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April 3, 2012 8:25 am

Arab Professor: Moses Was a Muslim

avatar by Lakkana Nanayakkara

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Moses by Rembrandt.

A Palestinian lecturer recently claimed that Moses was a Muslim. According to a report from Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), Dr. Omar Ja’ara, a lecturer at Al-Najah University in Nablus and specialist in Israeli affairs, said on a recent Palestinian Authority TV religion program that David and Solomon in the Hebrew Bible are not connected to David and Solomon in the Quran. He claimed that Saul killed Goliath, describing it as “a great Muslim victory” and that “this was the first Palestinian liberation through armed struggle to liberate Palestine from the nation of giants led by Goliath.”

He added that a Muslim Moses, the predecessor of Saul, led the exodus of the Muslim Children of Israel out of Egypt.

According to analysis by PMW, the Quran doesn’t refer to the “Children of Israel” as “Palestinians” at any point. It also does not refer to the Jewish conquest of the Land of Israel as a “Palestinian” conquest.

PMW reports that this claim is the latest in a series of attempts by the Palestinian Authority to rewrite history.

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  • E.D.M.

    if the Muslims like the 10 commandments then why aren’t they obeying them? Thou shalt not lie is one. I take the commandments literally and then live life.

    Taking the Jewish bible story and making it your own is plaguerizing and will not succeed anyway. Even if they think a lie is worth the fulfillment of a prophecy, it is not. Why is it not worth a lie? It is not worth a lie because the road to success is paved by the actions that one does to get there. And the actions one does is the legacy one leaves for their children and how their children will treat them parent. We do not want the Muslim children to hurt their aging Muslim parents? We are teaching the way to treat each other by obeying the law.

    And if the commentor is correct about the Prophet mohammed’s story, then if Mohammed saw an angel that said it was alright to lie surely Mohammed if he were great would have recognized that this vision was a vision carrying a falsehood a conflict from what others knew and perhaps at best it was a test for him to know to obey the written word and the love of G-D over any vision. Visions are messages in many forms? Using a vision as giving one a higher authority over other people and therefore giving one the ability to disobey a commandment is clearly a message of falsehood. A good prophet knows how to read visions? One always goes back to the law of the ten commandments and follows that.

    it is alright to pull the rug out from under the liar and give them another choice of life which is to obey the Jewish prophet Moses commandments. In the Jewish mysticism, i believe it says, that all of this is an inner individual personal battle. We all behave badly and we all have the opportunity to chose our own life by obeying the ten commandments. Why obey the ten commandments in all walks of one’s life? Because then you will become who you be.

    Typically one who lied does not like to look back at their own life. And lying is considered a sickness in alcoholism.

    What is the another message? The message is that we are all servants to G-D and we are to obey the written law and noone is above Hashem.

    Hashem has changed His name so many times to get a point across to us? Now it is no name. Do not confuse a person’s name or a people’s name with Hashem. Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.

    What could Hashem be teaching the Jews by letting the Muslims do this? To lie in order to fulfill the higher mission is OK? Maybe that in order to fulfill the higher mission one needs to obey the 10 commandments in all walks of life. if one has to deal with a lie it causes anxiety, perhaps one loses their job in the material world and has to spend time correcting the lie. One needs to figure out how to correct a lie without shaming the liar? or talking evil about someone? It is talking evil to call a liar a liar? That seems like a truth but apparently we get our own ideas about what we prefer and distort reality to get what we want and like to succeed? are we creatures of our own wants and desires or of Hashems’ wants and desires(commandments)?

    Or What else could Hashem be teaching? Hashem could be teaching that one needs to trust in Hashem that Hashem is the overall creator and Moses is immutable so the truth will be carried out. Ignore a liar and keep living your life and let Hashem deal with the lie..It takes time for Hashem to deal with the lie.

    It takes time for Hashem to deal with a liar. Why because in a sense we all easily forget about Hashem as we live life getting married having families and our own children or dealing with tragedy: We get distracted. This is a commandment, there is one G-D. Sending a liar is a reminder for each individual to love Hahsem the most and obey the law. Do we need liars? or can we remember Hashem on our own?

    Each person on earth is ,in a sense, immutable when they obey the law? I think it is very distrubing and causes anxiety and fear for the Jews to have the Muslims lie. Will other people believe them and turn on us again??

    A liar has a role. What is the role of the liar? The role of the liar is to bring about the truth. A lie and a truth have a tension between them. The tension between them carries the real truth which will be given wings. The real truth is that an individual forgets about Hashem as the individual lives their life, and one should not forget but remember.

    The real truth is yes the Jews prophet is Moses and Moses is immutable. Moses received the 10 commandments. Whether Moses is Muslim or Jewish only gives us the truth that Hahsem is the one to pay attention to. Moses carried His word. Moses was close to G-D but it is the word to obey and the free will to understand. Moses was Jewish.

    There does not need to be a repeat or change. What is the repeat? We do not need to repeat that someelse gave the ten commandments. We have not done this yet. We do not need another Religion or Book. What have we not done? We have not obeyed the ten commandments or policed obeying the ten commandments trusting in G-D.

    And the message is to humanity that we are first to obey the 10 commandments or at least noahide laws(which are 5 or 6 of the ten commandmenets plus an older commandment about not eating the flesh off of a live animal) Hashem can help us to get along when the majority of people obey the 10 commandments and the majority of people know how to deal with liars and bring the liars to not lie. Or help the Jews bring the liar to not lie?

    Imitating is another form of lying? We need to immitate as imitation is the building blocks of learning but at some point one becomes who one is. Using imitation to conquer is wrong use of the technique and a lie and ruins the nature of imitating as a learning technique or skill.

    it is interesting to note then from the days of Noah there was a change in the law. What was the change? The change was from obeying the 7 Noahide laws to obeying the ten commandments. One of the Noahide laws was to not eat the flesh off of a live animal. I do not know if the law disappeared because we do not do that anymore anyway. The original law was do not eat of the tree of good and evil..and most of us descended from this. And this may be that we are to go with the change of law as we disobey it. When the society decides to not obey the laws then the law changes? Hashem partners with us and moves us along. I personally got stuck at the 10 commandments so i could be wrong that something new will come along and we will not need to obey the do not lie or do not kill or do not steal etc..This will be more like a survival of the fittest way of life. In the USA, I imagine only the strong, gifted, rich and talented will survive? Humility to gifts will not be necessary? All will be gifted who survive. each one will be more gifted than the other?? or only the Jews will survive? or the Muslims? Or is it the souls that we will see?

    How do we help the Muslims feel comfortable with the Jews having the Temple and Mochiac. The Muslims had the role to be the bad son sent away. The bad son lies, plagureizes etc..takes the temple. This is not a judgement by people on the Muslims, it is a role by Hashem that the Jews have to figure out how to deal with and trust Hashem to help? The Muslims have to move out of the Dome on the Rock? Once they move out, The Muslims must fear revenge and a life of slavery ahead and bad treatment from the Jews for the lie they did? The Muslims should not fear the Jews as Hashem is the one to fear. The Jews will have to follow the laws. The Jews must fear Hashem that they were unable to teach the Torah to liars. And the other nations will have to fear Hashem that they did not back the Jews burden to carry the law and deal with lies.

    The Torah carries the law. The Jews feared Hashem and have been disturbed by the Muslims. And the Jews have not gotten the support from the other nations to stand up to liars. Whether people chose to obey the ten commandments is optional? Apparently we all know the law of the ten commandments and The Jews have more laws(613). The Torah does not say it is Ok to lie. I do not know if the Quaran does?

    Never in this world have people obeyed the ten commandments. So this would be new. People have always found justification for killing or for lying. But in fact the message is all people have a free will after they obey the 10 commandments or the 7 noahide laws at the least(for the atheist who is righteous). And the Jews have more commandments to connect to Hashem. And it is a blessing unto the nations that the Jews connect to Hashem and that Hashem will be King never for us to rebel against Him again or the Jewish nation.


  • salvage

    It’s always cute when theists argue that their myths are real and the other ones are fake.

  • MBenFaivol

    Not at all surprising. The basis of the Qaran is that around 620 AD (CE), Mohammad was sitting on a rock near Mecca at sunset and he saw a red cloud, and thereafter the angel Gabriel came to speak to him and revealed Mohammad’s version of the biblical truth–that Mohammad is the first coming of the Messiah to the Jews and the second coming of the Messiah to the Christians; that the world was divided between two spheres: Dar El Mabrib–the world to be conquered by Islam under the sword–and Dar Es Salaam–the world that has already been conquered under the sword and is forever a Muslim land; that world is the province of Islam and Muslims are its inheritors to conquer and control, and that lying and deceit are requisite acts to further the global reach and dominion of all Muslims; that the method to obtain this is Jehad–holy war against their perceived infidels–except by the Sufis, a 1% of all Muslim populations who believe that Jehad is an internal battle between a Muslim and his search to reach God; that their god named Allah is the only god (as compared to Judaism for example where Micah, a prophet, says “my father lives in many houses”) and hence their morning cry “Allah Akbar” Allah is the greatest”.
    The problem with this scenario witnessed by only one person (as compared to more than 600,000 Jews at Mt Sinai who witnessed the giving of the Ten Commandments and also witnessed other huge community observances where it would be impossible to lie and get a whole community of this many people to pass down this exact lie throughout the generations (think crossing of the Red Sea for one) is that there was only one person who claims that he was not impaired and that he was telling the truth. Even if he were telling the truth and was not impaired, how would he truly know it was angel Gabriel and not some evil spirit like the Satan to bring death and destruction to the world as Islam tried to due around 1000 AD and now at 2000 AD.

    Fortunately for most peoples of the earth, most Muslims religious zealousness is limited and they love life and their family and children more than they love war and death.

    It is for all of these reasons that Islam sees itself as the successor to both Jews and Christians whose religions are subsumed within Islam, its successor.
    I could go on, but why bother. If Muslims begin to adopt this lie about Moses, and other similar lies, they will someday be confronted with a new Martin Bubar, a great Jewish scholar and philosopher, who said in response to a question as to why Jews don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah at a religious ecumenical conference that included Christians and Jews, said about the Messiah that the difference between Christians and Jews is that Christians believe that the Messiah has come and will come again, while Jews believe he hasn’t come and fulfilled God’s charges. When we all accept the future arrival when he comes, we can all ask him “have you been here before
    before?” Thus the end of Islam as an adverse religion, as the Messiah will bring peace on earth.

    • From Bat Ye’or’s “Eurabia” page 221:

      “Islam holds that there is only one religion in the world to which every child is born: Islam. Muslims and non-Muslims alike posses the natural religion (din al-fitrah) by birth. Islam teaches that the historical religions are outgrowths of the primal din al-fitrah. In this view Islam precedes Judaism and Christianity and was present at humanity’s birth. Islam recognizes the Hebrew and Christian “Prophets,” but only as Muslim prophets: It regards them all as Muslims and their revelations as one and the same as its own, The religious truth of Judaism and Christianity is Islam. The sameness of the Divinity in the three religions lead to the sameness of the revelations and the religions – an Islamic uniformity.

      For this reason , the Christian belief that Jesus, the apostles, Jesus’ disciples and Christianity itself are related to Judaism is – according to al-Faruqi- a monumental error. Jesus rebelled against Judaism precisely to restore Islam; the Hebrew prophets , Jesus, his mother, his disciples and apostles were all Muslims who preached Islam.”

      • Jesus’ servant

        Since when was Jesus a Muslim? The Jesus son of Joseph who is talked about in the “New Testament” writings is not a Muslim! He was an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who kept and taught the Law of Moses in a pure way. This pure way was not Islam, Islam came around in 600CE. Islam has nothing to do with Jesus, nor does Jesus have anything to do with Islam.

        Muhammad uses a mixture of Christianity and Judaism in the Quran, but he is not loyal to either religion, but drawing on this or that from either one. He does not hold fast to what the prophets of Israel taught, which was that Jewish people and strangers who sojourn among them must obey the Law of Moses (613+ commandments, not just the famous ten.) Numbers 15:15-16, Isaiah 56:6-7

        Muhammad did not teach the Law of Moses and certainly did not keep it. He made up his own religion which is false and has still survived to this day.

        Any religion that considers it okay to lie is based on falsehood and how would its adherents know what is truth or what is false in a religion that allows such a thing?

        Islam is the most undesirable religion on earth, true pure Judaism (found in the Hebrew bible) is the religion of Jesus and that is the religion that is most desirable! YHWH alone is the God of Judaism and YHWH alone is God in all of the earth. There is no other God, but He, Amen!

  • When I was a boy living in India, I used to read Superman comics. There was this Bizarro world planet where everything was the opposite . I guess this PA university lecturer would find himself quite at home there

  • cheskib

    In my research of Muslim society and the quran. I have found proof that Mohammed was actually Chaim Yankel Hershkovitch. The Muslim religion was actually a Purim play from yeshivas of Mezbutch that apparently went a bit too far and a passing merchant named Ying Yang Wanker from the Korean peninsula took it seriously, brought the concept home and named a new bible called Quoran which is actually a misspelling of Korean. Its a mess.