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August 22, 2012 4:28 pm

The Iranian Nightmare is Getting Closer

avatar by Ron Agam

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Iranian flag with fire in the background. Photo:

The Iran nuclear issue is a subject that brings attention to some of the most acute anguish that a Jew can feel today. Almost 70 years to the date of the Holocaust, we have the leadership of a civilized country vowing for the destruction of a people and a nation.

The new Nazis of today are the Ayatollahs of Tehran, their disciples and their feared paramilitary troops. In a country of 70 million citizens, I rarely hear a voice of reason from the people of Iran, when the fate of Israel is discussed. Like in Germany in the 30’s, the people of Iran seem to go along in a large majority with the incendiary remarks of its leadership.

Never do I hear an intellectual or a leader of the civil society calling the leaders of their country, genocidal murderers.

I am dismayed by the cowardness and lack of moral resolve of these people in its large majority. I allow myself to be so critical because as of last year I had a support page on the Internet with over 280,000 members on Facebook for democracy in Iran, and not once did anyone broach the issue of Israel and Iran’s diabolic threats.

On another issue of great timely significance, many important and knowledgeable people, Jews and non-Jews, allowed themselves to lecture the prime minister of Israel over whether Israel should attack Iran alone or wait for the US to do it. Some experts believe that it is more reasonable for the US to do the job because they are more powerful and their armament will be more appropriate in their quest of destroying the Iranian nuclear infrastructure.

It is an Israeli principle since its creation in 1948 to never depend on anyone to fight its battles. I believe that if Israel decides to attack Iran , they will be perfectly capable of seriously damaging the Iranian nuclear facilities in a lethal way. I do not know about the experts and the specialists, since I am neither. What I know as a man, a Jew and student of my history is that whenever the Jewish people relied on someone else to save them from destruction, the price we paid was incredibly high.

One lesson we must never forget from the Holocaust and past historical Jewish disasters, when we are threatened by extermination, we do not wait for it to happen, we defend ourselves ferociously and at all costs and destroy our enemies before they destroy us.

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  • Graham

    The most people to die during the war were Polish…. Regardless of religon…

  • fiat currens

    Time to look at the truth, Iran’s weapons grade uranium is being developed miles underground. I’m sure they already have a bomb. The good news is that a nuclear strike against anyone from Iran will probably be the end of Iran. Do you really think they are so suicidal?

  • rofedoc

    “All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke

  • Matt

    The US won’t touch Syria without UN (Russian/Chinese) approval. Israel acts out of self-defense, the US is seen to act out of imperial interests. So the risk if the US attacks Iran now or with their clock, is as with Syria world war three potentially, involving the Russians and Chinese.

    So those that want the US to lead on Iran are not listen too the reality of that action, don’t worry if Israel bluffing are the Russians bluffing. Lets invade Syria and find out.

    If Iran acts against the US then the US acts in self-defense. As in 2007 the bombing of Iran was in self-defense to get out of Iraq.

    So the US clock, diplomacy, red lines are not relevant, the Iran nuclear threat, like DPRK etc, is not worth WW3, it is not a core US interest. Not one that warrants WW3, nor does the outcome of the Jews. It does not warrant the risk to find out if the Russians and Chinese are bluffing.

    That is why when I made the call to Iran in 2007 and told them I was going to bomb them into the stone age and cause a uprising (green revolution) if they did not stop that stuff in Iraq, they took it seriously. Because we would be acting in self-defense.

    Cheney did the rounds UK, Australia to get support to bomb Iran in 2006. But after a taste of Iraq they did not want to take part. But unless Iran backed down there was no other choice, we would stay bogged down in Iraq and could conduct a strategic withdrawal. The only option was to expand the war.

    Once 43 had that the cooked NIE came out and the bombing of Iran was on the back burner. At least until we decamped Iraq and Israel need to act. That is why the window of opportunity is open for Israel now and has been since the US decamped Iraq.

    43 did not let the 2006 Lebanon war run longer only for Israel, Hizbullah were forced to send fighter back from Iraq to the home front, a lot of them were made combat ineffective. So they could return to Iraq and kill Americans. It was the first time in the war on terror we had the enemy fighting on two fronts.

    And everything went via the VP office and the Joint Chiefs that could not win the Iraq war were kept in the dark. Which was why both McChrystal and Petraeus had trouble falling back under the chain of command as they operated via the VP office too, outside the chain of command. Chain of command look at Afghanistan vs Iraq.

    Iran say they won the Iraq war, but they used the US soldiers as human shields for their nuclear sites, which was why Israel did not strike. In which they could easy kill US soldiers via proxy in Iraq. Now they have to confront the US overtly if they wish. Iran has not developed the bomb yet and Israel has a window of opportunity to strike.

    I say Iran did not win at all.

  • The Iranian people support the foundational antisemetism of the Koran just as the German people supported the foundational antisemetism of MEINKAMPF….As Churlchill said in 1948: MEINKAMPF was the new Koran