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November 1, 2012 12:26 pm

In Crown Heights, the Police Have Failed the Jewish Community

avatar by Elad Nehorai

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A Crown Heights youth was beaten by police.

Over the past week, there has been an attempted rape of an engaged woman and a brutal beating and mugging of a Jewish man in Crown Heights. In the case of the attempted rape, despite the woman’s attempts to convince them otherwise, the police refused to classify it as an attempted rape.  While the claim is that Hurricane Sandy has caused the lack of a real response by the police, there is little question that there is a pattern of neglect and failure among the police in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to protect their Jewish citizens.

For example, there have been repeated attacks aimed specifically at the Jewish residents of Crown Heights.  During the High Holidays of the Jewish month of Tishrei the Kinsgston Avenue subway station, across from the Chabad headquarters of 770 Eastern Parkway, was gratified with slogans such as, “The world would be better off if all the Jews were lampshades” and “Hitler was right re the Jews”.  During that same period, a man followed a Jewish woman home and robbed her and a man was mugged during Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year.  No suspects have been caught in any of these attacks.

In addition, a month ago, a young man was beaten by a police officer in the Aliyah Center, a home for troubled youths in Crown Heights. It got a lot of press and attention thanks to a video surveillance system installed in the center.  If it wasn’t for the video, of course, that man would still be in jail right now and that cop would be out on the street.

And while the residents are worried and outraged about all this, they feel powerless to do anything about the failure of their police force. Besides a small gathering to protest the police beating of the man in the Aliyah center, there has been very little attention given to the danger we all feel we are in, and our belief that the police have failed in their duty.

It’s time that this changes. The people in Crown Heights need to demand that the press in New York begins reporting these incidents more widely. In addition, the press has a responsibility to report these as attacks specifically targeted at Jews.  The video of the man who was mugged this week needs to be shared. And most importantly, pressure needs to be put on the Crown Heights police force to do their jobs.

Unless we organize and speak out about the failure of our police department to prevent and investigate these crimes, and the failure of the press to report them, the attacks will continue.

Please share this article, as well as the video of the beating of the man, that took place on President street and Albany Avenue, posted below.

The police have failed us. It is time that we speak out.

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  • I am actually shocked by some of the replies, vitriol to this opinion piece….

  • Lawrence kulak

    Jeffrey Justin is a prime example of a Jew who is liberal until he is the one that gets mugged.

  • Honey Bee

    Move to Texas where one can arm themselves.

  • i moved

    if you need the National Guard to be called in to protect you just cause the authority’s are stretched thin,then you need to question if still living there is what you should be doing ..

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Luckily Mayor Bloomberg has the time to restrict what people eat and drink and has the foresight to endorse The One over the number 1 most pressing problem facing NYC right now……global warming.

    All Hail Mayor Quimby!




  • Fredric M. London

    It is a shame that Bloomberg cannot have any compassion for people who are being victimized. I think it is time for the JDL to return to action.

  • bruce h

    wow can you hear yourselves you’re referring to people as the blacks in a totally condescending manner, some of your folks never learn if you think of a class of people as animals and treat them as such what do you think will always be the results??/

    • Sruly

      You are definitely an anti-Semite. Your words are your own admission. “some of your folks never learn if you think of a class of people”. You would rather blame the victim rather the offer solutions and understanding. Is it possible that you wish you were one of the attackers.

  • Fortune

    We unfortunately live in lawless times. It’s like the wild west of 150 years ago.

    As for reports by the mainstream media, you can forget about it. Journalism has bitten the dust and there is no such thing as reporting violent incidents against Jews. It’s just not newsworthy.

    Was Wyatt Earp just a myth?

  • Lawrence Kulak

    thee unfortunate reality is that the cops in Crown Heights do not like the Jews because they feel that without them they could not survive. Of course they are right, but the buck really stops at the top of the police department and with the Mayor and the District Attorney. The minute Charlie Hynes showed his true colors by requesting the deportation of Yitzie shuchat for simply doing his job to protect Jews when the police do not, we should have all clamored relentlessly for his resignation. We shouldn’t allow ourselves from being intimidated from defending ourselves when we are in the minority and are living amongst savages. If Jews were allowed to properly defend themselves then we would not be so dependent on the police but that apparently does not sit too well with them either. Unfortunately what they are trying to do is to turn us into as vicious criminals as the Blacks are where we have to retaliate with vicious crimes ourselves and hope not to get caught. This is entirely logical because the laregely Black police department probably resents the fact that the Jews are on such a higher level than the animals that surround them. And the white police officers prefer to side with the blacks because it give them a convenient outlet for their anti-semitism. If there wasn’t official anti-semitism in the Black police brass however, the white officers would probably all side with the jews. Everybody knows what an animal is but the Black officers are subtly attempting to change the rules of enforcement so that the Blacks can abuse the Jews and Ray Kelly and Charlie Hynes are going along with it. Giuliani would have stopped it cold, but Bloomberg does not even uderstand what is going on and is too busy hating himself for being Jewish, banning sodas and doing radio commercials with his miserable New England accent to care.


      Unfortunately, the liberal Reform rabbis are too busy demeaning Israel and praising themselves for “saving the world” to be worried about the Crown Heights community or any of their fellow Jews here or abroad.

      This article should be forward repeatedly to each of the rabbis on the list of “rabbis for Obama” and ask where Obama stands on this very clear issue.

    • Jeffrey Justin

      Dear Mr Kulak, I have to say that it is a rare thing when People like yourself write remarks as racially motivated as the remarks about Jews, across from Chabad headquarters. The tone and vitriol of your remarks would have done all the Anti-Semites proud,you might even get a membership card . Did it ever occur to anyone that the last week in the midst of Hurricane Sandy that there would be crime ? You are complaining of police indifference about 2 incidents while Thousand of such incidents were occuring all over the city,to many people ,including Christians ,African Americans ,Latinos as well as Jews other than the 2 from Crown Hights. Black on Black crime is the highest crime rate in the city. I wasnt at the aliyah center so I dont know what happened there but I saw the video of the man getting mugged,it didn’t seem like a hate crime as much as a crime to me . there where thousands of other robberies many of them violent ,just like the man in Crown hights. ..Bruce H ,you have it Right as for Lt. Col Howard the only thing unfortunate is that you have a platform to spout your nonsense! I would think that all responsible people are against crime ,especialy violent crime. Show me a list of Rabbis who support violent crime or stifle yourself . By the way I also loved your reform Rabbis remark ,as a Modern orthodox Jewand the son of a suvivor your remarks sound an awful lot like Nazi propaganda as well as current Skin heads and Members of the KKK .maybe you should write them ,you can make history as the 2nd Jew to join thier ranks

  • Avigayil

    No one cares if a dog bites a man, it’s just a dog. Unfortunately, minority youths roam the street like animals, attack a lone Jew, and scatter. Minority cops identify more with the youths than the Jews. There does not seem to be any will to identify these young savages and arrest them. The Dinkins cry of “Let them vent” is alive and well.

  • Jill

    If everyone who reads this article also writes to the government, police chief, newspapers etc too make sure they know we are watching, and disgusted with the inaction.

    • Fortune

      The NYPD is stretched thin because of Sandy and her aftermath.

      We need the National Guard to be called in to Jewish neighborhoods.