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October 4, 2012 1:45 pm

German Parliament to Approve Religious Circumcision Practice

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Instruments used for a Jewish circumcision. Photo: wiki commons.

Germany’s parliament is expected to pass legislation that will legalize religious circumcisions, putting an end to the battle between religious groups and the state over the right to circumcision for religious purposes.

In May, a district court in Cologne, Germany, ruled that parent’s rights over their children do not extend to circumcision and that the procedure itself is a dangerous one.

“The body of the child is irreparably and permanently changed by a circumcision” which “contravenes the interests of the child to decide later on his religious beliefs,” read the court’s ruling.

The new law expected to pass through Germany’s Bundestag will allow mohels to perform circumcision procedures, provided they have proper medical training and certification.

Following the German court decision in June, Europe saw a wave of similar incidents where religious circumcisions were being strictly opposed.  Communities in Austria and Switzerland both moved to ban the practice, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel was direct in her opposition to the ban, stating that Germany would be a “laughing stock” if it didn’t overturn the Cologne court’s ruling.

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  • Mel

    It is obvious the U.S. Government is not (nor could it ever become) predominately Jewish. Should it ever attempt to convert, all the circumcisions would result in massive, irreparable brain damage.

  • Lawrence Kulak

    You can clearly see the anti-religious sentiment displayed which gave rise to the Third Reich. The first stept toward curtailment of religious freedom is to attack the concept of mesorah which permits chinnuch and which establishes a Jew. Without the concept of mesorah we would all have to be like Avraham Avinu and that is impossible. The Germans (and their brethren the Austrians and Swiss) are much like the Greeks in that they understand which mitzvot separated the Jews from everyone else. The Greeks sought to ban milah and Shabbos observance. Now perhaps I know why the Swiss were permitted to remain nuetral during the Second World War.

    • Jay S.

      Lawrence, religious freedom doesn’t include forcing a minor to undergo a painful, unnecessary cosmetic surgery. Circumcision is a violation of a person’s natural right to a whole body. It is a violation of the victim’s religious freedom – what if he decides he’s not interested in being a practicing Jew? Many cut men complain about their circumcisions, and resent the fact it was done to them against their will.

    • Mihai-Robert Soran

      I am Jewish and circumcised. Nevertheless I’m totally against the forced amputation of defenseless babies by parents with primitive beliefs and fears. It’s up to my children to decide when they become “mature” what they want to do with their bodies and with their religious observance. Bigotry as foundation for faith is what makes religion first despicable.