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April 15, 2013 1:53 pm

College Professor Tries to Pass Off Photo from Buchenwald as Deir Yassin

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Screen shot of photo of Buchenwald initially used to illustrate Deir Yassin atrocity. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

A blog entry on the Religion News Service website by a North Carolina University professor has prompted a strong response from Jewish bloggers.

Omid Safi, professor of Islamic Studies at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, first accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing” of the indigenous population before and during the War of Independence in 1948. Then he commemorates the alleged Deir Yassin “massacre,” and to illustrate the atrocity he uses a photo of the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp, part of the Buchenwald complex. As is pointed out by the anonymous blogger Elder of Ziyon, who first spotted the falsity, the dead bodies were victims of a Royal Air Force bombing raid in April 1945.

After the photo was spotted and the inaccuracy circulated online, Safi changed the photo with this addendum at the bottom of his article:

“An earlier version of this article had incorrectly used a Google image that was not associated with the Deir Yessin atrocity.    That mistake has been corrected, and I apologize about the mistake.   I have replaced that image with one.”

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  • genia

    It is not one university or one professor. Anti-Semitic lies are spread throughout mass media every day. Certainly, oil dollars support this propaganda. Yet there are a lot of volunteers from faithful Muslim fanatics to the not less faithful left radicals. The Jewish “liberals” are on the top of this list. G. Soros and N. Chomsky are doing the most harm. When we have such Jews, we do not need other enemies.
    I had an on-line discussion with an apparently young man, who seemed to me a pathological Anti-Semite since he wrote about Israeli occupation and Palestinian genocide. I was very surprised to realize that he learned all this garbage from Chomsky. How many left-wing Jewish”intellectuals” teach this crap? How many of Ant-Semitic organizations are sponsored by Jews like Soros. What do we expect from uninformed gentiles?

  • M.Otero

    The trouble is that these scoundrels get away with impunity. Once they’ve told their lie, it has a life of its own. Later refutations do little to void the lie.
    Unless one is forearmed with a “crap detector”, one can scarcely avoid some degree of pernicious influence.

  • Mel

    Red master-baiter Rep. Joe McCarthy assaulted Hollywood and Broadway with his H.U.A.C. hearings. Rather than impressionable idealists, he should have exposed the commie professors hiding inside America’s Halls of Ivy, who had effectively brainwashed them.
    60 years of unfettered indoctrination by ‘educators’
    has seen socialist stupidity advanced from curious
    oddity to mainstream science.
    Islam plays these ‘Useful Idiots’ like Perlman’s violin.

    • Lou Adams

      Before you attack Joe McCarthy read red star over hollywood, it gives the light of day to those real communists in hollywood.

  • Esther Sarah Evans

    How much more of this is going on without being spotted and exposed? I shudder to think.
    By the way, Parshat Kedoshim, Vayikra 19:14 contains a warning explained in detail by S.R.Hirsch, who says that the prohibition against placing a stumbling block before the blind is not just literal, but refers to any form of misleading other people. In other words, blood libel cases, false reporting such as that exposed here, mass-media spread of lies about Israel would all fall into this category of sin. The further warning to fear G-d. I G-d (instead of I am G-d, as in most English translations, but rendered in the Hirsch translation as Ich G-tt only to stress that G-d is absolute) is a sombre warning to people who curse a deaf person or place a stumbling block. Since the Torah is for all to read, not just we Jews, but all mankind should take these warnings seriously.

  • Steve1

    I went to have a look at the article and it has been removed at the moment.

    “Editor’s Note: This post has been temporarily suspended pending review by the editorial team at Religion News Service.”

    Elder of Ziyon – I spend a lot of time fighting anti Semitics etc. online, being from NZ and not being Jewish I am always have to re-check my statements and research the truth before I reply to them. so many places I end up at, Elder of Ziyon has been there already, its kinda like in WW2 wherever the allied troops went, there was always the “Kilroy was here” message and drawing there first.(from the American advanced troops of course).
    So many good people working hard to expose the Propaganda, Good to see.

    Deir Yassin -I come across this often, so long ago but still used, of course they never mention it was straight after the butchering and mutilation of 50 Jewish prisoners at Kastel by the Arabs, nor is it mentioned the ignored orders to Irgun and Lehi fighters that were given not to harm civilians, or the release by the prisoners, ordered by the Haganah.
    and of course they never mention the 77 murdered and mutilated by the Arabs 5 days later,77 mainly Jewish Doctors and nurses killed and twenty wounded in an Aid convoy including Ambulances, before the British intervened.

    “Had it not been for Army interference” declared the Arab high committee “not a single Jewish passenger would of remained alive”
    “The gunmen”(Arab)”mutilated the dead and photographed each other with the corpses in macabre poses, The Photographs were mass produced and sold as postcards in Jerusalem”

    • George

      Thank you so much for the summary information . It is perfect for use on college campuses where the Muslim students often use Deir Yassin as an example of Jewish behavior. It is also perfect for blogs and letters and replies. I intend to make good use of it and hope others do too.

      Do you blog somewhere? Sometimes people like you are better at replying to the bigots than are Jewish professors like me. You certainly are better for this pint.

      Bless you.


      Dr.George Zilbergeld

      • Steve1

        Hi George,
        A little bit more info I have then seems it helps.
        as the Irgun and Lehi fighters entered the village they were fired on and 4 killed, the Jewish fighters ran through the village throwing grenades into the houses, I think though seems prisoners were taken and then released perhaps the intent could be debated
        from the very well researched book “Jerusalem” the Biography
        written by Simon Sebag Montefiore

        • Steve1

          I have contacted you George via face book , if you still remember your log in details ? 🙂

        • lynette

          There is a a first hand account detailed by Yehuda Avner in his highly recommended and readable book “The Prime Ministers”

          There is a more modern myth- the so called “massacre” at Jenin which the British media and others exaggerated beyond all recognition of what actually happened. The Arabs placed dead sheep ouside the town so that journalists smelt dead bodies and were able to reinforce the myth that there had been a “massacre” The apology that the information was wrong came after weeks of the term massacre being used and even when it was proven to be wrong ( 23 Israel’s lost their lives and 56 Arab Palestinian terrorists were killed ) it still kept being repeated as fact by journalists eg Robert Fisk from the Independent newspaper and other British newspapers.

      • Lou Adams

        saved and will be quoted, thank you

  • Gerry Farkas

    If the Israelis perpetrated ethnic cleansing in the War of Independence, they sure didn’t do too good a job as there are now 1.6 million Arabs living as fee citizens in the only democratic country in that part of the world.

  • When Israel is compared to the Nazi government, Gaza to the Warsaw Ghettos and Dier Yassin to Buchenwald…it would be interesting to know from where this man got his PhD?

    The Ubiversity of Christchurch, New Zealand a few years ago gave out a Masters’ Dgree for a thesis based on the premise that the holocaust was a hoax. These universities should be identified, as in this case, so serious students of history can avoid them.

    Has the U of NC’s Academic Senate followed up Omid Safi, if not why not?

    • Steve1

      I am shamed and apologise on behalf of the good people in NZ, and I agree these sorts of actions need to be exposed, I hope and would expect it was stopped very quickly from outside pressure. bit I will check on it

  • Alon

    another idiot and all those idiots who made him a professor

  • Jacqueline

    Saudi Arabia finances these university Middle East departments with millions of dollars. America better wake up before it is too late.

    • Mel

      Janet Napolitano is their ‘Man on the Ground.’

  • j glueck

    Thanks for exposing this man… can’t we do something about these “closet” Jew haters?… really just a political jihadist, an Islamist apologist seeking to delegitimize Israel … He is a buffoon and can’t even articulate English properly, yet he can qualify as a “professor”.

  • Oh, thanks for apologizing. If y’hadn’t been found out for phonying up the photos, you wouldn’t be so quick to apologize. One more anti-Semite caught in his lie.

  • Steven

    Typical lying sack of s**t …

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Well it IS UNC Chapel Hill – they drove out all their Jewish professors and anyone who could speak Hebrew from their own Mideast Studies Program.

    • chas

      E Pluribus….would love to talk…how do you know about UNC? please email me. Yofi515@gmail.com

  • richard sherman

    This was NOT. a mistake….A typical antisemitic college professor who just caught trying to sell his antisemitic garbage!