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May 11, 2016 5:23 pm

Mock Eviction Notices Accusing Israel of Host of Crimes Plastered Across Dorms of Connecticut College by Pro-Palestinian Student Group

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This photo, obtained by The Algemeiner, shows the fake eviction notices by CSSP across Connecticut College dorms.

This photo, obtained by The Algemeiner, shows one of the fake eviction notices posted by CSSP across Connecticut College dorms.

Students at Connecticut College were greeted with fake eviction notices Monday night in their residence halls, put up by an anti-Israel student organization accusing the Jewish state of a series of crimes, The Algemeiner has learned.

“My original reaction was shock, but this stunt was expected after last semester’s Birthright poster campaign,” Connor Wolfe, a Jewish student at Connecticut College who sits on the board of Hillel, told The Algemeiner, referencing a similar stunt last semester by Conn Students in Solidarity with Palestine (CSSP), in which the student group plastered posters across campus stating, “Taglit-Birthright is settler colonialism.”

“Myself and fellow Hillel board members talked to the administration last semester and warned them that the Birthright posters were the beginning of things to come. We were not sure what would come next: more posters or an apartheid wall like in other schools,” Wolfe said.

“It’s not something you really expect to see walking back to your room at 1 am,” said Wolfe. On the notice, Israel is accused of “occupying” and building “illegal settlements” so that it “can expand past its borders by appropriating Palestinian land.”

“Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes is RACIST, is part of a project of ETHNIC CLEANSING and COLONIZATION, and is ILLEGAL,” the notice states.

What is most frustrating about the incident at Connecticut College, according to Wolfe, is that both the Taglit and eviction posters were put up while students were preparing for their final exams. “To do this during finals week, when students are incredibly stressed and stretched thin, limits our ability to respond to a situation like this,” Wolfe said.

The latest anti-Israel poster campaign at Connecticut College employs a tactic that has been frequently used by pro-Palestinian groups across college campuses to harass Jewish and pro-Israel community members. CSSP’s faculty advisor, Eileen Kane, is the director of the Global Islamic Studies Program at the college and it remains unclear whether CSSP had departmental approval to put up the posters. 

Wolfe told The Algemeiner that while CSSP “took an open approach and put up the notices in the hallways and not on any particular doors,” there were claims made by Jewish students of feeling singled out. According to Wolfe, “this was well thought out as it did not ‘directly’ attack Jewish students or students that associate with Israel, as seen on other campuses like NYU, Harvard and Northeastern.” 

Wolfe and fellow Hillel board members contacted Connecticut College administration officials immediately after becoming aware of the notices. According to an email obtained by The Algemeiner sent out to the student body by the Interim Dean of Equity and Inclusion, David Canton, on Tuesday, the school has launched an investigation into the matter. The email stated, in part:

Last night, mock eviction notices appeared in the hallways of a number of student residences on campus. The notices are meant to call attention to certain Palestinian claims against Israel. Nearly-identical notices have appeared in residence halls at other colleges around the country in the past several years.  Seeing these posters in residential common areas, particularly this close to final exams, has been disturbing to our students. I am writing to let you know that my office is carrying out an investigation of the incident.

While Wolfe said he does not personally feel overly threatened by the “small group of individuals carrying out these stunts, other students have expressed [to him] that they feel unsafe in a place they call home.” In addition, he did express his worry that incidents such as the mock eviction notices “always have the potential to incite something larger, which does bother me.”

“I don’t feel physically threatened at the moment, but my initial reaction was that I was ostracized and singled out for something I associate so personally with and defend each day – Israel. It throws your work in the mud when things like this happen,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe and his fellow Hillel board members are working to combat these posters and other anti-Israel campus campaigns by distributing educational material to fellow students about Israel.

Both Dean Canton and CSSP’s faculty advisor failed to respond to The Algemeiner’s request for comment by press time.  

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  • Mila

    Those Islamic organizations who support terrorist organizations provide false dirty propaganda against Jews and State of Istael on campuses around the country, on line and websites. It is very sad that they brainwashed a lot of young students with hate, and they try to dominate with only one goal – to liquidate the State of Israel

  • Dr Ed Joseph

    Shame on Connecticut College for allowing a hate group to operate on campus in the first place. CSSP is a student group that engages in hate speech, terrorism, and racism. Expel those responsible and ban CSSP indefinitely. This student group has known ties to Islamic terrorist groups. Shame! Islam is a cancer that should not be allowed to terrorize American university and colleges. Ban and deport!

  • My opinion is that this started with the smear against Professor Pessin. No one stood strong against the first two provocations and now the harassment of students continues.
    My daughter and closest friends both attended Conn. College. We are no longer donating to them. Those of us who are liberal and defend the right of Jews to live in peace in our only country, a needle in the haystack of the middle east, must stop donating and must speak up to power. It started with one professor and has not ended there. This is not only against Jews or Israel. It is against our way of life. These incidents represent workplace harassment and an unpleasant work environment for students and staff. It need to be litigated. No federal or state funds should be given to schools who do not throw these groups out

  • Larry A. Singleton

    It’s too bad Algemeiner advertises for Fakebook; I get a “Like us on Facebook” in my Algemeiner email.

    Not only is Mark Zuckerberg the ultimate self-hating Jew and Israel basher. Fakebook is turning into another form of Thought Control. Nobody who uses it’s features seem to care how insidious and evil Zuckerberg is or how they’re contributing to Zuckerberg’s war on free speech when they ignore things like the following:

    How Many People is Facebook Silencing???

    Maybe you weren’t aware of the fact that if you’re blocked on Facebook you’re also blocked from using the comment function on websites totally unrelated to Facebook. Even when you leave the “Post to Facebook” box unchecked. This is pure and unadulterated CENSORSHIP!

    Facebook is not only notoriously anti-Israel, they routinely and arbitrarily block comments for “offensive” content without even checking the context. They also block you on behalf of those who have been “offended” by your comments. You aren’t even allowed to see exactly what “offensive” comments you’ve made or even “face your accusers”. Facebook’s “Community Standards” policy is just another form of Thought Control. If you want a glimpse of what Big Brother’s big brother looks like……think about how you are now almost paranoid about what words you use on Facebook.

    I’ve contacted dozens of websites. Particularly those that support Israel. I’ve never gotten a response. So much for Standing With Israel.

    • Larry A. Singleton

      I’d like to re-emphasize my comment on Fakebook. Unfortunately, Fakebook is the only game in town when it comes to this type of venue. Speaking as someone who spent the better part of my almost sixty years going to local city and county meetings and trying to watchdog those we put into office. It can’t be over-exaggerated how important it is to get the message out. If you subscribe to websites like Jihad Watch, Middle East Forum and FrontPage Magazine you’ll know what I’m talking about.

      My first instinct anymore is to “Share” stories like this on Fakebook. Unfortunately when you’re blocked on Fakebook your ability to use most of their features is shut down. Like sharing these articles. Of course it’s much, much worse than that. Zuckerberg could easily be a spokesperson for Hamas the way he treats those who stand up for Israel while allowing Palestinian terrorist groupies to post almost any type of vile Jew hatred and antisemitism they want.

      I’m blocked on Fakebook for a month. This is nothing but pure spite. Everybody, every chance you get, should take a shot at Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook any way you can short of violence and profanity.

      It’s a shame. I’m finding that pro-Israel people and websites are just as uncaring and lazy about Israel bashing Fakebook as the useful idiots in this country are uncaring and lazy when it comes to studying the issues related to Israel.

      • Larry A. Singleton

        A perfect example from Jihad Watch: “Canada imam: Jerusalem will only be regained through blood”. We’re seeing the kinds of Jew hatred and antisemitism spewed in this country, Canada, Britain and in all democratic countries not seen since 1930’s Nazi Germany. I’m reading a book called The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower. Jew hatred was alive and well in our universities even then. Today it seems everything has been turned completely upside down.

        Police in Britain crawled on thier bellies in apologizing for “using the wrong words” during a terrorist drill: “Allahu Akbar!” How have we gone from 9/11 and the terror attacks in Britain, Spain and everywhere else to having to be afraid of offending Muslims; Our Enemy?

  • Yale

    Connecticut College should announce that the punishment for posting these eviction notices will be eviction from the dorms, and perhaps expulsion from the College, and then invite anyone who believes the allegations in the notices are true to stand up and defend them.

    • The students defended the statements on the posters claiming that the “facts” were derived from “factual” websites that associate with Judaism and Israel.

  • howiej

    Hillel, on behalf of students, especially Jewish should pressure the college administration should bring charges against the organization (s) responsible if any school rules were broken. This pressure should be vigorous and well publicized and if found guilty the organizations should be suspended and barred from receiving any college funds and sponsoring activities.

  • mel fingerut

    That tepid statement by Dean Canton fits in with the whole pattern of anti-Semitism of Conn. College. Does anyone really expect much to change? Exoecting Hillel to get much done there is downright naive. It’s known that at least one faculty member has faced anti-Semitism there.
    It’s reasonable to infer that Conn. College is not a safe environment for Jews. Are we just waiting until the physical attacks on Jewish students occur.
    Perhaps Jewish organizations can look into the sources of funding
    for the college, and see where possible legal action or financial
    pressure may work. There is also the question of where funding comes from the students who perpetrate anti-Semitic acts.
    There’s no mention of the parents of students seeking action.

  • Jonah

    The college cannot become to restrictive or the federal money will stop flowing to its campuses. It seems hit lists of Americans are being distributed by caliphate forces what will the college do when this starts occurring….absolutely nothing. The justice department will do nothing, their lack of response is a form of acquiescence to the will of the jihadists. America has become a cesspool for radicalism and the Jews in this country will soon be on the run if they are not armed. If anyone in America wants to go on a stabbing spree he will be praised by this administration, they will find some way to mask the murderers intentions, it will eventually be blamed on American policy in the Mid East, and federal lawyers… at the expense of taxpayers will defend these lunatics to the death…the death of America that is. Look at France, they put on their rouge and lipstick, put their hands in the air and gave up…it is now the European Islamic Union….they are neutered caliphate minions with Charly Hebdo masks on seeking some form of compassionate justice which will, in the end, be the beheading of their entire race eventually.

  • Judith Levine

    This is just one more example of how Connecticut College encourages and tolerates anti-Semitism. The administration had no problem sitting by quietly and watch a faculty member, Professor Andrew Pessin, be smeared last year. Now they remain silent on yet another attempt to silence and intimidate Jewish students. They have sat on their hands again and again as anti-Semitism continues to rear its ugly head on campus. The administration would appear to believe that only pro-Palestinian views are tolerated. The pro-Palestinian students complain that any criticism of Hamas, Gaza, the Palestinians, or the West Bank makes them “uncomfortable’, but they have no problem making other students ‘uncomfortable’. I am not suggesting that they have no right to speak their minds-free speech is a Constitutional right-but they should not be allowed to refuse the same choice to others who don’t agree with them.

  • Hilltop Watchman

    Once again it seems that the current fashion of “safe spaces” doesn’t apply to Jews or those who defend Israel. American and British Universities, a “Safe Space for Fascism”

  • Josephine Bacon

    Who is funding these campaigns? They require money and also indoctrination sessions. It ought not to be rocket science to find out who is behind them.

  • Yaakov

    The correct term is “Anti-Israel,” not “Pro-Palestinian.”

  • Dov

    My child was interested in attending Connecticut College but went elsewhere. How happy we are she did!

  • David Fischer

    The eviction notice is replete with deceptive statements and omissions, as well as outright lies. Instead of complaining to the administration and playing the victim, Hillel should conduct a counter-campaign in which it posts a line by line rebuttal next to each eviction notice.

  • Annette Star Lustgarten

    Why don’t your articles have websites for the offenders so that people can email them in objection to what is going on i.e. at Connecticut College.

  • ART

    Ugly old fashioned anti semitism plain and simple . Let’s see what the administration does

  • enufizenuf

    Ready-to-go response posters to be put up either over or next to anti-Israel propaganda posters should be written, printed and distributed to Hillel organizations at every college and stored for immediate response posting as soon as the offending ones appear.

    Haven’t any of these arab poster-hangers and their lefty scumbag friends been caught on videotape? If so they need to be charged with racist attacks and THROWN OUT OF SCHOOL.

  • stevenl

    Academia “Zika” liberalism is reigning in schools!

  • Lia

    Uni principals, rectors, deans and faculty, we are expecting you to be scrupulously honest and fair. Parents, alumni, state donors, by stopping the money this sort of behaviour can be stopped. Think of Mizzou.