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August 11, 2015 5:27 pm

Major Jewish Groups Slam White House, Allies for Use of Antisemitic Language in Debate Over Iran Nuclear Deal

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President Obama defends the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

President Obama defends the Iran nuclear deal. Photo: Screenshot.

Major Jewish groups condemned the use of offensive, and possibly antisemitic language used by the White House, its allies and even the President in the heated ongoing debate over the nuclear deal with Iran.

The issue was first highlighted in an editorial by Jewish-interest magazine Tablet in which staff editors railed against deal supporters over their “use of Jew-baiting and other blatant and retrograde forms of racial and ethnic prejudice as tools to sell a political deal, or to smear those who oppose it.”

The authors warned, “Murmuring about ‘money’ and ‘lobbying’ and ‘foreign interests’ who seek to drag America into war is a direct attempt to play the dual-loyalty card,” an age-old antisemitic canard that Jews are more loyal to Israel than their own countries of citizenship.

The offensive language was first used by President Obama in a July 21 interview with The Daily Show host Jon Stewart in which Obama said that shady “lobbyists” and people with “money” were working to kill the deal, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Tablet elaborated further providing links to specific examples:

Accusing Senators and Congressmen whose misgivings about the Iran deal are shared by a majority of the U.S. electorate of being agents of a foreign power, or of selling their votes to shadowy lobbyists, or of acting contrary to the best interests of the United States, is the kind of naked appeal to bigotry and prejudice that would be familiar in the politics of the pre-Civil Rights Era South.

The language seemed to escalate when Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who is Jewish, became the latest and most prominent Democrat in Congress to announce his opposition to the Iran deal.

Pro-Iran lobby the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), which reportedly has ties to the Iranian regime, explicitly accused Schumer of being more loyal to Israel than America, the Free Beacon said.

Abraham Foxman, who just stepped down from his longtime role as national director at the Anti-Defamation League, said Obama was using language — saying those opposed to the deal were cynically motivated to bomb Iranian nuclear sites — that fueled the antisemitic stereotyping of Jews as warmongers.

Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, accused the Obama administration of bullying, telling the Free Beacon that the language used was an “outrage” and that he was “grateful” Schumer and other American Jews were fighting to get Congress to oppose the deal.

“I don’t fear the crock of dual loyalty,” he said. “I am ashamed by those who cannot bring facts to the table so they attempt to bully.”

Pro-Israel watchdog Honest Reporting asked if critics of the Iran deal were getting “unfairly smeared” with the dual loyalty charge

The group pointed to a CNN segment with Fareed Zakaria in which he claimed that Schumer’s calculations were based on money and the risk of losing “core supporters” who are apparently involved in or coordinating the “well-financed campaign against” the deal.

In an email to supporters on Tuesday, another media watchdog, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA), said it was “unfair to denigrate opponents and ignore the facts. Moreover, it is bigoted to invoke anti-Semitic tropes to tar Jewish Americans or those who represent them in Congress.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, a leading opponent of the deal, met with 22 Democratic lawmakers in Jerusalem on Sunday, among them the Democratic whip, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), who is supposed to be convincing fellow Democrats to support the deal.

In the hour and forty-five minutes allotted to their meeting, the prime minister reportedly discussed the main points of the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and explained why he thought it was bad.

Hoyer told Haaretz he found it reasonable that Netanyahu was going to ruffle political feathers over his opposition to the agreement because he sees Iran as an existential threat.


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  • caryl

    I am an American, I am for Israel and I am Jewish. All three are interwoven; one not being more important then the other. Having said that, if Israel needed me I would be there in a second as they have much fewer people.
    As an American, I will vote for a President who does not bring their religious beliefs into the political arena. I will certainly only vote for a Pro-Israeli candidate.

  • Bhupinder Singh Liddar

    Isn’t there any truth that Israeli is doing its job well?

  • Bhupinder Singh Liddar

    Isn’t there any truth to it?

  • Where was everybody when Maureen Dowd, in her July 18 diatribe in support of the Obama-Iran deal, claimed that Republicans opposed to the deal were rushing to get campaign contributions from Jews.

    I sent her a note awarding her the 2015 Gen. Barker memorial trophy for invidious comment about Jews. Barker was the anti-Semite heading British forces in Palestine who remarked, after the King David bombing in Jerusalem, 1946, that the way to deal with Jews is to hit them in the pocket.

    Dowd’s comment was merely a twist on Barker’s anti-Semitic remark.

  • Forrest

    The pro-deal comments would be funny if the reality weren’t so serious:

    Obama objects to the “big money” coming in against the deal, yet he had no difficulty raising the cost of presidential campaigns by a factor of about five. A study by the FEC I saw in 2008 revealed that many of his “little money” contributors made dozens of small donations a day. The only reason to do this is to fool the FEC and enable a con artist, like Obama, to deny that he was backed by his own brand of “big money”.

    On a related note, Obama is using the apparatus of the US government to promote the deal at tax-payer expense. Is this more or less offensive than outsiders contributing money to causes in which they believe?

    The deal is a bad one because article 26 will enable the Iranians to withdraw once they have received their $150 billion in sanctions relief. The upshot is that this deal makes going to war the alternative to acquiescing in an Iranian nuclear weapon mounted on an ICBM pointed at America. It’s real effect is to remove the option of engaging sanctions.

    Iran remains committed to destroying America, and may be in a position to do that by way of an EMP attack as soon as next year, maybe before the 2016 election. That would enable Obama to achieve his fondest dream: becoming president for life in an America reduced to Third World status.

    Obama denounces Jews who are opposed to this. Americans need to recognize that opposition is the only credible position for someone who belives in America. And the advocates of the deal? Maybe the time has come to start using the “T” word.

  • i cant believe the jews keep using the slogan never again and then give obama what he wants to destroy israel, thats why we are in trouble stand for america and israel,not for what obama wants.some of his top advisors i was told are muslims,and i believe he favors muslims over jews. dont vote for a democrat again they will say what you want to hear for a vote. i learned.

    • zorka

      agree with all that you say, again, take a deep look at Obama to all!! Far too many have made poor excuses for this guy and more..

  • Lois Lightman

    I cannot believe how the New York Jews absolutely love love love Obama. They are umbilical cord Democrats. He can do no wrong, & they do NOT want to hear anything negative abou Obama.

    • Rich Hollander

      Lois, if you move to Fort Worth TX we will show you how our Jewish community supports Israel and it’s defense. The leaders of our community have strong ties to Israel and constantly help elect officials that regularly support Israel in its efforts to protect itself. Kay Granger, our congresswoman is one of the strongest supporters we could ever have.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    All those inferences about Jewish control and bubbling to the surface once again and this time from a “Black” president who for 20 years prayed at an anti-Jewish and anti-Israel church in Chicago.

    Only Jews feel like GUESTS in this country despite their contributions and wealth it can all be taken away from them if they are not strong and united.

    If Jews really controlled the world do you think we would be going through this garbage and would Israel really be in mortal danger?

    I personally wish that Jews did control the world. They don’t even know their heritage.

  • stuart karu

    It’s ironic that the first Black President is, in fact, the ultimate racist. A country that has sworn to eliminate the Jews from the face of the earth, now being supported by the American government is no different than what the Nazi’s did until America recognized it’s obligation. Imagine if Iran was committed to eliminating Blacks from the face of the earth. Clearly that is racist. Then to sit down and negotiate a deal such as this when the existence of the Black race is on the line would be the ultimate betrayal. President Obama and his group have been anti-semetic from the beginning. He is a liar, a bully and a clear enemy of both Israel and the Jewish. It’s even more ironic because he is Black and should know what racism feels like.

    • CVP

      Well, all I can do is shake my head …

    • zorka

      the majority of voters did not do the research on Obama, had they discovered what this guy was and is about, he never would have been voted in. I did the research and voted against him, He has been instrumental in the racial divide, perhaps his mission with the rest of his doings.


    The majority of American Jews SUPPORT the Iran deal. Americans are laughing at Bibi and his outrageous attacks on our country. The American people as around the world are in total support of the deal..Bibi is making Israel unsafe with his rhetoric and attempts to undermine the President, and the 5 other countries who support this deal. Bibi is the problem for Israel.

    • Alan C. Cornet

      WRONG ! WRONG ! WRONG!! The vast majority of all Americans reject this so called “deal” as per the most recent polls. Better then two of three individuals in that poll do not support the Iran “Agreement”. The majority of those individuals who identify themselves as Jews do not support the Obama “deal”. I will predict that more Jews will vote for the Republican Candidate in 2016, since the days of Ronald Reagan’s election. It is now obvious to eve3n a blind person, that the Obama Administration, as well as the majority of the Democrat party, are extremely hostile to the State of Israel and to Jews. Remember the booing at the 2012 Democrat convention? Even left wing “progressive” Jews now see exactly what President Obama
      is by his words, deeds, and actions. Enough already..
      Enough! NEVER AGAIN ! Do not forgive and do not forget!

    • You have been brainwashed Obama hates anyone and everyone who does not share his views.

      • Stormin’Norm

        Hey S. Hager….my wife is a Hager….they migrated from Brooklyn in the late 1940’s could you be a relative???

        • Stormin’Norm

          …by the way S. Hager I agree about obama and I’m a Democrat…he especially seems to have a problem with Israel!

    • Yale

      ALL of the polls, where we actually find out who supports what, indicate that opposition to the deal among Jews and others grows the more they understand what it will do. Only the ignorant and pro-Iranian or pro-Islamist flacks support it.

    • fanya vasilevskt

      Speak Truth:

      The Iranians chant “Death to America”. President Obama said that they do not mean it. The people who were listening, applauded. Perhaps, when the Iranians chanted “Death to America, Pr. Obama and those who were agreed with him at this meeting heard the Iranians chanting “America! We love, love, love you.” There were be always people who take the wishful thinking for reality. In 1930′ the group of American Jews marched in Manhattan in support for Hitler and saluted him. It seems that now we, Americans are marching in support of Iran and his desire to destroy the greatest Satan, the USA together with the small Satan Israel. Only this time instead of gas chambers it will be the mushroom cloud.

    • yael

      you must be deaf, dumb and blind to write that.

    • Phuqit

      Another leftarded Obamanoid heard from…maybe you never bothered to read that France’s foreign minister was quote clast week as hopeful that the American Congress would reject the deal, after Iran began their two-faced gloating. However, you lliberal jagoffs who worship the Taqiyyist-in-Chief are comfortable with hypocrisy–just as comfortable as you are with Jew-hatred. Go back to Jeremiah Wright’s church with his 22-year parishoner Brotherhood Barry, the man who set race relations in America back 60 years almost all by himself–with a bit of help from his racebaiting buddy Al Sharpton. May you all take a long walk, off of a short cliff.

      • Stormin’Norm

        Heey “F—it”….Don’t blame the Liberal Democrats for obamamama…he lied to get into office…obviously all that crap he was taught in church sank in somewhere…he’s got this blind spot on Israel! He probably doesn’t even know he’s an anti-Semite & definitely anti-Israeli.
        In the last year he came out here to L.A. for Hollywood fundraisers…it’s interesting that none of them were with the Rich JEWISH movie people and Jewish entertainers this time…I think they finally realize just who our prez is!

  • Jack Holan

    It’s clear that no one race no one period of time is the sole owner of demigougery, gutter-politics,and Anti-Semitism. The concepts expressed directly by and eluded to by President Obama were not first voiced in the American South but were developed in the a prison in Germany during the 20s and in a book under The Russian Empire at the turn of the century. After WW1 Germans were convinced wealthy Global Jewish Industrialists ignited the War to make money and after the War kept Germany suppressed. The idea an all powerful wealthy pulling all the strings shaping World events using money. This is how low Obama has stooped. He doesn’t care what we think of him now. There will be Jews who still love him after meeting often with the the Muslim Brotherhood. We do not fit in a World run by them fact not hysteria. Obama who achieved a 75% Jewish Vote the second time IS 21st Cerntury tactics Scotlandyard 20th Century tactics IS building their Army from within has many huge advantages. $$$$. No border/Passportcontrol dangers Army current with host environment to mention just a few. FBI Director Comley admitting in OPEN COMMITEE SESSION that the bureau can’t keep up with the cyber cryptology of Is I’m gave them a boost and why can’t we if their people and ours are educated in the same system? In any event.both the UK and US better start recognizing the ideology. Since they think I it’s the Religion of Peace and shares the San values as the Judeo-Christian Ethos why don’t they read the Quran & Hadith then comment. he treated Israel not PM Netanyahu like dirt on a floor mat. He also had his ‘Jewish’ gaffs but being Jews we overlooked it. Don’t be idiots, selfhhaters, and G-d Forbid QUIET if you get my drift.

    • CVP

      Oh my God (Yes, with the “o”)! This is my first time on this site. Apparently, I stumbled onto (into?) a forum for the Jewish Tea Party. Forget REALITY. The TRUTH is optional. FACTS? What facts.

      It’s a crazy, twisted world.

      • Stan

        You must have been looking in a mirror when you wrote that.

      • shazad

        this site is full of the haters justifying their hate by twisting eeality with a warped interpretation of reality which only sees themselves as the rightly people to recieve good things, and others as their slaves.

  • emile harari

    Everybody even the blind and deaf knows that Obama and his administration are anti Israel bordering anti semites and Pro arab even muslim Jihadists.
    The Iran agreement is not only a threat to Israel and the USA
    but more so to the sunny nations like Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Jordan
    etc.I am surprised that Israel who has a peace treaty with Egypt and Jordan did not capitalize on this common threat by calling a
    conference with these countries,and through them to other sunny
    ones to discuss and devise a common strategy to combat if not
    destroy iran’s nuclear facilities.The weasel Obama is outsmarting
    the Israelis and other by securing support from the United nations and other to the point of no return.Even if the US congress votes down the agreement,the american muslim and socialist white house may have it’s way.But if some potential
    arab countries like mentioned above form a coalition to oppose the deal with Iran,then tha game is over and Iran will face more
    stringent sanctions to the point that will bring them crawling back for a new deal.

  • Judah

    Puhleez! The claim that “even the President” could possibly, ostensibly, inadvertently, mistakenly be construed as having obliquely intimated a sliver of anti-semitism?

    Hello. Stop pussyfooting around and pandering to a Harvard-educated dufus who we all knew loved to slam the Jews. Attending Jeremiah Wrong’s Jew-baiting and Jew-hating “church” wasn’t evidence enough? Not a one-time visit, mind you, this was Islam-educated, lived in Indonesia, Leninist-Marxist Hussein Barack Omama, that need I remind the 75 percent of Jewish voters who elected this monster DIDN’T have a clue as to his Arafat-ish leanings?

    Spit out the Kool-Aid my friends and switch to Lincoln’s party.

  • Richter

    It’s Sad but true, Our current President/Emperor, Hates Anyone & everyone that Speaks out against his beloved
    ” MUSLIM Brotherhood” !
    He has even made it a crime to publicly speak out against the Muslims in our own country though those laws are rarely enforced.
    Just be assured Not All American Citizens are against the Citizens of ISRAEL, And many of us Support Israel.

  • Noel Eliscu

    The POTUS is using Chicago politics to get his concepts across.He does not care about the country only what he will leave behind,a third world nation.

  • I find it a bit off when statements about moneyed groups are classified as anti-Semitic, when first of all, it is the truth – reports in major US newspapers are citing one Jewish group raising $20 million to fight the deal, while another group will spend $2 million to promote it. I can’t see how Jews can lay sole claim to such references, when the same language is used on a regular basis in other situations, yet it is not deemed abusive language.

    • CVP

      Thank you. At last, a voice of reason. Oh my, I hope that isn’t anti-Semitic.

    • Stan

      How much tax-payer provided money is Obama using to sell this deal whose primary purpose is to cover up how badly fooled he has been by the Iranians?

    • Stormin’Norm

      It’s not the reality of saying that Jewish groups are raising the money to fight the deal….it’s the inference of putting “JEWS & Moneychangers” together in a sentence that raises the specter of anti-Semitism….especially when it’s done on purpose!!!

      ALSO obama’s distaste for BiBi & vice versa should not impact his support for Israel but obviously it does & has…Obama is the MOST anti-Israel President we’ve ever had and that includes Nixon…FOR SHAME…!

  • I do not know all but I just do not trust the administration to do what is best for USA!!!The elected official in Congress are thr final authority not the administration hand picked people. There is just too much support for Islam who do not support democratic USA!

  • Reform School

    A President who sealed his foreign childhood from scrutiny,
    filled America’s internal security agencies with criminals,
    hired Iranian grandpa John Kerry to surrender our nation to Persian nuclear blackmail (fundamentally changing America in ways it never dreamed) has the chutzpah to charge ANY group of Americans with divided loyalty? Chief Racist Barry Soetoro—head far out in space—should leave today, commanding the mission to Mars. Having taken up space throughout his college career, is anyone better qualified? The tombstones of the stinky hippo-critters who OCCUPY this White House should read “Pot calling the Kettle Black.”

  • It is obvious that Pres. Obama is nothing less than an anti-Semite. His ugly comments about the ‘loyalty’ of members of Congress, who dare to disagree with him, is not so subtle in his true attitude toward Israel, and his lack of decency and knowledge of the meaning of democracy. Not agreeing with everything the Prez. supports, doesn’t make one anti-American. On the contrary, this is what the word DEMOCRACY is all about.

  • Deborah Frankel Silver

    What would possibly lead anyone to conclude that such a deal with Iran could lower the risk of Iran possessing a nuclear weapon when removing financial and other sanctions will enable Iran to have more funds not only for its covert illegal nuclear weapons program but, moreover, to fund terror groups such as Hamas, that will further destabilize the already tense situation in the Middle East.

    Iran funds terrorist activities that kill innocent Israelis. These are the facts on the ground.

    The Iran regime makes no attempt to even hide, as the Nazis did, their intention to eradicate the Jewish people. To the contrary, the leader of Iran often repeats his clear intent to wipe Israel off the map. Why in God’s name would anyone want to make a deal with a country that is seeking to overtly and openly eradicate the Jewish people?

    While some authors focus on the anti-Semitic remarks President Obama has made to promote his disastrous deal with Iran, namely his false accusation that the Jewish opposition to his Iran deal will lead to another war like the one with Iraq, which the Jews also supported, I do not support dealing with a terrorist State like Iran even if President Obama promoted it perfectly.

    The essential point is that this deal with Iran will lead to an unstable country having a nuclear weapon that could destroy the entire world, and not just Israel. Why in God’s name would anyone seek to appease a country like that?

    Has anyone not learned from the lessons of history that one cannot appease insane despotic leaders from the West’s attempts to appease Hitler? Look what that appeasement did in terms of costing the Jews dearly, by directly leading to 6 million Jews perishing in the Holocaust.

    What difference does it make that President Obama’s anti-Semitic statements promoted his disastrous Iran deal by re-writing history, blaming the Jews for leading America to war with Iraq when the Jews by and large opposed this war as did Israel, as a balance of power between Iran and Iraq was essential to Israel’s security? By weakening Iraq the U.S. enabled Iran to strengthen its nuclear program, endangering the entire world, let alone the Middle East and Israel, its sole democracy.

    Again, the point is not that President Obama’s anti-Semitic comments against the Jews and Jewish organizations that oppose his disastrous Iran deal are the worst thing he has done. What he has done is to enable a country like Iran to become a nuclear power instead of taking a strong stand, even if that stand includes military action!

    If you read the Bible you will see that time and again the God of Israel has fought for Israel, regardless of the small numbers and lack of sophisticated weaponry. It is not for the sake of the Jewish people, but for His holy name’s sake, which the Jewish people defamed among the nations.

    God has chosen to associate His name and His holy presence with Jerusalem.

    If the U.S. decides to take military action against Iran to stop their nuclear weapons program before it too late, God will support and defend the U.S. and the U.S. will surely be successful.

    Even the Arab states in the region do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons. Everyone but President Obama apparently knows what that will mean not just for the Middle East but for the entire world.

    Act now, it is not too late. He who blesses Israel will be blessed, that is a promise that God made to Abraham, and God keeps His promises! The U.S. will be blessed by defending the world against Iran and its program to acquire nuclear weapons.

    There are many loop holes to this Iran deal. The 24-day cap on Iran’s ability to delay an investigation into a facility suspected of supporting clandestine activities could actually be much longer than that.
    Iran’s ability to play for time regarding inspections of suspicious military facilities begins when the IAEA first submits its concerns, and waits for Iran’s clarification. The 24-day count begins only after that, if and when the IAEA makes a request for access; but the preliminary phase has no time limit.

    Iran has over the years perfected tactics of playing for time, and has made it very clear that it will not tolerate inspections at its military sites where suspicions are that it has worked on a military nuclear capability. If pressed on inspections in the coming years, Iran will most likely continue to evade and play for time, and the deal dangerously provides ample room for Iran to do so.

    The problems with snapback sanctions have been well documented, especially when matched with Iran’s explicit threat to exit the deal if sanctions are reimposed. And why would military force in the scenario of a serious violation down the road be any more of an option then than it is today? In fact, it will very likely be even less, if it becomes apparent that Iran is very close to a nuclear weapon.

    So can one really say – as the scientists do – that the deal provides “effective challenge inspection for the suspected activities of greatest concern”? Hardly.

    See What 29 top US scientists don’t know, August 10, 2015, by Emily B. Landau, Head of Arms Control program, Tel Aviv University.


    Deborah Frankel Silver

  • JohnWV

    Israel’s Rabbinical Authority sorts Jew from goy with emphasis on maternal bloodlines and marriage. Those adjudged not quite Jewish may be deported, incarcerated, disappeared, or relegated to one of the multiple levels of “citizenship” which may restrict everything from license plate color to travel, living location, employment, marriage, and due process. Bigoted? Me or all Israel?

    “While we’re at it, how about a Citizens for a Nuclear Free Israel effort as well? No need for nukes anywhere in that part of the world. If they give up their nukes, I’m sure the Iranians will as well.” (GKSanDiego in The Hill 7/17/2015)

    • Vincent

      Your comments clarify that you’re not bigoted. But stupid? You’ve left evidence in the affirmative in both paragraphs.

    • Phuqit

      WV? West Virginia? Is your mother your sister, your grandma, or your cousin–or, perhaps all three at once? You inbred, part-human, hate-monger.

  • Monty Pogoda

    If I could I would wipe out Houmeini and his Ilk. I would send Obama to Siberia till the end of his ‘reign’ and tear up the agreement. Iran’s leaders are blatant liars and are not to be believed.

    • JWV – Boy, what a doofus… you really think that Iran would stop their nuclear program if Israel abandoned theirs? What drug are YOU on? Must be one that makes you awfully gullible!

  • Jon Stewart is nothing but a clown for the Obama Administration. He sits there like an idiot while Obama makes these blatant antisemetic references about Jews and money. Just imagine for one moment a Republican on his show making bigoted remarks about black people on his show. Justifiably, everyone would immediately condemn such references. However, when it comes to antisemetic remarks even our President gets a free pass. Sadly, many of the low information voters actually consider Stewart to be a credible news source. He reminds me of the Kapos who worked at the Nazi death camps conspiring against their own people in the hopes of living another day. In this case, the comparison is much worse since this vile self hater is willing to expose 6 million Israeli Jews to a nuclear Holocaust.

  • JohnWV

    “Zionists: transforming ‘anti-Semitism’ from something horrible into something honorable since 1948,” Professor Steven Salaita, June 14, 2015

    • Vincent

      Only a fool would quote Salaita.

  • rick

    As usual Israel is playing on the sympathy of the world because of their neglect during the Holocaust.
    When will the world get over this Cow Towing to Israel every time she disagrees with the rest of the world!
    Israel is and has bought the U.S. Governments favor over and over again, there is no denying this truth! They have proven that they are just as oppressive and their former oppressors, and truly do not deserve the Nationhood status they were given!
    As for this Article; That they accuse the U.S. and the President of Anti-Semitism is a Ball-faced lie! They receive so much Aid from America that America is not aware of that they have prospered immensely! Why? Because of the Jewish Lobby playing the sympathy Card repeatedly on our Congressional members, of which not a few are Jewish themselves! How can it be Bigoted and Anti-Semitism to face our own Congress with their responsibility to the American people as a whole! Not as a wealthy and powerful ‘Minority’?
    ‘Call me Anti-semite’? That would be funny as one of the long list of blood heritage I carry is Jew! Should a part Jew not tell the truth, or question Israel’s Lies?

    • Vincent

      Part Jews can be very good at lying, or are you just ignorant?

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    The evil Rev.Wright’s anti-semitic influence over Obama is now coming out into the open.In addition,Obama’s many Jew-hating Muslim friends and advisors must be having a field day in inculcating more anti-semitism into him in order to attack all those opposing his rotten Iran deal.What’s happening at the White House is really no surprise.

  • PM BENJAMIN Netanyahu needs to keep up the pressure on Congress in order to derail the stinking OBAMA Nuclear deal with Iran. Period.

  • ted

    All the dormant sermons of Pastor Jeremy Wright are bearing fruit in Obama’s words
    The anti Semitism has always been just below the surface But it was there After all twelve years hearing his pastor mentor must bear fruit

  • Anti-Semites are always betrayed, in the end, by the language they use.

    • JohnWV

      “Zionists: transforming ‘anti-Semitism’ from something horrible into something honorable since 1948,” Professor Steven Salaita, June 14, 2015

  • Peter

    Those opposed to a deal with Iran are really grasping at straws now. Is it really anti semitic to say that those lobby groups opposed to the deal have plenty money? Aipac is a pro Israel lobby group and it is a wealthy one. When last did Aipac chose to side with the USA over Israel?

    • Vincent

      It’s AIPAC’s job to advocate for Israel in the US. That’s why it was established.

      The real issue this deal poses is whether it is good for anybody. Those who understand what the Iranians will do with it realize that the deal is mainly a $150 billion grant of aid to terror and to the building of weapons to attack the US.

      Obama likes to question the loyalty of those who oppose him, regardless of the topic. Maybe the time has come to question the loyalty of those who support this deal, because they are very likely dooming hundreds of millions to death in an Iranian EMP attack that could come as soon as next year.

      • couldn’t have said it better myself, Vincent! 🙂

  • Lawrence

    It comes as no surprise that Obama and those closest to him are making anti Semitic and anti Israel remarks. If anything, the Iranian situation should have crystalized the fact that Obama’s allegiance is not towards Israel or even the country in which he is president. Instead, his priorities are with Iran and other opponents of Israel. Obama has demonstrated his disdain and hostility towards Israel dating all the way back from the earliest days of his presidency. If the politicians and public base their decisions in regards to the Iranian nuclear weapon situation on its own merits and don’t allow peripheral issues to cloud their decisions, it should not be difficult to understand that this proposal must be defeated as it will endanger the security of Israel, the U.S., and the rest of the world. There is no reason why this whole situation should even be happening. The sanctions were producing good results in choking off Iran’s ability to generate capitol in order for them to finance their nuclear weapon program. This would also debunk Obama’s assertions that the only other alternative to agreeing to this “deal” is war. Those who are allowing politics to take precedence over doing the right thing and vote for this ill fated plan, should lose their job. Personally, I find this whole situation to be appalling. There is only one country in the entire middle east that will consistently stand with and support the U.S., that would be Israel As such, the U.S. should recognize this fact and return the favor by standing with Israel.

  • Fred

    All reveals itself. Honest Obama shows his contempt for Jews & Israel. His rethoric is becoming more strident and
    anti Semitic. The old canards are used more frequently with petulance, as Obama has not his way. The ethical diplomatic language is giving way to threats I have not heard since the 1930 when Europe was sold out.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    American president and many of the spokespeople for the Iran deal are not implying anti-Semitic canards not even necessarily intentionally because the stakes for this deal are based on financial and power-based elements so closely connected and dependent on the human need for security. In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid, needs for personal safety and the safety of one’s loved ones are placed close to the need for self-esteem and not far from the need to be loved. I am reminded of a very troubling piece of research I conducted during my question to petition Rev. Dietrich Bonhoeffer as a Righteous Among Nations some ten years ago. I fond an article in which former ADL Director Abraham Foxman contended that Bonhoeffer did not deserve to be considered for such an honour as a Righteous Among the Nations, for Bonhoeffer never saved any Jew. It just so happens that I had in my possession a signed and notarised affidavit declaring that one Jew named Dorothy Fliess and her Jewish parents had been saved from the Nazis by Rev. Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his arranging their safe transport to Switzerland. Such direct testimony is irrefutable evidence that Bonhoeffer was a Righteous Among the Nations because he paid for this intervention and his aiding and abetting the rescue of three Jew lives in addition to his being involved with more than one assassination attempt against Adolph Hitler with his life. My point is as follows: the motivations of someone who actively decides on a mode of action based on safety and security may very well have subjective internal origins unrelated to one’s ethnicity, religious belief, or creed. Protecting a fellow human human is a natural defence mechanism.

  • It about time they stood up!

  • If Obama is anti-Semitic , then Ariel Sharon was Anti American
    ( Gentile ).
    With his Comment that: We the Jewish People ( 2% ) Control America, to the detriment of it’s Majority Population.
    Gee , Doesn’t this sound familiar ! In another country in Europe not so long ago .

  • With Obama’s past history, his familial ties, his Islamic education,
    his 20 year affiliation with an anti Semitic pastor and church, his boosters and affiliates and acquaintances and his words and actions during his presidency including inundating the US with millions of illegal, primarily Muslim immigrants how can anyone doubt that his sole loyalties lie with the cult of Islam.

  • Avi

    1. Obama uses Abusive language against the Jewish people
    2. Says to Zakaria “unprecedented” lobbying by a foreign power when everybody in world lobbies U.S. Congress daily.
    3.Democratic convention boos when word “Jerusalem” is mentioned
    4. All Israelis, even Herzog and Lapid, against deal.
    And Jews in America continue to votr two-thirds Democratic!
    Why oh why are we such a stupid people? I’m tired of hearing we hace 20 percent of Nobel Prize winners and less than 1 percent of the population. What good is it if we have no common sense?

  • Count L F Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    As a genealogist I am fascinated so many of the architects or defenders of this deal are grandchildren of converted Jews. children of Baptised Jews John Kerry originally Kohn I believe or Jews who married Christians changed their Jewish names for Christian names and raise Christian children as they all bash Israel

  • Livin’ Out Loud

    I spent so many years defending the President. He’s accomplished some good things, but he’s hidden the low class racism until now. He fooled us into believing that he cared about people– Israel too – Passover at the White House? ?Money, money is the theme song that resonates throughout the government – not love and the people. He’s a deceiving murderer, like most politicians. The good people will never run the country. There’s far too many uneducated, angry people to let that happen. All we can do is pray. ? G-d bless.

  • Len

    With respect to “dual loyalty” opponents of the agreement are falling into a trap by emphasizing the problems for Israel. The fact is that the agreement is dangerous for America. The “death to America” crowds are instigated by Iran’s agreement sponsors, especially Khamenei.

  • noanoa

    The WH has been infected by a lethal virus known as Islam and Obama is a carrier.

    It’s time to question Obama’s loyalty to this country and have him impeached & imprisoned in Gitmo.

    Obama an embarrassment to both the US & the free world.

  • I was incredulous from the beginning of the gullibility of Jews with Obama. He was their enemy and they fell for him, almost worshiping. Now some are beginning to realize what he’s all about and that they can’t sit on their hands forever, deceiving themselves. Reality is striking.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    The Obama’s are linked to the Luo ethnic groups in Kenya and it is no wonder that Kenyatta did not fell in line with Hussein when he visited. Traditionally Israel has been closer to the Kenyattas.
    As to that element being antisemitic. That should not surprise anyone knowing where from that element comes once out of Africa. It is even more understandable why our local lets say post Zionists, who hate all that is Jewish, including people and Heritage would find in the Luo fellow a kindred heart.

  • nelson marans

    President Obama has become a clone of his former minister and mentor the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and later of Rashid Khalidi at Columbia University, holding the Edward Said chair. While his anti-Semitism is somewhat less blatant compared to his mentors, it has been more effective as a rallying cry for classic anti-Semitism.

  • This is not rocket science. Obama has made clear he reveres a mass murderer of Jews, Muhammad who personally decapitated 600 -900 unarmed Jews. .Iran’s existential threat to Israel is consistent with Muhammad ‘s existential action against the Jews of Medina. Obama supports both.

  • Steven Kalka

    When are American Jews going to wake up and smell the coffee? They should have been able to connect the dots if they examined his background before election and reelection time. Yet, 70% of them voted to reelect him. I’m an American Jew who never voted for him, and proud. As Bob Dylan famously sang, “You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”.

  • Michael Shain

    What can you expect from a man who was a congregant of Rev. Jeromiah Wright for 20 years?

  • .

    Bernhard Rosenberg Dear facebook friends and any others reading my material:

    I am literally sleeping four hours a night trying to spread the work through the media regarding events in Iran, America and Israel. I cannot afford ads because I don’t have the financial backing Boteach and others have. My communication is dependent upon word of mouth. Numerous calls have come in from radio, newspapers and tv stations for interviews and I will send them out. Please help by notifying your local media outlets.

    As someone born in a displaced person camp after World War II, I am considered a refugee. My parents survived several concentration camps and could only find one surviving cousin between them after the war. There is no doubt in my mind that if Iran gets the nuclear bomb they will use it against Israel. We are living in pre 1933 Germany where Jewish politicians like Senator Schumer are being labelled traitors. Most of my Rabbinical colleagues remain silent, as was the case before the Holocaust. Never Again!

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg