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June 4, 2013 5:07 pm

Hezbollah Fighter: We Can Fight Simultaneously on Three Fronts

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Hezbollah fighters.

Hezbollah still has the ability to fight on three different fronts, including in Israel, a fighter for the Lebanese terror organization told Lebanon’s NOW.

“Hezbollah can still fight simultaneously on three fronts: in Syria, in the south against Israel, as well as internally. We are expecting to fight a war internally because we feel that those [foreign backers] who are spending money locally are now going to make use of it. All the indicators point in that direction.”

The fighter, Abou Ali, was speaking after having been deployed to Qusayr, Syria where Hezbollah has been operating for several weeks in hopes of taking control of the city.

“The war in Syria is a preemptive strike on an enemy that was going to export the Syrian conflict into Lebanon; and Hezbollah will not allow for its military and strategic interests to be threatened without responding to such a threat,” Ali said of the reasoning behind Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria.

Ali also gave insight into the make-up of the Syrian rebels Hezbollah has been fighting.

“Most militants I met were foreign fighters: Europeans, Gulf Arabs, Chechens, Jordanians, and even Filipinos from the Abu Sayyaf movement! Syrians only play a supporting and secondary role in the rebellion unless they fought in Iraq or Libya.”

Hezbollah, which until recently had denied any direct involvement in the Syria conflict, has spread its operations throughout the country, according to Ali.

“Besides Qusayr, we are now fighting in Aleppo and rural areas surrounding it, as well as the suburbs of Damascus, Hama, and Idlib. In the Damascus suburbs and Aleppo, we are leading similar operations than those launched in Qusayr due to the nature of the terrain,” he told NOW.

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  • Bernard Ross

    we shall see if the headline is correct. I await with baited breath.

  • Mel

    Say Hezbollah fighters CAN fight on three fronts at once. Say they can die on three fronts at once. Is their hatred so ingrained they will martyr themselves if they realize Heaven, (due to Muslim abuse of women and girls) has no more virgins?

  • GEEZ: didja see the picture of the guy saluting? Jus’ like they usta salute Hitler!

    Whut’s goin’ on, here?

    Well, at least when the tell everybody “peace in our time”, we’ll know where he got THAT line from!!

  • By the time they get finished translating the daily orders into half a dozen different languages, the damn war will be over, awready!! Why don’ they go back to selling neckties made in China? Each guy c’n have a diff’rent corner on 9th Avenue in NYC.

    And we’ll promise the cops will leave ’em alone…even if they DON’T have a license!

    These guys are gettin’ to be a pain in the ass!

  • Claudia


  • Carl

    Note the n&zi salutes in the photo. They learned Jew-hatred well from the masters! Probably directly from the hands of Germans who escaped Neuremburg and were welcomed with open (outstretched) arms in the Arab world.