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October 6, 2013 11:56 am

PA’s Fatah Facebook Page Praises Terrorist Who Shot 9-Year-Old Girl in Psagot

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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A Fatah post on Facebook praising the terrorist who wounded a 9-year old Israeli girl. Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

A Fatah post on Facebook praising the terrorist who wounded a 9-year old Israeli girl. Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

After a nine year old girl was shot in the Israeli town of Psagot in the West Bank on Saturday, an official Fatah Facebook page praised the terrorist shooter.

In a post identified by Palestinian Media Watch, the administrator related Saturday’s attack to a sniper attack that killed an Israeli soldier in Hebron two weeks ago. Writing on behalf of Fatah, the page praised “the sniper of Palestine” who began his work in Hebron (the shooting of the soldier), passed through El-Bireh (the shooting of the girl), and – according to the Facebook page post – will continue in more places in the future:

“The sniper of Palestine was here. He saluted Hebron, and rested in El-Bireh. He left the signature of [real] men in different parts of the homeland. He saluted and left, and moved on to a different place, with a new signature, as he tells the stories of those who love the homeland,” the Facebook post at “Fatah – The Main Page” read today.

Speaking at today’s cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed a finger at the Palestinian Authority for “the ongoing incitement in the Palestinian media” that, he said, allows these attacks to continue.

“We do not content ourselves with the fact that our staunch security policies have made this the most quiet year in a decade in terms of terrorist attacks,” the prime minister said, according to Israel daily Ma’ariv. “First of all, we detect an increase in terror attacks recently, and I must say that as long as incitement continues in the Palestinian media, the [Palestinian] Authority cannot evade responsibility for these incidents.”

Last week, the PA held a memorial for terrorist Abu Sukkar who killed 15 Israelis with a bomb. In a speech, PA Chairman Abbas himself stated that “Fatah lost a beacon.”

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  • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

    Israel has been and still is smack in the middle of a WAR PROCESS with all and sundry Palestinians actively fighting on the Western Front ( west of the Jordan), Northern Front ( North of Gaza ), Southern Front ( South of Lebanese border with Hezbolah ) and everybody keeps talking about a……………peace process !!!???
    What some (!!!) really wish is not for Israel to negotiate but to capitulate – has vsholem !! –

  • Luigi Rosolin

    If was a Palestinian been shot the international media was for sure taking the news world wide and accuse Israel.The UN and western country including Australia are ignoring the hatred and wrong doing of Islamic Extremist.Very sorry for the Jung girl and the soldier that had been murder.Western and UN should take action against country that are a least sympathetic to atrocity like this.
    UN should also impose sanction on Muslim country that had law who contradict the equality of citizen especially for religious reason.Most Muslim country are abusing and mistreat other faith with support of internal law that are against UN and international law of human right.

  • what goes around comes around !
    the shooter ! watch your back !

  • Alon

    Keep them busy on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays so that they will be taking care of their wounds all the other days of the week. Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life and the only thing Islam understands is the “nabut”, (the stick).

  • Debra Michels

    I think more and more people need to speak and write about the dark side of Islam – in the media and elsewhere – and educate the public about aspects of Islam that are profound obstacles to peace. I think it’s important to combat the shame-and-blame of Israel that goes on.

    But we need to guard against being infected by their violence and hatred. It is like a spiritual contagion, a terrible temptation that we must not succumb to. I think we must be ready to defend ourselves, but also to keep our own loving values and our love for peace.

    It’s like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings – he acknowledges the need to fight on the physical plane, but he never becomes a warmonger or a hater. We must remember why we wanted Israel to exist in the first place, and we must remember what we love about Judaism, as well.

  • Jonathan C. Marchant

    There are fanatical organizations in the US. Some advocate negotiating with the moderate factions of those organizations, too. At the risk of being intolerant and bigoted, I concede that I have absolutely no use for the moderate faction of the Ku Klux Klan. Mea culpa.

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    I have written before and reiterate now: the only possible way of stopping or at least retarding Arab murder of Jews is to kill Arab terrorists. Israel stupidly is releasing scores of them. Instead: an Arab murders a Jew–take 10 Arab terrorists out of their cells and shoot them down AND show it on t.v.; the Arab only wounds a Jew, shoot 5 Arab terrorists; the attack involves child victims..double the number..20 Arabs shot in the first case; ten in the second. After this is done perhaps HALF A DOZEN TIMES that will stop or retard the Palestinians. Nothing else has or will; they’ve been murdering Jews since 1917.

    • Debra Michels

      I can understand the feelings of wanting to shoot and kill, but really – acting them out would make us like Nazis or other terrorists!

      • carol

        No, the Arabs need to be unequivocally defeated. They need to eat it. Anything else is what they consider weakness. This is the fault of Oslo. Every time we give them something for nothing or don’t hit back, they consider it a win and a sign from allah that they are doing something right and it’s time to defeat the infidels.

        Just because the Muslim Brotherhood and other Arabs and their leftist allies are good at trying to make Israelis seem like Nazis for defending themselves. Unequivocal defense is what must be done.

        Read up on Islam. It is a horribly violent, disgusting ideology, and I can see why many call it Satanic.

      • Robert

        When an intruder breaks into your home threatening your family with a gun, does it make you an intruder if you shoot them? No sane person would say it does.

        Responding to terrorists with counter-attacks in no way makes Israel a terrorist…your logic is incredibly flawed.

    • Pam Kaye

      Don’t agree – they’d happily be considered martyrs. And no Jew in the world would be safe from their Muslim neighbours who’d be cutting our throats in revenge.

      • you mean like they are cutting our throats now?

        • Jenny P

          I understand where many of you are coming from, but we can’t forget how much pressure Israel is under. They are surrounded by immense hatred and those same venues hold oil reserves. On top of that, every Jew knows that we are among the world’s biggest scapegoats for anything that happens, in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. So many people are seemingly “snowed” by the extremists.

  • daniela lowinger

    And the Israeli government still believes in a peace process? With whom? How many more terrorists Bibi is going to release till we get the message that there is not going to be peace with terrorists and their leadership?

    • Sonia Willats

      Absolutely! I’m sure Bibi knows this. It is utterly pointless to discuss peace with people who glorify murdering innocents and to give them back convicted murderors to fan the flames and incite more and more murder. STOP, BIBI, PLEASE, this pointless “peace process.”

      AND WHERE IS THE WESTERN MEDIA’S OUTRAGE AT THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE. Even a soldier guarding the Cave of Machpelah in Hebron is an innocent. Where the outrage? Only Israel, it seems, is sane.

  • Maybe now is the time to come up with a new strategy….

    Any Palestinian unhappy with the occupation will be offered $100,000 to relocate and renounce all claims. Let’s see how this Peace Process works…..

    What if 1,000,000 leave and move out of the region. They get a new life without having to waste time hating Israel for all their problems. $100,000 goes a long way in that part of the world – I am sure the West would be happy to end this conflict peacefully and support financially.

  • RMM

    The Arabs are so lucky…they get away with first-degree murder and Israel allows it to continue because they don’t want a full-blown war. But the Arabs are fools for continuing their murderous ways. One of these days they will go too far and Israel will hit back in such a way that the Arabs will never fully recover.

    They Arabs are no match for the IDF and Jewish brain-power. The Arab mind thinks it can continue its pin-prick war with the Jews. So far, they’ve gotten away with murder in the first degree.
    But one of these days those Israelis are going to issue a simple ultimatum: cease your murderous ways now and forever or we will cease it for you.

    And then the world will see what everyone knows is coming: Arabs are no match for the Jewish scientific, military, legal, inventive mind. And the day that they cross that line, The Arab world as we know it today, will cease to exist.

    Jews want nothing but to live in peace with the rest of the world – including its Arab neighbors. Arab women seek out Jewish physicians and hospitals. (Would anyone deliberately choose an Arab doctor over a Jewish doctor? (Answer: ask any Arab woman! Anyway, has anyone ever heard of an Arab doctor? Arab business men seek out Jewish legal minds. Arab children are sent to schools with predominantly Jewish teachers –

    • chuck lowenstein

      For factual accuracy, it is necessary to point out that there are a significant number of very good Arab doctors in both Hadassah hospitals in Yerushalayim.

    • JIM FOX

      How I wish this would happen… is the civilised world not utterly sick of Islam and its evil? Or are we wilfully blind, so entranced by our liberal philosophies that we fail to see the blindingly obvious?

      I would not shed a tear if the entire ummah was destroyed, except that Muslims are through their indoctrination and ignorance of Islam are its main victims.

      • Sonia Willats

        “wilfully entranced” describes well the ‘religion’ of liberalism, or post-modernism.

    • Pam Kaye

      Where are you FROM? Here in my neighbourhood in the UK the majority of doctors seem to be Arabs, Pakistanis, or N.Africans. I’m just saying – not complaining about it

  • Sandy Brown

    These Palestinians are just disgusting. End of.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    “First of all, we detect an increase in terror attacks recently, and I must say that as long as incitement continues in the Palestinian media, the [Palestinian] Authority cannot evade responsibility for these incidents.”

    Alas, if he only meant it.

    • Sonia Willats

      Do they try to evade responsibility, or do they glorify in it, proving how ABSURD America’s forcing a “peace process” is

  • irving D. Cohen

    I guess this is what the PLO refers to as the “PEACE PROCESS.”

    • JIM FOX

      Well said- as far as I can see, ‘peace’ in Islamic terms is ‘peace on our terms’, that is when the world is 100% enslaved. But before that one branch of Islam must exterminate all the others…

    • Efram Paul

      The PLO has never acknowledged that Israel has a right to exist. Their charter calls for Israel to be wiped off the map and the Jews driven into the sea. This is the group repeatedly, and incorrectly, referred to as moderate. The peace process to them is talking and murdering simultaneously. It happens every time. At the end of one peace process came a reign of terror. The same occurred after the second time. Each time Israel was willing to give up more than 90% of the land, and each time the PLO’s response was murder.

      • Sonia Willats

        And this time it has been contructed in such a way that the Israeli public only get to see what has been agreed for them (BLINDLY) at the end of the process and will be decried if they don’t accept it. They are being dragged blindfold down a dark alley and it takes no genius to know that the whole process is flawed and doomed from the start. America is responsible for this, and one must question Obama’s true agenda.