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December 29, 2014 5:02 pm

British Minister Vows to Combat ‘Dark Forces’ of Anti-Semitism

avatar by Ben Cohen

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British government minister Eric Pickles drew a connection between anti-Semitic and anti-Israel agitation. Photo: Wikicommons

A British government minister has vowed to combat the “dark forces” of anti-Semitism following an upsurge of attacks against the UK Jewish community during the past year, many of them tied to protests against Israel’s war with the Hamas regime in Gaza over the summer.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles pledged to make extra funds available for additional security at Jewish schools. Pickles also promised a “zero tolerance” approach to the online hate crimes that have already targeted a number of leading British Jewish personalities, including Luciana Berger, a member of parliament for a constituency in the northern city of Liverpool.

According to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper, Pickles added that new measures to counter anti-Semitism on campus would be introduced, while schoolchildren will be taught about the Nazi Holocaust.

In an oped for the same paper, Pickles mourned that “in 2014, there has been a revolting relapse of this ancient evil” while highlighting the intimate relationship between hatred of Jews as a community and hatred of the Jewish state.

“Institutions that should have stood up to this thuggish behaviour did not,” Pickles wrote. “Like the Holborn branch of Sainsbury’s (a well-known British supermarket,) clearing their shelves of kosher food to satisfy anti-Israeli yobs outside. This casual acceptance of anti-Semitism was outrageous.”

Pickles went on: “Even some councils have behaved irresponsibly. Like Tower Hamlets (in east London,) engaging in their own municipal foreign policy by flying the Palestinian flag. These public bodies should be using their position of authority to actively reduce tensions, not stir them up. ”

The number of reported anti-Semitic incidents in the UK hit record levels in July, according to the Community Security Trust (CST), a charity set up to protect Britain’s Jewish community.

There were 302 incidents, compared to 59 in July 2013. There were a further 241 attacks in August.

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  • In November 2014 a UN resolution was put forward to ban Nazism around the world. Unbelievably the USA and Canada supported by the Ukraine voted for the continuation of this dire ideology against humanity and the propagation of Nazism. Don’t believe me, visit the following two web-links

    CANADA GOVT SUPPORTS NEO-NAZIS? 100% PROOF THAT THEY DO!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE9oRTIXI5U


    Therefore how can the world stamp out this vile thinking if the president of the united states and the prime minister of Canada are still supporting such inhuman thinking?

    The other frightening thing about this terrible situation is that NO media in the ‘West’ has mentioned this very important issue for future humanity. Has Obama et al therefore silenced Western media is has to be asked as if Russia had sided on the side of Nazism, it would have been on the front pages of all mainstream western media outlets? Is it because it was Russia that put forward the UN Declaration to condemn Nazism do you think?

  • Babs

    Bravo to Eric Pickles for the new legislation – it’s not before time. I am all for teaching more about the Holocaust too, but those who hate can’t or won’t make the link between Hitler’s craziness and what led to to wholesale slaughter of Jews then with what is happening now. They lack the intelligence to do so or their mindless hatred overrides it.

    Holocaust education needs to happen but without hyperbole. Also the privileging of certain belief systems in the UK, no doubt because the government is scared of what might happen if it does not cave in to them and one in particular, has to stop completely. No belief system should have the right to impose itself on the way of life of the wider society. That should be against the law.

  • I read that in many European states the Arab populations reach up to 40%; that’s a good thing. Many of these people are thugs and trouble makers. Remember when the PLO went to Jordan, where they had, initially, citizenship rights, but they stirred up trouble and conspired against the King, and soon their citizenship privileges were rescinded, and eventually they were thrown out of Jordan. Same scenario repeated when they went into Lebanon. I expect the Europeans will soon get a taste of the shenanigans of their “poor, innocent victims.” When they do, they will understand why Israel needs to defend herself. Appeasement – Mr. Chamberlain demonstrated, does not work.
    As far as the people of Gaza are concerned, why are they labeled “innocent civilians?”
    The terrorists do not wear uniforms – so when the bodies are counted who knows who was a civilian and who was a jihadist? Also, they knew, when they voted for Hamas that it was in the Hamas charter to kill Jews and throw them into the sea. Votes have consequences. They claim their elections were “democratic.” Well, in a democracy the voters need take responsibility for whom they put in charge. (And that goes double for ourselves!!) The Gazans put a bunch of thugs in charge, who made a mess of things and now the people on whom the retaliatory bombs fall, reap the consequences.
    I personally pity them, but must admit in fairness, they asked for their misery.