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November 14, 2014 3:01 pm

New York Times Anti-Israel Bias Confirmed in Numbers, Says Watchdog

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Staff editor for The New York Times opinion section, Matt Seaton, has said the paper will cover Palestinian racism when "they have a state to discriminate with." Photo: Twitter.

When Matt Seaton, an opinion editor for the New York Times, declared on Twitter last month that his paper would refrain on commenting on Palestinian racism until the Palestinians “have a sovereign state to discriminate with,” (sic) he was reflecting a long-established editorial policy, a new study by independent media watchdog CAMERA has found.

“The New York Times is nearly seven times more likely to publish pieces primarily critical of Israel than those primarily critical of the Palestinians,” the study says. “The newspaper is also twice as likely to publish opinion pieces that predominantly support the Palestinian narrative about which side deserves more sympathy or criticism than pieces that predominantly support the Israeli narrative.”

CAMERA’s analysis, which examined staff columns and guest Op-Eds during the year period from October 5, 2013 through October 4, 2014, is based upon the 75 opinion pieces that focused on Israel or the Palestinians. “Of those, 31 were either predominantly critical of Israel or sympathetic to Palestinians; 14 were either predominantly critical of Palestinians or sympathetic to Israel; the remaining 30 did not predominantly criticize or support one side over the other, although they often suggested a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas by criticizing both in roughly equal measure,” CAMERA says.

The study also noted that “the disproportion was nearly identical in pieces by columnists employed by The New York Times (for example Thomas Friedman and Roger Cohen) and in pieces by outside Op-Ed contributors.”

The discrepancy was also reflected in headlines, CAMERA says: “Over the course of the year, during which fewer than 2,500 people were killed in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank, 18 headlines mentioned Israel. Syria was mentioned one time fewer, although about 20,000 people were killed there in just the 7-month period from March to September 2014.”

CAMERA Senior Analyst Gilead Ini, who authored the report, told The Algemeiner that there were several reasons for the disproportionate focus on Israel.

“Part of it is this now largely abandoned concept of linkage, which holds that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the one on which Middle East and world peace hinges,” Ini said.  “Even President Obama made a speech recently saying that this idea isn’t true, but maybe The Times hasn’t got the message yet.”

Ini argued that the paper’s “worldview ” leads it to “cast a critical light” on Israel, “the party that is perceived to be more western.”

“In their eagerness to not excessively criticize a party that is outside their western, liberal context, they end up applying different standards to different countries,” Ini said. “Ironically the end result is anti-liberal, because countries are not judged by a single standard.”

The latest CAMERA study is consistent with previous findings of bias at the Times. A 2006-07 CAMERA study found, for example, “twice as many Op-Eds critical of Israel or espousing an Arab perspective as those supportive of Israel or critical of Arab policies.”

“We hope that someone at the New York Times is paying attention, and that the next time we do this study, the chart will be more balanced,” Ini said.

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  • A newspaper that proudly and openly declares bias ,is not a news paper it’s a propaganda leaflet. The so called reporters at the NYT are openly and deliberately distorting the news or emitting the truth, to highlight one side over the other. Reporting the NEWS is ment to be fair and balanced without favour . The NEW YORK TIMES IS A DISCREDITED ORGANISATION it’s evil. I wouldn’t use it for toilet paper

    • Jeff

      Amen amen.
      Friends – Don’t buy the NY Times. That is the only to stop these israel hating clowns from publishing their propaganda!

      • I will wholly support the NY Times for having the courage to speak out and stand up to lie thtIsrael.

      • Edwin Barrera

        I will wholly support the NY times even more now for having the courage to speak out and stand up to the lie that is

  • I don’t know why you are arguing about it – just follow the bottom lin, and find out how much they are being paid.

  • Ray

    As long as Abrahamism is allowed to exist, there will be no peace in Palestine, nor anywhere else on planet earth;

  • klaus

    Who cares what the nyt writes

  • steven L

    NYT: the flagship of international antisemitism.

  • shloime

    bias is nothing new, and the new york times is no exception.

    what is disconcerting about the new york times’ bias is that much of it, like thomas friedman’s “senior officials”, is fed to them directly by the white house.

  • Bill Channon

    “… his paper would refrain on commenting on Palestinian racism until the Palestinians “have a sovereign state to discriminate with,” (sic) he was reflecting a long-established editorial policy…”. In other words, Seaton is quite in sympathy with Muslim, and therefore Palestinian, goals of driving Jews into the sea. Why would he be in favour of that? How long would he expect the state of Israel reduced to pre-1963 boundaries to last in peace? Another day, another month, another year?

    Why are Westerners so ignorant and blind about the history of the Palestine people. They refuse to understand that the Palestinians are recent immigrants into the region. Most migrated from Turkey, Egypt and Saudi.

  • We must not only condemn the Israel-bashing New York Times; we must also condemn the so-called “Jews” who continue to purchase it, or even worse, advertise in it.

  • Jack

    What is really disappointing though, is the lack of moral clarity that this ‘soft’ yellow journalism is, or rather perpetrates- a type of editorial ethics collapse that leads to statements, as quoted here of the President, that many outside the peaceful realm of initiatives will take as a green light to do as they please.
    This lack of ethical principle really does snowball out of control into all areas of ‘civil’ society.
    Remember P.M. Chamberlain on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport holding up his worthless paper and declaring “Peace in our time!”
    The same kind of mass delusional perceptiveness by whole societies is occurring on this issue.
    The press is so controlled by corporate interests that clarity is unlikely for quite some time– tho it snaps out of it’s stupor usually, after a truly great calamity.
    911 wasn’t a strong enough wake up call.
    I don’t know what is.
    The press keeps playing this issue like they have a fish on the hook.
    I don’t get it.
    Doesn’t the U.N and the world press get they are helping to extend the bloodshed by being supportive of the criminals who perpetrate this stuff on the innocent victims. There is no way Hamas can be considered responsible.
    Neither was Chamberlain.

  • Herb Grossman

    The real reason for the bias is that the apostates (former Jews) who publish the paper and the Jewish reporters who report from Israel are ashamed of their Jewish backgrounds and try to out-anti-Semite the anti-Semites to show how little like the Jews they really are. And they have actually succeeded because they are little like Jews, who generally support the underdog, the tolerant and the humane, unlike these reporters and publishing family who support the bigoted and genocidal jihadis. They are the craven Jews and former Jews to be ashamed of, not the Zionists, whose great accomplishments and bravery have far exceeded everyone’s original expectations.

    • Murray Zedeck

      Herb…you are correct and demonstrate a true understanding of the situation.

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    Any Jew who works for NYT and writes anti Israel lies, should be ex communicated by the rabbis. But, I wonder I
    if any of those chalarias have ever put their filthy shoes onto the floors of any synagogue.
    Or have they converted to Islam?
    Or are they being well paid by the Jew haters to print lies about Israel. More likely, the money talks.

    when they shave in the mornings, what do they see in the mirror?
    Certainly not a Jew, but some swine who will sell their mothers for a dime.


    I cancelled my subscription of the NYT and explained it was because of the paper’s anti-Israel bias.

  • What on earth happened/ The New York Times used to be as likely to be anti-semitic as the Chief Rabbi! I think I have the answer. As the profitability of newspapers has declined drastically, the press has sought new sources of income. The New York Times is probably currently funded by sources that are bitterly anti-Israel and with all the wealth sloshing around in the Arab world, it probably costs peanuts to bribe the NYT into this hate-filled rubbish. Look for the money, it has nothing to do with their right to “cast a critical light” on Israel, everything to do with money,

    • Lynne T

      Actually, the NYT had a sorry record during WW II of burying news about the Holocaust.

  • Lammie

    To put it VERY politely the New York Times is seldom well-informed nor are they historically knowledgeable, and they are definitely not particularly invested in getting the facts right.

  • Der Sturmer….NY Times..
    No Difference!

  • susan staehs



  • Reuven

    Isabel Kershner, a “reporter” for The NY Times, even managed to turn the terrorist murder of 3-month-old Chaya Braun into an anti-Israel article!!! And Jodi Rudoren, the rag;’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief,is also absolutely vicious.

    • Sharon

      Like the Arabs who migrated to the Palestinian mandated territory as the Jews of Palestine created jobs for them and then who created themselves as the Palestinian nation, so Redoren it is alleged has concocted her name out of her maiden name and her husbands surname – no real depth history or tradition there, just like the faux Palestinians.

  • Leo Toystory

    Someone at the New York Times is NOT paying attention
    and the next time CAMERA does this study the chart will NOT be more balanced. CAMERA has been around for a long time and the humanoids at the NYTs have never cared one iota what CAMERA or anybody else has ever had to say about their forthright anti-Israel bias.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    I hate Jews who hate themselves like the owners of the NY Times.

    This reminds me when I was the VP of my neighborhood B’nai Brith chapter in Carnersie and was invited to the national convention in the Catskills.

    This was about 1968 and the president of this Jewish organization told us, “If there is a choice for a job between a Jew and a Negro you must give the Negro the job”. I stood up and protested saying that B
    nai Brith is a Jewish organization and our first concerns must be for Jews. Thousands of Jews booed me and I left the convention.

    What is wrong with Jews? We’re not loved by our enemies who would love to and work to destroy us. 1:4 people on this planet harbor hatred for us without ever having met a Jew or know anything about us.

    We’ve raised the black at the expense of the Jew and now blacks are feared and Jews are still hated.

    For Jews, we’re not too smart.

    NYT Sulzberger’s and Ochs’ families you should be ashamed of yourselves and I don’t want to be in the same boxcar as you if we don’t become strong and feared/

  • Michael Pielet

    It has nothing to do with more western. The Times is an ant-Israeli, anti-semitic newspaper, that is owned by former Jews. these jews have become Jew haters.
    During World War 2, the same times ignored the extermination of 6 million Jews.

  • The NYT is a loud bastion of left wing policies and politics. In its opinion, moral relativism reigns supreme. No western culture is allowed to claim any superiority over any other culture, especially if it is a non-Western one. For “The Paper of Record” it shows a shameful one when it comes to the Israel-Palestinian situation.

    There is murder and mayhem from the P. side and reaction and response from the I side. Murder by gun or by vehicle is still murder with no justification possible.

  • Bernard Ross

    the NYT is a dying and increasingly irrelevant anachronism. It lacks reliability and credibility and stinks of agenda manipulating its reporting. Soon, the fat lady will sing the requiem for the grey lady and herald the end.

  • Mike P.

    When I saw the photo of the smug self-righteous man in the article, prior to reading the caption, I accurately guessed that it was not the face of the executive at the Watchdog, but the face of a biased reporter at the New York Times, IMHO.

    His apparent smugness prevents him from seeing two sides, or from learning from events. His smugness is part of his living in a bubble of self-righteousness.

    Maybe if his children lived under threat of Islamist violence, as Israeli children do, his smile would disappear, and he would appear both more wise and more wizened.

  • SpecialKinNJ

    re the likelihood that the chart will be more balance is suggested by Holly and Wayne, thus

  • The Times is already paying attention. They’re animosity and anti-Semitism is neither haphazard nor unconscious.

    They know exactly what they’re doing.

  • art

    The NYT bias goes back pre WWII. Remember the founders generally converted out and became ethical culturalists etc. In the early 1950’s NYT leaked a report about flights out of the iron curtain carrying Jews to Israel, shortly thereafter a plane was shot down by the Russians. In the 1980’s NYT again published a report on a known but quiet operation saving Ethiopian Jews, shortly thereafter the operation was disrupted The NYT is consistant in its long term bias

  • There is no doctrine in the world more anti-liberal than Islam.
    The New York Times is leftist rather than liberal. Nothing matters more to leftists than opposing Israel.

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    The NYT is like the “Völkischer Beobachter”…a product of RABID Antisemitism !

  • SpecialKinNJ

    “We hope that someone at the New York Times is paying attention, and that the next time we do this study, the chart will be more balanced,” Ini said.

    Hope in one hand, spit in the other,and see which fills up faster.

  • Fred

    Their bias runs deeper than that. For example, consider this recent statement by Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times: Although four in five Afghan Muslims support the death penalty for apostates, “in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world, only 16 percent favor such a penalty.” That’s a GOOD thing? We would regard it as scandalous if even 1.6% of Christians in America or Jews in Israel supported the death penalty for apostates.

  • Moshe

    I spit on the New York Times. It employs Jewish writer who are Anti Israel Far left Self haters. EOOOOOO.

    • Edwin Barrera

      It’s Not Self Hate. It’s called being true to oneself. They are not self hating jews, they are anti Zionit’s instead as am I

  • Mickey Oberman

    I wonder what caused the Times anti Jewish bias during WW II.

    They will always find a reason. You can count on it.

    Mickey Oberman