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April 13, 2014 1:09 pm

Roseanne Barr: ‘If Israel Doesn’t Nuke Iran, Then Nothing Makes Sense Anymore’

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Actress Roseanne Barr. Photo: Twitter.

In a harshly worded Twitter post, Jewish comedian and actress Roseanne Barr on Saturday vehemently encouraged Israel to launch a nuclear strike on Iran.

“If israel doesn’t nuke iran, then nothing makes sense anymore,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m so bored w Iran [Vladimir] Putin n all the nonLeaders of this s***soaked stupid world.”

The Salt Lake City native added a personal dig at Putin, saying about Russia’s president: “If its true that putin is putting the make on sharon stone, then I feel I can rest easier somehow. Sharon isn’t an anti semite-so that helps.”

The former Roseanne star frequently talks about Israel-related news and Judaism on her Twitter account, often lambasting those accused of anti-Israel or anti-Semitic activism. Also on Saturday, she voiced support for the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard and said the “real benefit” in creating a Palestinian state would be “accountability of Hamas at [the] Hague.”

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  • Redteddy

    I’m so confused. Barr’s opinion on Israel is practically schizophrenic. First she’s planning flotilla trips calling Israel a “nazi state” and now she’s calling out Haaretz journalists for speaking out against the state of Israel and calling for bombs on Iran. She’s one day a eco-pot-smoking-farmer keen on making Aliya with the hopes of running for government in the country she called “Israstine” (Huh? shakes head back and forth) and then she sounds hawkish calling for nuclear destruction and protection for Israel at all cost. Who is she exactly? I don’t know. I don’t know what she really believes nor believe she knows what she really believes.

  • shloime

    it’s time for our culture to grow up, folks. celebrity does not mean “informed” or “clever”, just “publicized”.

    in this case, the sentiment is understandable, and sensational.

    but does “nuking” iran make any sense? the majority of iranians do not support the regime, and the regime views deaths as “martyrdom”, and is not deterred by casualties. furthermore, the mullahs are the least likely to be killed in any proposed “nuking”.

    the heart of the problem, on a physical level, is the enriched uranium and the centrifuges used to produce it. “nuking iran” is not the best way to deal with those.

    and on the political level, iran needs a change of regime, to stop the apocalyptic insanity of the mullahs. “nuking” would do nothing to support a viable opposition movement, or an alternative government.

    where roseanne is entirely right is on the emotional level, where it is incomprehensible that america is acquiescing to iran’s nuclear ambitions, and even actively facilitating it.

  • Khalidi

    Iran needs to be destroyed. The rabid Islamists of the world need to see a pile of their heroes in order to stop their genocidal bent.

    • Zvi

      No, the *Iranian regime* needs to be destroyed. There are millions of decent Iranians who should be set free from the Iranian regime.

  • Yes this is the same Roseanne over the past Yr. or Yr and a half she’s changed very much and has become an ardent supporter of Israel.

  • A time to laugh, a time to cry…turn,turn,turn…The New Testament makes straight the prophetic path of the Middle East and Israel.

    • shloime

      for goyim. it is entirely inappropriate for you to “testify” and try to proselytize here, in the midst of a discussion of a jewish celebrity’s comment about the jewish homeland. your “new and improved” testament is not needed and unwanted here.

      • ripalinsky

        Why be so thin-skinned – truth is truth. Why the fear?

  • Israel has a right to defend itself and should take the required steps to do so!!!!
    And will do so when the time comes. Approximately 16,000’000 Jews in the world and about 1/3 live in Israel.

    • shloime

      “lead, follow, or get out of the way!”

      so far obama has done nothing but make the situation worse. he dismantled sanctions, which had brought iran to the table, prematurely. just when iran was hurting, he eased up, and got absolutely nothing, not a cessation of enrichment, not a removal of enriched uranium, not a dismantling of their plutonium program, in return. in fact, the interim “agreement” provided legitimacy to these activities.

      and while obama has the right to decide for or against an american military action, he has repeatedly blocked israeli strikes, interfering with israel’s ability to defend herself.

      it’s time for obama to get the heck out of the way!

      • Zvi







  • American and European Revisionist History breeds ignorance. It’s a WMD of the Left. Combined with textbook propaganda disseminated in the Middle East and the internet — Twitter in particular — antisemitism is out of control. Roseanne’s voice looms large on Twitter. One does one have to agree with another Soul on every issue to appreciate every ounce of help we can get.

  • She is an American Jewish Woman Saint!!!!!

  • ricardo

    Let me see if I understand the commenters correctly: Iranian leaders repeatedly talk about wiping out Israel and the world’s Jews & none of these humane, compassionate, self-righteous souls make any observation about how martial and inhumane such actions would be. But then Rosanne Barr says that Israel should protect herself and strike first, and suddenly Israel is wrong and Barr is evil?? Is there no reason among homo sapiens? Is our species totally mislabeled? (In case you don’t know the answer to this question, it is “YES”.)

  • Regardless which source Roseanne Bar drinks from, anyone that utters these words is insane and a stain on the prized teaching of Nabi Moses and Children of God.

    Prejudice in any form is a sin. It offers wars and barbarity. Cruelty will not last, if it does not end today, it will tomorrow, next month, next year, and else.

    What is the most vital duty of any principled person, Jews, Christians, Moslem, etc? Stand stiff facing the bullies and oppose hate and racism irrespective of the tormentors, even if he is your brother.

    To my Jewish brethren’s: The vast majority of Iranians are not your foes. They are the adversaries of racism and savagery until the end of time. Based on history, this moral fiber is ingrained in Iranians for 17,000 years, unrelatedly of the regimes in power.

    Studies of Bible depict Cyrus the Great, the Emperor of Persia, an important symbol in the Hebrew Bible. He was the benefactor and liberator of the Jews. Cyrus is mentioned 23 times in Bible. Under Cyrus, the Babylonian internment was broken. In the first year of his rule, he made a verdict that the Temple in Jerusalem should be restored. He cared for Jews and returned them to their land.

    Cyrus also established my majestic hometown, Esfahan, Iran, to merely shelter the Jews 2500 years ago. In Esfahan, the three main faiths live side by side in peace. No one in Esfahan differentiates between Jews, Armenians, and Moslems. I hope and pray one day in my lifetime I see Jews and Palestinians leave in peace and prosperity.

    In sum, my Jewish brothers and sisters: Stand against anyone that threatens Iran. One does not create enemies from natural friends. Iranians seek no wars with anyone. Yet, if attacked by any foreign power Iranians will defend themselves to their last blood.


    Professor Akbar Montaser

    From The noble 13th century Persian Sufi Poet Rumi:
    “I go to a synagogue, church, and mosque, and I see the same spirit and the same altar.”

    • And it has been all down hill for Moslems since the 13th century too.

      • nadir

        Ever heard of the Ottomans and the Moghuls??

    • And Sunnis and Shites hate and kill Jews, Zoroastrians, Sufis, Bahais and Christians with equal glee. It is one of the few things Shites and Sunnis agree about.

    • Emanuel

      Khomeini is not Cyrus the Great! What Barr says is not racism it is protectionism and that is the same thing Iran is doing by developing nuclear weapons. The difference is Iran is threatening to wipe Israel off the map and funding ALL of Israel’s enemies, Syria, Hezbollah, MB and Hamas and Jihad Islami. So no your point is moot.

    • carol

      You say that in esfahan, Jews, Armenians and Moslems live side a by side in peace? That sounds very idealistic. I haven’t heard that Jews have been treated verky well in Iran.

    • tuv

      Professor Montaser
      You obviously live in a dream world all of your own
      Iranian leaders – the Ayatollah – does not mince his words and his aims. Israel is the cancer and must be uprooted Iran is the supplier of deadly weapons to Israel’s adversaries ( enemies )
      Are you in your profound wisdom saying Israel must just accept this fate and ignore threats to her existence because centuries ago there was an inspired leader ,Cyrus
      Israel is aware of the Iranian – Persian – history
      Israel also distinguishes between the Iranian people and their wicked leaders
      For heaven’s sake wake up ! Stop writing rubbish !

    • shloime

      professor, jews will not “leave in peace” from their homeland, granted by god, and even affirmed by the koran. it is the land of the jews, bought and paid for, many times over, in blood. there can be peace only when the arab invaders stop dreaming of destroying it.

      as golda meir once said, “if the arabs put down their guns today, there will be no war tomorrow. if israelis put down their guns today, tomorrow there will be no israel.”

  • m_

    Comments by this rude and vulgar “entertainer,” if quoted correctly indicate to me that Rosanne is to put it mildly, “nuts,” and also a stupid, cruel and thoughtless person. To advocate the use of nuclear weapons against Iran and the Iranian people is to advocate a crime against humanity. Nuclear war is an unspeakable crime against humanity on a par with genocide. If you want to understand what nuclear war would mean, watch the classic Japanese movie, “Black Rain.” Israel has never claimed the right to use nuclear weapons in a first strike. Iranian leaders have made threats of the use of nuclear weapons to “wipe Israel off the map.” But that could only justify an attack using conventional weapons on Iranian nuclear facilities at the very most if all other peaceful means fail. Truly decent as well as ethical people would never advocate the use of nuclear weapons against Iran unless Iran attacks first with nuclear weapons. In any case the launching of a nuclear war would cause horrific civilian casualties and possibly cause a World War and certainly a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. It is a horrible thing to call for an Israeli nuclear attack on Iran or any other country. The whole world would turn against Israel including the vast majority of Jews. Wild statements by Rosanne only help the cause of Israel’s enemies. She should keep her big mouth shut.

    • zeynep

      Some sanity at last. Thanks for this comment m_.

  • barbarafromnyc

    Joseph Silver has it right. I’m surprised Barr is quoted on this site – I’d take her statement down, it will make people think twice about the veracity of your site. Roseanne Barr
    is brain dead – too many drugs for way too long. Just because she gets it right once in the last 30 years doesn’t mean she gets the attention from the media – this site included. I think she knows no one likes her and now that she has a part on a comedy show – she’s trying to gin up her favorability rating. Total waste of time as far as I’m concerned. And that’s coming from a Catholic!

    • So Israels second strike and first strike nuclear cruise missles shouldn’t be used because St. Roseanne is a bissel meshuganah???

  • art frank

    Why does the media give this has been “entertainer” a platform to air her views. Who cares what she says.

    • J Glueck

      well said

  • Obama’s America deliberately did not stop Iran.

    Israel must attack Iran. It is better than waiting for the Iran Missile to fall on Israel and end it’s existence.

    If Israel does not destroy Iran completely then this will cause chaos in Iran creating a power vacuum creating an opportunity to Iran neighbors. Causing regional chaos disrupting oil supply to Europe collapsing European economies creating chaos giving opportunity to the Islamic groups to try and take over Europe. Follow that American banks and economy will be affected disrupting American life. The possibility of America economy collapsing is very good due to its ties to Europe.

    Recent reports indicate Saudi Arabia is buying nuclear missiles. Plus, Saudi Arabia establishing close ties with Israel. If Saudi Arabia decides to attack Iran on its own, there is the strong possibility that they will destroy each other in the world’s first nuclear war. At the same time destroying their oil industry. This will lead to world economic collapse. It will change the world!

    • zeynep

      This is a very disturbing and I’m afraid a very disturbed comment.

  • Mike

    Roseanne Barr thinks that Israel should just go ahead and drop a nuke on Iran?? Did I wake up in an alternate universe?

    • zeynep

      Did we really??? Please please let it not be true!

  • Shira S B

    I am really wondering what she’s up to, given that not even a year ago she was defending Gilad Atzmon.

  • Bill Stein

    This is the same anti Semite anti Israel Roseanne Barr we are talking about?

    • Emanuel

      Why do you say that? Not true obviously.

      • Joseph Silver

        Oh Yes true, Emanuel. Check back a year or two ago. Check her comparing Israel to the Nazis and the Gaza Strip to the Warsaw Ghetto after Operation Cast Lead in 2008. She was a virulent hater of Israel based on what she wrote and what she said.
        Rosanne, glad to hear the doctors have got your meds dosages fixed! Happy Passover.
        JB Silver

        • Emanuel

          Joeseph Silver,
          A lot has changed since 2008, in 2008 you could attack Israeli policies without being antisemitic NOT ANY MORE. Anti-Zionism is the new Antisemitism as of the past year or so. It has historically been acceptable for American Jews to be critical of Israeli policy but THOSE DAYS ARE OVER. Antisemites are now using criticism of Israel to disguise their hatred of Jews. Barr herself is Jewish so for Bill to call her an antisemite is wrong, She is no Blumenthall, Falk or Chomsky (Chomsky has actually come out against BDS and this is my point).