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September 11, 2012 3:46 pm

White House Rejects Netanyahu’s Request for Meeting on U.S. Trip

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President Obama (left) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) at the White House. Photo: wiki commons.

The White House has informed the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that President Obama will not be able to meet with Netanyahu later this month when the Israeli leader travels to the United States for the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

According to an Israeli official who spoke with Reuters, Netanyahu’s office reached out to the White House for a meeting between the two leaders, but “the White House has got back to us and said it appears a meeting is not possible. It said that the president’s schedule will not permit that.”

An additional report from the Jerusalem Post states that Netanyahu offered to travel to Washington D.C. during his trip to the U.S., because President Obama will not be in New York during the prime minister’s time there, but the White House “didn’t think that would be possible” to meet.

This will mark the first time Obama and Netanyahu will not meet during a trip to the U.S. by the Israeli leader, since the president took office.

The news on Tuesday comes as officials in the United States and Israel engage in a public debate over setting deadlines for stopping Iran’s nuclear advances with force.  In Israel, where proximity to Iran is a major concern and military capabilities are believed to be less than that of the Americans, the government is in a hurry to stop Iran’s nuclear work.  While President Obama has stated he will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon, the U.S. stopped short of bending to Israeli requests that “red lines” be drawn for Iran as they continue to develop a more advanced nuclear program.

“We’re not setting deadlines,” Secretary of State Clinton told Bloomberg Radio earlier this week. “We’re watching very carefully about what they do, because it’s always been more about their actions and their words.”

Netanyahu responded sharply on Tuesday morning, telling “the international community” – which seemed to be a thinly veiled reference to the United States – that Israel should not be told what to do regarding the Iranian threat, if red lines are not going to be given.

“The world tells Israel to wait, and that there is still time,” he said.  “And I say wait for what? Wait until when? Those in the international community who refuse to put deadlines in front of Iran do not have the moral right to put a red light before Israel.”

Following Netanayhu’s comments, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told CBS that if Iran made a decision to complete a nuclear weapon, American officials would have “a little more than a year” to stop it from happening.

“It’s roughly about a year right now. A little more than a year. And so … we think we will have the opportunity once we know that they’ve made that decision, take the action necessary to stop (Iran),” Panetta said.

On Tuesday night, Panetta’s Israeli counterpart said that despite the differences between Washington and Jerusalem, the two countries maintain a strong relationship, with a common set of values.

“Do not forget that the U.S. is Israel’s main ally. We have intimate relations in the intelligence field, and the U.S. is Israel’s most important supporter in the security field,” Barak said. “The foundation of this relationship is a long standing friendship and shared values between Israel and the American people.”

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  • He is too busy to meet with Bibi p.m. of Israel who is suopposed to be our friend. but he has time to make a State visit and offer one more billion dollars to Arsi who did nothing to defend our embassy and agreed with the terrorists in Libya. Obama has proved what kind of friend he is–only to his fellow Muslims no matter how many Americans they kill and how much of our property they destroy. He is not only the enemy of Israel but also of his fellow? Americans,Anyone who votes for him is willing away our beloved country.

  • Mel

    He calls President Barack Hussein Obama the Great Satan. Iranian President Imanutjob actually got something right. Re-Elect the Great Satan!

  • Sabra C

    I pray that all Americans will register to vote and then vote Obama out of office. IT IS WRITTEN: BE YE NOT DECEIVED. Obama’s words and actions clearly state that he is an enemy of Israel. And being an enemy of Israel makes him an enemy of GOD! The Holy One of Israel always treads down HIS enemies.

    • Jeff Class

      Sabra, many Christians like myself in America agree with you. Many of us are trying to reach out and communicate this truth to as many voters here as we can. My personal belief is that if our country turns away from its long standing support of Israel, HIS judgement will come upon us. And today, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, I hear that our President has refused to meet with Netanyahu, during his upcoming visits. Unbelievable!

      • Isaac

        It is written in the infallible word of God concerning Isreal that,”Blessed is he that bless thee and curse is he that curse thee”. My question is, do you Americans want to be curse by God? I can tell you that America has been blessed tremendously by God due to her unwavering support to the seed of Abraham but now i think curses will come if America decide to turn its back against Isreal now.

    • Luigi Rosolin

      I hope that too, Obama his in contrast with God law in much way. Is also on antichrist position: abortion, same sex marriage and the list go on! The way him act and stand is very contradictory.
      Keep pray for deliverance from is and Clinton’s direction.

    • Maoildeirg

      What a load of religious drivel. Why not go the whole hog and beg Moses to deliver the chosen race from the president of the largest democracy on earth. Israel is a democracy in name only because it is in fact being governed by Judaism in the same way that most middle east countries are.

  • Greg – London

    I think Israel should just go it alone now. It’ll let everybody know Israel won’t have Iranian nukes on its door step and will also destroy Obama’s re-election which will be good not just for Israel but also America.

  • Obama reveres Mohammad who in typical sociopathic style had 900 unarmed Jews decapitated at Quarazah…why should anyone be shocked that Obama shows enormous disrespect to a Jew? He is simply emulating Mohammad.

  • Shmuel Mendelsohn

    Israel has always been America’s closest ally in the Mid-East; the only reliable ally. The USA has befriended Israel. Neither of those to facts are in question. The only thing that is in question is the current American administration, or should I say regime!

  • Peter Caroline

    There is no doubt where Obama’s sympathies lie. I pray that the next administration will be more sympathetic to Israel and the Jewish people.