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November 14, 2013 5:26 pm

Israeli Scientists’ ‘Water-Splitting’ Process Could Reduce World’s Crude Oil Dependence

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A U.S. oil refinery in Washington state. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The world’s dependence on crude oil could be dramatically reduced if what a group of Israeli scientists discovered can be applied to energy technology.

On Wednesday, a team from Ben Gurion University unveiled a “water-splitting” process by which a chemical element obtained from water can be mixed with a synthetic gas to create a substance that performs the same functions as oil, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

“There is no magic here… this is viable,” Moti Herskowitz, the chemical engineering professor who headed the research, said at the Bloomberg Fuel Choices Summit, in Tel Aviv.

The JC writes that Herskowitz’s process “involves mixing carbon dioxide with water and synthetic gas, and passing it through a special reactor to create a ‘green feed’ made up of liquid and gas.”

The ingredients for the fuel are readily available, he says. Hydrogen can be obtained from water and carbon dioxide can be “captured” from myriad places.

“This is a truly renewable fuel in terms of the environment,” said Dr Herskowitz, adding, “I believe that in five to ten years we’ll be able to be very competitive because of advances with water-splitting technologies.”

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  • alternatives have been found before, big oil killed it. they will kill it every time.

  • Richard

    I find the corrective comments trivial. As the good Professor is much smarter than you, and he is offering a world class discovery to assist in CO2 reduction, it may do you well to butt out

  • High Treason

    This is why Nazis and Muslims hate the Jews. Too smart for them and can solve the world’s problems without having to resort to genocide.Mind you, CO2 is plant food and we do not want to take away too much. Below 150-200ppm plant life stalls. Studies from decades ago show lower stomatal conductance(water use) and higher yields when CO2 concentrations at 1,000ppm. Humans can survive at up to 50,000ppm. I truly hope this works.

  • shloime

    wrong – the process is NOT about water-splitting. it is a way of turning hydrogen into liquid fuel.

    basic science education (and reading comprehension) should be a prerequisite for reporters writing about science.

    • Terry

      The scientist himself uses the term ‘water-splitting’ not the journalist!