blame the Jews for that too and the idiots who frequent his blog are evidently brainwashed enough to think of him as a good ol’ chap!!!

  • Wilhemina Bothwell

    Is this woman missing part of her brain? She seems to be ruled by perverted and distorted emotions based on lies.

  • Joe

    she should boycott her computer and cell-phone, end the hypocrisy

  • RobiMac

    House of lords? Yeah, right!There’s only One Lord

    ‘Injustice to the palestinians? Thanx for the laugh. I so need it.

  • Frank Adam

    Does she publicly condemn the Raj for its very existence? For the rough suppression of The Mutiny? Churchill’s talking out of the Government of India Bill in 1935 intended to give India Dominion Status like Canada which would have let UK avoid sending UK troops to the war in Burma? The giving of blankets from smallpox wards to the Red Indians and Aborigines? The failure of HMG to organise an orderly hand over of power from the Palestine Mandate to the successor governments? Is she willing to condemn the Algerian ethnic cleansing of the million pieds noirs in 1960? and the Turkish ethnic cleansing of the Smyrna Greeks in 1920? and the Punjabi Moslem ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs in the Partition of India in 1947?

  • David Levy

    Three words: go to hell.

  • This woman is crazy as a loon !

    I can not understand how a Nation can allow 2 separate laws for Muslims and one fro the British .
    But to allow this woman to remain in any political forum is repugnant !
    So far England has 8 muslims in parliament, outrageous !

    I truly believe there is an international conspiracy to infiltrate key positions and levels of all governments, look at Obama, are we quite certain he is not muslim?

    Wake up Europe, there is a standing army of over 21,000,000 muslims from Italt to Scotland and every country between !
    A muslim living for 300 years, still owes his all his devotion to Islam.
    Not and Never in country’s which they live,work,survive.

    A Shanda,

  • David Polovin

    This lady’s affliction and indeed the wickedness of anti-semitism has never been better explained than by Paul Johnson, whose words can be seen below:

  • Efram

    My grandmother created a name for such a barbarian savage as this Tonge creep. “Her ladysh–“

  • VictorMc

    She has along track record of anti-Semitism. The Liberal/Democrat Party to which she purports to represent are mainly to blame for this cow’s behaviour for their refusal to disown her over many many years and many many incidents. In many many ways The Lib./Dems are worse than her.

  • Mike

    I took a long hard look at you Jenny Tonge and I thought to myself that, sometimes when one looks at someone, one will find some beauty of sorts, either inside or outside of that person.
    Well, I can only come to the conclusion that, besides being particularly ugly looking, you also have an extremely ugly mind. It is a mind of a combination of hate and jealousy particularly of the Jewish people and their, unlike you, the beautiful state which is called Israel.I have to ask you whether it hurts to be such an object of ugliness, both internally and externally. let me tell you that, when the time comes that the Islamic Jihadists take a really good swipe at you and your country, you may want to then try to understand the people whom you hate so much.ask yourself questions,such as, who builds tunnels into other countries in order to kidnap its civilians and who beheads people due racial hate and who sends young children running through tunnels with explosive vests strapped to them towards soldiers who have to shoot them in order to survive? I could go on for hours but you’re too ugly in mind to try to get a grip beyond your hate.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    the old story, judeophobia is provoked by Israel. Why this baroness does not condemn the human rights violation on 1000 millons women in islamic countries (the eigth part of mundial population)?

  • One reason why the Lib Dem vote collapsed in North-west London (Keith Moffat had been the Lib Dem faction leader and a councillor for 30 years in Camden; at the last council elections, he lost his seat) is due to Jenny Tonge’s antisemitic remarks. When she first made them, she was made a baroness! I have been at the Houses of Parliament and seen the meetings she holds on the Committee Room floor, full of fellow antisemites like Lord Ahmed. The Liberal Democrats are the party of antisemitism, look at David Ward!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Some Tonges cannot be stilled.

    They just flap foolishly on and on.

  • Fred Chalfin

    May the House of Lords save us.

  • steven L

    She should move to ISIS-Land. She can be reconverted into an IED. She won’t suffer, she probably has AD.

  • June Grant

    Does Baroness Tonge demand that British Muslims condemn their home countries for the countless and ongoing human rights abuses, state run terrorism, thousands of deaths in civil wars? The list is endless. Singling out the British co-religionists of Israelis is self-evident of extreme anti-
    Semitism which is obviously the Baroness’ dedicated life work.

  • Bullfrog Europe

    I can’t see what Jews have ever done to Tonge, to make her such a bitter, foul mouthed anti Semite.

    Life is never perfect, and far more muslims cause havoc and wreck the lives of others, especially muslims.

    I am sure Tonge’s life has been enhanced by developments invented by Jews, and for that she should be grateful.

  • Michael

    Now there is one very ugly woman, I think she’s a woman but it’s hard to tell with that hideous nose mask. Anyway,Israel has long been a convenient cover for anti-semetism. Since President Obama has revealed his open hostility towards Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and has cozied up to Iran, and other Arab countries that support Islamic terrorism, (the term is not in his vocabulary) the doors
    have been flung open and all the Jew hating disease ridden rats are coming out of their holes to feast.

  • z

    Someone should update her. BBC holographic propaganda lies and staged theater is as real as the rest of the crap these psychopaths, narcissists, and blood vultures try to sell us on their propaganda outlets.

  • Fred

    She is definitely an heir to Gobbels .Her spouting hateful anti Semitic diatribes from the Parliamentary sanctuary shows how free this sewer flows.

  • Carl

    Why, oh why does Ms Tonge not speak up against the atrocities perpetrated by her beloved Palestinians? They wantonly murder innocent civilians, not accidentally during legitimate military attacks, but intentionally seek out and target women and babies and children. She is as cowardly as the terrorists she so avidly supports. Shameful.

  • Jon R.

    You rock, Jenny!

    • rbockman

      jon, looks like you’ve found a safe home here among we Jews

  • Dr.M.Otero

    Is the woman aware of the mess that Britain caused by dividing up the Near East with caprice? Most of the grief and bloodshed stem from Britain’s two faced blundering. During WWI GB’s source of acetone was cut off. Without it, GB could easily have lost the war. It was then that the leading Zionist of his day, Chaim Weizman, was asked to find a substitute. Largely for this contribution the Balfour Declaration was made. Even Churchill’s ancestor was pushing for a Jewish homeland back in 1842. Are we aware that made the Muslim world Jewfree after 1948 although most of those Jews had settled there in early Roman times?

  • Pushkina

    How did she get into Lords? She seems to have been one of the new political “reform” choices; she should be stripped of her privilege!

  • Scott Riemersma

    I don’t know what to say. Is she hilarious or dangerous. I think she’s dangerous along with anyone who would listen to her. Britain isn’t lost yet but I believe she’s in trouble.

  • Loren Gee

    Why should British Jews be required to state anything whatsoever? Especially whining about legal actions by the Israeli government.

    That stupid witch (can be spelled with a b as well) can put it where the sun doesn’t shine

  • judithg

    another one of the puppet show actors. this one with a self proclaimed title pasted in front of her. no one is more ridiculous than an english elite. such a bunch of low rent, lowlives. they loved having tea with hitler. even while history tells us that the odious hitler farted continually day and night and stank up the place. i can only guess why the “baroness” didn’t notice.

  • Larry

    Who the heck elects this stupid Moron?

  • Kerry M Berger

    I’m surprised that Baroness Tonge hasn’t been brought up on hate charges for her defamatory and outrageous remarks. It isn’t surprising that she has become more vocal in her anti-semitism. She thrives in controversy and publicity mongering. If the British Government had any sense of integrity, the Government would strip her of her title.

  • Jerry Rosenberg

    It is mind boggling that a member of the House of Lords could hold such views.She must be from another Planet,Pluto maybe, her ideas are so far out. If she had the guts to visit Israel, and see for herself how outlandish
    her remarks are she may come to her senses. She has been kicked out of so many positions and organizations, maybe it is time to throw
    her out of the House of LORDS. Her continued membership
    must be an embarrassment. WHO NEEDS HER? ASSAD OF Syria,

  • harri

    since when did bowing to, or collaborating / negotiating with evil EVER have a good outcome; oh that would be half past NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!

  • harri

    jenny jenny jenny; it would be wise for you to read the bible to know what a large large large load of karma / tshuva you are incurring for yourself. sigh. can’t fix stupid.

  • TIME TO COME HOME. B”H…now you have a home to go to!!!!

  • Reform School

    Is the Baroness sleeping with Jew-hater Albert Sharptongue?

  • Moshe

    Dear Idiot Tonge Are you ready for Muslim control Sharria?

  • We are the 75% the Majority

    The Europeans as descendants of esau (the 10%) are godless and will believe any passing fancy spouted from the filthy mouths of the ishmaelites (the 15%).

    Let this be a lesson for the rest of the world that is neither european nor arabic, never to trust our enemies.

    Let us unite always and see their false comments as the enemies they are, to the 75% of the world that is sick and tired of the 25%. We shall prevail with that mindset of clarity.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    What does that mean, pressure? Does she think she can wave a scepter and rid England of the Jews? She likely does.

  • Katie

    What about us half-Jewish people? Does Jenny Tonge believe we should also condemn Israeli settlement building – but only half-heartedly. What a ridiculous woman! Since Russia is a majority Christian country where is the condemnation from her of her beloved comrade Putin’s separatists rocket attack last week that killed scores of Ukrainian people?

  • Peter

    what a bleedin’ moron.
    she should visit any one of the hundreds of “no-go” zones in England and France, and see what her pathetic racism leads to.

  • Jill Jones

    She’s just mad about all the Arabs coming to the UK and would prefer them to stay in Israel/Palestinian territories.

  • Leo dam Hofshi

    Why, oh why, does this awful Jew hater not sit down and shut up already? She really needs to drop her obsessive and disgusting antisemitism and get a life, or at least a grip.

    And, while we’re on the subject, why, oh why, does everyone insist on calling her Baroness, even in the US? This is a worthless, unearned title means nothing to any of us. It gives the false impression that she is really someone worth paying attention too, when in fact she is nothing less than the scum of the earth.

  • Robert Weintraub

    It is important to remember that anti-Semitism in Britain is mostly fueled by the two million plus Moslem population. Polls throughout western Europe show Moslems far more unpopular than Jews.

  • גרגורי

    Why doesn’t she talk about Palestinian injustices. Why doesn’t she realize its not about boarders. They just won’t accept a Jewish State. Irrespective of boarders. Moreover Judea and Samaria are Isreal.

  • She is as ugly as Helene Thomas and Lady Catherine Ashton. Lady Tonge with the green-black tongue. Fie.