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February 24, 2014 4:12 pm

Jewish-American Student Leader Rebukes ‘Israel Apartheid Week 2014’ for Using His Image in Promotional Video (VIDEO)

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Jewish-American student leader Joshua Nass discussing the ASA boycott of Israeli academics on Fox Business News program 'Varney & Co.' Photo: Screenshot / Fox.

Jewish-American student leader Joshua Nass discussing the ASA boycott of Israeli academics on Fox Business News program 'Varney & Co.' Photo: Screenshot / Fox.

A Jewish-American student leader on Monday called for ‘Israel Apartheid Week 2014‘ to retract a promotional video that he said “fraudulently edits” his appearance on a televised Fox network program, where he denounced a previous anti-Israel event, as promoting their cause.

In an interview with The Algemeiner, Brandeis University senior Joshua Nass said, “I am disgusted with this video.”

“This is all faked. They fraudulently edited in my image to make it seem I support their anti-Israel smears, when I am one of the student leaders speaking out the most loudly in favor of Israel.”

The promotional video, posted to YouTube, splices clips of Nass from the Fox Business News talk show ‘Varney & Co,’ where the student leader urged U.S. universities to fire professors who voted in favor of a motion at the American Studies Association annual meeting, to approve an academic boycott of Israeli institutions to punish Israel.

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After the December 2013 meeting, the ASA was sanctioned by nearly 200 university presidents who spoke out against the vote, with Brandies being one of four schools that went as far as to formally sever ties with the ASA. But on Fox, Nass called on the university presidents to take the next step of firing those individual professors who voted for the motion, none of whom are known to date for having lost their jobs because of the issue.

“Professors who supported that motion, ‘in defense of academic freedom,’ prove they don’t know anything about academic freedom; by blackballing Israel,  it shows they don’t believe in academic freedom, and, thereby, should no longer be charged with teaching students,” Nass said. “I went on air to say their schools should fire them!”

In the original Fox interview, host Stuart Varney said: “I am just astonished that 5,000 American academics should vote to boycott Israel. I mean I find that absolutely incomprehensible, it is the only democracy of any sort in the Middle East, the only democracy by a long way, and yet they are saying they are going to boycott it.”

The promotional clip from ‘Israel Apartheid Week 2014’ edited that clip from Varney to play in between anti-Israel quotes from boycott leader, musician Roger Waters, an out of context quote from the late south African leader Nelson Mandela and a line from physicist Stephen Hawking, with footage of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria spliced in before to seemingly narrate the segment. The out-of-sequence frame of Nass, appearing to nod in agreement with Varney’s shock, gives the impression that Nass espouses anti-Israel views.

On Monday, Nass said: “Last night, I was traveling back to Boston, and I hadn’t seen the video yet, but I was receiving lots of messages over Twitter from friends asking why I had changed sides? Of course, I hadn’t.”

“One tweet said: Roger Waters, Nelson Mendela, Stephen Hawking, Joshua Nass. Which one doesn’t belong?”

Nass said he hasn’t decided yet if he will pursue a legal challenge to stop the video, but plans to shame the anti-Israel group in the public media.

On its website, ‘Israel Apartheid Week 2014‘ said it’s organizing anti-Israel events around the world in March. OnYouTube, many pro-Israel viewers left comments under the promotional video criticizing the group’s stance on Israel.

Nass was a Republican student organizer for Governor Mitt Romney’s run for the U.S. presidency in 2012 and formed Voices of Conservative Youth with other student activists, as “an organization dedicated to defining and evolving conservatism’s perception to America’s youth.”

Meanwhile, ASA president-elect Lisa Duggan, a professor at New York University, brought the academic group’s vote back to the public discourse on Sunday, when it was announced the ASA was sponsoring an anti-Israel conference at NYU, which pro-Israel voices were specifically barred from attending.

Watch the ‘Israel Apartheid Week 2014’ promotional video below. The referred to sequence is at minute 1:05:

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