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March 25, 2011 2:00 pm


avatar by Elad Nehorai

It’s all the same.  Happening all over again.

First the Itamar attack, then the rockets from Gaza, now the bomb in Jerusalem.

But that’s old hat.  We already knew that was going to happen, didn’t we?  Hamas was just stocking up, getting prepared for the next battle.  Did anyone really expect anything different?

It’s sad.  Yesterday I walked through Jerusalem right after the blast.  I had to run home to my wife.  It was her first time being in a town where a terror attack had occurred.

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The town was in a sort of numb shock.  Most walked around edgy, looking around them.  Up and down, side to side.  One girl was crying on the phone.  Two old people were yelling at each other.  Israel is the only place in the world you can get in a loud argument with someone after a terror attack.

Today, though, life was back to normal.  Back to the usual.

And so is everyone else.  The story was removed from the front page of the New York Times website hours after the attack.

We’re all waiting.  Waiting for it to happen again.  War.

And so we continue with our charade.  We continue acting like life is normal, like all this fighting makes any sense, like we prefer to stall and stall and stall.

The commentators, the ones on sites like this, spout the same things that were said two, five, ten, twenty years ago.  That no one is listening to the Jews.  That everyone else is wrong.  That the world is backwards.


The Jewish world, especially the Jewish world that revolves around Israel, is built on misery.  Not, G-d forbid, the misery of Palestinians, as those who call themselves “doves” would say.

No.  Instead the Jewish world is focused on their own misery.  On screaming out how much they are victims.

Have we forgotten that it was our own government that chose not to dig as deep as it possibly could into Gaza?  Our own government that constantly folds to international pressure?  Have we forgotten that just by the very fact that we claim victimhood, we are allowing everyone else to win?

There is a t-shirt for sale all over Jerusalem, in the tourist kiosks.  It says something like, “Don’t worry, America.  Israel is behind you.”

That is how we, as Jews, need to see the world.  We are the strong ones.  We are not victims, puppets, or playthings of the world that surrounds us.  Far from it.  We are the engine that runs the world.  Even the mega-behemoth that is the United States can only exist because we are here.

So the world is backwards.  So no one understands us.  So everyone around Israel is trying to kill us.

Who cares.  That’s how the world was designed.  Backwards.   Our job is not to complain.  It’s to flip it forward.

It’s only when we discover our true inner strength that we’ll be able to do that.  Only then can we stand up to our government and tell them to stop acting like dogs, licking at their masters’ heels.  Only then can we look the world in the face and tell them we know what is right.  It is only then can we truly be free.

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