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October 29, 2014 1:00 pm

French Anti-Semites Dieudonné and Alain Soral Announce Formation of New Political Party

avatar by Eli Wishnivetski

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Alain Soral, founder of

French anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne (right), demonstrating the "quenelle."

French comedian and political activist Dieudonné M’bala M’bala together with former National Front politician Alain Soral – both widely known for their anti-Semitics beliefs – have announced that they will form a new political party in France, reported Mediapart, a French online investigative journal.

Dr. Shimon Samuels, Director of International Relations at the Simon Wiesenthal Center Europe told The Algemeiner that there is “no doubt” that the party platform for the Réconciliation nationale (or National Reconciliation) party will contain “the most egregious and voracious form of anti-Semitism.”

M’bala M’bala, universally known by his stage name Dieudonné, is infamous for popularizing the “quenelle” gesture, an inverted Nazi salute, within the French subculture. Early in his career, Dieudonné – born to a Cameroonian father and a French mother – was a successful comedian whose act initially focused on anti-far-right social commentary. His first foray into politics was in 1997 when he ran in a regional election against the Front National (National Front), a French far-right political party.

Around 2004, Dieudonné, who is now 48, went through a sudden metamorphosis that turned his stature into what The Independent described as “a French Louis Farrakhan.” His numerous anti-Semitic outbursts have seen him on the wrong side of defamation claims resulting in fines and injunctions based on the criminal grounds of inciting ethnic or racial hatred. After appearing on a show with Robert Faurisson, a notorious Holocaust-denying French academic, authorities fined Dieudonné for publicly insulting “people of Jewish faith or origin.” Roger Cukierman, a prominent leader of French Jewry, called Dieudonné “a professional anti-Semite“ – a comment that he, in turn, was indicted for last week.

Alain Soral, a widely published essayist, went through a political transformation of his own – quitting the far-left Communist party to join the far-right National Front. Soral is on record calling societal ills a product of Jewish conspiracies and “American-Zionist plots.” On September 17th, Soral announced his disassociation from the National Front party due its leader Marine Le Pen’s suggestion that her pro-Israel international adviser, Aymeric Chauprade, may become her future Foreign Minister.

Forming Réconciliation nationale will not be the first political venture in which Dieudonné and Soral have cooperated. In 2009, Dieudonné founded the political party Parti antisioniste (PAS) – commonly referred to as the “Anti-Zionist List.” That same year, both he and Soral were on the party’s ballot for elections to the European Parliament. The French authorities briefly looked into banning the party. PAS gained only 1.3% of the votes and the party dissipated.

Despite the earlier low turnout, Samuels believes that Dieudonné is not to be underestimated. “He brings people together – black/white, Sunni/Shia, left/right,” he acknowledged. “He is a cult icon, hero to disaffected Muslims in France. Because he is interconnected, he has to be taken seriously.” The popularization of the quenelle demonstrates a crucial aptitude for reaching the coveted youth demographic. “Dieudonné is good at gimmicks,” noted Samuels. “Social media, after all, was key to the Obama election in 2008.”

Still, Samuels believes that Dieudonné’s “star has begun to decline.” He opined that the formation of the party is a “ploy” and a “trial balloon” to draw attention away from Dieudonné’s legal troubles. He is currently being investigated for tax evasion and money laundering by the French authorities. “Dieudonné is likely to use the platform to paint himself as a victim of conservatives, Jews and Zionists. And if elected, of course, he will gain immunity from prosecution.”

Dieudonné and Soral, who will co-chair the new party, have declared their intention to file an application with the CNCCFP, the French authority that controls campaign spending and financing of political parties. Samuels told The Algemeiner that the Simon Wiesenthal Center Europe plans to file a formal protest in order to deny approval to, or outright ban, any party applications filed by Dieudonné and Soral.

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  • Victoria

    Eli Hasbara,
    what say you about the Zionist Jews in Israel yelling “Death to Arabs”? And the spitting on Christian priests from Jewish settlers? and what say you about the the daily slaughter of Palestinian Christians & Palestinian Muslims by that little, murderous and so very rude nation called: “Israel”. Is- Real the apartheid little shitty desert country that thinks itself “/ Western /European” LOL !

    Pfftt! your Zionist hasbara (including the X-tian Zionists) is no longer swallowed.

    Long live Dieudonné M’bala M’bala !
    PS. And no, I’m not Muslim.

  • Drew

    You are an American living in New York. You seem to write exclusively about Jews, and have accordingly given your coverage of these two men the angle of ‘antisemitism’. You do not seem qualified to give this piece the neutral coverage it deserves.

    Firstly, they are anti-Zionists. Soral has quite clearly stated that he has great respect for Jews who are French patriots and do not support Israel.

    Secondly, the quenelle is not an inverted Nazi salute. It is an adaptation of a traditional ‘up yours’ gesture by Dieudonne.

    Thirdly, they are thoroughly anti-establishment, and represent something that goes beyond left and right to end the American-Zionist-financier system. So it is no surprise that the media has been mobilised to speak out against them, because they actually pose a threat to US-dominated neoliberalism.

    You are lucky that Germany is still self-flagellating itself over its fascist crimes so you can still have gainful employment with articles like these. People are waking up to the fact that the historical plight of the Jewish people is no excuse for the crimes of Israel and the crimes of powerful Jews who do not represent ordinary Jews. There will be changes coming – if you had any decency you would give world politics a fair hearing and stop your Judeo-centrism lest you be swept aside by history.

  • Piotr

    And so what ? what’s you angle ? you’re based in La and do not even represent anyone but your very self !
    You just go on with the usual defamation that is funnily in line with the rest of your happy few group.
    Good news is that if you somehow feel concerned it does mean that they’ve gone 3rd base.
    The beautiful thing about mainstream pseudo news is that never realize how unplugged from the society they are.

  • Kopf

    What I tried to express :

    Explain, be clear, objective and solid : the guys are struggling to not being overcomed by the local lobby they’re disturbing. And they are David, you know ?

    They have no hate – just check the Dieudonné’s run.

    They just want their own country (if you like/love your country, you’ll get me) to be a human place.

    No more, no less.
    No hate, no discrimanation, peace for people around the world, no bombers here and there (especially not there, so close of “great-“Israel), self-defense only.

    If you don’t understand that : you miss a big part of humanity, I think.

    Or : you’re just the good old openspace-mossad-corner here.

    Be well, anyway and have fun.

    And : ani medaber ivrit tov.


  • Kopf

    And, of course, you feel absolutley objective about that all, Mr. Eli ?

    And even, you wish peace on earth, aren’t you ?

    See you on the west bank, dude.

  • Rachel Rosenzweig

    You should be ashamed of stating things the way you do, pointing fingers at people without actually taking time to both listen to AND talk with the people gravitating around these so-called professional anti-semites. This kind of article, so full of itself, implies that we Jews all agree to that constant and “preventive” censorship that has been going on when it comes to those two men.

    Stop speaking in our name

  • Eric

    Dieudonné together with former National Front politician Alain Soral – two great patriotic Frenchmen concerned about the way their country is going. I’m sure all people of good will can wish them luck!

  • Olivier

    These guys are NOT antisemites and you guys know it perfectly. They are clearly antisionist and that makes them two courageous and solid dudes. So you cowards stop your disgusting smear campaing. You’re pathetic.

  • Robert Weintraub

    The platform of the new party is not likely to gain support outside the Moslem community which is no more than 10% of the French population. As for the other 90% the minority they are most concerned with is the Moslem minority.

  • Eric R.

    Just two typical Frenchmen who are united by the one thing that the French care more about than wine, soccer and sex:

    Hating and killing Jews.



      • @ JAY B HEIMOWITZ… The current french minister of justice IS a black woman…just to answer your incredibly stupid comment about black peoples in France being the “next” to be percecuted 😒

      • Piotr

        Could you actually please forward a link where these peoples call out for murder?
        People in france are just fed up of people bypassing the law for their own extra-national interests.
        And no one ever said that it’s ” the jews” fault. However there is a problem with the few that claim to represent the rest of their religious comrade and violate the very principles of our nation.
        Oh, and as far as nazi goes let me remind you that your ideological friends had no problem in using them in Ukraine whilst boasting about democracy.
        People like you are either clueless or plain lier.