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September 19, 2012 9:51 am

For Mohammed Cartoon Spread, Orthodox Jew Pushes Crippled Muslim Man on French Magazine Cover

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Orthodox Jewish man pushing the prophet Muhammed in a wheel chair. Photo: screenshot.

The French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” which has been the victim of a firebomb attack for publishing images of the Islamic prophet Muhammad deemed by certain Muslims as offensive, published new pictures of the prophet on Wednesday, while the magazine’s cover features a Muslim man being pushed in a wheelchair by an Orthodox Jew

“You must not mock us,” both the wheelchair bound man and his Orthodox Jewish counterpart say, under a title that reads “Untouchables 2”, which is an imaginary sequel to a recent French film.

The newly published pictures come as violence in parts of the Muslim world has erupted in what some have said is a response to the production of an amateur film depicting the prophet Muhammad in an unflattering light, with deadly attacks in Libya, Egypt, and most recently, in Afghanistan.

Inside the most recent edition of Charlie Hebdo, Muhammad is featured in multiple pictures, including “nude caricatures”, according to Reuters.

Orthodox Jewish man pushing the prophet Muhammed in a wheel chair. Photo: screenshot.

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  • Governments have harboured these fanatics for decades and now they let them out on all of us to make our lives miserable, in the 80’s all these idiots were jailed in Arab countries and the West insisted they be released on human rights grounds, and this is what we get!

  • I am amazed at the racism on this thread, it truly shows the regression of education in the last 30 or so years, but more so the profiteering mentality that now prevails across the globe.

    The Arabs you like when they are millionaires and they spend money, but not when they have an opinion of their own which evidently everyone else in the world is entitled to.

    Its ok for Jews to kill, but not for anyone else to kill a jew.

    But worse, is to read statements from “developed” World citizens who simply show at the speed of sound their lack of culture education and civism.

    The problem of the World today is not Arabs, it is not jews, it is the idiots who are running banks in the name of ideologies that pit one against the other.

    Sad, sad World!

  • Krystal10

    FRANZ: This is the problem. People like you… I’ve seen muslim demonstrations in Germany with signs that say ‘Kill all Jews’, ‘Islam will dominate’, ‘Jews back to the ovens’ etc.

    For you Franz, that is O.K.?

    I blame the media and goverments for all that is happening. The film depicted the Sira which is the muslim holy book on the life of mohamed, their ideal man. The film depicted the truth. There are no lies in the film.

    According to you, we should hide and cower in a corner and not reveal truths for fear of islamic violence? Jews did that in 1939 and look at what happened to them.

    I salute the courage of Charlie Hebdo. Islamic rage and violence must be neutralized or else they will all dominate us soon. The more we fight back and not cower and protect our freedoms, the more they will get used to it and submit.

    There is something seriously wrong when your own government is too frightened to protect your basic rights.

    • Mihai-Robert Soran

      Sorry, but you’re NOT telling the truth. You’ve certainly not seen any demonstrations that allowed the signs you mention. The police would confiscate them an arrest the bearers in less than three minutes. I live in Germany, I know what I am talking about and in my opinion you’re simply lying to make Your point …
      You shouldn’t. You can make it by simply expressing your view, nit your phantasies.

    • nikolaos

      you are a big lair there is no sign saying kill the Jews at the demonstration in Germany you are a complete idiot.

  • Frantz

    I find it tragic that under the banner of ‘freedom of speech’ people with intolerant views instigate violence by others with similar intolerance. It is irresponsible to express insults when the person drawing, writing, or filming knows well that he or she has no argument and that his or her thoughts will lead others to use violence. These “artists” are responsible for the violence and the death of innocent people just as the criminals that reacted with violence.
    May the Eternal One make us instruments of peace instead of violence and hatred.

    • Sorry FRANTZ…people who commit violent acts are 100% responsible for his or her violent acts..
      They do not get to “share” responsibility for their sociopathic behavior with a person who made a movie or drew a cartoon…John Hinckley said TAXI DRIVER. Made him shoot Reagan…unless you are insane…a person is solely responsible for their sociopathic violence!

      • Anne

        I agree

    • Mihai-Robert Soran

      an insult is always defined by the one who considers himself insulted. In this case no infidel insults by externalizing his thoughts or opinions by drawing, writing or filming scenes that bear those opinions regardless of their acceptance or refusal (be it peaceful or violent) by the ones touched by the resulting published/released materials.

      We should also sometime start to differentiate between religion, God and “saints/tzadiks/prophets”.

      Ridiculizing the latter ones, people with great merits, but still ordinary people, like Mohammed or – at least according to Judaism and Islam – Jesus, the child of an ordinary woman, CANNOT constitute defamation, insult, attack of/on the religions and the GOD they propagated.
      Buddhism, Confucianism are considered by many as NOT being a religion but a “Weltanschauung”, because they created a believe system, but didn’t use any God to make proselytes.

      Islamist ignorants and criminal elements, a loud, violent, terror-ready minority, got mad not because of their Allah being “insulted”, but because a warrior dreamer, merchant, robber and killer is shown – more or less – in a way billions of people, from beggars to multi-billionaires, kings, presidents, religious leaders, states, ethnic, religious, political or social communities, organizations, corporations are often (re)presented in public: in ironic, satiric, humorous, provocative, often unfriendly, sometimes insulting ways.

      Those Islamist idiots and their sects have no right whatever to (re)act as the do, they deserve to be fought by the state they live and break the laws on public order,
      the appeasement some Western politicians, academics, students, leftist and rightist extremists, misleaded and misleading NGOs exercise in a way that fatally reminds (me) of the early years of Hitler’s 3rd Reich and of the Munich 1938 treaty and treason of freedom, democracy and international laws.

      I strongly disagree with the video trailer and call it ideological, intellectual and artistic trash produced by insane psychotic anti-Islamic religious and political extremists, and I consider the caricatures at the limits of good taste and common sense. But I reject the idea of forbidding their dissemination in the open media.
      They aren’t blaspheme, they aren’t God insulting, they only make Mohammed look like what he was: a man with good and bad traits.

    • mar

      You are right, it is tragic that Muslims and Islamists with intolerant views can incite violence by others with similar intolerant views. Islamists can not tolerate scrutiny or criticism, but as is clear by your comment, it is only the “intolerance” of others that concerns you. Islam can be intolerant of criticism, but all others must be tolerant of Islam. That makes no sense. Further, anyone brought to violence over a cartoon that says ” You must not mock us” is already insane, as there is NO inflamatory language involved whatsoever. Stop defending Muslim violence, it makes the problem worse

  • Chaya

    What is the inclusion of the Jew in this cartoon saying??

  • Danny

    I hear that the french evacuated their embassy in israel and anywhere in the world where there are jews.

    The jews are protesting and burning buildings all around the world to protest and cartoon of them.

    O, i am confused i think it is the arabs doing all this.

    • EthanP