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March 19, 2014 6:17 am

Starvation Death Toll in Yarmouk is up to 133

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IDF medics treating wounded Syrians along the Golan Heights border with Lebanon. Photo: IDF.

IDF medics treating wounded Syrians along Israel's Golan Heights border. Photo: IDF.

According to the Action Group for Palestinians in Syria, the only organization that keeps track of these things, an elderly man starved to death Moday morning. This brings the number of people who died of starvation to 133. This was reported in Palestine Today.

They also reported unconfirmed reports that food would be allowed in on Monday.

The Gaza “siege” is around 8 years old now, and not one person has starved to death. But in a measly 9 months of the Syrian siege of far fewer Palestinian Arabs in Yarmouk, 133 have starved to death.

It’s almost as if language itself is being manipulated to make Israel look bad.

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But how can that be? If people were deliberately misusing words and phrases like “starvation,” “apartheid,” “siege,” “concentration camp,” “international law,” “occupation,” “war crimes,” and others, just to demonize the Jewish state, wouldn’t someone have noticed it by now?

Yet when there are documented cases of horrors committed against Palestinian Arabs by other Arabs, cases that dwarf the worst that anyone can say about Israel in their wildest dreams,  they don’t get one percent of the coverage that Israeli actions do.

I’m sure there is a good explanation for this wild inconsistency. Let me think….Ah, I think I got it. Syria is acting in partnership with Israel to distract the world from Zionist crimes and the media has caught on to this trick and is therefore downplaying Syrian “massacre-washing” and “starvation-washing” because it is really Israel that is behind everything Assad is doing (except when Israel is behind what the rebels are doing.)

Whew. It all makes sense again. Now we can justify ignoring Syrian actions, because they only make Israel look good by comparison, and to many “pro-Palestinians,:” that is the real crime.

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