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April 14, 2016 8:02 pm

US Lawmaker Calls Out International Community for Funding Palestinian Terror (VIDEO)

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Rep. Ed Royce called into question the international community's funding of the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist activities. Photo: US Congress.

Rep. Ed Royce called into question the international community’s funding of the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist activities. Photo: US Congress.

Palestinian terrorists are being financially rewarded for their crimes by the international community, a US lawmaker said on Wednesday.

Highlighting the issue during a budget hearing, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) said, “We should understand that beside the fact that the donor community is paying into the Palestinian Authority, the end result is to create a system to recruit human beings to carry out attacks and then serve their time and be rewarded.”

Royce stated that the Palestinian government has “an inducement to pay human assassins to seek out innocent people and kill them.” The killers are then given a stipend based on the severity of their actions. “In other words, the amount per month paid into the fund or going to the family is dependent on how heinous the crime, how many victims. And in addition…if it’s bad enough, you serve enough time and you’re automatically given a position in the Palestinian Authority once you get out,” he said.

Despite claims by Palestinian officials that this kill-for-pay system is being phased out, Royce said, he believes otherwise. “This process is not only continuing, but rather than the Palestinian Authority make the stipend directly out of the budget, what they’ve instead done is go to the PLO budget and make a transfer to the PLO,” the California lawmaker said.

According to Royce, the Palestinian Authority is using the PLO to cover up its funding to terrorists and the connections between both groups are obvious. “The Palestinian Authority Ministry of Prison…is the same ministry as the PLO. As a matter of fact, it’s the same minister,” Royce said. “What they were simply doing was transferring the entire sum over to the PLO so that the payments could continue to be made.”

The PA’s financial support of terrorists, Royce added, raises “real concerns about how we prepare people to put the foundation down for peace.”

Watch Royce’s delivery below:

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  • Myron Slater

    They are killers and should be judged as such. All money should be cut off!

  • Paul Grad

    Obviously, anyone, including the Democrats, Patterson, and the President, who supports and votes for funds to the PA is a terrorist who has murdered many innocent people. Isn’t there a US law against aiding and abetting terrorists? That law should be used to prosecute these terrorist funders.

  • Brian Hennessy

    When will we something about it!!

  • Laura

    It has taken years for these questions to be asked. Hooray, finally. But her response does not inspire confidence.

  • Robert Davis

    The “palestinian” problem is even much deeper than that : it’s totally ROTTEN FROM THE ROOTS, the rest is only the result, the EFFECTS of the rotten cause which is : 1. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ARA PALESTINIANS, THE NPALESTINIANS WERE JEWS the romans changet the name Judea/Samaria into Palestine NOT THE PEOPLE LIVING THERE WHO WERE JEWS NOT ARABS. 2. The territories those arab LIARS claim as theirs do jot belong to them but to the jews Historically and Legally (San Remo, Sevres etc.)When a garb is totally rotten one cannot fix any part of it. The solution to this arab/Israel conflict, not “palestinian/Israel conflict is the transfer of these Jordanian/”palestinians” to Jordan since they got the jordan citizenship in 1948 from Jordan.

  • SteveHC

    It’s great that Mr. Royce “gets” it – as do many others.

    But it’s time to start “naming names.”

  • stevenl

    UN-WRA is a creation of the West, supported and funded by the West essentially.
    Most anti-IL NGOs are created and funded by the West.
    In short the West funds and support the anti-IL terrorism for the past 68 years.

  • Jose Duran

    This is horrible, a truly great de service to mankind, but what can you expect with a government run by terrorists.

  • Arthur Safir

    Finally, a US lawmaker calling a spade a spade. Amen to that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!