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May 2, 2014 1:52 pm

Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquiao Names Son Israel, Mezuzahs Revealed

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Professional boxer Manny Pacquiao. Photo: Twitter.

Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee welcomed a baby boy last Sunday whom they named Israel, Phil Boxing reported.

Baby Israel was born at the General Santos Doctors Hospital in General Santos City, Philippines. The child, weighing 8.1 pounds, is the third boy out of the couple’s five children and was delivered via caesarian section.

“Jinkee, myself and our family, our four other children, thank God for the safe delivery of baby Israel, who we hope to raise as a good Christian, having been named after the Holy Land, which is the birth place of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Pacquiao said on the night of the boy’s birth. “Like our four other children, baby Israel will be well taken care of, and, as he reaches his school years, will be enrolled in top notch schools so he will become a good citizen of our beloved country and an asset to society.”

“Definitely, baby Israel will be an additional inspiration for Jinkee and myself to further serve our people as government servants and Christianity as servants of our faith,” said Pacquiao, who is the only pugilist to have won ten world championship belts in eight weight divisions.

Though Pacquiao said the choice to name his son Israel was inspired by Christianity, his publicist, Fred Sternberg, told The Algemeiner that Pacquiao “loves” the Jewish state. Sternberg added that the boxer and his family have visited the country several times.

Sternberg also revealed that the superstar athlete has mezuzahs affixed to every doorpost of his Philippines home.

“Big ones, he got them in Israel,” Sternberg said, referring to the parchment scrolls inscribed with Torah verses that are traditionally placed on doorposts in Jewish homes. “He didn’t have one on the bathroom door. He seemed to know where to put them.”

Pacquiao revealed plans to name his son Israel even before the child was born. On April 13, the boxer wrote on Twitter, “I am looking forward to going home to be with Jinkee and my children as we await the arrival of our baby, Israel.”

Baby Israel’s birth came exactly two weeks after Pacquiao scored a victory in the ring in a revenge match against Timothy Bradley to win back the World Boxing Organization’s welterweight crown. Pacquiao said his fifth child’s birth will also serve as additional motivation for him to continue fighting if only to show fellow Filipinos that there is life after defeat, Phil Boxing said.

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  • alsky

    nice story.

  • manny pacquiao is pro jewish zionist

    • Kulram

      God bless BOBby.

  • Teena

    This man is a true example of a great leader in his country! God bless you Manny!

  • Mario

    As a Filipino myself, I find Israel’s history written in the Bible and other secular historical sources truly amazing. It is a unique nation created by God Himself. Israel helps us to have a better understanding and appreciation of Christianity’s root.

    • Lone Voice in the Wilderness

      Keep in mind that Jesus Christ is the root of Jesse, and existed before the world began, so He is the root of Christianity, not any land on earth.

  • Mookie

    I wonder why do get all cosy with superstitions based on the jewish religion iconography but when superstitions identify with gentile religion icons, then is called a ” primitive superstition.”

    • Michael

      Dear Mookie,

      “…cosy with superstitions based on the jewish religion…”

      The affixing of mezuzah’s is not a “superstition” but rather, it is a commandment designed to ALWAYS remind a Jew of the CENTRAL affirmation of the Jewish faith. Specifically (to translate the first few words of the parchment contained within what is commonly called a mezuzah) “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our G-D, the Lord is one”. Unlike ‘don’t walk underneath ladders; or ‘black dogs/cats are bad luck’ this is hardly a superstition 🙂

      BTW just to echo this article, the mezuzah is the scroll itself, not the “box” attached to the doorway

      • shloime

        incorrect, the mezuzah is the doorpost, not the scroll. as the torah says, “and you shall write it upon the doorposts of your house, and in your gates”. it’s a rather well-known verse, actually.

        • Michael

          Exactly, “it” being the scroll / mezuzah and not the doorpost – your suggestion is like saying “and you shall write doorpost upon the doorposts…” which doesn’t make any sense.

          Try wikipedia-ing “mezuzah” or perform a search on a Jewish website such as and you will see that a mezuzah is a piece of parchment upon which a sofer (or scribe) has written the Shema 🙂

          • Maori

            Actually Michael you’re incorrect, and Shloime is right. The law says “uchtavtam al mezuzot baitecha,” meaning you should write them (the words of the law) on the doorposts (mezuzah means doorpost, mezuzote is plural) of your house. Mezuzah is commonly used to refer to the parchment in the affixed case, but that’s not what the word actually means.

        • Go into a Judaica or Seforim shop anywhere in the Jewish world and ask for a Mezuza. What are the chances you will be shown doorposts? Some Biblical Hebrew terms change slightly in Yiddish. In Biblical Hebrew ‘Goy Echod’ refers to the Jewish nation, but in Yiddish the word ‘Goy’ changed its meaning. Mezuzah has also changed its colloqial Yiddish meaning.

  • Jaime xmarrano

    Mezuzahs on every door except the bathroom,an amazing guy who makes very good choices…Cheers….Good Luck……Mazal Tov……..