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April 22, 2013 2:06 pm

Wrongly Evicted Jewish Brooklyn College Students Demand CUNY Action

avatar by Zach Pontz

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BDS protester. Photo: wiki commons.

Three of the four students who were unceremoniously removed from a controversial BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) event aimed at Israel at Brooklyn College in February, have sent a letter to the school communicating their displeasure with a recent report issued by the University, The Algemeiner has learned.

The letter was written on behalf of Melanie Goldberg, Ari Ziegler and Michael Ziegler by their legal counsel, Kirkland and Ellis. The students were removed from the event after a representative of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which hosted the event, accused them of causing a disruption. The report concluded that the individual in question, Carlos Guzman, didn’t evict them because of religious orientation, but rather a “plausible inference can be drawn that the removal of the four students was motivated by their political viewpoint.”

The students contend that “The report ignores the obvious discriminatory motives behind the expulsion and fails to hold accountable the individuals and groups who were responsible for the letter.”

The students also believe “The University dodges the most critical issues surrounding the students’ expulsion and shirks its responsibility both to the three students and…to the University community at large.”

The three main issues of concern noted in the letter are that “The report does not reach a conclusion as to why the students were expelled”; it does not “include recommendations for disciplinary action” against the perpetrators; and it “fails to acknowledge that a public statement made by a Brooklyn College spokesman in the immediate aftermath of the event…was wrongful and mishandled.”

The students also take issue with the fact that the report chooses to “credit the sincerity of” Carlos Guzman, who isn’t even a registered student at Brooklyn College, and that by doing so brings into question “the legitimacy” of the report.

The students are seeking damages in the form of a public apology from CUNY that mentions “Ari, Michael, and Melanie by name”  and acknowledges the “College’s violation of their rights to free speech.” They also demand that the school initiate proceedings against Students for Justice in Palestine for “allowing a third-party individual unaffiliated with the University to serve as principal organizer and apparent admissions czar”; against “College officials who failed to intercede in the the forced expuslion” of the students; and against “college officials responsible for the erroneous and defamatory public statement” issued by the school immediately after the incident.

When reached Brooklyn College declined comment. The students’ legal counsel told The Algemeiner no decision had yet been made about taking legal action against the school.

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  • Vered

    I am sorry that Jewish groups like Hillel and others are directing the students.not to be political how can a Jew be non political ,should we again be led to the ovens ,should a Jew be pasisive against all thousand of attacks by Jewish media and the so call post zionists sould we be so global that we forget our loyalties to our people ,???

  • Martin Bookspan

    Legal action against Brooklyn College should be started IMMEDIATELY. And it should include a section which demands something like “….and the College must issue a public apology for its abject and cowardly submission to a movement that advocates terrorism against, and the overthrow of, the sovereign United States of America”.

  • howard brown

    Push on it…make it hurt badly enough they’ll back away from the next conference…

  • jerry kleiner

    You know it would be quite valuable when writing articles like this to include an email address of the party involved so that the public can voice their feelings.

    In this case, I would have liked to write Brooklyn College but had no email address and when I went to the website there were too many options.

    In the future, get your readership involved whenever possible.

  • Lynn K. Circle

    It has become obvious that too many college campuses are now administered by ideologues whose belief system includes the simplistic creed of “Israel=Bad; Palestinians=Good.” These same people style themselves as “liberals” but, in fact, are as illiberal as any other doctrinaire believer> They give lip service to freedom of expression but strive to silence any expression which does not support their own ideas. This, I think, is now the situation at CUNY, as well as at many other universities around the nation.

  • Jurema Santos

    I think the students expeled should take legal action against Brooklyn College.

  • I think it’s time for those who are truly interested in
    freedom of speech to bring a lawsuit against Brooklyn College to achieve some measure of justice. We cannot be
    silent in the face of this incipient neo-Nazi behavior.

  • Fredric M. London

    Take action! The best way to make the vermin pay, is to make them pay. Make them take responsibility for the unrelentingly reprehensible conduct of the entire College. Take it to court, and put as much pressure as possible on the wretches who organized, paid for, and covered for this virulent anti-Semitic group, and ensure that those abhorrent criminals do not dare pull such a stunt again.

  • Dr. Zhivago

    Good. That’s the way to combat these leftists and Muslim antisemites!

  • G. Fränkl

    Where is the 4th student in this, why did he/she not sign on this important letter? Could the disgusting “College” take advantage of this fact? This nefarious, condemnable institution must be punished for itsantisemitic crimes!!!

  • If the students cool their actions, intentions, and minds, and think slowly, deliberately, and clearly, with the advice of a smart lawyer who will help them put their message across without heated exchanges, in which people nearly always say and do more than is necessary, and often, more than is advisable, then they can succeed in their actions. Planning,keeping cool, working together, putting the important pieces out front, and being wiling to compromise, are all vitally important.

    The School knows it has a legal problem here. Cool thinking is OF THE ESSENCE. Let nothing be left by the wayside. Keep tempers under control. Win the important points and leave the dregs alone; they not as vital as you may think.


  • Peter

    I am SO glad the students obtained legal counsel, and EXCELLENT counsel at that. The ONLY way CUNY will take action is with the threat of a lawsuit. Otherwise the school would just let the issue blow over and no one would be held accountable. I also hope that alumni stop donating to the college.

  • We are in a World wide Islamic Cultural War or 1400-year-old Jihad.
    We each see a different parts of it in the world and if you put all the violent parts together it adds up to only one cause: an 1400 year old Islamic Cultural War. It is the same as that joke of four blind men touching the elephant.

    It is Cultural War that means Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture.

    It is a Genocidal War. Tactic for America, Stealth Jihad.

    The book “Culture and Conflict”, explains it clearly. It shows that current cultural conditions in the Arab Middle East will not support internal development, advancement or peace until there is a major cultural change. “It is critical that we understand our enemy. That is step one in every conflict,” RR. Philip Carl Salzman, INSB # 978-1-59102-587-0.

  • The Important Stuff

    1. It was an Islamic Attack

    2. It was a simple attackӬ

    3. It can be repeated all across America very easily.

    4. The two white America Muslims will be hero’s and martyrs to 80% of America Muslims

  • Brooklyn College and it’s officials was so very wrong regarding this issue. A public apology must immediately be issued and also a list of consequences must be listed.

  • The report ignored the obvious: the Jewish students were removed because they were Zionists. If they had been antisemetic Jews as are many members of the school’s administration there would have been no problem. The muslim student organization is virulently antisemetic so it meshes perfectly with school administration and most of the faculty.

  • Jeff Blankfort

    They’re lucky they didn’t have their homes or apartment houses demolished by P-9 Caterpillar bulldozers.

  • the bad news is the event and the evictions. the good news is that good Jews are standing up for their rights. nice.

  • Frime

    The college should be taken to task for their horrible behaviour surrounding this event. The administration at Brooklyn College, and CUNY in after the fact, are guilty of discrimination and as well as denying these students free speech.

  • Can these students who were so shamefully abused by the College, ask for monetary compensation too? That is, why don’t they ask for damages on account of violations of their rights to academic freedom, of their dignity, etc??