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April 5, 2012 10:18 am

Highly Classified IDF Weapons Shown to the Public

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The APC Puma mine-breaching system. Photo: IDF.

The IDF’s Combat Engineering Corps released details on Wednesday about new technologies adopted over the past six months, which were highly-classified until just recently.

1) The “Thunder”

“Thunder” is a small anti-personnel mine that can fit in a soldier’s pocket and can be setup very quickly. It can be very effective in an ambush because enemy troops are unlikely to see it due to its small size.

2) The “Fox” & the “Frame Breaker”

The “Fox” is a door breaching charge tool that can be detonated remotely or with a fuse.

The “Frame Breaker” allows soldiers to enter buildings by blasting open walls “like a hot knife through butter.”

3) The Timer

The new timer shows the time running backwards “just like in a movie” and can be applied to any kind of explosives. There is also “a new wireless timer system which can initiate the detonation from a mile away.”

4) The “Snatcher”

The “Snatcher” is used to create a safe path for troops to travel through a minefield by exploding landmines. The system involves firing a ton of C4 explosives from an armored personnel carrier which would then create a blast-wave that explodes mines hidden in the ground.

5) APC Puma

The APC Puma is an armored personnel carrier that can clear minefields.  It can fire up to “20 missiles filled with a fuel-air explosive” which spread “a cloud of fuel fumes.” These can then be detonated to destroy the mines in the ground. The Puma is capable of detonating roadside bombs with its electronic equipment and can also jam detonation signals.

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