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March 23, 2012 10:47 am

Tim Tebow’s “Crush” is Jewish

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"Glee" star Dianna Agron. Photo: wikipedia.

Tim Tebow’s next girlfriend could be Jewish.

The Heisman Trophy winner who just landed with the New York Jets “has made no secret that he likes Dianna [Agron]”, according to the New York Post. Agron is an actress on the Fox Television program, “Glee”.

“I went to Sunday school, Hebrew school and a Jewish [day school] through third grade. My brother and I loved everything about Hanukkah and Passover and all the food,” she told

Agron’s mother converted to Judaism before marrying her father, who is also Jewish.  According to the “Glee” star, her family is spread out across the United States, which makes “bar mitzvah’s” even more special.

“We’re so scattered, so bar mitzvahs and weddings are the times we come together,” she said to Jvibe back in 2009.

Tebow’s move to the Big Apple can’t hurt his chances with Agron as she also lives in New York.

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  • Rebecca

    And also- Mosiach’s ancestor is RUTH. Remember what Ruth is?

  • DACON9

    Joseph. She is no longer permitted to a Kohaine(priest) **IF** even if she was convertd properly. And if the mother was, then why arent the TORAH values passed to this actress. Dating a non JEW is not permissable.Joesph I am of the type that doesnt look for needles in a hay stack to say I discovered something. To me, only A JEW IS A JEW and not the assorted wanna bees or connection by media.How can a Jew date an avowed xtian is beyond me. Like boteach who sells himself as a orthodox Jew yet I heard an recording of his interview on a shabbat.WHY CANT JEWS BE CLEAR CUT AND SIMPLE AND PROUD TO SAY “WE ARE SEPARATE AND DIFFERENT AS TORAH DEMANDS”. Why do so many look for far away removed supposed attachments to Judaism.Not only is it that through the mother or proper conversion makes us a JEW but what about the practicing deeds that make us a JEW. ie: would you go to that pope or cardinal whatever, who was once a Jew for halachic advise?

  • Joseph

    The article states that Agron’s mother converted to Judaism before marrying her father, but doesn’t state whether the the conversion was according to Halacha. Of course, if the the conversion was not according to Halacha, then Argon is in fact not Jewish. Could Algemiener please clarify?

    • Rebecca

      Joseph, why do you care? This website doesn’t need to discuss Halacha, and you should be ashamed of yourself for questioning someone who you have nothing to do with. After all, it is forbidden to treat a ger/giyoress any differently than someone who was born a Jew. Seriously. The details of a persons conversion are PRIVATE. You don’t need to question someone unless you are planning on marrying this girl, which I am highly doubting is a possibility for you… How’s that for Jewish law?