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February 14, 2015 8:25 pm

Analysis: I Don’t Trust the AP’s Report on Civilian Deaths in Gaza and Neither Should You

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The APTN Building in London. Photo: Benjamin Holler.

Below is a devastating critique of the AP’s recent “report” on civilian deaths during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last summer, posted by investigative journalist Richard Behar on Facebook. It was for good reason that famed columnist Jack Anderson called Behar “one of the most dogged of our watchdogs”!

The Israel-hostile Associated Press is at it again. Note this article from Friday alleging that IDF air strikes on Gazan houses killed mostly civilians during last summer’s war against Hamas. The article—entitled “AP Exclusive: Israeli house strikes killed mostly civilians”—was penned by Karin Laub, Fares Akram and Mohammed Daraghmeh.

Have a read, and then consider this:

1. First, given what I revealed about AP’s civilian casualty reporting DURING the war—in my “Media Intifada exposé at Forbes.com—I simply have no faith in their examination now of these 247 airstrikes. I simply don’t trust them, and nor should you. They violated their responsibilities to readers during the war, and have never come forward to acknowledge that their prior journalism was sloppy and improper (or worse). In that prior reporting, AP and other major media outlets (including the New York Times and Reuters) simply parroted the Hamas claim that most of the war dead were civilians. Sometimes they attributed it to the UN, which received its figures from Hamas. Why did this matter? Because every time a major media outlet reported that “a majority” or “a vast majority” or the “overwhelming number” of casualties were civilians, it reverberated around the globe like a missile—fueling anti-Israel and general anti-Semitic sentiment (and violence against Jews in Europe and elsewhere).

So what was AP’s methodology for its current “examination” of the 247 airstrikes on houses? We’ll never know, because the wire service doesn’t tell us. What specific problems did they encounter that might have skewed or affected their research? We’ll never know, because AP doesn’t tell us those anecdotes.

2. Last month, the highly-regarded Meir Amit Intelligence and Information Center released its latest report on the subject of civilian casualties. Their experts are taking the time to go through the deaths, one by one, and their final tally won’t be available for months—if not years. Indeed, after Operation Cast Lead [2008-9], as I’d reported, “nearly two years passed before a Palestinian minister inadvertently let slip that the IDF figures then were correct,” according to Eado Hecht, an independent defense analyst who has taught military theory and history at the IDF Command and General Staff College. (Hecht currently works with the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, one of Israel’s leading think tanks.)

However, in the Meir Amit center’s January report, they announced that 1,600 of the 2,140 Gazans who were killed have been identified as such: 55% are combatants, and 45% non-combatants. For the other 540 people, they do not yet know which category to put them in. The center also says that Hamas is obfuscating the actual lists and affiliations, partly because of objective technical difficulties (poor paperwork and a lack of access to some of the bodies), and partly deliberately as part of its propaganda campaign against Israel.

The article in AP is focused on “a particular subset of the fatalities—those killed while inside houses ostensibly targeted by the Israelis,” defense analyst Hecht told me on Friday. “I write ‘ostensibly’ targeted by Israelis because something in the order of 2,600(+) Palestinian rockets and mortar bombs were fired deliberately (most of them) or by mistake into Palestinian residential areas. The deliberate fire being against Israeli soldiers in that area—but without warning local civilians to move out. So of the 247 houses struck, how many were clearly struck by Israel and how many by Palestinian fire.”

3. You won’t read what I have in my Point #2 in the AP story. Perhaps their reporters and editors felt it would take away some of the thunder from their angle? They DO cite Meir Amit this time around—but only on the center’s confirmation that they have no evidence of female fighters, as well as the center’s questioning of the reliability of Gaza witnesses (a few words only). AP then credits “preliminary” UN figures that at least 66% of the total dead were civilians. Really? And where did the UN get that number? We know the answer. And why didn’t AP do their readers a service by at least including the 45% figure from the Meir Amit center that contradicts the UN/Hamas?

There are some journalists in my business who don’t think it’s a good idea for reporters like me to expose our own. It’s the “Glass Houses” fear, and it’s certainly not a career-booster. But I would remind them of the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, which states: “Journalists are accountable to their readers, listeners, viewers AND EACH OTHER [emphasis added by me].” The code also says that journalists should “expose unethical practices of journalists and the news media.” Furthermore, journalists should… “Test the accuracy of information from all sources.”

4. It’s worth noting that one of the AP bylines on today’s story belongs to Fares Akram. In my summer article, I exposed Akram—then the New York Times’ top Gaza-based reporter—for having used Yasser Arafat as his profile photo on Facebook at one point. I also noted that he had waxed poetically about Arafat in the context of “heights of great men” in the caption of a second photo there. In addition, in 2009, following an Israeli air strike that tragically killed his father and a cousin, Akram wrote that “I am finding it hard to distinguish between what the Israelis call terrorists and the Israeli pilots and tank crews who are invading Gaza.” Would that not raise questions about his ability to be impartial in his reporting on the subject? Should it not raise questions about whether he might be better suited to cover other conflicts instead? Given my own strong (open) views and investigative reporting about Israel, I could certainly never cover a war in Gaza for AP. Or could I—if Akram can?

Akram, a Palestinian resident of Gaza, had also published more than a dozen dispatches for Al Jazeera (owned by Hamas-funding Qatar)—parallel to his Times reporting—during last summer’s war. Akram left the Times in the autumn; AP scooped him right up.

5. One other thing I noted in my article last summer (which I’m delighted that more than 114,000 people felt worthy of viewing—thus supporting this kind of media criticism): A groundbreaking study ignored by my colleagues came out in June of 2014, a month before the Israel-Hamas war started. A prominent group of American public health experts found that civilian casualties constituted 85% to 90% of the 248 armed conflicts in the world since the end of World War II. While even one civilian casualty in Gaza is a tragedy, given the complexities and civilian-shielding in Gaza, what the IDF has accomplished there will be a model for future warfare. Might not AP consider such statistics when they write articles such as Friday’s? Given the rise in anti-Semitism around the world just since the summer’s war, such stats might give some historical context that might even lessen the Jew-hatred—or at least not expand it.

6. I’ll close with more from my communication today with defense expert Hecht. “UN figures are not really UN figures,” he says, which I also reported back in August. “They are Hamas-controlled figures passed on to the UN.

Furthermore, no one knows exactly how many houses were targeted by the Israelis, but UN studies (and this time they really are UN studies, using using satellite imagery) claim severe damage to thousands of buildings (one figure is 20,000 destroyed or severely damaged). The percentage of civilians killed in 247 houses alone is only indicative of someone choosing specific houses to count while ignoring other houses that did not suit the specific slant they were trying to give. Especially since the total count of children, women and elderly men given by the Palestinians themselves is a total of 943. In other words, in just over 1% of a total of some 20,000 buildings destroyed or severely damaged, were inflicted 508 of all the 943 (just under 54%) children, women and elderly men the Palestinians claim were killed.

“Even assuming that all the remaining 435 children, women and elderly men killed were each killed in a different house,” Hecht continues, “that means that at most 682 houses with children, women and elderly men in them were hit by the Israelis—about 3.5% of all the houses hit! Even taking the much lower number of houses destroyed given by other sources—approximately 10,000 buildings destroyed or severely damaged—that only raises the percentage of houses destroyed with civilians in them to about 7%. Of course, in fact the civilian casualties were not evenly spread one-per-house, so actually the percentages are much much lower. It seems to me that—even assuming, for the sake of argument, that all these figures are true and all the damage was caused by Israelis—then the Israelis were extremely circumspect in their strikes, and made a great effort to prevent civilian casualties.

“In short,” concludes Hecht, “people are figuring with the numbers to suit their fancy (political agendas).”

AP member outlets sometimes tweak the original AP headlines. In this case, several publications have done so—distorting the article itself and making Israel look even worse. Case in point: “Stars and Stripes,” which provides information and news to the U.S. military community. Their headline on the piece is “AP Review: Israeli airstrikes in Gaza killed mostly civilians.” Thus, a reader is quickly led to believe that the AP examination doesn’t pertain just to houses, but to all of Gaza. Similarly, the headline in the Idaho Statesman reads “Airstrikes in Gaza killed hundreds of civilians last summer.” (The website says the article was updated but, alas, not the headline.)

More examples, in case you’re not disgusted enough: The San Angelo Standard Times headline is “Civilians bore brunt of Israeli strikes.” The Independent (UK): “Mostly civilians killed in Gaza raids.”

Back to AP itself, I’m not asking the wire service to like Israel. (Articles by former AP correspondents such as Matti Friedman make it pretty clear that the wire service is biased against the country). I’m not asking that Fares Akram like or even respect Israel. I doubt that can ever happen. But what I am expecting—indeed what the hundreds of media outlets that own AP must expect—is fair reporting. That’s how I was raised as a journalism student, and as a practitioner of investigative reporting for three decades. It would have taken just a few sentences to be fair in this one article, but that didn’t come to pass.

In the old days, the Columbia Journalism Review might have taken notice. But I suspect they’ll pass on this.

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  • Haroldpom

    I find it amazing, don’t you. Hundreds of bombings in Syria and Iraq by the US, Egypt and Jordan and only one civilian casualty has been reported. It seems US celebrity hostage Kayla Mueller is the lone civilian killed in those bombings. What is their secret for avoiding civilian casualties? Perhaps the reason is no one counts civilian casualties unless Israel/Jews are doing the bombing.

  • You wrote: “…every time a major media outlet reported that ‘a majority’ or ‘a vast majority’ or the ‘overwhelming number’ of casualties were civilians, it reverberated around the globe like a missile—fueling anti-Israel and general anti-Semitic sentiment (and violence against Jews in Europe and elsewhere).”

    And: “…Given the rise in anti-Semitism around the world just since the summer’s war, such stats might give some historical context that might even lessen the Jew-hatred—or at least not expand it.”

    Really? Anti-Semitic sentiment, or anti-Zionist sentiment? Violence against Jews and Jew-hatred, or violence against Zionism as the result of Israel’s deadly attack on Gaza last July-August with advanced (mostly U.S.-made) heavy weapons, including F16 warplanes, drones, helicopter gunships, Hellfire missiles and 155mm artillery shells that in 51 days killed 501 children — especially after Israel provoked the violence? [See: Nathan Thrall, ‘London Review of Books,’ Aug. 1, 2014; Also: Israeli documents revealed by ‘The New York Times,’ Sept. 5, 2014]

    Haven’t you gotten tired of the sleazy epithet of conflating criticism of Israel’s actions with “anti-Semitism” and “Jew-hatred,” and therefore attempting to muzzle free speech in a democracy?

    You wrote further: “…Akram, a Palestinian resident of Gaza, had also published more than a dozen dispatches for Al Jazeera (owned by Hamas-funding Qatar)—parallel to his Times reporting—during last summer’s war. Akram left the Times in the autumn; AP scooped him right up.”

    Reminds me of the attack and purge in 1996 of well-respected National Public Radio reporter Maureen Meehan, who was deemed by Israel’s high-octane U.S. followers to be unacceptable to report to America from the Middle East because she was married to a Palestinian Arab. Even worse, her husband was a member of the advisory council to Yasser Arafat. After Ms. Meehan had reported some NPR stories that actually presented both sides, pressure was applied by a pro-Israel media monitoring outfit called “CAMERA,” and others, and NPR to its great discredit summarily dumped Maureen Meehan. And you decry a lack of press objectivity by the AP!

    And clearly the ‘NEW Algemeiner’ has close ties to Israel and its defense establishment and think tanks. So where do you get your funding?

    “…UN figures are not really UN figures,” he [Hecht] says, which I also reported back in August. They are Hamas-controlled figures passed on to the UN.”

    Oh, I see. And Israel never controls any facts and figures that it passes on to the U.S. press and Congress?

    “…The percentage of civilians killed in 247 houses alone is only indicative of someone choosing specific houses to count while ignoring other houses that did not suit the specific slant they were trying to give.”

    Not at all. Obviously it would be impossible to inspect every one of the 10,000 (or 20,000) houses and buildings destroyed by Israel. Selecting 247 presumably residential houses out of the total is a legitimate sampling method.

    “…Even taking the much lower number of houses destroyed given by other sources—approximately 10,000 buildings destroyed or severely damaged—that only raises the percentage of houses destroyed with civilians in them to about 7%. Of course, in fact the civilian casualties were not evenly spread one-per-house, so actually the percentages are much much lower. It seems to me that—even assuming, for the sake of argument, that all these figures are true and all the damage was caused by Israelis—then the Israelis were extremely circumspect in their strikes, and made a great effort to prevent civilian casualties.”

    Nonsense. It seems to me that one could also assume that most Gazans gathered their families and left their residential neighborhoods, including the eight squalid Palestinian refugee camps where 500,000 people subsist on UN handouts to this day, and found safety elsewhere. Then Israel found itself systematically destroying 10,000 (or 20,000) mostly empty houses and buildings.

    Recall that Israeli Jews from Sderot and Beershava brought out their lawn chairs and laid out on hillsides to watch and enjoy the carnage as Israel lobbed 155mm artillery shells into Gaza City and F16s dropped 500 and 1,000 lb. bombs.

    If “the Israelis were extremely circumspect in their strikes, and made a great effort to prevent civilian casualties,” that must be why in 51 days Israel killed 2,168 Palestinians, including the 501 children, displaced 110,000 Gazans from their homes, and destroyed or damaged more than 100 UN hospitals and schools.

    It reminds me of the April 18, 1996 Israeli massacre at Qana, Lebanon of 102 innocent civilians at a designated UN safe area, including two American little girls from Michigan who were at Qana with their parents that spring to celebrate Easter. After the attack, the Israeli artillery crews were defiant. One soldier said: “So what, who cares, the s**ts, everyone knows there are millions of them.”

    • Vadim

      You’re an antisemitic idiot.

    • Yair

      Haven’t you gotten tired of the sleazy excuse that being “anti-Israel” is not just a phony way to express being “anti-Jews”?
      Maureen Meehan did not “report both sides”. She was exposed by CAMERA as the anti-Israel, biased reporter she is.
      Israel figures are made by independant organizations in Israel. They are not controlled by a self-admitted terrorist government (Hamas). Even if the numbers were made by Israel, Israel is not a terrorist organization by any definition. So yes, there is a difference in believability between Hamas’ “statistics” and Israel’s.
      Inspecting all of the 10,000-20,000 houses is not impossible, it is actually exactly what Meir Amit’s center is doin, as the author explicitly mentions…
      Israel found itself destroying not empty buildings, but buildings containing rockets and rocket launchers….it seems you did not hesitate to leave that out. Let’s also not forget that Hamas forced the vast majority of the killed civilians to stay in their houses or on the roofs as an attempt to prevent Israel from striking their beloved rocket launchers. And by the way “UN handouts are a dud. UNWRA is a fraud, as is the UN. Let’s not forget who funded Hamas’ terror war from the start.
      Israelis sat on lawn chairs to watch as our amazing military striked down the rockets coming from Gaza into Israel using the Iron Dome, not as Israel bombed buildings in Gaza City. Gaza City is not even visible from Israeli territory.
      100 hospitals and schools? 3 schools. But yes, I’d imagine 100 hospitals and schools in Gaza, if not more, do contain rockets and rocket launchers, despite the fact that Israel did not target them (for obvious reasons) if that’s what you meant to say.
      There was no massacre in Qana. That building collapsed a full 7-8 hours after Israel even bombed around that area. Hmmm, Hizballah killing their own civilians and blaming it on Israel to gain world support? Wouldn’t be the 100000th time an Arab terrorist group could care less about their own civilians’ lives.
      The ONLY people responsible for Gazan casualties this past summer are Hamas, so lay off with your cheap, fabricated, and misleading “arguements”.

    • walt kovacs

      anti zionism is anti semitism

      and this is being made clear in europe as we speak

    • Danny

      Dear “Paul Thomas”,

      you will be glad to discover that your reality-defying anti-everything-Jew sentiments are shared by an overwhelmingly large audience around the world. Preach to them, instead of us.

    • Catherine

      Paul – Israel drops written warnings for civilians before it destroys a place where terrorist cockroaches are hiding: Hamas hides among women and children and fires rockets from beside hospitals and hotels. Israel is defending against vermin that sneaks thru rat-tunnels to try to surprise sleeping civilians and slit their throats, including infants: Israel calls civilians on their cell phones to warn them of an imminent strike. If the Pals would stop trying to kill Jews, the fighting would be over the next day. If the Jews stopped defending themselves, Israel would be destroyed in 24 hours, with Islamists worldwide dancing on housetops. Your ignorance is frightening.

  • al sheeber

    Since its inception the A.P has been habitually lying about anything they reported on in Israel or about Israel, their staff which was a mix of anti-semites strangers and Israeli lefties was bad when I got going in the early 70’s, and anyone familiar with the scene knows that their task is to damage Israel for the benefit of some 55 odd Muslim countries and various Islamic subscribers outside the Muslim states. They lie for fun and food! No amount of calumnies, distortions, lies, deletions, photoshopping of images, faking news, staging news, outright manipulation of data, purposely quoting interested parties with an agenda who are guaranteed to offer a distorted view to confirm their narrative- nothing is beyond the starving and brain dead A.P reporter. their mission is propaganda that will please their subscribers, it is about money!

    • Eric

      Sounds like the BBC.

  • Ken Kelso

    Tons of articles on Gerald Steinberg’s twitter account showing AP’s anti Israel agenda.

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  • Arthur

    If I could be so bold as to add.

    Out of 5000 airstrikes, some 247 were civilian homes (supposedly). For any combat situation, that is not bad. Over 90% of strikes were clearly identifiable as combat (or at least non-civilian).

    Then, considering that the first figures were from Al Mezlan, which put forward the casualty estimate of 15% combatants: 85% civilians for Operation Cast Lead (which Israel put at less than 50% civilians, a figure later admitted to be true by Fathi Hamad, Hamas’ interior minister), we have excellent reason to doubt their integrity here.

    There is also the matter of a Palestinian Arab public opinion poll conducted by the Arabs themselves, which asks about public support for firing from within civilian areas, indicating that it is a purposeful tactic. Ironically, while support in Gaza itself is at 48%, in the West Bank it is over 60% (since they are not the ones whose homes are near the rockets I suppose).

    According to the report, supposedly 66% of the deaths are civilian. While I doubt that number, it is not an unusual percentage in time of war, and has been easily surpassed by almost every other war in history, including the US led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the historic conquests of the Ottoman Empire, either world war, and certainly the war in Syria. So, even as a starting point, that is not a bad result, but the reality is that it is probably lower, and that the Hamas government was in fact responsible for this by putting soldiers into combat without uniforms, by firing from and storing weapons within civilian areas, and even by firing into civilian areas in order to attack Israeli troops.

    The article is total crap, but there are some positive things to be seen in it. It has been clearly written to demonize Israel, with anything possibly inflammatory included and anything possible exculpatory excluded. Unfortunately the truth is not so tasty to the modern consumer, and statistics such as the casualty counts from previous wars will not get past a mindset that has been shaped by movies showing heroes who get the villains with pin-point accuracy.

  • It’s very sad to see the knee-jerk emotional reactions here and the lack of attention that what the “staff” at Algemeiner has written here. The estimate by the reckoning of this supposed “unbiased” article is 45 dead civilians out of 100. Forty-five percent. The authors write:

    “However, in the Meir Amit center’s January report, they announced that 1,600 of the 2,140 Gazans who were killed have been identified as such: 55% are combatants, and 45% non-combatants.”

    So even by that estimate nearly half of the Palestinians killed by the IDF after Bibi lied Israel and the world into a war over the summer of 2014, were innocent civilians.

    Something vastly important to keep in mind is that the entire planet, even a large part of the United States, Israel’s best friend on this planet are starting to question these deaths and destruction of civilian infrastructure in a conflict that Israel started.

    It’s a recurring theme. This is why nearly every journalist on the planet now writes that the status quo cannot be maintained.

    The new UN report will come out on time in March and the ICC is conducting a preliminary examination of the War on Gaza from June 14th, 2014. I suspect that there will be more casualty figures and looks at the destruction of multistory apartment buildings etc – but most importantly, the occupation itself will be on trial because Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    So instead of trying to rationalize what even by the numbers of this article say is nearly half the dead Palestinians killed in a war of choice, it’s long past time to make peace.

    The Times of Israel is reporting that Bibi blew a perfect peace deal in 2011, and we all know about the very similar deal by Ehud Olmert in 2008 but he could not deliver.

    Americans are reading the news as well Carla. And that includes Haaretz, Yedioth, the Jewish Daily Forward, Mondoweiss, BBSNews, the heartbreaking photo essays on what was done in Gaza in the Washington Post.

    There is a problem with ANY casualties as a result of this illegal occupation. It’s a very serious problem when it is the occupying state committing the aggression.

    • This article concerned me so much, especially the wrong-headed tone of the comments, I wrote an article about it on BBSNews.

      See: http://bbsnews.net/2015-02-16/algemeiner-ap-gaza-casualty-figures-discredited/9931

    • walt kovacs

      so bibi lied about hamas firing rockets that everyone could see?

    • Everett Benson

      Michael Hess has a very long history of obsessively trolling Jewish newspaper sites under a variety of pseudonyms and now, finally, as Hess, in which he supports undeviatingly the full Palestinian line along with the standard antisemitic claims for example about the USS Liberty that was supposedly merely maliciously bombed by Israeli jets during the Six-Day-War of 67, the alleged official policy of ethnic cleansing in the 47-48 War of Liberation, etc., etc. The moral outrage is confected, the view always one-sided. There are no criticisms of Arab/Muslim antisemitism or treatment of Jews in the Palestine region before the establishment of the State of Israel, or in other Middle Eastern countries throughout past generation, which ended with the expulsion of all Jews from them in the 50s. Even more pointedly, there is no concern in his numerous posts about Fatah/Hamas terrorist atrocities, or rather there is justification of them, no lamenting the suffering of Palestinians under their own leaders, imprisonment of them in “refugee camps” and denial of citizenship rights in Lebanon, Syria, and elsewhere, nor of PA rejectionism in peace talks. Hate- and violence-incitement on the Palestinian side is completely ignored. So his criticism is all one-sided.

  • This is not the first time Israel has lost the propaganda war. When will they learn !
    With the next Gaza war, P G, they will have learnt to take preventive action, like striking their TV and radio stations and blocking all cellphone communication as well as not allowing any journalists into Gaza during the conflict.

  • Daniel McClenaghan

    “In short,” concludes Hecht, “people are figuring with the numbers to suit their fancy (political agendas).”

    Does your conclusion prove your point or disprove it ?

  • Paul

    Hamas and other Arab or Muslim groups know how to make very effective use of the media against Israel.
    and the main response by Israel and supporters is, to moan and cry “not fair, not fair”. Perhaps the time has come for Israel to realise the importance of the battle of the media, and to put some reasonable effort into winning this battle.
    Israel always has won on the battlefield and lost the media or political battle. That is why the most moral army in the world is continually branded as war criminals, while the real war criminals persuade the world that they are the victims.
    Are the Israelis really so stupid ?

  • David Goshen

    It is not possible for anyone to estimate the number of deaths in the recent Gaza War for the following reasons:
    1Every single Hamas Fighter killed was redressed in civilian clothes before his body was transfessed to the hospital.
    The Hamas intentention was to inflate civilian deaths.Hamas
    is capapable of establishing the number of their fighters killed through payrolls but they will never agree to do so because this defeats their agenda to inflate civilian deaths.
    2Civilian deaths include Fatah supporters who were executed
    without trials on the alleged claims that they were Israeli spies.Those executed were added to the civilian deaths.
    3Civilian deaths could have been almost completly avoided if Hamas had allowed citizens to take shelter either in tunnels under their houses or in the big underground areas which were airconditioned in the main but this was agaict their agenda to “sacrifice” as many of their citizens as they could THIS IS OF COURSE A MAJOR WAR CRIME & IT IS HOPED THAT THE INTERNATIONAL COURT WILL TRY & SENTENCE THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING CRIME!
    4Civilian deaths were cause by forcing citizens to act as human shields and not take cover.The number so killed should be separeted from other deaths.THIS IS ANOTHER MAJOR WAR CRIME OF HAMAS.
    5.Attempts by Hamas to force at gun point citizens not to listen to Israeli telephone warnings to take cover ANOTHER WAR CRIME.
    6The nuber of citizens who refused to take orders from Hamas and were arbitarily executed required to be shown separately in the statistics .

  • Marshall Schwartz

    Way back in the late 1960, when I was a graduate student (in statistics) at Stanford and an editor at The Stanford Daily, there was a not-so-brief newspaper strike in San Francisco. So we added a heavy dose of international and national news. One of my tasks was ‘editing’ the AP stories we received on our teletype machine, primarily those originating in Viet Nam. I quickly learned how they doctored their reports, and rewrote quite a few. In every case, I was proven right, and the AP was wrong. This type of crap is not new for the AP.

  • Kris kristian

    Journalists who write lies, know that their livelihood depends on making Israel look bad. ‘JEWS IS NEWS”

    The bigger the lies, the more the world will believe the lies.
    We have the same problem in South Africa. Read the letters page. Most of the letters are written by Muslims who write lies about Israel, They support BDS. But write something to support Israel, and out of maybe 100 letters, they may print one letter.
    I know this from experience.
    After the Russell tribunal in Cape Town, where Tutu and all the other haters made the most anti Semitic/anti Israel lies, called Israel ‘APARHEID’ and any other bad name they could think of,
    I wrote to the Argus and Cape Times, to counter every lie by making comparisons. I showed that the real apartheid is from the Arab countries etc.
    I mentioned that I have been to Israel many times, and can prove that Israel is the only country in the entire ME where there is no Apartheid. Where there is full freedom of religion, full freedom of speech. .
    They did not print my letter.
    I saw the editor of one of the papers a few days after I sent my letter and asked him to please print my letter as it shows the truth.
    the answer I got was “ISRAEL IS NOT IN THE NEWS NOW”

    Write the truth, especially in Gaza, they would have been killed by Hamas.
    But they have still never come out with the truth, even after leaving Gaza, because they know that they will be going there again, so rather keep quiet, or else they will not be allowed into Gaza, or maybe face execution.

  • Kris kristian

    The real war criminal is non other that the head of UNWRA, Chris Gunnes.
    He was supposed to have administered all the hundreds of millions (or is it billions) given to UNWRA to help develop Gaza.

    He knew what was happening to all the money.
    He allowed those terrorists to build tunnels, and training camps.
    he knew that all the building material was diverted to build those tunnels

    Where were the houses etc that were supposed to be built?

    That man should be arrested and charged with war crimes, aiding and abetting terrorism.

    He must have seen all the illegal weapons being transferred to Gaza from Iran etc.

    He must have seen where the terrorists built their rocket firing platforms, at schools, hospitals, etc.

    He allowed all this to take place.

    Time for Israel to take that man to the ICC and charge him with war crimes.

    • Arty Cohn

      Kris kristian
      So true!

  • Paul Winter

    Considering the advocacy journalism of many other news agencies, the AP report has no more than the run-of-the-mill bias.

    What disturbs me is that the AP journos give the impression that they were as unfettered in Hamastan as they would be in Israel, the USA or Australia.

    I am also a trifle annoyed that “red flags” are raised regarding Israeli actions, but absolutely nothing is raised in the ICC regarding Hamas’ war crime of bombarding civilians. Further, the AP “journalists” failed to probe the veracity of Hamas sources or identify rocket and mortar launch sites.

  • Reform School

    Associated Press? ASS o’ CIA. Their name says it all!

  • Were there npo Palestine militia? Amazing how resistance was encountered, by non present people!!!!

  • steven L

    AP is no different from the Guardian, FT, NYT, BBC, Le Monde, LA Time, NPR, Reuters, PBS etc…. They serve as a mouth piece to the Islamists and or decadent socialists, the UN and the UNHRC. This is no different from Nazi propaganda. IL will overcome.
    Antisemitism: a mental disease prevalent in white people and Muslims. Quasi non-existent in the far East! India, China, Korea, Japan etc…

  • Signe Knapp

    I have no trust in the AP. Their just another advocate for the left.

  • spktruth200

    How the hell would you Zionists KNOW how many people Bibi killed? Israel always exaggerates their side, while demanding not enough Palestinans died to suit you. Don’t you get it….its not AP! The New York times lies everyday and they are caught. So you don’t trust the AP because YOUR IN DENIAL.

  • Lynn Poynor

    Why would anyone trust the AP to report anything in an unbiased way?

  • Carla Isselmann

    I would go even further: we have no television anymore, already for years.Their propaganda is sick. So we stopped watching altogether.
    News we select from different outlets,like Canada Free Press and we have the WSJ as a newspaper. Then all the Jewish newspapers:Algemeiner, Jewish News Express and Jerusalem Post.A subscription to the printed Jerusalem REPORT closes the line. Oh yes, we have ,of course, the National Geographic..!!

  • Fred

    It is a known fact that the first victim of war is the truth. The world media to a man show honesty not to touch the truth. Media has proven itself worse than a prostitute by receiving largesse from Arab sources they were more than willing to discard without hesitation honest & truthful reporting, as for integrity that has been buried long ago. During the II world war Germany would have been happy to employ World Media. Current Media reporting on Israel & Jews is more akin to Hitler’s “Der Stuermer” edited by Julius Streicher..

  • nelson marans

    When I see the named Karin Laub on any news report about Israel, I dismiss it as anti-Israel, pro-Arab propaganda

  • Michael Stanley

    AP=Abetting Palestinians

  • al sheeber

    300 years of fabrications, lies, distortions, slander and pay to play journalism, a powerful politican, a part, a realtor, a wealthy industrialist, hires freelancers, staff reporters and get the coverage that makes himself look good, this is the legacy of American Journalism, you pay – you get- this is what the 1970 text book for Journalism 101, history of American Journalism explained, a litany of journalistic malpractices, it was sleazier and more brazen in the early days, today it is coached with phony data from biased NGO’s, studies by corrupt academics, seedy sources, squalid editors. A.P is an anti Semitic out, they have been lying and distorting, libeling and slandering the news from Israel for the last 100 years, there is no intention to change.

  • Historian

    Hamas and the Palestinians make a habit of exaggerating the truth for world sympathy. Abbas makes the point of telling his people to kill Jews any chance they get, He and his people are terrorist and deserve NO state!!
    Remember the so called thousands suppose to have been killed in Jennin? Never happened. I could go on and on with their lies!

  • Naomi Wainer

    I have also noticed that the news is slanted in favor of Hamas and the Palestinians on AP, Reuters and on the BBC. Only the PBS News Hour gave a balanced account of the air strikes in Gaza last summer.

    • Efram

      And let’s not forget CNN. When their director was queried as to information twisted or omitted stated, “You can get information elsewhere.” Wonderful way to describe his ‘news’ network.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I do not trust AP for any information at all.

  • mika

    Good report.

    I already long ago stopped believing ANYTHING coming out of the Vatican/CIA gov mafia propaganda outlets (the mainstream “ABC” dinosaurs or the so-called “alternative” media), and just tune them off completely. The second they start with their “Palestine” nonsense, you can cross them off as sponsored CIA propaganda.