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July 11, 2012 2:14 pm

Anti-Semitic Cartoon Wins Iranian Festival Prize

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Mahmod Mohammad Tabrizi's anti-Semitic cartoon that won Iranian Prize. Photo:

A vilifying cartoon portraying Jewish worshipers praying before the New York Stock Exchange has been declared the winner in Iran’s first annual International Wall Street Downfall Cartoon Festival on Monday.

The festival’s cartoon contest was reportedly held to demonstrate Iran’s solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Iranian outlet Fars News co-sponsored the International Wall Street Downfall Cartoon Festival, to “help people in the United States take their message out to the world,” according to Radio Free Europe.

The Iranian government has come out in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement in its tensions between the US and the Western world. Police intervention in response to unruly Occupy protesters was cynically criticized by Iran after human rights organizations and the US denounced Iran’s inhumane treatment of anti-government protesters during the staged re-election of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009.

At least several of the cartoon entries were anti-Semitic as well as anti-American. The contest’s winner, Mahmod Mohammad Tabrizi, drew three ostensibly religious Jews praying towards Wall Street, which is depicted as Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Tabrizi was awarded five thousand Euros, the festival’s statue, and a letter of appreciation.

The cartoon from Oleksiy Kustovsky from Ukraine, who was awarded four thousand Euros as the second place winner, portrays a man who is hit by descending rocks as two men try to scale bags of American money.
The contest’s jury panel consisted of seven judges from several countries including Iran, Turkey, Poland, and Romania. The panel had selected the top ten winners and 99 finalists from a total pool of nearly 1,600 cartoons from around the world, including entries from the United States, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, and China. The cartoons are currently displayed in Tehran and can be viewed on a Fars webpage associated with the festival.

In 2006 Iran organized a contest of cartoons mocking the Holocaust. A Moroccan illustrator was awarded the top prize at that event for depicting an image of Auschwitz behind Israel’s security fence. The co-sponsor of the Holocaust contest, Iranian newspaper Hamshahri, claimed that the event was held in order to test the Western world’s capacity for tolerance.

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  • kevobx

    America can help knocked down another country’s wall, to spread out Esau, and his worldly culture against their heritage, and call it freedom. Who told them to build a Jerusalem wall, name these people? *Ezra 5:9 Then asked we those elders, and said unto them thus, Who commanded you to build this house, and make up these walls? *Jeremiah 9:11 And I will make Jerusalem heaps, and a den of dragons; and I will make the cities of Judah desolate, without an inhabitant. (All the asses and mules are from Esau’s sons and daughters in the Bible!) Jesus rode an ass colt into Jerusalem to be crucified, is that correct? (Zechariah 12:10) love truth hate opinions, ask Elijah *1st Kings 18:21* (Matthew 17:12 That Eliasis come already, and they knew him not

  • Braham Finestone

    What cheek to pretend that this inhuman country and its anti-Zionist friends want to test the world for tolerance; talk about the pot and the kettle:)
    The Iranians with their Jihadi and terrorist allies trying to wind up the Americans… funny haha- in fact I think some of their offerings are quite funny and artistic despite the content. At first I found it difficult to admire the winning entry.. was it the NYSE or the Western Wall.. or both? Any tolerant people just giggle – it is not worth a criticism. However we should ridicule them in the same way….

  • Joan Keyser

    No matter how many missles are fired into Israel, the press ignores this. Israel is not supposed to respond. If the countries that criticize Israel had the same thing happen to them, they would respond with such force their aggressors would find themselves 100 miles under the surface of the earth. Anti-semitism is a way for countries that abuse their citizens to divert attention from their own misdeeds. The United Nations ignores the horrible mistreatment of people in countries with vested interests in oill. Money talks, humanity walks away.

  • a cohen

    Isn’t great that we have another villan to spew our hatred on. First it was Hitler, than Stalin than the North Koreans than North Viet Nam than Iraq (TWICE),than Bin Laden and now IRAN…. Where would be without enemies?

    • Brian from Toronto

      “Where would be without enemies?” Much better off, obviously. With six million more Jews, for starters.

    • Marshall

      So what do you suggest? Give em all a big hug and sing Kumbaya?

    • bobj

      yeah, it’s definitely us spewing hatred on the villains and not the other way around. how many millions of deaths were stalin, hitler, and the rest of your cast directly (and with full intent to murder) responsible for? and yet they’re not worth of hatred?

      • Bubby

        They hated me first Mrs. Crabtree!

  • Fredric M. London

    I wonder what the Obama entry looked like?

  • Stanley Gornish

    Hmmm, I wonder how Iran would respond to the West (Israel?) holding an event in order to test Iran’s capacity for tolerance that shows Muhammad with smile holding a sword of dripping blood with a backdrop of death and destruction of “infidels.”

  • Peter Caroline

    I suppose that we could descend to their level and publish a cartoon depicting a gaggle of Muzzies on their knees, worshipping a golden pig. It might, however, hurt their delicate feelings, sensitive souls that they are.

  • Peter Caroline

    I suppose that we could descend to their level and publish a cartoon depicting a gaggle of Muzzies on their knees, worshipping a golden pig. It might, however, hurt their delicate feelings, sensitive souls that they are.

  • Mike

    What can one expect from primitive Iranian lieders ? Just silly stuff. …. Poor souls !!!

  • Michael Levy

    Hi Moses,
    Don’t worry, the Koran will do the burning (of them) anyway!!

  • Moses

    Usually I would get really mad at something like this a burn a Koran, but it is just too hot outside.