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October 3, 2013 10:36 am

Netanyahu to U.S. Media: With Iran ‘I look at What They Do, Not What They Say’

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Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu being interviewed by Charlie Rose, October 2, 2013. Photo: Screenshots.

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu on Charlie Rose, October 2, 2013. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the rounds on U.S. television on Wednesday, continuing to warn the world of the consequences of a nuclear Iran.

Speaking with Andrea Mitchell of NBC a day after addressing the United Nations General Assembly, Netanyahu dismissed the recent conciliatory tone struck by Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, saying that it is actions, not words, that Iran must be judged by.

“He talks about his revere for democracy in Iran, he tweets here in the United States but they don’t let the Iranian people use Twitter,” he said. “He talks about the scourge of terrorism. Iran conducts, as we speak now, terrorist operations in dozens of countries. He speaks of the tragedy in Syria, Iran’s forces help Assad perpetrate the massacre of tens of thousands of men, women and children as we speak. It’s one thing to say one thing, it’s another thing what they do, and I look at what they do, not what they say.”

Netanyahu also spoke with TV personality Charlie Rose, and addressed those who criticize his handling of Iran and the peace process.

“If you govern by fashion and you govern by the kind of editorials you’re gonna get, you’ll get good editorials and later you’ll get good eulogies. I’d rather have bad press and no eulogies, better a bad press than a good eulogy,” Netanyahu said. “My responsibility is to ensure the survival, security, longevity of the one and only Jewish state. I will do that pursuing peace, and I’m prepared to make historic compromises. I will never compromise on Israel’s security. Never.”

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  • Matt

    The problem is red lines have to be real and enforced and the other side need to know it is not merely bluff but you mean it and will carry it out. There should be no question of doubt in the other parties mind. Now this not a game it is a serious business and the consequences are real. Now you can only destroy the world once so it is hard to show you are serious, you can’t use it as an example because you only get one go at it. So the next best thing is a scorched earth policy what the world knows as the Arab Spring which surprisingly left reasonable countries alone and alone destroyed despotic figures such Qaddafi and has destroyed Syria. Egypt was mismanagement by Obama it is back to normal now. But the message was heard loud and clear in Iran and by their supports. Otherwise we would not be breathing, so as western intelligence agencies like to point their analysis was right ours wrong and fears unfounded because we are still breathing, it is a clear and enforced red line demonstrated by a scorched earth policy we mean what we say and we do want we say. And they know it. In the US they think we are nuts the US was so mad at us for what we did because it was so dangerous and risky we had no choice but to act. So as long as the enemy also thinks that we are crazy and is not foolish in actions. It will be alright. No one else may mean never again but we do mean it.