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December 30, 2014 1:54 pm

‘Slaughter The Jews’ Amulet Stolen From Controversial College Art Exhibition

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Sapir College display. Photo: 0404 News.

Sapir College display. Photo: 0404 News.

Officials at Sapir College in Sderot are investigating the possible theft of an amulet from a provocative art display, Israel’s NRG News said Tuesday.

“The Power of the Word,” which opened Tuesday at Sapir College, is seen by some as encouraging incitement, though its defenders insist that the exhibit is important because it showcases opinions on both sides.

The exhibition includes three hamsas (palm-shaped amulets popular throughout the Middle East) created by artist Gad Wellnitz and decorated with the words “ISIS,” “Slaughter the Jews,” and “In blood and fire we will redeem Palestine.”

“There is no place in an academic institution for an exhibition which calls for the massacre of a people,” one irate student told NRG.

Ironically, the school, with an enrollment of some 8,000 students, sits just five kilometers from the border with Gaza and has been hit hundreds of times by rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists.

An hour and a half before the official opening of the controversial exhibition at Sapir College, organizers discovered that the amulet emblazoned with the words “Aitbah el Yahud (Slaughter the Jews)” was stolen from the wall where it was to have been displayed, despite the presence of security guards.

College Security Department officials are going through surveillance cameras footage find out who did it, and said they have identified two key suspects, who they said are among leaders of the fight against the exhibition in recent days.

“We condemn manifestations of vandalism and attempts to violate the freedom of expression,” officials said of the theft at the exhibition, which opened its doors as scheduled at 5 PM.

One longtime Gaza-area resident, Canadian-born Miriam Goodman, told The Algemeiner that she was outraged by the exhibit.

“How could they display such incitement? To [call to] slaughter Jews, and ‘our blood and fire will redeem Palestine,’ sends chills down my back,” said Goodman, who lives nine kilometers from Gaza in the village of Ma’agalim.

“What came to mind was a Palestinian group in Canada that goes from city to city displaying art that they claim was drawn by children in Gaza showing our brave [IDF soldiers] as murderers.

“Sapir College is no better – no they are worse,” Goodman insisted, adding that, “Citing free speech always seems to be a good excuse for incitement. If Sapir College allows this display to be shown, it should lose all government funding.”

However, organizer Liav Mizrahi, a lecturer in the School of Art at the college, says that “The exhibition features works that express opinions on both sides of the Israeli artistic divide.”

The school said the artist would create a replacement amulet this evening.

College Student Union Chairman, Moran Baranes, who opposed the exhibition, said, “I don’t think this is the right way to deal with the problem; there are smarter ways to deal with such an extreme exhibition. The best way is to teach that another way is possible.”

Students opposed to the show are planning a protest rally in front of the exhibition on Wednesday.

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  • Michael

    Our worst enemies come from our own people. When the rest of the world sees Jews themselves call for the death of their own using the same excuse “free speech” and to “get both sides of the story” then we cannot fault the world for the lack of respect for the Jews.
    Liberalism is a mental disease and sadly we have many diseased Jews among us.

  • I think that all ways of expression can be displayed within the proper teaching framework. If someone stole a piece of that collection because he or she felt offended and felt that he could not learn anything positive from it, that´s a failure of the exhibition too.

  • victoria brandeis

    never surprised by the world

    the word ‘students’ is perhaps the cue…..as students a curriculum is followed and if ugly and horrid shows up its the student , teacher , and or the instigator.

    this is awful and for those jews who think this should be…..then perhaps your converts…don’t get upset converts…….some may be over the top and are deserving of this but most are the horror of broken families…these sort of incidents and too fearful to reside beside.

    yes…..CONVERTS……are an issue if they are not religious……just another part of ugly world…and part of it.

  • David Elazar

    Donors to this college should be made aware of this exhibit. I am going to try locating them. They should decide whether or not to continue supporting this uncalled for “even-handedness”.

  • David Levy

    There is nothing artistic in calls for murder. It is filth, covered with pretty colours. The so-called artists should be expelled as hate speech has no place in an educational institution.

  • Elias Behar

    What else do the Jews need to do in order to ‘comply’ with the Arabs demands-since there is no such a thing as palestinian people- for equality and fairness?? Do we need to place our necks on the chopping board and handle them the cleaver.

    It’s about time to STOP being politically correct and user our brains. THEY SIMPLY DON’T WANT US TO EXIST NO MATTER WHAT…

  • Shalom Freedman

    I do not know what the Administration of Sapir College believes it was doing with such a tasteless exhibition. Art? Or simple ugly sensationalism?

  • Efram

    They wish to present both sides of the issue. This is, in my opinion, laudable. However, are there any Jewish pieces of art calling for the annihilation of Arabs? Somehow I doubt it. It is one thing to use art to make a political statement, it is very different from using art to instigate genocide. If they want to include Himmler’s vicious propaganda, is that a legitimate political statement?

  • Jonah

    Israel is cycling between waves of attacks, citizens being kidnapped and murdered and you allow air headed academics to title an art display with the theme “the power of the word “, slaughter the Jews. Those in charge of this artisticly disguised attack against Israel should be charged with sedition. In most county’s they would face a firing squad. Political correctness will be the downfall of Israel.

  • Who says this is art? Art fart!