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December 29, 2014 2:47 pm

More Than 20 Houses, Cars Branded With Swastikas in North London

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Swastikas were branded onto 20 cars and homes around north London on Dec. 28. Photo: Twitter.

More than 20 houses and vehicles were vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti, including swastikas, in north London on Sunday, Britain’s Jewish News reported.

The attacks took place on Osbaldeston Road in Hackney during the evening. Locals woke up Monday morning to find the Nazi symbol drawn onto window panes, cars and a private ambulance. Shomrim, the Jewish neighborhood watch group, posted photos of the vandalism on Twitter. One photo showed swastikas drawn on the hood of a car beside the words “Jew” and “Sionist (sic) Out.”

“We are committed to bring a stop to these senseless and mindless acts of vandalism, and are working closely with the police investigation to assist in every possible way,” said Shomrim coordinator Barry Bard. “Similar swastikas have appeared in the same area over the past few weeks. Police are taking these incidents very seriously and are treating it as hate crime. I urge anyone with information to call 101.”

Hackney police inspector Jeff Bull said anti-Semitism or racism of any kind will not be tolerated, Jewish News reported. He added, “We are doing our utmost to trace and bring to justice the suspects involved in this racist graffiti as well as reassure all of our communities.”

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  • DDearborn


    London has without a doubt more Surveillance Cameras than any major city in the world. And North London is a very upscale part of the city. Let me guess, the well off don’t like having camera’s in their neighborhoods so no video is available. Someone or something must have seen this.

    • Osbaldeston Road is in Haredi Stamford Hill. I doubt that the residents would oppose a security camera.

  • American

    It hurts when one is attacked without proper cause, doesn’t it?

  • Craig

    This happened in Chicago too. Wonder if they’re related through a facebook group. ..

  • I thought there were active cameras all over London for just this reason as London police boast about all the time. Why suddenly are there no videos showing the idiots involved?

  • Julian Clovelley

    As a person born and brought up in North London this really comes across as isolated silliness. It is intended to upset and hurt, but there is likely to be very little depth to it

    In twenty years of living in North London, and being at school with Jewish friends in two of London’s well integrated schools, I only encountered antisemitism twice – once in a silly remark, and once as a real confrontation

    We looked after our Jewish friends because they were of us too – we didn’t see them as alien to us because they weren’t. The only real difference is that they often brought better snacks to school, or when we dropped round to their homes we were treated better – not just as children, but as honoured guests

    So don’t over-react. An upsurge of almost non-existent antisemitism is unlikely – It’s individual actions that are more worrying than an underlying trend. The Londoners put the bums rush on fascist leader Oswald Mosley in street fights before the war. He was so disliked that many of our parents were concerned when black coloured shirts became fashionable in the sixties because to them it was an echo of the days when street fights put an end to the march of Fascism in England. The Londoners contempt for antisemitism ensured that when Hitler over-ran Europe, Britain stood firm and fought. The Londoner’s successfully said of Fascism and Nazism “they shall not pass”

    My North Londoners were proud of their tolerance and integration, proud of the friendship and the sharing that saw no difference in people. They are also fiercely proud of a heritage that stood against the worst that Ultra Conservatism can throw at people. I’m a Londoner too- The first missiles to fall on a civilian population were aimed at my own parents.

    And as Algemeiner readers know – I too won’t have a bar of the Right – of ANY facet of the Right, even when it appears in supposedly “Social Democratic” and “Labour” Parties.

    The biggest threat that the Jewish communities might think about is in the changing demographics of London, as ordinary people are forced out of their homes to make way for gentrification. Allow the ordinary working people of London to be displaced and your first line of defence is gone. The middle class always stands aside when racism rears its head, because the very worst racism is within that class, amongst the Right wing voting bloc..

    • charlie johnson

      I guess that London is the birthplace of socialist/communist and have provided the poor with socialized medical care now they can add race doctors to do house calls and immunize the people against discrimination. Do you have our version of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson there ?They really bring the races together.

      • When Al Sharpton was invited to speak in the UK he was told in advance that if he did anything to incite he would be put on the next plane home. Most UK Asians and Afro-Caribbeans came to fill jobs after WW 2 and there is no tradition of slvery in Britain as there was in the USA. Less than five per cent of Brits are Muslims. We have a large Indian community, who are not Muslims.

        • charlie johnson

          I like England,Never been there. Traditions change with times as does social opinions. As for me ,I hate slavery of any kind. One day in the future ,All this cheap labor we import into the Western nations may be viewed as another form of slavery.The guilt will be laid at the feet of those who import cheap labor.I am not involved in that business myself. There is nothing I can do about it.Slavery is still popular among Muslims. The Boko Haram in Africa deal in slaves.The golfing parrot has not made a big issue of it.His wife made a poster that read.”WE WANT OUR GIRLS BACK!” But I am not connected to any form of slavery. Drugs are the latest form of slavery .Look at what become of Detroit. Modern slaves are as bad off as any in the past. I would like those people free of addictions and in good jobs.But the politicians choose slavery before God. There used to be a lot of good things made in England.Now most things are made by communist slaves in China.

  • charlie johnson

    Will the police be looking in Moscow? >>