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July 20, 2011 11:08 am

Israel Without Rupert Murdoch

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Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Murdoch at the Vanity Fair party celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Tribeca Film Festival. Photo: David Shankbone.

One would be hard pressed to find a non-Jew who has been honored by more Jewish organizations than Rupert Murdoch. (Yes, much to the chagrin of the proponents of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, he is not Jewish.) In 2006, he was awarded the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Humanitarian Laureate Award. In 2009 he opened his acceptance speech for an American Jewish Committee award by saying, “over the years, some of my wildest critics seem to have assumed I am Jewish. At the same time, some of my closest friends wish I were. So tonight, let me set the record straight: I live in New York. I have a wife who craves Chinese food. And people I trust tell me I practically invented the word “chutzpah”. In 2010 while accepting an award from the Anti-Defamation League he spoke of the ‘Soft War’ against Israel, calling for an end of efforts to isolate the Jewish State, and it was at a dinner for the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, hosted by the respected Rabbi Arthur Schneier where I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Murdoch in person just under two years ago. In the Algemeiner Journal’s annual list of the top 10 non-Jews that are positively influencing the Jewish future, Murdoch has consistently ranked near the top.

The organizations above that have recognized Murdoch span the political spectrum. Whilst many of News Corp’s media assets have been pigeonholed as right wing, even a largely leftist American Jewish establishment is overflowing with love for the man. The primary reason is that Murdoch’s outlets have consistently handled matters relating to Israel reasonably evenhandedly, as opposed to the many other News organizations that often dole out more criticism of Israel than all of the neighboring dictatorial régimes put together.

Now, Murdoch himself is in the spotlight, due to the explosion of the long simmering phone hacking scandal in Britain that has resulted in a number of high level resignations and a string of arrests. The future of the once unassailable empire built by one of the world’s most powerful men is now uncertain. Of one thing there can be no doubt, that Murdoch’s woes have been significantly compounded by hounding news media competitors baying for blood, as well as opportunistic political and personal enemies, and a slew of bandwagon jumpers sailing along for the ride. The outcome remains to be seen.

For Israel and the Jewish community however, the fading or possible fading of Murdoch’s star should serve as a stark wakeup call and reminder that fair treatment of Israel by significant media outlets is never a matter that can be taken for granted. Even before this scandal, concern over News Corp’s future should have given pause to Jewish leaders, as Murdoch senior is aging, his heirs apparent are of questionable competence, and the second largest News Corporation shareholder Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal may have different ideas.

Consider for a moment what would remain of media objectivity regarding Israel related matters with News Corporation’s assets weakened or sold off. Likely is will be reduced to incessant clubbing from such enlightened Middle East experts as Thomas Friedman, Karl Vick, Peter Beinart and others.

For too long have the Jewish people left the matter of their communication with the world at large in the hands of others, subject to their whims, manipulations and foreign agendas. Yes, the Jewish community has built a number of thriving news organizations; in fact there are more Jewish newspapers in New York than tabloids in London, but most are insular, about Jews, for Jews, by Jews. But when it comes to broadcasting Jewish ideas, positions and thoughts to the wider general public they have failed dismally. Who will assure that Israel’s narrative will be told amid the cacophony of Middle East voices?

The Jewish people have rebuilt their homeland, they have drafted a defense force, they have contributed significantly to technology, medicine, science and spirituality, but in the arena of public opinion, in the battleground of ideas, they have yet to make their mark.

Israel has been fortunate in recent years to have been fairly treated by Murdoch and News Corporation. Of course as a matter of gratitude, decency and self-respect the Jewish community can only stand by him through this difficult time, offering support, if only moral, and publically assuming his innocence until proven otherwise. In the meantime the call has gone out to fair minded entrepreneurs to explore this market gap in Jewish communication guided by the legacy of an industry giant.

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  • Shaun Watson

    Spot on

  • get the facts nub.

    “For too long have the Jewish people left the matter of their communication with the world at large in the hands of others, subject to their whims, manipulations and foreign agendas.”

    OMG this is so completely, ridiculously daft.

    Reuters news agency was founded by the Rothschilds, a Jewish family. that is the biggest, most influential news agency in history.

    ALL. that is, EVERY SINGLE major Hollywood studio has been CEOed by a Jew from its foundation until today.

    just get the facts. please stop playing the victim card when Jewish interests are overwhelmingly represented in all forms of Western media. you just sound like a whiney, chip-on-the-shoulder baby.

    also, wake-up to a philosophy that means something. for example, the “Jewish people” is an inherently egoistic idea, like all meaningless self-labels, that you ascribe to so you can feel _special_

    we are all Earth people. humans. homo-sapiens. stupid talking monkeys barely out of the jungle. you have at most .03% genetic differentiation from all other members of your species on the planet. the ‘Jewish people’, like ALL racial and religious designations, is a meaningless term for brainwashed suckers who have fallen for the paradigms of separation that cause our world to be so screwed-up.

    get over yourself, get over your culture, let go of your labels. wake-up.

    • truthspeech

      Dear “get the facts nub”: small correction. You are incorrect when you write “every single major Hollywood studio has been CEOed by a jew from its foundation until today” There are considered to be 7 major studios, of which Disney Studios is one of them. Jews didn’t take it over until after Walt Disney died in 1966. They tried long and hard to do so before as Disney was the only non-Jew owned studio, but he wouldn’t knuckle under to them. It’s why they now slur him as being “anti-semitic”. That’s a matter of public record and not debatable.

      But what is subject to opinion is when you say there’s no such thing as the Jewish people because the genetic differences among humans are a single digit percentage. I would suggest that we’re only 4% away from chimps and yet that’s a very significant 4% since the differences are extreme. Likewise, although closely related, Jews are definitely genetically distinct, subject to Jewish specific genetic diseases like Tay Sachs, and that their minds are genuinely different from that of non Jews, with more aggression, paranoia, and hypochondria, and with a very disordered view of the world as reflected in their very messy, disordered, disturbing output that they call “art” and their inability to actually create good representational art, which is found among European whites.

  • Henry Pryce

    Whether the Protocols are truth or fiction is irrevalent. The end result is the same. Jews control every facet of Western life. Go to “Jew Watch”for the truth.

    • Amy W

      If a group of fourteen million people can so control a planet of seven billion, doesn’t that make everyone else kind of pathetic?

  • george jones

    Att: A Real American.

    It is obvious you are a Jew. So don’t give me this “real”
    American crap. In every nation a jew is a jew first. Where he is born does not matter to him.

  • PissedOffAmerican

    You mean ‘ol Murdock actually LIED about this thing???? Gee golly willickers!!! Who coulda guessed???????

    But have no fear, Efune is here. If its a lie you crave, its a lie he gave.

    James Murdoch has been accused of misleading the parliamentary select committee this week in relation to phone hacking, igniting yet another fire for the embattled News International boss to extinguish.

    In a highly damaging broadside, two former News of the World senior executives claimed the evidence Murdoch gave to the committee on Tuesday in relation to an out-of-court settlement to Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballers Association, was “mistaken”.

    The statement came as something of a bombshell to the culture, sport and media select committee, which immediately announced it would be asking Murdoch to explain the contradiction.

    Colin Myler, editor of the paper until it was shut down two weeks ago, and Tom Crone, the paper’s former head of legal affairs, said they had expressly told Murdoch of an email that would have blown a hole in its defence that only one “rogue reporter” was involved in the phone-hacking scandal.

  • PissedOffAmerican

    “Of one thing there can be no doubt, that Murdoch’s woes have been significantly compounded by hounding news media competitors baying for blood, as well as opportunistic political and personal enemies, and a slew of bandwagon jumpers sailing along for the ride”

    Not a word about the despicable nature of the crimes, eh, Efune??? You’re really a wellspring of character and integrity, arntcha?

    “For too long have the Jewish people left the matter of their communication with the world at large in the hands of others, subject to their whims, manipulations and foreign agendas”

    OMG! Does anyone here actually buy into Efune’s constant journalistic parade of crap? “Hasbara” or “megaphone” ring a bell, Efune?

    • A REAL American

      @pissedoffAMERICAN?? Exactly what crimes has Rupert Murdoch been formerly indicted for??

      You speak of “footballers” what team do they play for–Giants, Jets, Bears, Dophins, Steelers, Packers?? The Commissioner of Football is Roger Goodell and before him Paul Tagliabue and before him Pete Rozelle. Perhaps you are speaking of Soccerers?

      Mr. Efune wrote an article about a man who runs a media empire and this media empire’s fair treatment of Israel, not about the crimes hacks like you are convicting Murdoch of prior to any formal indictments being made. If you want to read slanted anti-Israel journalism, read the Guardian or any of of a half dozen other British rags.

      And for the record, no one “here” buys your anti-Israel crap. Get a life!!

      • PissedOffAmerican

        “And for the record, no one “here” buys your anti-Israel crap”

        Undoubtedly you’re correct. All I’ve seen here so far is bigots, bullshit, and jackasses.

  • PissedOffAmerican

    Don’t worry about it, theres plenty of pseudo journalistic entities out there willing to lie to Israel’s advantage.

  • mark kunst

    The British press are questioning the veracity of Murdoch’s statements. Go on line….see for yourselves. His statement that he is a non-Jew is garbage. All one has to do is check his Wiki out. It’s right there! We don’t need his kind.Mr. Efune…I think you should correct your statements, and in future verify your information.

    • PissedOffAmerican

      Efune is of the same lying ilk as Murdock. There is is not a chance in hell that he will “correct his statements, or, “verify his information”.

      Haven’t read much of Efune’s trash, have you?

    • A REAL American

      @kunst Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish. His wikipedia page does not mention the word, Jew, Jewish or Judaism. On what are you basing your claim that he is Jewish?

      Do the British really have any non-Murdoch media that is above the quality of the National Enquirer?

  • Aaron Kohn

    If Murdoch is Jewish, this whole article is a lie

  • robert coon

    Murdoch’s mother was an orthodox jew. That makes him a jew.

    • A REAL American

      @coon what is your source of information for this? Are you reading this in the Guardian or some other British rag? If Murdoch’s mother was an Orthodox Jew as you claim, she wouldn’t have married his gentile father. DUH!! Greene is not specifically a “jewish” last name–most of the people with that last name are NOT Jewish. It appears like most of the critics on this forum that you are pulling this stuff straight out of your anus!!

      • Henry Pryce

        The Guardian and the Telegraph are vastly superior to your rags. The Times used to be, before it was contaminated. Jews hide under our names. Green(e)is one of their more common ones.

        • A REAL American

          @Henry Pryce the Guardian is a total piece of animal dung. Its credibility is absolute ZERO. Most British papers are rags and cannot be taken seriously. They are the equivalent to the National Enquirer.

          Greene is NOT a Jewish name. “Green” sometimes can be a Jewish name when shortened from something else like “Greenberg” or “Greenspan” or “Greenstein”. But even these names are Germanic in derivation and not exclusively Jewish.

          Nathaniel Greene was a Revolutionary War hero who was not Jewish. I have a friend who is a descendent of his who’s family is also NOT Jewish.

          In the US the overwhelming majority of people with the name “Greene” are NOT Jewish. I would suspect that would hold true of Scotland or where ever Murdoch’s family is from.

          • miguel

            Jews do not have “Jewish” names except for their Hebrew origins found in the bible.

            Today the majority of their names can be of almost any European ethnicity – in America it is most commonly Germanic, to the point where a Germanic name such as Greenberg or Weissman sounds ‘Jewish’.

            Alexander Solzhenitsyn – does that sound like a Jewish name?

            Well it isnt and he isnt.

            Boris Berezovsky – does that sound like a Jewish name?

            Well it isnt – but he is.

            Murdoch has distant Jewish ancestry, he is held in high esteem by Israel – and least importantly but funnily enough he looks like a Jew lol

    • vivian green


      she was pure catholic!

  • Northpal

    Rupert Murdoch is not a jew ? Born in Australia he is an Israeli citizen. Nice try, take 2 bagels in the morning then call me.

  • David

    too much to say about your article, If you see Murdoch vision about Israel is fair, then you are nothing but one of Murdoch writers, Murdoch is a reason why there is more people over the world hate Israel, with his vision of all time Israel is right, and as jews we have to stop that, and start thinking about the future of our nation, and we should criticize the Hebrew state actions and towards where those actions are leading us, if you justify the killing of Palestinians, the occupation of Palestinian territories, the Syrian Golan, and justify the next war against Lebanon and you are nothing but a danger to Israelis yourself, when it’s the right time to say no to Israel then we should say it, and when it’s the time to support we should, but we should never support the wrong, and even called criminals actions of Israel, and that’s what blindly Murdoch was doing.

    • A REAL American

      @David–your comments are completely unintelligible. They are worse than the ramblings of a child with diarrhea of the mouth.

      There is no such thing as Palestine–this was merely a small backwater territory in the Ottoman empire. It wasn’t even a province–it was a part of Southern Syria. The majority inhabitants of Western Palestine in the 1800’s was JEWISH. The Arabs were attracted the area by Jewish development of the land. The two reasons why Arab population increased at a rate greater than Jewish population is the British White Paper which blocked Jewish migration and the in-migration of Arabs from other Arab lands during this same period.

      Did you know that there is no letter “P” in Arabic?? Why would a “people” name themselves using a name that has no equivalent letter in their language?? Because like their name, their entire history is fabricated lies. Their entire narrative is complete mythology. Hercules, Zeus, Apollo, Jupiter, Thor and Odin all have a greater basis in reality than the Palestinian narrative.

      Read a book, take a history lesson, learn the rules of basic English like how to create sentences with punctuation and paragraphs. DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH YOUR LIFE!!

      • Emanuel

        You idiot Palestine is pronounced is pronounced ‘Falisteen’ or ‘Phalestine’ in Arabic and Hebrew. Have you ever read the bible? Then you would come across the people known as the Philistines (over two thousand years ago). Of course they have known history, their descendants are the modern day Palestinians. Ever heard of the crusades? Jerusalem (which was/is in Palestine) is what they were fighting for (to retake from the Arabs who have been there for a least a thousand years). This was an example of European colonialism. Why were the English trying to wrest Jerusalem from the indigenous Arabs and Jews? Try to read up a bit, it might help your world view. It’s true you obviously are a ‘real American’in the true sense of the term.

  • Dorn

    Support for the contemporary state of Israel and its government and support for jews is not the same. There are many jews who dispise the current policies of Israel. Murdoch’s media plays as dirty as it could, Israel is an exeption.

    • A REAL American

      @Dorn I am sorry to say this, but there are many more Jews who DESPISE the left-wing progressive views of those “jews” who despise Israel.

      What media doesn’t play dirty? NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, all lying weasels that would stop at nothing to push their views on the public like a gang-banger selling crack. I personally have caught many of these media giants in blatant outright lies and distortions.

      • Henry Pryce

        The “weasels” who run these networks happen for the most part to be hebrews.

        • A REAL American

          Really? Black Hebrews run the networks?? I had no idea!! That is absolutely amazing. I was wondering why they had so much time hanging out on street corners…