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April 8, 2015 10:14 pm

Former Israeli PM Barak Compares Attack on Iran Nuclear Program to Killing of Osama Bin Laden: ‘It’s a Fraction-of-a-Night Operation’ (VIDEO)

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Former Israeli PM on CNBC. Photo: Screenshot.

Israel’s dovish former prime minister Ehud Barak said on Wednesday that a military operation to eliminate Iran’s nuclear weapons program is more comparable to the pinpoint mission to kill Osama bin Laden that to a full scale war.

In an interview on CNBC, Barak said the operation would take only “a fraction of one night” and added that “the Iranians can do nothing about it, except for attacking Israel.”

“The administration uses the term ‘war,'” Barak said “and people are thinking that probably it is something like a war on Iraq or a war on Afghanistan, [but] that’s not the case. Technically speaking, the Pentagon and the armed forces of America under the backing and probably directive of the [US] president [could] create an extremely effective means to destroy the Iranian nuclear military program over a fraction of one night.”

Barak, who also served as Israel’s defense minister, said that on a “spectrum between the War on Iraq and the killing of Osama bin Laden it is much closer to killing Osama bin Laden.”

This “is something that should be understood” Barak added, “the Iranians can do nothing about it, except for attacking Israel.”

Barak’s assessment of what a military intervention against Iran’s nuclear program might look like followed his advice that Iran should be given a clear ultimatum to abandon its nuclear project “or else.” He sharply criticized the White House’s negotiation strategy saying that US concessions are far more entrenched than Iran’s because as a democracy the US can’t shift its positions on a whim.

He said, “All of us prefer a solution that might be reached through negotiations, but in order to negotiate, the other side should understand and believe… that if they will not come to terms with the real demands, to put all of the enriched material out of Iran, to close Fordo, to stop all working on weaponization, on making the preparations for weapons. If all this is not agreed right now, they face the alternatives.”

The former prime minister’s comments serve as an indication of how widespread the criticism of the recently announced framework agreement is in Israel, spanning across the political spectrum.

Barak also had words of praise for President Obama and said that he was confident that the president was well intentioned.

“The support of the administration to Israel in security, the cooperation and intelligence is unprecedented,” he said. “I don’t question for a moment the commitment of President Obama and everyone in that administration for the security of Israel.”

Watch a video of Barak’s comments on CNBC below:

[iframe src=”″ width=”530″ height=”298″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowFullScreen=”true” bgcolor=”#131313″>]

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  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    The bottom line is that Iran wants a nuclear weapon.It is hell-bent on getting one and the so-called “nuclear deal” is not going to stop it.Already the chief Ayatollah has said that inspections of Iran’s secret military sites will not be allowed (after screaming “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”).Iran is dead serious in wanting to “wipe Israel off the face of the map” – it is part of their founding manifesto- and a couple of nuclear bombs will quite easily be able to achieve that evil objective.Meanwhile,in the White House, America’s Supreme Leader and Imam-in-Chief Buraq Hussein al-Obama (not yet al-Hadji – but that will surely still come)is playing his legacy game with the most dangerous country in the world – and his trusted and true ally Israel be damned!Our only hope is that Congress will stop this closet Muslim partisan in his tracks and save the world.

  • Donald

    This is exactly what people were saying when the US went to war with Iraq. It would be easy we would be welcomed as liberators and all these rosy forecast. And 20k US casualties later the country is far worse off than it was before. Saying that a strike to destroy Iranian facilities which would take far longer than a quarter of a night is complete BS. The retaliation from Iran will be massive and it will probably drag the US down with it. Dont forget Hamas bloodied the nose of the IDF in ground combat in the last war, also Iran is not a state that is under any arms embargo. Getting Russian anti air systems wont be a problem for them. Thread carefully. War should be avoided at all cost. If negotiations fail go back to sanctions.

  • Rene

    The so-called deal with Iran will never be formalized. There is disagreement even now concerning what terms were agreed in principle by the sides. Moreover, the US Congress will insist on Senate approval before anything signed by the President can be considered binding on the US. So there will be no deal, which means that Israel must look to its own interests in the near future. Unfortunately President Obama is a naïve idealist who thinks a country like Iran can be assuaged with kind words and converted into a responsible member of the community of civilized nations. That will never happen. They have an agenda of destroying Israel AND the US. They have said as much many times. What doesn’t Obama understand about “Death to America”? He has been played for a fool. He is an embarrassment to the US.

  • Emanuel

    And what happenes after the attack. Does any one know that scale of the attack that the Iranians will do?

  • RobiMac

    I don’t understand how Barak can say that he doesn’t question for a moment the Obama admin. commitment to Israel’s security. Obama knows that Iran chants ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America.’

    The whole reason why Obama funds all terrorist groups and Iran’s nuke facilities is because he wants to see muslims destroy Israel and continue to make trouble for the rest of the world. He insists on helping them with their global caliphate. How is it that hardly anyone sees this?

  • duPont

    I see on the news this morning that the President of Iran stated that there will be no signing of any agreement unless all of the heretofore applied restrictions, etc., embargoes are immediately lifted. I can’t see that happening anytime soon since the sanctions were going to be used as the “carrot” to insure compliance by withdrawing them very gradually over the term of the agreement. Iran will never agree to anything. It is united with Russia and the two countries will gobble up all of the weaker countries around them. Putin is the new Hitler and Iran his henchmen.

  • Alan Levy

    Hats off to Barak! He clearly and unambiguously sees the trees from the forest.

    Why for goodness sake, enter into an agreement with Iran, that allows — if not encourages — a fully Nuclear-Armed nation, to emerge, some 15 years down the pike, ready to pounce and fulfill its sworn pledge to DESTROY ISRAEL?

  • emile harari

    The negociations for an iranian agreement is a comedy
    First you have to understand that obama is pro arab and anti Israel.Then even if you doubt it Kerry is a child in kindergarden compared to the IRANIANS which can put kerry in their pockets,get him out and he wouldn’t know the difference.Then NOBODY in his right mind would trust the iranian commitment.They never have respected anything,So the treaty might as well be toilet paper.The global antisemitism
    and the obama blatant promotion of arab interests have
    blinded the world ( and the vastly liberal media )about
    the threat of a nuclear Iran.If they continue on their
    present path,we will without any doubt lead to a huge conflagration in the middle east which will engulf
    the rest of the world The only solution. BOMB IRAN and
    nobody will even blink an eye.Remember osirak and Syria

  • e.bowman

    It’s as if Obama is negotiating the surrender of the West

  • Mark_NYC

    Mr. Barak says that it would take the U.S. only a fraction of a night to destroy Iranian nuclear capabilities. He does not say however how long it would take for Israel to accomplish the same job or whether even they have the capability to do so – after all, U.S. capabilities in this regard (e.g. deep penetration bombs to eliminate underground facilities) are much more advanced. What is strange is that this story seems to obfuscate the difference; it is difficult in first reading to know that Barak is talking U.S. capabilities and not Israeli. Algemeiner has a responsibility to clarify this matter for its readers.

    • Penny

      Seriously, Israel doesn’t have weapons capable of Iranian nuclear capabilities? You my friend have not been listening to the news. Israel is more than capable. They have amongst other tools bunker busters, if I’m calling the bombs by their correct name. Israel must rely on itself because no other country in the world, no matter the lip service, will not fight for Israel!

  • Richard K.

    Iran needs to be very careful the way it does its business. It may not be business as usual anymore. It is true that Iran is the biggest contry in its size and army in the middle east.But again we have heard very careless talk coming out openly from Iran that Israel should be erased from the map. We recently heard Obama say that if the Israelis were attacked,they will stand by it.

    Iran needs to be careful as the writing is clear on the walls. Both the US and Israeli states are out for one thing but speaking in different versions.

    They are looking for an opportunity to achieve their goal. And what is this goal?
    If Iran doesn’t toe the line properly and stop chest thumbing,it will be brought down to pieces for two reasons in my view;

    1. Its arrogance to not just towards Israel but to its neighbors as well because of their nuclear weapons and,

    2.Its show off that its a dangerous country ready for destruction. Has clearly shown and all the western contries have and are convinced it can not be responsible for the nuclear weapon.

    So Iran should stop the threats.

    O.Israel wil not hit Iran. BUT if it will,America will be very ready to destroy Iran completely and this way,there will be no more major threat in the middle east.


  • Otto Waldmann

    Of course Barak is a reliable Israeli, if anyone would be, but the above article seems truncated and, in parts, even contradictory. The phrase where the whole attack on Iran affair will take but a few hours, implying that Israel will put an end to Iran as a nuclear threat only to add that “except for Iran’s attack on Israel” doesn’t make sense at least in translation, if that would be a problems. Alternatives are, either Iran attacks Israel 1st in which case, G-d forbid , Israel’s attack is no longer pre-emptive and those few hours in the night don’t make sense from Israel’s advantage view-point, or, as condition is at the end of the phrase, Iran would attack Israel AFTER the Israeli attack. BUT, if those only few hours are all that’s needed, we understand that within those few fantastic hours Iran would be rendered incapable to…attack Israel !!!
    Bad reporting, because I rely on Israel’s real capacity to fix up Iran good and proper whether during the night or not. I wont complain that it had ruined my 5 o’clock tea or dinner…

  • Henryk Zaleski

    When people like Barak speak like this you better take notice. He is a dove by any standard but it is obvious he is very concerned about Iranian nukes pointed at Israel. When a dove picks up a gun it is time to first listen and then to act quickly. Tell Iran to wrap up the military nuclear program and close it once and for all or else. Teddy was right, speak softly but carry a big stick.

  • Jacques Bertrand

    Strike Iran’s nuclear centres now ! If they push back , bomb them until they stop .Remember Serbia ?? When Hezbollah raises its ugly head , destroy it mercilessly to the last fighter. The longer we wait , the harder it will be to eradicate a savage and merciless enemy which sees the West only as a giant target which they will destroy just after they destroy Israel with their shiny new nuclear weapons. Un gros merci M. Obama . Obama is the modern equivalent of Quisling.

  • Sinai

    The oil fields of Iran are the main stay of their economy and thus its Achilles Heel. If one wants to do war on Iran and totally hurt hurt its livelihood and economy than the target would not be its nuclear plants but rather its oil fields. If these were to be bombarded extensively they would burn forever and Iran would be paralyzed and totally incapacitated

  • Gary Katz

    It might be militarily easier to take out the mullahs and see if that kicks off a revolution in Iran, which would benefit Israel and Iran. Win-win! Of course, it’s easy to be an armchair general; much harder to be a real one, ha ha ha!

  • Either if we like Barak or not, he knows more than us what can be achieved and what cannot. The problem will be retaliation and nobody knows what the iranian would do if that happens.

  • Jeffery Saddlemire

    I had the plesure to meet this hero at the F-16 factory where I worked on the Israeli F-16 program. Mr Barak says what he means and means what he says. May God bless the Israeli people and protect the land that God gave them.

    • Jack Smith

      B.S Barak he was in office 30 years : chief of staff ,prime minster, and defense mister
      How come he did not pull the trigger ?

    • Peter Diffenbacher

      Are you sure about that , , , what about that part where he says he says he is confident the president is well intentioned. – Who do you think armed The Free Syrian Army with Chemical Weapons. = Maybe The Most Qualified Intelligence Agency On The Planet has quietly put the old prime minister out to pasture.

  • Aaron levy

    He knows what he is talking !! The most awarded Israeli soldier ever !!!

  • Let not the world be naive about believing that the Iranians will keep their part of the bargain. – The whole charade of “negotiatins” was the Iranian way to gain more time to hide their real purpose. – How can anyone believe that the Iranian country´s leaders have more than once mouthed that Israel should be “erased from the map”?

  • It was refreshing to hear someone as dovish as Ehud expressing that the only thing stopping Israel from closing down Iran`s nuclear program is Israel itself. As he states himself: All Iran can do in response, is attack Israel. That`s a problem, isn’t it? The most likely response will be tens of thousands of surface-to surface missiles pouring down on Tel Aviv from Hezbollah. Truth be told, containing Hezbollah should be the easier part of the mission. But Israel has imposed such constraints on itself that Hezbollah feels empowered to do just that. Aside from drawing from their own experience in two previous wars, they need only look at Israel`s lack of resolve to deliver a “killer blow” to Hamas. So before doing anything, there has to be a paradigm-shift in Israel`s moral thinking. It would be a Mitzvah to free Lebanon of Hezbollah, just as it would have been a Mitzvah to free Gaza of Hamas. As I see it, there are three core components: Iran`s nuclear installations, Hezbollah, and the destruction of Iran`s leadership and Revolutionary Guard infrastructure. That all has to be included as a single mission.

    • duPont

      Excellent comments.

  • I don’t understand WHY Iran is allowed to get away with its threats to destroy Israel.

    WHY doesn’t anyone make clear to the Iranians that nuclear bomb-dropping is not something that can be done with out equivalent or more-than-equivalent retaliation?

    • Ivan Gur-Arie

      Do you really think that if Israel were wiped off the map by Iran the world would give a damn’ The nervous sweat of Obama and the rest of the fancy pants in the US and Europe would not lift a finger, We dont have to return to the years of World War 2, events of recent memory tells us that the cowards are in the driver’s seat.

  • Block the entrances and ventilation ducts. A hardened underground facility is a death trap if nothing and nobody can get in or out.

    Probably no need to use anything more hazardous than heaps of pork sausages past their best-before date.

  • zoro

    HE is CRAZY. Not normal.
    And he is stuck in his past lives of 30 yrs ago.
    The TIMES have changed. Israel can not longer afford to strike a country like IRAN.
    Iraq was different, IRAQ was nothing, powerless.
    IRAN on the other hand is the most powerful country in Middle East, the biggest country with the biggest army.
    Israel can keep threatening and playing games, but it will never strike Iran.
    BUT if israel does strikes, the consequences will be terrible for Israel.
    Because Israel is a tiny state. In the past it could protect itself efficiently, when arab armies were not as strong as today and were not equipped well as was israel.
    Israel basically is powerless to protect itself in the future big war, just because of its tiny sizer. The times are different from 1970s, very different.
    And that’s why israel will never strike iran and any other neighboring country anymore.

    • Sinai

      You are missing several points: the negotiations are being conducted by the major powers under the tutelage and leadership of the U.S.A., the strongest military country (not by Israel).
      A military strike if proven necessary will be done by by cooperating and willing western powers with the U.S. at the lead (not by Israe). The central ideas are two fold:
      1) Iran is not to be trusted. considering Iran’s past behavior of never living up to its obligations (inspection and otherwise) should be given an unequivocal ULTIMATUM by all the negotiating partners, U.S., the strongest military power in particular that should Iran renege in any way on the terms of the agreement whereby it is left strictly with civil nuclear capacity (energy medical etc’) and looses any and all military nuclear capability in its entirety, than and only than, its nuclear capacity shall be totally destroyed – no ifs and no buts.
      2) A strike of this type if needed is both doable and its nature is limited in nature. While it may be an act of war it is not war. It is a limited pinpoint strike that can be performed during a fraction of a night. It will be a limited operational strike more similar to the attack on the headquarters of Bin Ladden and and nothing like and not not to be confused with a total war like the one the U.S. had in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      Did you get it?

    • Trish

      People said the same thing in 1967 and 1948….the “big” and heavily armed Arab armies didn’t succeed then, Iran won’t succeed now….unless that fool in the WH lets them get nukes.

    • I;ve just read the comments by zoro, i feel compelled to reply. Zoro , your clueless, Israel has the 4th most powerful army navy special forces in the world , not inculding Mossad , they could take out Iran in the blink of an eye , and in time they will, watch this space , its not if but when , trust me when i say this you pick a fight with Israel at your peril. They have the most advanced weapons system in the modern world , thats why the Chinese , Americans , and Russians are wanting it. Keep your eye on Israel they will always prevail there protected by the Eternal Almighty God .

    • RobiMac

      You may be right. They may not strike Iran but, I’ll tell ya someone who will. Yahweh. He’s got Israel’s back.
      It says so in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

      Yahweh is not only going to destroy all the armies that come against Israel, He’s gonna strike their homelands as well. So, when it’s all said and done, and the whole world lies in ruin, Israel will still be standing. Then finally, Yeshua will be coming to take His throne in Jerusalem.

    • Adrian

      In all actuality Israel is the strongest military power not only in the Middle East but in the entire region stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea,
      there is not a single state or coalition of states that has the military ability to threaten Israel’s existence or defeat it on the battlefield, so yes Israel and U.S. could easily crush Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    • david papuni

      zoro needs to study history and see that every war the arab nations fought against Israel from 1948, it was Israel seemingly out gunned and outnumbered. What the enemies of Israel fail to realise is no one has the power to destroy Israel ever and what hitler did is never going to occurr on my watch as the prophet to Israel. If you can destroy Yahweh then you can destroy His people,even the US WOULD FAIL MISERABLY, put all the nations together against Israel -good luck TRYING. Israel’s protector 1 Israels enemies 0

    • You seem to know the capabilities of the Israeli military from where you are…I am not sure where you garnered your info from…but just as you said that it is not 1970 anymore… so are you seriously suggesting that since 1970 Israeli technology had not advanced with the times ? Sorry but Iran is not the most powerful country in the Middle-East. According to every political and military analysts that would be Israel. Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are many times more powerful than Iran, Whereas Iran only has 1970 Jet aircraft all these 3 Arab countries fly the lastest US F15s anbd F16s. Added to the fact that the US supplies them with the latest rocket arsenal they can use missiles more advanced than Irans home-made missiles.Israel has the means to stop Irans nuclear facility and at the same time cripple its missile arsenal. Israeli miltary technology as advance if not more than the US as they currently had been reported you can be assured that Iran will be a sitting duck if Israeln has the will to do it.

    • Sam, Montreal

      And if Israel attacks, successfully?
      What will be your next rhetoric? Assuming of course you were out of iran.

  • Alex Lieber-Alessie

    Since no matter what, Israel will be attacked, it is time for the Israelis this summer, when the inadequate deal is concluded, to spend that night that Ehud Barack speaks to eliminate all of Iran’s nuclear production and research centers.

    Also, Israel should stem off any attack by Iran and/or its proxies by unleashing fir the first time, some of its secret weapondry, so that these minor league clowns can understand that compared to Israel, their military status is in the Dark Ages.

  • Ed

    I respect Barak’s remarks however when one considers embarking on such a plan generally you are successful in creating a much more hateful opponent . This will last for years if not decades.

    Any plan should always allow even the most difficult opponent some means of escaping a total loss of face. I am not advocating something less stringent but an effort to bring the Iranian opposition strength .
    How do you get them to become less of a threat to most of the middle east ?

    Offer them something the truly need and want .

  • Mickey Oberman

    From reality to Pollyannaism.

  • It is not easy to attack Iranian targets. Israel needs the help of Pakistan for refuelling etc

  • Arty Cohn

    I hope that he is right. As important, I hope that Israel can defend its citizens if Iran retaliates.

  • Steven

    And how many nights for Israel to do the same thing? You know israel is going to go at some point if the Demented Narcissist Obama continues his civilization so suicide mission.

  • Do you want prevent nuclear terror? Do you care about you children and your family’s future? Vote for nuclear free Iran.
    A terrorist state must not be permitted to possess nuclear capability.
    Iran already controls; Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza, etc. how much more before we stop them from devouring the Middle East and more.
    When Israel takes defensive action for its survival. Israel would rather be condemned for its actions as a live Israel than eulogized as a dead Israel.

    YJ Draiman

    • Michael Stewart

      I would rather see Iran with Nuclear weapons than Israel. iran is more rational.

  • george

    The statement of Mr. Netanyahu is the absolute truth.I don’t have any doubt that Israel is going to hit them before the year is over, thereby not only save the State of Israel, but the United States as well, and indeed the entire civilized World.
    Thanks to our”beloved” president to create this situation.

    • zoro

      you’re wrong. This type of speculations are happening every once in a while, when some israeli politician starts theatrical performances for the media. Nothing happened and nothing will ever happen. What realistically can happen is a large scale undercover operation, using a combination of weapons and sophisticated software to infiltrate iranian nuclear project thru their computer system and to cause an unrepairable damage. But not any sort of bombings.

  • Chagoot Gardner

    It was nice of Mr Barak to say that he doesn’t question the commitment of the current US administration for the security of Israel. However, many of us here in the US do and are extremely embarrassed by it. We wish Bibi and Moshe Ya’lon (excuse me on the spelling) all the best and hope everyone in Israel has a blessed and safe future. We admire the young people you have there who sacrifice and fight to protect you.

    • Kenneth Mathews

      Well said!

  • Philip

    Has former PM Barak been awake the past 6 years? Is he unable to obtain translations of Obama’s press conferences and other utterances? Why does he think Obama is actively foreswearing any use of force against Iran?

    If Barak were around back in the 1940s, he’d no doubt see the cattle cars as luxury trolleys.

    No wonder this man, as an incumbent PM, was crushed by the biggest landslide in Israeli election history.

  • The Iranians cannot be trusted to negotiate in good faith, nor will they bow to ultimatums and sanctions. Only a credible use of force will neutralize Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It’s time for the West to “breakout from its appeasement framework” and confront Iran before it acquires Atomic Bombs.