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November 1, 2012 1:22 pm

Latest Israel Public Relations News

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  • A leader of Friends of the Israel Defense Forces “has a novel solution to Israel’s hasbara, or public relations, problem: Enlist Israel’s “lone soldiers” as public relations ambassadors.” Interesting thought, although I believe that as in other professional services fields, professionals need to be hired for PR. Read more here.
  • Kudos are due to David Brog of Christians United for Israel for his article in Middle East Quarterly on liberal Jews standing with those who constantly oppose Israel.  As Brog says: “For many years, the liberal base of the Democratic Party has been steadily turning against the Jewish state. . . .The response of most pro-Israel liberals to the erosion of support for Israel among the Democratic base has been to surrender.” Brog rightly argues that these liberals preach exclusively to the Jews about peace.  It’s amazing that some of these American Jewish “leaders” have literally zero (NO) representation in the diverse Israeli Knesset for their viewpoints.  Disgusting creatures like Peter Beinart and the people that run J Street are to the left of the furthest leftist Jews in Israel, yet purport to be mainstream in America.
  • In The Guardian, an op-ed headlined, We condemn Israel. So why the silence on Syria? reads: “It’s not simply a bias against Jews that regards an Arab or Muslim death as only deserving condemnation when Israel is responsible. It is demeaning of Arabs and Muslims themselves – implying that when members of those groups kill each other it somehow carries little moral weight. Such a view is not defensible, especially among those who would consider themselves to be enlightened or progressive.”
  • I Recently read about BBC Watch, a website which is dedicated to monitoring the BBC which is extremely biased and misleading when it comes to Middle East coverage.  Let’s hope the site does something to make the BBC more balanced – because they are amongst the worst when it comes to their Israel coverage.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a PR agency.

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