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February 18, 2015 5:18 pm

Ivanka Trump and Husband Jared Kushner Tout Benefits of Shabbat Observance: ‘We Turn Off Our Phones for 25 Hours’

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Ivanka Trump with her husband Jared Kushner and daughter Arabella. The couple use Shabbat to spend time together as a family. Photo: Instagram.

Renowned businesswoman and heiress Ivanka Trump and her husband, real estate mogul Jared Kushner, praised the benefits of observing Shabbat in the March issue of Vogue magazine, saying it is the one day a week they spend all their time together as a family, Jewish Insider reported on Wednesday.

“From Friday to Saturday we don’t do anything but hang out with one another. We don’t make phone calls,” Trump said. “It’s an amazing thing when you’re so connected to really sign off. And for [my daughter] Arabella to know that she has me, undivided one day a week? We don’t do anything except play with each other, hang out with one another, go on walks together. Pure family.”

Kushner added that his wife learned to cook so she could make Shabbat meals. He said, “for Friday, she’ll make dinner for just the two of us, and we turn off our phones for 25 hours.”

Trump and Kushner dated for two years before getting married in 2009 in a lavish, star-studded ceremony with 500 guests in New Jersey. Trump converted to Judaism before marrying Kushner and her father, business tycoon Donald Trump, recently joked that while he didn’t plan on having a Jewish daughter, he was “very glad it happened.”

Ivanka said she is always reluctant to discuss her conversion to Judaism in public because it is “such a personal thing.” Explaining their level of observance, she told Vogue that they are “pretty observant, more than some, less than others.”

“I just feel like it’s such an intimate thing for us.” she said. “It’s been such a great life decision for me. I am very modern, but I’m also a very traditional person, and think that’s an interesting juxtaposition in how I was raised as well.”

“I really find that it Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity,” she added.

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  • Given than PUTIN hates Jews and has for decades murdered and imprisoned MANY how does Ivankas oh so religious husband live with himself being friends with PUTIN. He has spit on all Jews and is a sham. He can stop pretending that he is a pious Jew who religiously observes the Sabbath. Oh yah, Putin must have build a Synagogue he can attend just for him since there are NONE in Russia.

  • Philly guy

    Shabbos: “We don’t do anything except play with each other, hang out with one another, go on walks together. Pure family.”

    Do they go to shul?

  • cowdoc

    Very nice article about very fine people. One thing that is a bit different than many of us observing Shabbat is that she cooks only for her immediate family. For our family Shabbat dinner would not be complete without several guests either friends, students, or neighbors

    • Tomer Samuel

      Not every one can do everything. As you know God still loves us even if we don’t do all 1300 Mitzvot. At least they are trying

  • Evelyn Grossman

    Beautiful and inspiring article. Ivanka and her siblings seem to be real mensches. Maybe it’s time that the public stop referring to their father in a negative way. It often (not always, but often) takes a quality parent to raise quality kids. In this case, he has had much influence on them. He has always been there for them and has taught them to have good values. I admire that and hope there are other like-minded individuals out there.

  • Alena

    My comment is related to Ivanka and Donald Trump being proIsrael. I’m not Jewish but I’m very proIsrael and that is one very big reason for voting for Mr Trump. This nation must have a turn around where Israel is concerned or our goose is cooking. I hope Mr Trump learns much from the campaign. I’d like to think he’d be a good president and in many ways I think he would. Being proIsrael is what this country must have if we want to be in God’s good graces.

    • Max Pearl

      Maybe you should read the recent news about his refusal to condemn the Palestinians. He wants to be “Neutral” on the issue. Doesn’t sound very pro Israel to me. He also refuses to condemn neo nazis and the KKK. He has no morals or standards except for doing whatever it takes to get power including refusing to stand against white supremacist groups and Palestinian terrorists. Why is he ok condemning ISIS and Muslims but not ok condemning Palestinians? Jews should not be voting for this spineless jackal.

      • Max….
        You are living a lie against Mr TRUMP
        Keep being a Jewish idiot…and walk straight to the slaughterhouse …

        TRUMP does NOT support KKK nor is he afraid of Palestinians…you are spreading LASHON HARA.

  • Mark_NYC

    There is one other thing Ivanka always does for which she deserves admiration. No matter how much her father acts like a buffoon or self-centered narcissist in public, when asked, she always praises him. Honor your mother and your father says the Fifth Commandment.

  • UOJ
  • Ra’anan

    Kushners! Thank you for being good Jews & being “public” B”SD
    about it! It’s inspiring, may HaShem bless your whole family!

  • Raizel

    Has Donald Trump ever tried to observe a shabbos to see how it feels?

    • H. Bergman

      why should he see how it feels; he is not Jewish

  • Rosalyn Eisner

    The one thing that always gives Ivanka her beauty is that even when she has makeup on, she always looks so clean and natural. I will admit, so far Trumps children seem to be well trained as to respect people, not quite like the father. Also, the4 father, gives all his children that is with him a chance to be part of the great show
    The Apprentice.

  • FAL

    i just find it interesting the way her husband says that for Shabbat she makes dinner for the ‘two of them’…what happened to their daughter? no food? yes i know it is a matter of semantics, so please dont suddenly bombard me with hate mail for my comment.

  • Margaret Levy, Montreal

    Is there anything this girl cannot do!?
    Beauty, brains, elegance and now she cooks for
    Shabbat too!?

  • Elijah

    See what The Rebbe Schneerson had to say about converts to Judaism:

  • Chad Stein

    Can she or he read Hebrew or know how to spell Shabbos? I assume they spend money. They were born with silver spoons on their mouth. Jared’s uncle or dad had some bouts with the law.

    • Nechama

      What do money and her husband’s uncle’s legal troubles have ANYTHING to do with the beautiful way one observes the Sabbath? There are many Hassidic rabbis who observe meaningful Sabbaths in the prisons of upstate New York. As a convert to orthodox Judiasm, I find your comments ridiculous and offensive. Learning the aleph-beis as an adult using a child’s pre-school flash cards was humbling and enlightening for this doctor and I’m sure it would have been more so if I had been born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Based on your completely random comments, I’m pretty certain Ivanka has more spirituality and depth in her painted pinky finger nail than Chad Stein has in his entire neshama. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Holly McConnel

      No princess just wanted a rich husband. Trumps son married a Jew as well. Trump will have us in WW3 for his beloved Israel.Jews only care about Israel and not America.

      • Sal Winslow

        Holly McConnel, as for your first three sentences, yeah, whatever. Nasty words, but you can have your opinion. Your last sentence, no. That is simply not true.

  • Ivanka Trump is a fake

    If she really were an Orthodox Jew, she wouldn’t be constantly displaying her fake breasts. This woman dresses like a Kardashian.

  • Ahmad shaheed kamenetzky

    Ivanka to Rabbi Freundel: ” rabbi, I think I want to do the quick orthodox route to conversion

    Rabbi Freundel to Ivanka: ” for this conversion, you will need to immerse in the mikveh at least once a week for the next year

    Ivanka: Um. Sure?

    • Nechama

      Dear Ahmad Shaheed Kamenetsky. You sound like a fool who believes all women are stupid and gullible. I’m sure Ivanka trumps you in IQ points based on your idiotic comment and assumption that she would want to be a member of the tribe so badly she would do anything. As a female convert, I know the trials of an orthodox conversion. Ivanka did not HAVE to be Jewish. She chose it and it chose her. If you are Jewish yourself, despite the ridiculous name you chose for this post, you should know that Ivanka is every bit as Jewish as you are right now. LOL.

    • Rose

      Ivanka Trump is nothing but a class act. I believe everything she does, she gives 110%. She is NOTHING like a Kardashian. She’s a beautiful, well-spoken, poised woman. So what if she has fake breasts? They take nothing away from her intelligence and success.

  • Sue Deutsch

    This was such a nice story. It is great that being observant has enhanced the happiness of their marriage and family life.

    • Arlyne

      Lovely story, compared to what makes the new these days. Inspiring to hear something good in the Jewish community. Hopefully, they attend shul as well.

  • victoria brandeis

    its the less then others……joke.

  • Aviva Roth

    I admire Ivanka Trump’s work ethic and especially her commitment to her family. I only regret that she does not speak more about her commitment to Judaism, especially since she and her husband have so much influence amongst style followers, and really across all demographics. It would mean a lot in this time of simmering global anti-Semitism, and a great mitzvah.

    • I admire and respect Ivanka Trump’s decision to become observant. Observance is a personal thing and she doesn’t not have to elaborate into what she is doing totally….the fact that she spoke about it in an upcoming magazine is admirable………..people deserve to have privacy.

  • M. Sharp

    Absolutely charming

  • annie

    Mrs. Trump…

    This was so inspiring to read. Thank you for being such a good example of what this Special Day and your Conversion. How Wonderful to read!!

    Hopefully, one day, we will be able to convert, but if not, then we will live as close to the Jewish Lifestyle as permissible… as a ger toshav.

    Thank you…

    • Janice Kenner

      She is Mrs Kushner, not Mrs Trump.

      • Daniel

        She’s Ms. Trump.

        • Rose

          She is married. She is Mrs. KUSHNER. Her maiden name is Trump. If you are insinuating that she is only successful because of her father, I disagree. Her name may have gotten her into the door, but if she did not have the brains and business sense, she would have failed. She is thriving!

  • Carol Bailenson

    Shabbos is the best time of the week for families.

  • yk

    Weird that this story comes out right after the kosher sandwich one.

  • raquel grunwald

    Ivanka and Jared,ivanka u&imet passover tImet @ Arizona Biltmore just b4 uand Your husband married.
    We were introduced by Simone Hastings (indianapolis). I was so taken by your ‘midot’, character and your facile mind .im so proud. Of both of u! Lived @ building where u worked in 2008 721 fifth. You are both role models to many- especially Jews who may prefer being WASPS.:)?And with this one piece about Shabbat,u have gained entrance, as they say in mystical Jewish works to
    “Olam Haba”.or heavenly realms.

    Raquel Grunwald, Ph.d

  • Harry weiss

    Great lady with a lot of class and finese

  • Historian

    Delighted and proud of Ivanka. I met her once and she is sincere and approachable. Very pro Israel as is her Father Donald.

  • Rosewood11

    I am so thrilled for Ivanka Trump that her conversion to Judaism and subsequent living out of her faith have been such a blessed experience. I hope it remains so for her entire life, and that someday she can write about it-perhaps along with her husband and daughter. I’d buy that book!!!

  • Eco

    Really?? WHO CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Debra

      Some of us do care. It is refreshing to hear about someone who was not born into Judaism, converted, and is now so appreciative of the time she is able to honor Shabbat. If you don’t care about this, don’t read the articles and especially don’t take the time to send a comment.

    • natalie schwartz

      Thankfully many of us care! You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate what she says here. Jerks like you are the ones who promote anti-semetismn for no reason other than being stupid enough to be a “hater” I hate to imagine what your family life is like and what you are teaching your children.

    • natalie schwartz

      Thankfully many of us care! You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate what she says here. People like you are the ones who promote anti-semetism for no reason other than being a “hater” I hate to imagine what your family life is like and what you are teaching your children.

  • Kerry M Berger

    Frankly speaking who gives a hoot and a holler what Ivanka Trump and her husband do about Shabbat? Is this even news worthy? I don’t think so.

    • Nechama

      What do you find more newsworthy? More Eurpean antisemetism? More Middle East chanting to kill Jews and Americans? The Jewish minority in this world (14 Million max) needs more positive publicity. 30% of the almost 1.5 Billion Muslims want us dead. The 2.5 Billion Christian majority are starting to open their eyes in the wake of their beheadings. Iran continues go supply weapons to Hezbollah on Israel’s Northern border while the US is begging Iran for nuclear arms negotiations that could ultimately result in wiping out the 5.5 Million Jews in Israel. . . I believe some positive Jewish press is not only newsworthy, but the ONLY way people around the globe (outside of NY, NJ, LA, and Miami) can have any sense as to what a Jewish person can be like. A relatively benign story about Ivanka’s Sabbath observance can go a long, long way- in a positive direction.

  • bernhardt

    Good for you guys . I love this !!!