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November 12, 2014 12:14 pm

Suha Arafat Calls for Recognition of Israel: ‘No One Can Doubt Israel’s Existence’ (VIDEO)

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Suha Arafat. Photo: ABC News.

Suha Arafat. Photo: ABC News.

The widow of former Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman and arch terrorist, Yasser Arafat, says “We need to clearly express the recognition of Israel; no one can doubt its existence,” Israel’s Ma’ariv reported Wednesday.

On the 10th anniversary of Arafat’s death, Suha Arafat told Italy’s La Republica, that, “Since Hamas took over the Gaza Strip, Fatah leaders and buildings were attacked.”

Suha sharply attacked Hamas, which is also making inroads into the West Bank, despite Israeli and PA security efforts, and in the face of a “unity government” agreement with the Fatah-led PA.

“Hamas has taken the people in the Gaza Strip as hostages,” she said. “When I see what is happening in Gaza, it’s just genocide. This generation grew up with violence, without education, with only a hope of emigrating.

“I hope that Hamas will finally understand that it should work towards peace negotiations,” she said. “They said my husband was an obstacle to peace. [But] We saw what happened to peace after his death.”

Suha, who lives with her 19-year-old daughter Zahwa, in Malta, recalled that “When my husband was alive, they would go to the Gaza coast,” noting the change since the Islamist terror group ousted Fatah and took power in a coup in 2007.

“It’s unbelievable how much the Strip has became an Islamic state,” Suha said. Turning to Hamas’ terrorism and IDF retaliation, she argued that, “It’s easy to make war, but it’s hard to stop it. Armed struggle will not lead to anything.”

Noting the fierce internecine violence between the rival groups, she charged that, “Arafat did not want to see his Palestinian brother fighting on the tenth anniversary of his death. My husband was the only one who could unite the Palestinian factions.

“I cannot imagine what a return to Palestine, especially in Gaza, would be like… It’s like I’d be a guest there,” she concluded.

Watch a video of Suha Arafat in 2013, charging close confidantes of Arafat with poisoning him with Polonium, leading to his death:

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  • George Wynschenk

    I agree.

  • Mark Z

    The only motive she could have is to destroy Hamas not Israel. Unfortunately her comments will have little or no impact among Palestinians. The Hamas-U.N.-Qatar-Turkey, etc. hate propaganda machine never stops working to destroy Israel. Hamas has years of experience using a combination of terror and brain numbing mind control to keep the Palestinian people cowed and blinded with irrational hate and hope of destroying Israel. Hamas executes without trial all Palestinians who they accuse of working for Israel. Palestinians are under the boot of the Hamas fascists. Hamas is part of an international conspiracy which has its tentacles in the U.S., Britain and Europe as well as in Qatar and Turkey and around the world. Operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas have penetrated the Obama administration as “moderate” Muslims organized by CAIR in order to work for the destruction of Israel. Hamas and its agents have wrested control of the Labour Party in Britain and they have enormous influence in Europe and growing support around the world. The widow of Arafat is not among the friends of Hamas and lives in Malta for her own safety.

    • Julian Clovelley

      I am afraid Marz that you seem to be trying to turn the concept of the “worldwide Zionist conspiracy” on its head and create in its place a Palestinian/Hamas one

      Neither are true – If western democratic parties are under the control of any infiltrating force in particular, that would have to be the forces of the Intelligence services carrying out the foreign policies of the dominant forces in the super powers – And the manner in which this is done generally is simple corruption – often via international corporations

      What I do think is happening however is that people who have been suffering economic deprivation for years – in order to preserve the privileges of the rich – are now demanding greater democracy, greater power over their lives. There is, after all one indisputable indicator of a genuine democracy – No genuine democracy votes to create or maintain a class system. The natural tendency of majority rule is to move towards economic equality

      And that – of course – is why democracies are indeed corrupted. Its a process that has been going on for centuries. When this corruption gets out of hand as a tactic we have Fascism. Hamas conspiracy, Zionist conspiracy, secret covens of the Illuminati? – forget all of that. the real processes have been known since the time of Machievelli.

  • So she might end up being the Nelson Mandela of Palestine? Go figure. Plus, how did they poison her old man with the dude from Hamlet?

  • kris

    Abbas is the biggest liar in the world,
    With one breath, he tells the pa terrorists to kill Jews with their cars.
    Now he says he is against violence.
    That terrorist leader should be locked in an asylum and the key thrown away
    He has said that Israel must be destroyed.
    He has shown a map without Israel
    Now he lies that he recognises Israel./
    What do his Hamas partners have to say?
    Why don’t they stop Hamas from their rocket attacks?

  • Mickey Oberman

    “They said my husband was an obstacle to peace. [But] We saw what happened to peace after his death.”

    It was Arafat who firmly planted the bad seeds and spread the foul odiferous fertilizer for what happened after his death.

    • Joel

      The seed of Arab terror in the 20th and 21st centuries to date preceded Arafat. It was the doing of a Nazi Arab Muslim by the name of Haj Amin Al-Husseini. This man was a close collaborator with Hitler, Himmler and Eichmann. He resided in Berlin and Germany until the very end of WWII. He was instrumental in raising the Nazi SS Hanzar Brigades, who were full participant in the Holocaust murder of Jews and Serbs. His influence extended to Saddam Hussein and was highly influential in the formation of the Arab League. His legacy of hatred for the Jewish people and Israel permeates the entirety of the Arab and non-Arab Muslim world, Muslim Brotherhood et al. The West is in an existential war with the Islam of Haj Amin Al-Husseini, but unfortunately do not act as though they know it!

  • If Suha Arafat returned to Gaza she wouldn’t be a guest she’d be ‘the late’ Suha Arafat.

  • Jonah

    She is attempting to insinuate with the right person in charge of Palestine peace with Israel may be accomplished. Yasser only skimmed a buillon dollars off the top of American contributions to Palestine. Zahwa may be an intelligent girl and realizes with Obamas generosity they could make a second run which would be much more financially blessed without all the theater her father had to create.

  • Ben Navon

    Mrs Suha Arafat can say what she likes. She is using money that would otherwise improved the lives of “her”” people. As she now lives in Malta, and contributing to their economy, they deserve each other. What is she teaching her daughter?

  • Mark

    This isn’t recognition of Israel’s right to exist, just that it does exists – an old Fatah verbal trick.

  • Mark

    Are you taken in by this? Seriously? This is nothing new.

    Yasser Arafat publicly condemned the suicide attacks that he himself financed!

  • Mark

    Do not be breathtakingly naive and misled. The issue is one of strategy, not goals.

    “Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish a sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel.”
    – Yasser Arafat, on the same day he signed the Declaration of Principles on the White House lawn in 1993, explaining his actions on Jordan TV.

    A member of Arafat’s Fatah party telling Arabs how the party really thinks, despite what it says to the West:

  • This isn’t the only surprise about Arafat. The Telegraph [London] reports today that Arafat may have converted to Christianity near the end of his life, according to a close American Christian friend. What would the Islamists have made of that?

  • Lynne T

    Remarkable words considering how recently she was having her late husband’s bones exhumed to prove that Israel assassinated him.

    • Isobel

      It wasn’t Israel she wanted to accuse, it was the PLO/PA.