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February 5, 2014 3:57 pm

Thomas Friedman’s New York Times Colleagues Call Him an ‘Embarrassment’

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Thomas L. Friedman, foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times. Photo: WEF.

Jewish New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman, often criticized for expressing anti-Israel views, was slammed by his own colleagues in an expose published on Tuesday by the New York Observer. The article came as a Friedman-penned Op-Ed in The Times on Wednesday claimed that a “Third Intifada is underway.”

The Observer said it interviewed some two-dozen current and former NYT staffers about a split between the news team and the editorial pages, run by Andrew Rosenthal, son of former NYT editorial leader AM Rosenthal, who publishes work by Friedman, a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner. The staffers’s concerns, as embodied in The Observer headline, ‘The Tyranny and Lethargy of the Times Editorial Page,’ were that, as one put it, the Op-Eds are “completely reflexively liberal, utterly predictable, usually poorly written and totally ineffectual,” and that the editorial page was frequently trounced by crosstown rival, the Wall Street Journal. Most of  The Observer article criticizes Rosenthal’s vision and ability to manage a team that has grown to 14 employees, plus assistants, but staffers reserved plenty of venom for Friedman’s role in destroying The Times editorial page.

The Observer quoted a former Times writer, now working elsewhere, who said, “I think the editorials are viewed by most reporters as largely irrelevant, and there’s not a lot of respect for the editorial page. The editorials are dull, and that’s a cardinal sin. They aren’t getting any less dull. As for the columnists, Friedman is the worst. He hasn’t had an original thought in 20 years; he’s an embarrassment. He’s perceived as an idiot who has been wrong about every major issue for 20 years, from favoring the invasion of Iraq to the notion that green energy is the most important topic in the world even as the financial markets were imploding. Then there’s Maureen Dowd, who has been writing the same column since George H. W. Bush was president.”

A current Times staffer agreed: “Tom Friedman is an embarrassment. I mean there are multiple blogs and Tumblrs and Twitter feeds that exist solely to make fun of his sort of blowhardy bull****.”

Another writer said, “I just think it’s bad, and nobody is acknowledging that they suck, but everybody in the newsroom knows it, and we really are embarrassed by what goes on with Friedman. I mean anybody who knows anything about most of what he’s writing about understands that he’s, like, literally mailing it in from wherever he is on the globe. He’s a travel reporter. A joke. The guy gets $75,000 for speeches and probably charges the paper for his first-class airfare.”

The Observer‘s take-down coincided with Friedman publishing another controversial piece from Ramallah, where he saw that a “Third Intifada” had already been launched. The World Jewish Daily, in an early morning news headline report, called it a “Bad Day for the Moustache,” and, in its own editorial, wrote that the criticism in The Observer “may give more objective readers some pause before taking his prophecies at face value.”

On Wednesday, Friedman wrote, “But being here, it’s obvious that a Third Intifada is underway,” filing from Ramallah. “It’s the one that Israel always feared most — not an intifada with stones or suicide bombers, but one propelled by nonviolent resistance and economic boycott. But this Third Intifada isn’t really led by Palestinians in Ramallah. It’s led by the European Union in Brussels and other opponents of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank across the globe. Regardless of origin, though, it’s becoming a real source of leverage for the Palestinians in their negotiations with Israel.”

He concludes, “If Israel really wanted to slow down the boycott campaign, it would declare that as long as Kerry is trying to forge a deal, and there is hope for success, Israel will freeze all settlement activity to give peace its best chance. Unlikely, I know. But one thing I know for sure: this incessant trashing of Kerry by Israeli ministers, and their demand that Palestinians halt all ‘incitement’ — but that Israel be free to keep building settlements in their face — is not winning Israel friends in Europe or America. It is only energizing the boycotters.”

Friedman’s column the week before was also criticized. It appeared to include leaked details of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposal for a framework peace agreement, a key milestone in his peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which he painted as a panacea for both sides.

The piece begins, “It is pretty clear now that Secretary of State John Kerry will either be Israel’s diplomatic salvation or the most dangerous diplomatic fanatic Israel has ever encountered. But there isn’t much room anymore for anything in between. But if either or both don’t agree, Kerry would have to take his mission to its logical, fanatical conclusion and declare the end of the negotiated two-state solution. (If not, he loses his credibility.)”

And concludes, that, with the framework agreement in hand, “If and when that happens, Israel, which controls the land, would have to either implement a unilateral withdrawal, live with the morally corrosive and globally isolating implications of a permanent West Bank occupation or design a new framework of one-state-for-two-people. So that’s where we are: Israelis and Palestinians need to understand that Kerry’s mission is the last train to a negotiated two-state solution. The next train is the one coming at them.”

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  • Bear Klein

    Friedman is so bad I do not believe he could possibly believe the B.S. he writes as it has no basis in reality. This is somehow who has taken past accolades to heart believing that he some sort of prognosticator of the future.

    Yet on the Israeli – Arab conflict like others when he is promoting the two state concept he has failed to observe the history of last 100 years. The now called Palestinians are a violent people who refuse to accept the permanence of a Jewish State no matter the location of the borders. The Palestinian/Muslims believe that Jews have no rights and refuse to share the land. This is how they educate their children.

    So the choice of Israel is to either surrender the only Jewish State in the world or to continue to beat the Palestinian terrorists in conflict until they are able to come up with a new paradigm that has chance for long term security and peace.

  • Robert K.

    The older Thomas Friedman gets, the more constipated he looks in the face. He looks like he needs an enema. Come to think of it, reading his op-eds makes me want to get an enema.

  • Robert

    The older Thomas Friedman gets, the more constipated his face looks. He looks like he needs an enema. Come to think of it, reading his op-eds makes me want to have an enema.

  • Reuven

    Friedman isn’t really a self-hating Jew. He’s in love with himself. In general, if he’s for something, I’m against it!

  • Bobby

    After the Israeli’s won the 6-day war, the Arabs (there are no “Palestinians”) continued with their terrorist activities by shooting at Jerusalem residents and by sneaking into the cities and kibbutzim to murder innocent Jews (their favourite activity). They have no courage and consequently refuse to confront anyone with weapons. The IDF had to stop this murderous activity so they went deeply into the Samaria and Judea to control the terrorists. Whenever the IDF went back home the terrorist activity continued. This was seen clearly when the Israeli’s left the Gaza area. The Ababs do not arrest their own people so the IDF kept returning. Eventually it made sense to build there, live there and never leave. The so-called “occupation” has never been a land-grab. These Arabs cannot be trusted to govern or police themselves and Israel should never again trust them to do so. They have long ago relinqued any “right” to their own land. And Jews in North America have to stop crawling on their hands and knees like ghetto Jews throughout the centuries. Cowtowing to anti-Semites or joining their ranks does not win respect for Jews. It only breeds more contempt and needs to stop.

  • This conflict is not about “settlements,” it’s about jihad. Arab Muslims were threatening Israel long before 1967, long before there were any settlements in the “West Bank.”

    • Husain

      The conflict is about the fact that Israel is occupying Palestinian lands according the UN. until this issue is resolved, you have no right to manipulate people to think of fake reasons.

      • You mean the disgraceful,terriorist supporting,anti-semitic,arab/muslim controled,one-sided,paid for with arab oil/blood money UN ?Their opinion has the same NON-credibility,as your nonsence.

  • Martin

    Reading this editorial and then reading the following letters has been insightful and sobering. The actual editorial is a ridiculous mash up of ideas trying desperately to forge an anti Freidman manifesto. Those collegues dissing Freidman are not doing so to point out his “anti Israel” stance. You are conflating ideas to create an impression that there is unified resistance. Well, it’s a sloppy (hatchet) job.
    The letters are enough to destroy the legends of Jewish intellectual superiority.
    Not being from the States, it is clear to see that the Tea-Party mentality is entrenched within the Jewish community.
    Admittedly, without much hope of success, I can only implore well meaning Jewish zealots, to take a step back and look at reality. ( and this goes for the Arabic opposition) If you refuse to see the situaton from the “other” side, you wil never, never understand it. Not understanding it simply means that you will never, ever solve it.
    Now, I know that for many that form of status quo is just fine. Carry-on carrying-on.
    Problem being that these people seem unable to make projections. To look at all the forces at play today; then look to the past to see from where they arrived, and then look ahead to see the probable direction and outcomes.
    Two parting thoughts. To know one thing, you must know the opposite.
    No one has ever had to negotiate a peace with a friend.
    peace out brethern

    • Asher Pat

      Well Martin, would you deny that NYT editorials are “reflexibly liberal”? Would you deny that Thomas Friedman engages in “wishful analysis” (eg he WANTED it to be proven that Muslims ARE capable of reasonable democracy and waxed lyrical from Tahrir Square only to be humiliated by what happened next)? Would you deny that Thomas Friedman is obsessed with Israel, and in 99% obsessed to show it in a bad light, as the reason that there is no peace, completely ignoring the inconvenient truth that the Arabs do NOT accept Israel?

    • D1

      the tea party mentality is not “entrenched within the Jewish community.” a large majority of Jews in the US voted for Obama (for example almost 70% in 2012). Just because you disagree with one article on the internet doesn’t mean that all Jews disagree with your opinions about that article or that they agree with this piece. are these concepts hard for you to comprehend?

    • Reply to Martin: You do not have to worry too much about Jews having to negotiate with their neighbors. The days of “negotiation” are now finally coming to an end. This means that we are indeed already close to a diplomatic “Diktat.” The current round of Kerry-led negotiations are an evident sham. On January 27, 2014, David Remnick published President Obama’s assessment that there’s less than a 50% chance that they would succeed. And what is more, President Obama had already said as much in his earlier remarks at the Saban Center. President Obama has also informed us of his highly peculiar view that the matter of Palestine-Israel is intimately connected to the two other Mideast questions of Syria and Iran’s race to nuclear weapons. So what does President Obama mean to tell us here? Do we need a rocket scientist to figure out that we are heading for a Spring in which President Obama will stick handle with the P5+1 and Iran a diplomatic package including: (i) trading Israel’s nukes for Iran’s (perhaps worthless) promise to remain nothing more than a nuclear “threshold state” like Japan; (ii) trading the Golan for Iran’s consent to a Syrian outcome also approved by the P5+1; and creation of a Palestine including the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. But wait, there is still more! Since President Obama has several times promised a “contiguous” Palestine, there’s perhaps a chance that the new Arab country may have a land bridge joining the West Bank and Gaza — or maybe Israel might even lose the whole Negev. Once Israel’s consent is no longer at issue, who knows where it will end? From his very first day in office, President Obama has been aiming at Israel not at Iran. From the “get go” President Obama was always planning to spin the Iran “nuclear weapons” file in a way that would allow him to diminish Israel and render the Jewish State defenseless. Remember Obama has always specifically promised to look after Israel’s “security.” After this Spring, Israel will be totally dependent on the USA. Perhaps a decade ago that might not have been fatal, but today a USA commitment is not worth much — firstly, because President Obama seldom honors USA commitments; and secondly, because Obama’s USA is clearly withdrawing from the Mideast, where Iran will dominate.

    • June

      In fact Israel did try to understand the other side and unilaterally GAVE Gaza to the Arabs in 2005, including a thriving global floral industry, greenhouses and all. They uprooted Jewish communities that had been there for centuries. Pledges were made from World bodies for funding the enterprise. The first thing the Arabs did was to destroy the infrastructure.

      This was the Arabs’ moment to prove they could be a partner for peace.

      They have failed!

      They do not want to know the opposite, the other, Israel. They do not want another. They want Israel gone.

      Israel knows the other side!

  • eli Sheffer

    You need to re-read history:
    1. Funny, there was NO Palestine BEFORE the 6 days war; did you ever think about this?
    2. Most “Palestinians” came to Israel and what used to be mandatory Palestine to find work with the Jews; not like they claim that they are descendants of the Philistines, or the Canaanites, or the whatever fit their fancy at the particular time.
    3. Have you forgotten the hordes of lusting- for-blood Egyptians BEFORE the 6 days war threatening an annihilation of the Jews? Did you want Israel to lay down and submit? Unlucky to the Arabs they lost. To the winner goes the spoils, in particular when the winner was threatened with his life and begged for peace. Why on earth would you force Israel to return the land? The moment we do so, we sign our own death warrant.

  • Joe K.Sr.

    The (only) G-d of Israel, will soon answer the prayer of Asaph, “Psalm 83”, and everyone will shut their mouths in astonishment and bow before The Holy One!


  • To show you how Friedman gets it wrong I’ll post a post that i posted here are few months ago. In this piece from an old book Friedman wrote years ago he talks about how flexible the muslims are compared to Jews and Christians

    November 23, 2013
    8:22 am

    To show you what a fool the short and dumpy Friedman is. In one of Friedman’s books he uses the symbols of the Star and the Cross in comparison to Islam’s Crescent moon.His point how foolish it seems to normal people is that the Star of David and the Cross have sharp and inflexible angles while the Crescent moon of Islam is softer and less sharp.This is type of ridiculous equations Friedman uses to get his points across.
    That’s from his book from Beirut to Jerualem

    • Humphery Shipless

      In that book Friedman showed how much he doesn’t understand the conflict and its dynamics. It is unclear why Friedman has somehow become the “expert” in Mid East affairs.

  • על שכמותו נאמר : משנאייך ומחריבייך – מקירבך באו !!!

    “The fellow said: Msnaeich and Mhribiich – inside you came!!!”

  • Peter Scott

    So, let me ask again:

    Friedman writes: “If Israel really wanted to slow down the boycott campaign, it would declare that as long as Kerry is trying to forge a deal, and there is hope for success, Israel will freeze all settlement activity to give peace its best chance. Unlikely, I know. But one thing I know for sure: this incessant trashing of Kerry by Israeli ministers, and their demand that Palestinians halt all ‘incitement’ — but that Israel be free to keep building settlements in their face — is not winning Israel friends in Europe or America. It is only energizing the boycotters.”

    Someone, anyone, please, explain to me what part of that summary is incorrect, unrealistic, or untrue? It seems to me that at times we, Jews, are our own worse enemies.

    • David Levy

      But the several settlement freezes, the most recent in 2010, intended to help the peace process move forward, produced no movement at all from the PA.

  • Peter Scott

    I note that no-one managed to respond to my question, posed last night.

    I also note that most of you venting your spleen in this forum have gone quite insane. Who needs the Arabs? You, all you budding Jewish ayatollahs, are the worst possible enemies of Israel and the Jewish nation.

    • hadassa

      No-one answered your question, Peter Scott, because it’s a stupid question!

      • Philip

        Seriously, Hadassa? Stupid is the best you can come up with? If you think Peter is wrong, explain why. Because it makes perfect sense to me that we (Israel) can’t keep building settlements on the spots we are supposedly negotiating to return to the Palestinians. Sounds disingenuous to me, and I think that is exactly what is prompting the violent (Intifada) and non-violent (boycott)response by the Palestinians, their sympathizers, and many other people with common sense. After all, why would you build on property you plan to hand over next year. Unless . . . . of course . . . .

        And here is the rub. If you are not really planning of returning any of that land to begin with, then you would probably want to develop and improve it. So the facts are on the ground. Negotiation is just words, but the evidence shows that there is no serious intent behind those words.

        I am as pro-Israel and pro-Jewish as they come. But that does not mean I have to agree with or support every stupid move my Country makes. I love my kids, but still reprimand them for their bad behavior. That is my sign of love. If I did not care for them, I would let them run wild.

        Just saying . . . .

        • eli Sheffer

          You need to re-read your history:
          1. Funny, there was NO Palestine BEFORE the 6 days war; did you ever think about this?
          2. Most “Palestinians” came to Israel and what used to be mandatory Palestine to find work with the Jews; not like they claim that they are descendants of the Philistines, or the Canaanites, or the whatever fit their mood at the particular time.
          3. Have you forgotten the zilions of crazy and lusting- for-blood Egyptians BEFORE the 6 days war threatening an annihilation of the Jews; they repeat this in any other war or situation. Did you want Israel to lay down and submit? So…unlucky to the Arabs they lost. Usually before the American bulshit of Political Correctness, to the winner goes the spoils, in particular when the winner was threatened with his life and begged for peace, why on earth would you force Israel to return the land to those marauders (remember, Iraq, Syria, Iran, etc.) you are dealing with nuts. The moment we return the land, that same moment their plan to finish us will commence, capish?

        • Lynne T

          As far as I am aware, the construction is not on new tracts of land, but in areas that were earmarked for swaps under Oslo.

      • Peter Scott

        Oh, really? What an intelligent, erudite and sincere response to a simple question. Who could fail to be convinced by the eloquence and factual argument of Hadassa and her similarly minded friends?

        • Mike P.

          Peter, Ellie and Lynne gave you a pretty good response, which you disingenuously ignore. I will add to their response that the main problem with the peace process is two-fold:

          1) the Palestinians do not want an end to the conflict, they want the destruction of Israel, whether demographically or militarily
          2) even if you do not believe #1 (which would only reveal your profound and willful ignorance), the Palestinians feel as though their victory is inevitable and that time is only on their side–settlements give them a reality check and an incentive (it is only a disincentive if #1 is correct, in which case negotiating is irrelevant)

          How much history, information theory and game theory have you studied, Peter? In the meantime, enjoy reading the NY Times and The Nation.

  • K.B. Lum

    In the Netherlands there are also jews (Harry de Winter a.o.) who spit on everything that is connected with Israel and jewish life.
    They call themselves “An other Jewish sound”.

  • Irwin Block

    Avraham Burg in today’s Ha’aretz:
    “Deep down I’m convinced that the tough State of Israel has a response to any expression of force it may face. But it will remain helpless when confronted by a civil rebellion that moves the discourse from who’s stronger/tougher/more resilient to a discourse on rights and values. For this we have no answer.”

  • Jay

    Both, Tom Friedman and The New York Times, have become obsolete and an embarrassment.

    Henry Jarvis Raymond, the founder of the New York Times, must be spinning in his grave.

  • Irwin Block

    Friedman is saying what many others are saying: the BDS movement is gaining momentum, it will contribute to diminish Israel’s legitimacy, and Israel’s exports will suffer. When a new generation of leaders replaces the corrupt and ineffectual Abu Mazen et al, you will see new tactics and a set of challenges that will neutralize Israel’s technological superiority. That is what Friedman, and Peter Beinart, and David Remnick, and the former security chiefs, and many others who believe in Israel are saying: Stop your 45-year occupation and denial of full and equal rights to the more tham 2 million people in the West Bank. Dai la Kibbush!

  • Irwin Block

    This so-called article, quoting anonymous sources, is pure bull. The tide is turning. Wake up! The expansion of settlements on land captured in war even as “peace” is being discussed is so obviously burying Israel’s story in a heap of quicksand that you have to be blind not see it.

  • Bernard Ross

    times is begging everywhere for subscriptions. I think they are going bankrupt as a result of becoming a useless rag.

    • Kris Kristian

      The sooner they are out of business, the safer Israel will be
      Hopefully, NYT will crash. That their readers will tell them “where to go”

      • John

        Calling the NYT ‘liberal’ is like calling a slavering wolf a cute kitten.

        Yes, I am aware that hordes of fascist-loving, empty-headed, ignorant metro-jerks like to call themselves ‘liberal’. They are lying.

        It’s beyond me how any Jew can work for that antisemitic rag.

  • Dov

    Who ever said he was Jewish? Yes, he had a Jewish father but not a Moslem mother.

  • I hope Tom Friedman does some soul searching, take off from writing for a time, and perhaps attend an adult yeshiva in the US . He needs to get in touch with who we once was, before to college and examine his life. What a waste of a great mind and attuned sensitivity to succumb to such off putting self-delusion?


    Historically, anti-Semites within the Jewish tribes has existed since Biblical times; it is no modern phenomenon. Consult the first book of any Bible and read all about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be G-d’s own will that allows Jew-hatred to exist in every age. I think God fears that without that pressure from without, Jews will surely gladly submit themselves into the open arms of a welcoming Christian world and the Judaic concept on ONE G-D would disappear within a mere few decades but for a few isolated die-hards. Where Hitler failed to eradicate the Jews in many of our own life-times, we Jews seem to have kept his goals alive and well ourselves.

  • BuckDePublick

    Self-haters abound. Makes me appreciate (even more) the wonderful Christians who love Israel and who are willing to stand up to the (largely leftist) bile that the “kapos” spew. There’s something deeply pathological about self-hating Jews, and just one Chomsky, Finkelestein or Lilienthal (may their names be erased) can do disproportionate damage.

    Meir Kahane was right–and always will be right–about these dogs and how we should trat them!

  • Chaim

    Sad that our worst enemies are often Jewish. Friedman is an enemy of Israel and the Jewish people. He’s all about his ego.

    • K.B. Lum

      He doesn’t realize that the Nazies didn’t make a difference between the pro- and the con Jews

  • R

    We Jews should print and maintain a permanent INTERNET list of of enemies of the world’s Jews, especially those who call themselves Jews. We knew that Hitler and Mussolini were OUT FOR OUR TOTAL DESTRUCTION, in WW II. The world-wide Jewish community deserves to have an up-to-date well-publicized list of enemies of the Jews. How else can we fight back intelligently?

    A gun is not the only weapon against us. Knowing and acknowledging that, we can far more effectively fight our enemies including those who call themselves Jews, but who actually are seek our destruction.

    • Sharon

      They should make it illegal for self-hating jews to ever make Aliyah to Israel!

  • Gordo

    Tom fails to note that the doomed to fail from the getgo Kerry putsch for ‘peace’ played a large part in precipitating the cohesion of what he perceives as the already begun 3rd Intifada. Give Israel demands it cannot possibly accede to, tell her to quit building housing, and to release convicted terrorists, give up establshed settlements, hand over land to an enemy vowing to make the territory judenrein, threaten euro boycotts and bds, call for establishing a Pali State whose very purpose and passion for being is the end of the Jewish one, and then say heel. If that’s not setting Israel up not only to fail, also giving free reign for organized intifada resistance which was loudly proclaimed as beginning when the ‘ peace’ talks fail, as they were designed to, then I don’t know what is.

    Put Israelis and Palestinians in Munich, with the ghosts of martyrred athletes and Palestinians lauding the Black Septembrist terrorists as heroic figures of their would be state, and do you honestly think there was ever an objective realistic chance in hell of peace?

    The US is acting more as an enemy of Israel than a friend, and by extension the Jewish people.

    • theo

      Gordo so well spoken !The way Abbas embraces murderers of Israelis ,poisons the minds of his youth and his intolerance in having even one Jew is “his East Jerusalem ” should convince anyone that he is not a partner for peace
      He is beyond contempt Heaven forbid that he ever has any power over us

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro


    Friedman is the epitome of a self-loather and a ‘Court’ JEW.

    Since SON-OF-ISLAM obama came to office he has been doing his bidding.

    He totally absents himself from the safety and security of the JEWISH people and ISRAEL, and does not care about JEWISH continuity.

    He married a woman worth in excess of $20+ million, and gives nothing to strengthen ISRAEL.

  • Michael Devolin

    “Selling out the Jews has always had its rewards.’

    So true michaelgarfinkel. One of those rewards is, sadly, popularity.

    Also, Ana Freiberg, the vulgarity, I believe, is a symptom of the hopelessness many of us (Jew and non-Jew) feel when facing the tsunami of anti-Jewish/anti-Israel hatred the world is throwing at Israel and her Jews. I feel hopeless lately, and I’ve never felt that before. I’ve been fighting anti-Jewish hatred a long, long time (I’m turning 60 this year), but only in the last few years have I found myself cursing back at these foul-mouthed, malefic animals who have such bad manners and who are overtly proud of being anti-Jewish.

    I really believe we are approaching a dark time. Friedman is simply one of those commonplace human beings who believe he is picking the winning side when he denigrates the resourceful willingness of the Jews of Israel to rebut and outlive their enemies.

  • Peter Scott

    Friedman writes: “If Israel really wanted to slow down the boycott campaign, it would declare that as long as Kerry is trying to forge a deal, and there is hope for success, Israel will freeze all settlement activity to give peace its best chance. Unlikely, I know. But one thing I know for sure: this incessant trashing of Kerry by Israeli ministers, and their demand that Palestinians halt all ‘incitement’ — but that Israel be free to keep building settlements in their face — is not winning Israel friends in Europe or America. It is only energizing the boycotters.”
    Someone, please, explain to me what part of that summary is incorrect, unrealistic, or untrue? It seems to me that at times we, Jews, are our own worse enemies.

    • theo

      Peter Scott, you are totally naïve!
      In past years when there was no settlement activity did the Palestinians seize the opportunity to make peace ?
      Did they stop their incitement ?Did they desist from poisoning the minds of their youths? Did they show any gesture of acceptance of Israel?
      What you want is a cringing ,begging and suppliant Israel – one that sheds itself of any backbone and moral fibre !
      The Israel you espouse has defeat written all over it
      Why do you think the Jewish People have survived all these years !One holocaust was one too many !Never again Our home is just that : Our home !

      • Peter Scott

        I am neither naive, nor am I appreciative of unknown characters who try to tell me what I “want”. You wouldn’t have the faintest idea, buddy, of what I want.

        And, just by the way, you are talking nonsense. It is attitides like yours which put Israel on the back foot in negotiations. As a side effect, if such a stupid view triumphs, in the end it will inevitably lead to us Jews becoming a minority inside the borders of the state originally created as a country for the Jews.

  • judorebbe

    Tom Friedman blew his credibility years ago. But the progressive left idolizes him for a reason which is far more important than his writing ability or his analytical skill (ugh!). His importance to the progressive left is as a high profile Jew who is willing (eager?) to sell out his fellow Jews and our historical Biblical homeland.

    • Efram Paul

      Everything you say is true, except that there is nothing progressive about him or his actions, or those of his followers.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Friedman lives his own fantasies.

  • Gabriel Petlin

    I am shocked at the aggressive hatred lodged against T. Friedman. As a pro-peace anti-occupation Jew, I reject the denial of injustice committed by Israel towards Palestinians. Thomas Friedman is calling it like it is and it is his words that make you so uncomfortable as wekk as the morally indefeasible position Israel has put it self in. As Jews we need to wake up and stop living in denial. Ending occupation and making peace with Palestine will restore some of morality lost by the Jews in the course of this tragedy. Shame on your denial. Read Ari Shavit’s “My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel”. Jews need to sober up to tragedy of occupying another peoples’ land.

  • Avi

    I always wondered, how in the world does this meathead, contain so much knowledge
    on such disparate issues, in such a small skull with a mustache dangling from it?
    What is even more amazing is, the show hosts that interview the pontiff of NYT.

  • Jason Shapiro

    First, I completely agree with Ana Freiberg’s comments that our comments should be more dignified and avoid vulgar and disrespectful discourse. One of the reason why I take this position is because those that use incendiary language often get ignored and marginalized, even when they have a valid point to make.

    Second, I further object to the language used by Mr. Friedman. As a learned man, a reporter and as a Jew, it is unconscionable that he gives cover to those in the world that first fight wars with Israel, then terrorize it citizens, and now wage its campaign to delegitimize this country and its inhabitants. It is shameful that he takes the one-sided positions that he does.

    Third and finally, the Pro-Israel community needs to utilize an effective strategy to combat the anti-semites and enemies of Israel who advocate for a third intifada and for boycott and divestment. Calling them names or calling for their jobs in ineffective and even makes them look like the victims of some Jewish conspiracy. Pro-Israel advocates need to do a better job in explaining the fallacies of the boycott and divestment movement and educate the people that this movement is just another front for the anti-semites of the world to spread their propaganda.

    • Efram Paul

      Here here!

  • David E. Bronfman

    More than an embarrassment at The NY Times, he is a pathetic embarrassment for the Jewish People. Mister “have-all-the-answers” he is.

  • Eema

    The editorial staff is also costing the NYT money as people like me refuse to buy subscriptions until the editorial views are unbiased.

    • PAK

      Wish you would subscribe. At $15 a month it’s a bargain to respond to Friedman’s and commentators in the comment section hatred of Israel. Without people like you, the comment section will continue to be dominated by haters of Israel and the NYT will think that it’s doing something correct.

  • Robert Kinstlinger M.D.

    Nice to learn that the “Gospel According to St.Thomas Friedman has been finally revealed as being 50% malarkey and 50% narcissistic pontificating

  • Sol Bleiweis

    I agree with this article completely. Particularly the description of “sort of blow hardy bull****”. He is very pompous and lost all reason of fairness. He is a disgrace to the Jewish community which I am a steadfast member. With friends like Friedman who needs enemies. as my beloved Mother would have said in Yiddish he is ” soina (enemy)Yisroel.

  • Mike P.

    I can tell you from personal experience that, in my first-hand opinion, Tom Friedman is an extremely nasty human being, surly, confrontative, mean, arrogant and even verging on violent.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    friedman is a fricking joke!

  • What Friedmam doesn’t know, what Kerry doesn’t know, what few people in the world know, is that anti-Israel sentiment around the world zooms up whenever Israel makes a concession for the sake of peace. When Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, nobody understood that Israel had created an independent Palestinian mini-state, and had announced its willingness to withdraw from most of the West Bank.
    The Palestinians are the only independence movement in human history to reject an independent state because of a boundary dispute.

  • Ana Freiberg

    We Jews, should be much more respectful and dignified in our comments
    It so sad that the rethoric has become so vulgar , aggressive , disrespecful

    • herb glatter

      yeah, as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I would hear in Yiddish “za shtil, vas vil da goyim zugen?” be quiet what will the world say? That’s not working out is it?


      Ana This discussion has been calm ,,,read the tone of the anti Jewish,anti Israel “reader” comments to postings of articles in the Washington Post.

    • BuckDePublick

      Shove it!

  • Robert Kesten

    I am all for ending the NYT career of Mr. Friedman. He has often stumbled on facts in Egypt and elsewhere around the world, but for Algemeiner to suggest there is no truth to the growing boycott efforts, with Northern European banks divesting large sums and more and more apathy amongst a battle-worn American Jewish community. Potentially the most serious crisis from all this is the cleavage between Jews, where even Israel, once the unifying force, is becoming just another dividing “issue.”
    Members of Congress are suggesting the AIPAC model is now outdated as the Super PACs pour millions into ancillary accounts supporting campaigns, the Federation system has broken down in parts of the US and legacy organizations do a great deal of talking, but results are negligible. If we cannot figure out ways to build a stronger community, if we cannot halt the alienation of our population, BDS and Tom Friedman will be the least of our worries.

    • michaelgarfinkel

      “Battle-worn” Jewish community?

      You must be kidding.

      I concede that some may need a second wind in their race to the bottom, but the term “battle-worn” hardly seems appropriate. After all, it’s a term that suggests martial effort and – wait for it – even honor!

      Besides, Rosenthal, Friedman, Beinhart, Steinem, Ensler, Kushner, Soros, etc., ad nauseam, seem none the worse for wear – quite the opposite.

      Selling out the Jews has always had its rewards.