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September 4, 2012 3:05 pm

President Obama: “I Have Israel’s Back”

avatar by Ron Agam

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President Obama in the Oval Office. Photo: wiki commons.

In a moment of great emotional distress for Israel and the Jewish people regarding the unfolding of the Iranian crisis and the present tensions between the Prime Minister of Israel and President Obama, many serious questions are to be asked.

First and foremost what does the President mean, when he says, ” I have Israel’s back”?

Rosh Hashana is fast approaching and around the world, millions of Jewish people will convene in their synagogues to pray for a healthy new year. Inside many of these places of worship , the Iranian “bomb” will be the main focus of attention this year.

Many fellow Jews will pray to be inscribed in the book of life during the Holiday of Yom Kippur. In Israel that wish will be even more  vivid as the threat from Iran grows exponentially.

For Israel, the meaning of life has a serious question mark. An existential paradigm will be more acute than ever, exacerbated by a quick pendulum of anxiety and justified paranoia. History has taught us to take threats of extermination very seriously.

Will Iran be allowed to have a nuclear weapon and threaten the existence of the children and grandchildren of the Holocaust? 60 years ago the world stood silent when Jews were slaughtered by the weapon of mass destruction of the time, Ziklon B.

From all serious sources examining the Iranian nuclear development, Israel was again right, when it signaled to the world that the Iranians are fast reaching a point of no return, when their ability to develop a bomb becomes a reality.

President Obama, please tell us what you mean.  As a Jew, as an Israeli, and a citizen of the world, I want to know if your words mean what they say as I am not willing to gamble the lives of 7 million of my people who are the children of the Holocaust.

We have recently heard way too many words of uncertainty from members of the present administration on their plans to deal with Iran.

President Obama, you are the leader of the free world and a man of valor, who is a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

We Jews love peace.  Today we need to know that when the President of the United States says, “I have Israel’s back”, the world understands it in a real and serious way, including Iran.

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  • You said it Joshua, Ben and both Davids. I tremble when I think of all the ignorant Jews who believe that man.

  • Joshua Shemtov

    Thank you Ron but – Need we really ask more questions from Obama at this time ? Mr. President has shown through his policies that
    * He has accepted the eventuality of a Nuclear Iran
    * To avoid turmoil and confrontation and increase chances of election he is willing to risk in effect having nuclear material that can be used in a nuclear bomb or dirty bomb be at the hands of the largest state sponsore of terorism
    * That his bigest concern for the state of israel has only to do with voting pattern, well he knows he does not have the avangelists, and the jews still amazingly enough support him in large numbers.
    * This policy is leading the entire middle east into a nuclear arm race and increases nuclear arsenal prolifiration

    We can not allow this to be a partisan issue so please each person who cares call 10 of your friends and let them know why this is so important ask that they call & write their representatives wether be it democrats or republicans and call on your friends to make the voice of responsibility heard, Israel has neutralized the nuclear facilities of Iraq and Syria in the past imagine how american interests would have been impacted if this would not have been done …. now imagine an American president accepting nuclear arms in the hands of the country who does proxy war on his country on multiple fronts – thank you all

  • “scare yourselves nearly to death” Jay, are you deaf, dumb and blind? do you have any idea of what the ideology of the leaders of Iran is at this time? Obviously not! You embarrass yourself with your ignorant idiotic statements. How dare YOU presume to meddle in the affairs of intelligent human beings, you are an embarrassment to the species, and nobody with half a brain cares what you have to say.

  • Jay Chamblin

    ********”great emotional distress” “the threat from Iran grows exponentially” “the Iranian “bomb” will be the main focus of attention this year” “the threat from Iran grows exponentially” “An existential paradigm will be more acute than ever, exacerbated by a quick pendulum of anxiety and justified paranoia” “threats of extermination” **********

    So much flagrant scare language. You people work hard to scare yourselves nearly to death. This short pungently hysterical piece perfectly demonstrates what one Jewish writer has described as the “pre-traumatic stress syndrome” (as opposed to post-traumatic stress syndrome of combat veterans) crippling the judgement of many Israeli Jews. You’re a victim of your own Hasbara as you engage in what sounds ever so much like the self-fulfilling prophecy you’re so well known for. How dare you presume to meddle in the affairs of my government. You would be well advised to review history. Just please, leave my country out of your wars. Otherwise, good luck – I think.

  • Alex P

    OBAMA 2012

  • David Makowsky

    Obama only has the part of Israel’s back where he stuck the knife.

  • MBenFaivol

    Like when Obama says he’s here to bring support of “hope and change”, what he really meant to say was he’s there to support that you “cope with pain”. Further, when Obama says to Israel “I’ve got your back”, the immediate question should be “does that mean to stab our back with a daggar or a sword”

  • David Haddad

    I think if you trust Obama you would be very naive. He never gave any signs of sympathy towards Israel, just gave lip service for an obvious reason: his second term. He is an antisemite, pro-Palestinian and anti Israel. His Muslim origins are real and will dictate his policies towards Israel.