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July 15, 2012 5:24 pm

As Secretary Clinton Comes a-Callin’ There is Nothing to Discuss

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US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Photo: Roger Goun.

Mitt Romney isn’t President yet, but for Israel, the strength of his candidacy is already paying off. Otherwise, why on earth would Secretary Clinton, having boycotted the Jewish State for over two years, suddenly jump in for a quick howdie?

After all, except for trying to play a spoiler for Romney’s Tisha B’Av visit, there isn’t much for the head of American diplomacy to chat about in this mysterious extra-territorial city, Jerusalem, which Hillary Clinton refuses to acknowledge as Israel’s capital, be it East, West, North or South. Not an inch of the City of David belongs to Jews without Arab permission, so goes the official line of the Obama administration, and yet it is there that Clinton will meet the Israeli leaders that she so detests.

To make her trip more enjoyable, Israeli campaigners for clemency for Jonathan Pollard have decorated the hotel at the entrance to Jerusalem with Clinton’s huge portrait. She’ll be given yet another petition asking the leaders of the greatest country on Earth to finally admit that Pollard is still in jail because he is a Jew and because he spied for the Jews. The chances that the Obama administration will show mercy are almost nil – unless, that is, if Obama’s spinmeisters will calculate that releasing Pollard will help him with the Jewish vote.

What else is there to discuss? Contrary to the optimistic spiel Washington is playing, the British chief spy estimates that, sanctions or not, 2014 will be the year of the Iranian bomb. The more time flies, the clearer it becomes that from Obama down, the current management in Washington has no intention whatsoever to employ force against Iran, and after November, if reelected, Obama will make short work of his “solemn commitment of no containment”, just as he did with his pledge of “united Jerusalem”. All attempts to discredit the elected Israeli government and to deny it the sovereign right to act against the clear and present threat to the very existence of its people have heretofore failed. Neither Dagan nor Diskin (remember them?) managed to dent the authority and popularity of Prime Minister Netanyahu. In their conversations with American counterparts, Israeli generals made it clear that they will obey orders to attack Iranian nuclear sites, whatever the wishes of Washington. All that remains for Obama and Clinton is to push for delaying until the elections are over.

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The “winning hearts and minds” strategy, aimed to convince Israelis that Obama is really, REALLY their friend, isn’t going so smooth either. It wasn’t hard to explain why Israel couldn’t be invited to the NATO summit and the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum in Istanbul – the Turks (emboldened by Obama’s cordial treatment of Erdogan) continue to act up. But the grotesque failure of Obama and Clinton to ensure that Israel will be represented at the GCTF conference in Spain explicitly dedicated to the VICTIMS OF TERRORISM, and especially the glaring omission of Israel and the Jewish civilians brutally murdered by Muslim terrorists from Undersecretary Otero’s vacuous, endless speech could not be explained by any Turkish trickery. The message that went forth from Madrid was loud and clear – the U.S. State Department does not, in fact, consider Israeli victims of Arab Muslim violence “victims of terrorism”.

This was not the first time, either. Last year, in its guidelines for American diplomatic missions abroad for September 11 observances, the White House and the State Department deleted Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Netanya and Ashdod from the list of cities that had been victimized by terrorism. Manila was in; Afula was out. Call me pedantic, but isn’t this evidence of a pattern?

From the moment President Obama was enthroned in the Oval Office, it became increasingly clear that he views the centennial conflict between the Arabs and the Jews through a warped moral prism in which Jews almost always come out guilty. He commanded Israelis to do some “soul-searching” to find out if they are really ready for peace. He demanded unilateral upfront concessions from Israel only. He attempted to set forth territorial parameters for future settlement that are fully compliant with Palestinian demands and ignore Israeli positions altogether. Is it so outlandish to assume that the same administration that backed off the Jewish state only after American voters made the continuation of this policy untenable, believes that Palestinian methods of achieving their stated goal are legitimate? Sure, such things can’t be said between now and November, but the deeds can speak as well, and the American pro-Israeli voter can’t be bothered to follow the minutiae of the endless international gabfests overseas. Nevertheless, Washington’s preferred partners in the region are getting the message.

Witness the behavior of the chief American diplomat around this new paragon of democracy, Egyptian Islamist President Muhammad Mursi. Having summarily failed to squeeze from him any public commitment to peace with Israel (or equality for women, for that matter), Clinton declared that the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Prime Minister of the Jewish State “should meet face to face” to iron out the wrinkles in the bilateral relations, you see. She hastened to add that America – the country that guaranteed the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt – will not push for such a meeting nor will it attempt to arrange it. If you are a young Egyptian Islamist, eager to wipe out the Zionist entity with all those M1A1 tanks and F-16s that the American infidels gave you over the years, you’ll be excused for thinking that right now, Washington is “just not that into” Israel. Clinton hadn’t began to pack her bags, when Hamas in Gaza started to celebrate the Egyptian promise to do away with the last vestiges of “blockade” and border controls in Rafah – a move that will make terrorist activities in Sinai so much more widespread, with predictable consequences in a very near future. Why would the U.S. Secretary of State in such critical times attempt to subvert any further the only Egyptian force genuinely interested in keeping the peace with Israel – the SCAF?

For those who, like me, were worried that the administration has no plan in the “new” Middle East, helpful clues – in spades – were provided by Thomas Friedman in his recent article in the New York Times. Clearly singing the Potomac tune, Friedman accused Netanyahu and, in fact, the Israeli people of belief that they can have peace with dictators. Strangely, this was always a position of the Israeli Right, that you can’t really hope to exchange land for a piece of paper signed by an illegitimate ruler, and the Left’s rejoinder always was to point out to the Egyptian border and ask “what’s wrong with this, then?”

Having laid the blame for the last three decades of the failure of American and international peacemaking at Israel’s door, Friedman proceeded to explain to the stupid Jews that they must “make 80 million Egyptians to understand them”. In fact, per Friedman and those who fed him this nonsense, Israel must yet again buy peace – this time, by giving in to Palestinian demands. Maybe when the borders of the Jewish state are turned into a stranglehold on its population, Jerusalem is carved out, and half a million Jews become homeless, the average Egyptian, fed on a constant diet of hate for the “sons of monkeys and pigs”, the “enemies of the Prophet”, will develop a sudden tolerance for the Jewish presence in the Land of Islam.

You can’t seriously believe that the position of the Muslim Brotherhood on Israel will be in any way affected by the shape of Israel’s borders, but even if you did – hasn’t the Jewish State paid the price for peace with Egypt in full thirty years ago? Trusting the word of Anwar Sadat and President Carter, Israel returned to Egypt the land it took and kept in two defensive wars – to the last grain of sand. The United States of America guaranteed that the price was final and that peace will endure. For years, it bribed Egypt handsomely and gambled hugely, betting that the American-trained and cultivated Egyptian armed forces would ensure peace. Now, it seems that Obama and his cohorts are determined to throw old security arrangements to the wind, hoping that they can scare Israel into submission before their true idol – Palestinian statehood on Palestinian terms.

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