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Fatah Facebook Page Presents Murderers of Israeli Border Policewoman as ‘Role Models’

February 4, 2016 4:02 pm 7 comments
A photo of the three Palestinians behind the recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Fatah praised the three teens as "role models." Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

A photo of the three Palestinians who committed Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem. Fatah praised them as “role models.” Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party on Wednesday praised the three terrorists who perpetrated the attack in east Jerusalem that left one Israeli Border Policewoman dead and another seriously wounded, Palestinian Media Watch reported. 

Fatah posted a photo of the three 20-year-old Palestinians on its official Facebook page, saying they were “role models” for “carr[ying] out the self-sacrifice operation.”

The three Palestinian terrorists aroused the suspicion of Border Police on Wednesday as they approached the the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. When asked to provide identification, one of them opened fire. Border Police, among them the officer who subsequently died of her wounds, shot and killed the terrorists, who were identified as Ahmad Abu Al-Rub, Ahmad Zakarneh and Muhammad Kmeil.

The father of one of the terrorists lauded his son’s death on an official PA TV broadcast, according to PMWHe said: “We received the news with joy, a Martyr, our Lord chose him from among the people to be a Martyr, Allah will pardon him, and we hope he will be among the people of Paradise, Allah willing. Praise Allah in any case.”

The news broadcast opened with a reporter saying that the Palestinian terrorists died from “the occupation’s bullets at the Damascus Gate.” The reporter emphasized that the young Palestinians died as “martyrs” and failed to mention their plot to kill the Israeli officers at the gate. Later in the broadcast, the reporter noted there was a “shooting and stabbing operation… that caused the death of one soldier.” In the same broadcast, a Fatah activist from the town of Qabatiya, the area in Jenin from where the terrorists hailed, said the young men were “executed in cold blood.”


  • Fatah/PA DO NOT HAVE ANY OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE. Why does algemieiner/elders of zion/pal media watch continually post these LIES? Clearly, you have no shame or integrity. You have to lie to support your cause. You continually post fabricated stories that appear on a fictitious page in an attempt to deceive gullible morons. Additionally, some disreputable scum, probably algemeiner, continually create pages that purport to be Fatah/PA, but occasionally they have at least the minimum decency to include in inconspicuous print the disclaimer “not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with [Fatah/PA/Abbas, etc.]”
    These lies are outright contemptible and disgrace Israel and Jews. STOP DECEIVING GULLIBLE M0R0NS TO GARNER SUPPORT!!!!!

  • You know you can get a screenshot ? Kindly provide proof. Which page ? where exactly ?

    • They will provide neither proof nor a link because there is no official fatah/PO/Abbas facebook page. Some garbage occasionally fabricates these pages with bogus stories/pictures, but they get taken down fairly quickly.
      Such links are NEVER provided because they do not exist.

  • Shame on France, the UN, and all those countries who are pressuring Israel to capitulate unilaterally to such a monstrous and inhuman terrorist entity. The only possible explanation is that they wish Israel to commit national suicide! With international pressure focused exclusively on Israel, the Palestinians have no reason to abandon terrorism as they are slowly achieving their goals without diplomacy, without peace, and without changing their culture of hatred.

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    Time for Israel to expel every Arab from Israel. Those who swear alegience to Israel should be asked to stay

    The Muslims seem to have a very sick mind.
    They praise allah, their moon god, and the peadaphile mohammed.

    Time for the world to wake up and know who the Muslims are.
    Germany, Sweden, France etc who taken millions of “migrants” into their countries will find out who these mentally sick swines are, once they start to murder and rape their citizens.

    I hope those countries have a death penalty for rape and murder. But would those countries then say that they support Israel against Islamic terrorism?

  • It’s time, I believe, to come to the realization that the Palestinian youth are lost souls. It’s almost as if they have no capacity to recognize how really non-human their actions are.

    Palestinians were ripped off by Arafat who stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the people. He could have used those funds to build a peaceful, prosperous state living side by side with Israel. Instead he, and others after him, have continued to brainwash their people to invest in the destruction of Israel, which has led them down a path of poverty and despair that will take many generations, if ever, to repair.

    Palestinians have had the opportunity, and still do, to turn away from blowing up Jewish children in schools to building their own schools for Palestinian children. Maybe one day they will come to realize that they have become nothing more than puppets being used in the service of Iran’s genocidal vision against the Jews.

  • It is time to arrest Abbas, for murder, terrorism, and so on.

    His perpetual annulment of the Oslo Accords, means he is no longer protected from the police, Shin Bet, and others, who must prosecute him in court for his crimes.

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