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September 10, 2012 10:09 am

Iranian MP: Canada’s Diplomatic Cut Could Lead Others to Follow

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Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird. Photo: wiki commons.

A member of Iran’s parliament on Sunday said that Canada’s decision late last week to sever diplomatic ties with Iran, giving Iranian diplomats 5 days to leave the country could lead other countries around the world to follow suit, according to Iranian News Agency Mehr.

Hossein Sobhani Nia, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission in the Iranian parliament, said that there is definitely the possibility that other countries will decide to cut ties with Iran. However, the lawmaker did not name the countries of his expected claims.

Lawmakers in Tehran reacted to the move by Canada calling the country’s policies “racist” and “extreme”.

“The current government of Canada under the leadership of Mr. Stephen Harper is known for extreme policies in the domain of foreign policy,” said Ramin Mehmanparast, a spokesman for Iran’s foreign minister on Saturday. “The hostile behavior of the current racist government in Canada in reality follows the policies dictated by the Zionists (Israel) and the British.”

The move by Canada, which includes naming the Islamic Republic as a state sponsor of terrorism, comes as Iran continues to advance its nuclear program in the face of international concerns, and its support for President Bashar Assad in Syria continues while government forces make use of heavy artillery and air power to crush a political opposition that began peacefully.

“The Iranian regime is providing increasing military assistance to the Assad regime; it refuses to comply with U.N. resolutions pertaining to its nuclear program; it routinely threatens the existence of Israel and engages in racist anti-Semitic rhetoric and incitement to genocide,” Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said. “It is among the world’s worst violators of human rights; and it shelters and materially supports terrorist groups.”

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  • Henriette J. van Dijk

    I would like to respond to the many articles published in The Algemeiner about Iran.
    I live in the Netherlands. I’m trained in process engineering and research WWII.

    Although I realize it’s too late now, Iran’s program is far advanced, to my opinion it’s important to know who’s accountable for this thread, because I see recurring patterns. The (investigative) journalists paid little attention to this. With help from the Netherlands Iran got his hands on nuclear knowledge and the opportunity to buy and build a nuclear plant with high tech-materials like ultracentrifuges. These materials are not easy to obtain and globally there are only a very small number of suppliers. As far as I know, Iran doesn’t have the knowledge to build ultracentrifuges by themselves, they must (clandestine) buy them.

    What went out in advance?

    About a year ago I read an “In Memoriam” in the Dutch Physics Magazine about the Dutch atomic scholar Jacob (Jaap) Kistemaker (1917-2010) written by prof.dr. Frans Saris. He writes about Kistemaker’s post- and prewar activities but nothing about the 1940-1945 period. To me, this silent period is a still occurring and well-known phenomenon in my country and made me curious about the reason why this should be concealed. I started googling around the www. I found out that Frans Saris his father played a role in these recurring patterns.

    The Catholic physicist Dr. Bartholomeus Fransiscus (Bart) Saris died just recently February 2nd in his home at the Beethovenstraat Amsterdam. A large number of Jews who lived on this small street were transported to the concentration camps. Of these 249 have not survived. Bart Saris was member of Verdinosa, a very anti-Semitic organization. Later he became a notorious NSB (National Socialist Movement) member resizing Mussert (leader of the NSB). Saris and Kistemaker were roommates and close friends. They met at the Rijks Universiteit at the city of Leiden by the time Kistemaker became an assistant at the Leidse Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratorium. During WWII Kistemaker worked for a period of time at Paris for Cellastic. As you probably know, this company was a German cover-up for industrial and scientific espionage. Later Kistemaker was the big (great?) man behind Urenco (world-leader in centrifuge technology) and lived at the city of Leiden on Rapenburg number 4. Next door at number 6, which was also the address of the SS-Manschaftshaus, lived SS-officer dr. A.R. Böttcher who was founder the founder of the German branch of Urenco and the best paid German physicist after WWII.
    In 1941 Saris became doctor in physics and Kistemaker in 1945. The latter without being cleared by a special clearing committee. Prof.dr. W.J. de Haas was their supervisor during these events. De Haas worked at Cellastic together with Kistemaker, prof.dr. J.A.A. Ketelaar and drs. J.E. Zwartsenberg. In the first place both gentlemen where PhD-students of prof.dr. W.H. Keesom, who at that time happened to be sick (just a saillant detail). By the time the Germans would lose the war, De Haas fled to England. After WWII De Haas was involved in TNO-RVO (TNO: applied scientific research, RVO: Defense organization). H.A. Kramers, who worked on his dissertation under Niels Bohr and became a professor at the university Leiden, said during the presentation of Kistemaker’s bull: “he doesn’t understand much about theoretical physics, but he’s a good salesman”. Enfin, the famous American scholar Samuel Goudsmit, who was born in Den Haag and leader of the Alsos Project – to find out about Germany’s development of the atomic bomb – wrote in a letter to a student of the university of the city of Nijmegen about these affaires: “roer maar niet te veel in deze str.. (don’t stir up this sh..).
    In WWII Kistemaker’s friend for live Bart Saris was leader of the “Studentenfront” at the city of Leiden , SS-Haubtscharführer at the city of Gouda and the Eastern part of the Netherlands and together with others responsible for closing the Leiden University. End of 1944 he fled to the North of the Netherlands (village called Vries) were he continued his SS-work. He went into hiding there. Accompanied by his lawyer he reported himself in 1948 at the justice department at Den Haag. He was sentenced to 2,5 years by the District Court. But after three months he was released. All together he had been in prison for about 10 months. During the may-days of 1940 Saris was an officer in the Dutch army and therefore had to swear the oath of allegiance to our Queen. He was not sentenced for high treason according to his dossier at the National Archive at Den Haag.
    After 1945 he seems to have disappeared from the scene. I wonder, did he get some protection? How can a former SS-man walk freely and even becoming managing director of TNO? He also worked for Comprimo, a petrochemical engineering company (Comprimo was a department of “Werkspoor-Stork”, supplier of weapons and coal wagons etc. for the nazi’s. During the interbellum and WWII the companies leader was the Dutch F.H. Fentener van Vlissingen who in 1937 was awarded by Hitler with the Cross of merit of the order of the German Eagle). Saris also became a member of the executive committee of Akzo, formerly known as AKU, a company of again Fentener van Vlissingen.
    Until his death Saris was a member of the Dutch Physical Society (NNV). In the “In Memoriam” written by his son Frans (who’s well informed about the roll his father played) and published on the internet, you can read about the big trauma father suffered after the war. Yes, to clear his conscience he even needed the help and comfort of Rabbi Soetendorp and even Geesina van der Molen who rescued hundreds of Jewish children. Only the true opportunists dare to use these “good” people to clear their names.

    Frans Saris was succeeded later on Jaap Kistemaker and became also dean of the physics department of the RUL (Rijks Universiteit Leiden).

    Friends of Bart Saris, including the big Urenco man, further developed the uranium enrichment of the German physicist Gernot Zippe. Who gained this knowledge in Nazi-Germany and during his Russian captivity at the end of the war until 1956. In 1957 Zippe met Kistemaker at Amsterdam and they talked about the gascentrifuge. Because of Zippe Kistemaker changed his ultracentrifuge design. This knowledge was stolen in my country the Netherlands from Urenco by the Pakistan spy Abdullah Khan and gave Pakistan his atomic bomb. Mr. Khan could, without any limitations, travel in and out of the Netherlands!! According to the former judge and vice-president of the Amsterdam court mrs. Anita Leeser-Gassan Khan’s criminal dossier disappeared without trace.
    This stolen knowledge is now being used to start up the next ultracentrifuge plant in Iran. For years Iran works openly on the development of its nuclear potential. Together with the genocide threat towards Israel, the hate rhetoric by Ahmadinejad towards America and thus all western countries, shows similarities (to my opinion) with the 1930s. In those days Europe’s naive and sleeping countries allowed Germany to openly execute their rearmament plans contrary to the Treaty of Versaille, see Operation Safehaven of Gerard Aalders,
    Or was it big business? Hitler said: “these stupid European countries don’t have the guts to do anything against us”.
    An industrial and institutional complex (friends of Bart) was involved in the- with permission of the Dutch Government – espionage by Abdullah Khan, that now forms an enormous threat to the state of Israel. Did the Dutch secret service allowed it? Are they naive or stupid? Or could it be that a new generation of so called “Fentener van Vlissingens” again, like in the interbellum, wants to make big money out of the next genocide of the Jews? One can wonder “what’s the value of ethics”? According to Hitler ethics is a Jewish invention.

    Another case, typical for the Netherlands, is a discussion between Dutch Physicists and other academics (even the mayor of Maastricht Onno Hoes) about naming of the Debye Institute (University of Utrecht) and linked is a prize named after Peter Debye. It all fits the “concealment and silencing culture in my country in respect of the holocaust that took place.
    Peter Debye, a Dutchmen, an outstanding scientist and teacher, but also an organizer – and winner of the Nobel prize for Physical Chemistry (I believe it was 1936), despite a few interruptions worked for Germany until 1940. In the last years before the war Debye was president of the Deutsche Physicalische Gesellschaft (DPG) and in his position as director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, he successfully negotiated many many times with the nazi government to get funds for building and research. In 1938 he wrote a letter to all DPG members in which he demands that all Jewish members should quit their jobs and signs with “Heil Hitler”. This letter was published in a book written by Rispens, and caused some disturbance (softly speeking). However his aforementioned qualities, in a letter to Arnold Sommerfeld he gave an ardent anti-Semitic characterization of the teaching capabilities and behavior of Paul Ehrenfest. It were probably his most deepest feelings, feelings coming straight from the hart: “Wenn Du daran denkst, Dir Ehrenfest zu holen, so kann ich nicht umhin, einige Bedenken zu äussern. Ein Jude, wie er of enbar einer ist, vom ‘Hohenpriester” typus kann doch mit seiner bestrickenden Talmudlogik einem äusserst schädlichen Einfluss ausüben. Mancher frischer, nicht ganz fertiger Gedanke, den man sonst mit frischen Mut äussern würde, kann durch ihn gar zu leicht im Keime erstickt werden.”
    In response to this and a NIOD (National Institute of War Documentation) report about Debye’s general behavior vis à vis the things going on in Germany before the war, the University of Utrecht decided to deprive the institute of its name as well as the annual’s Debye prize for exceptional scientific merit by the University of Maastricht. Some disagreed – and gave Rispen a hard time to defend himself against the massive negative commentaries – and a commission led by mr. Terlouw was appointed to research the matter. Shortly before the completion of the report the president of the Dutch Physical Society wrote an open letter to its members (apparently he already knew the conclusions in the report) and recommended recovering the above mentioned name giving. I think it’s a pity not to have the change to ask Peter Mazur’s (a Dutch physicist) opinion, he just recently died. He survived the war by going into hiding.

    Debye was of great importance to science. But, I wonder what’s the value of science and specially physics if one likes to work together with murderers or the live of a human being is unimportant – what is the value of scientists who don’t think this way. The big difference between Debye and Einstein is that the latter was a great humanist.

    Debye succeeded on Albert Einstein as director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. The nazi’s gave him this job, so they walked the same “Blut und Boden” road. Despite the fact that the truthfull Samuel Goudsmit advised him not to do “mean business” with the nazi’s. Einstein was warned not to return to Germany after his world journey. His live was in danger. From the letters and the succession of Albert Einstein it is clear that although Debye was an outstanding scholar but his morals are not outstanding and particularly a bad example for students. When humanity isn’t respected culture, thus also the study of physics, it makes no sense. Are we again in the era of Hitler? All these trouble about a man born in Maastricht and educated as a chemist in Aken Germany. His academic career includes just one year in the Netherlands as a professor in Utrecht.

    Mea culpa is far fetched in the Netherlands contrary to Germany and at last Austria.

  • Rick

    Racist has become a generalized term of disapproval.

  • Cheers for Canada!!! The regime is the source of evil, not the general population.

  • Maureen Moss

    I am proud of Canada’s stance against terrorism. To be called ‘racist’ in the face of Iran’s anti-Israel rhetoric and threats to ‘wipe them off the map’is beyond ridiculous. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be funny.

  • Evil acts are not a monopoly of Iran, but in all Humans (see Holy Torah). Until Holy Moshiak arrives, the continuation of evil by The West, The U.S. (getting worse), Iran etc, will continue and escalate. The best answer is imperfect Israel, which holds the energy Of Creator and is The Light Unto The Nations. Let us support G-D’S PROMISE TO THE GENERATIONS. Yes We Can.

  • Mike

    Well done Canada, the rest of the world shall follow you, people like the Iranian leaders of today ,shall not exist !