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September 14, 2016 10:03 am

Survey: Less Than Third of American Millennials Able to Identify Israel on Map

avatar by Lea Speyer

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Part of the results from the CFR and National Geographic survey on global literacy of college-age students. Photo: Survey.

Part of the results from the CFR and National Geographic survey on global literacy of college-age students. Photo: Survey.

Less than one-third of US-educated millennials are able to identify Israel on a map, a new survey has found.

According to the joint study — titled “What College-Aged Students Know About the World: A Survey on Global Literacy” — conducted by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and National Geographic, a mere 31 percent of respondents knew the location of Israel on a map of the Middle East.

Close to 50% were able to locate Iraq and Iran on a map, with 61% able to identify Saudi Arabia.

A small number of respondents — 29% — were able to identify Indonesia and its distinction as the country with the largest majority Muslim population in the world.

CFR and National Geographic concluded that the survey “revealed significant gaps between what young people understand about today’s world and what they need to know to successfully navigate and compete in it.”

The average score of respondents “was only 55% correct,” the report said. “Just 29% of respondents earned a minimal pass — 66% correct or better. Just over one percent…earned an A, 91% or higher.”

Despite the bleak results of the survey, CFR and National Geographic wrote, the “good news is that [it] also reflects an opportunity” to capitalize on the interest of young Americans regarding world affairs and educate them on important global issues.

The survey was conducted online and is based on responses of 1,203 participants aged 18 to 26 who currently attend or have recently attended a two or four-year college or university in the US.

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  • Yale

    The survey was unnecessary: people who understand the world would not have voted for Obama.

  • Jonah

    They are all Obama voters along with not knowing where Israel is they don’t know who the Vice President is and they are confused as to what bathroom to use on a weekly basis. They do no how to sue you if you refer to them as a he or a she rather than an it.

  • Many Americans have never met a Jew, let alone know about Israel
    and our history. It is true that many students know nothing about
    the founding of the United States. Furthermore, they know nothing about
    expansionism of the U.S. and Europe, etc. The term “settlement” does
    not apply, I guess, in American history. It is sad that people do not care
    about their history.

  • The real significance of poll shows an ignorant, uneducated citizens in real world – -That Americans( and Europeans)no longer teach the bible and millions have left the church and no longer Christians. That is what the Bible says would happen in end of days before Jesus would come to take out all his believers – – and spit out all those neither hot nor cold, caring only about themselves. Hundreds of prophecies already fulfilled. Nothing else needs to be fulfilled before the seven year time of Jacob’s trouble begins. The Bible is clear the torch of light returning to Jews which will be taught by Elijah. 144,000 handpicked Jews will teach the bible to entire world and save countless millions. IT WOULD BE IN INTEREST OF MILLENNIALS TO LEARN NOT ONLY WHERE ISRAEL IS BUT ALSO JERUSALEM – -BECAUSE JERUSALEM IS GOING TO BECOME CAPITOL OF PLANET EARTH AND UNIVERSE – -WITH MY JEWISH MESSIAH REIGNING AS KING AND LORD OF ALL SURVIVORS AT END OF SEVEN YEARS. This 50th year Jubilee year ends in a few days. PERHAPS the end begins then

  • Nelson marans

    One reason that ISrael is not recognized on the map is TheSmallness in area as Jordan was established as a sepate nati0n contrary to League of Nations revolutions

  • richard sherwin

    lovely irrelevance. american’s dont know where DC is, let alone missouri. my yiddishist uncle always a great supporter of israel once asked me if israel is north or south of egypt…
    and who knows where Gd is, as if that prevents trying to be on Gd’s side of things?

    but im glad so many found us somewhere in the mid east. most arabs dont even have israel on their maps, so theyre all ignorant uneducated and biassed, to say the least. and still they find us everywhere their devils preventing islamic utopias from coming to be. just like the european xns, now the place is 99 and 44% pure of jews, like ivory soap once claimed to be of something or other. pure of impurity, dirt, what?

    enjoy. as the fads in science and genetics (epigenetics = lamarckianism etc) show, you dont need to know anything at all to be stupid. right. or wrong.


    This does not surprise me at all. When I drove across the US some years ago in a campervan, when asked from where I came and I answered Australia, on two occasions I was asked “really, did you drive all the way?” Americans are so parochial it’s no longer funny.

  • That means many “uneducated” millennials might have difficulty identifying America on a map.

  • Diane B.

    My parents generation were the “Greatest Generation.” Millennials will be known as the “Dumbest Generation.”

  • Carl

    I bet those who couldn’t find Israel were looking for a country the size of Saudi Arabia. Wonder how many of them can find “Palestine” on a map, though?

  • Rachel Cohen

    In all literal honestly–most American millennials–cannot even wipe their butts properly.

    • Rachel Cohen

      Bad parenting.

  • Ian

    Of the 2/3 of the millennials who could not locate Israel on a map, I wonder how many knew Israel was the only country to repeatedly being condemned by the U.N as being racist and I wonder even more how many of the 2/3 supported BDS etc.

  • Lawrence

    Let’s be realistic, < 1/3 of US "educated" millennials could not identify their home state on a map. Besides, Israel's total land mass is the size of a pin head on most maps. Think about it, those same millennnials could probably find a way to "drive" and "boat" to Israel using their GPS….

    • Diane B.

      Great…take away their GPS and their phones and they will be left sitting in a corner sucking their thumbs.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Can you spell I D I O T S ???

  • Yaakov

    We have 224 years to go to reach the millennium.