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January 2, 2015 2:14 pm

BDS Activist in UK Accused of Nazi Salute Outside Israeli-Owned Store (VIDEO)

avatar by Ben Cohen

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BDS activist Tristan Woodwards giving a Nazi salute outside the Israeli-owned Kedem store in Manchester, UK. Photo: Twitter

A leading activist in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign in the northern English city of Manchester has been accused on social media of giving a Nazi salute outside the Israeli-owned Kedem cosmetics store on King Street, a main thoroughfare in the town center.

The man, identified as Tristan Woodwards, was photographed with his right arm raised and his left arm locked at his side, in the traditional manner of a Nazi salute. Along with some of the other BDS supporters in the photograph, Woodwards is smiling widely.

Confronted with the photograph, Woodwards nonetheless denied that he had given a Nazi salute, telling a correspondent on Twitter, “Looks like, but it wasn’t and you know I was waving to you while taking a picture.”

Woodwards’ page on social media platform Twitter displays a photo showing him with a placard at another BDS demonstration outside a branch of Barclays Bank. Several sources described him to The Algemeiner as a “professional demonstrator.”

Raphi Bloom, co-chair of advocacy group North-West Friends of Israel, told The Algemeiner that today’s incident outside Kedem occurred after three BDS activists appeared in court for public order offenses allegedly committed over the summer, when the store became the focus of angry local protests against the war in Gaza between Israel and the ruling Hamas regime. After the court proceedings ended this morning, Woodwards and his comrades headed to Kedem for an “impromptu protest.”

Bloom explained that Manchester Police had banned the Kedem protests in August, when they invoked the UK’s Public Order Act to bring an end to the disturbances and the frequent anti-Semitic abuse hurled by demonstrators. “This shop has been under siege for weeks from pro-Palestinian protesters in a smart part of Manchester’s shopping area. Things have got ugly,” an anonymous source told The Jewish Press at the height of the protests.

However, Bloom said, BDS activists have continued to return to Kedem on a “random basis,” compelling pro-Israel groups to keep a close eye on the store, where unsuspecting customers are loudly informed by protestors that they have “blood on their hands” and that they are “child murderers.”

Today’s antics were, Bloom emphasized, “consistent with the behavior that this lot have always exhibited. Many of them call us ‘Nazis’ or ‘ZioNazis,’ they tell us we are committing ‘genocide,’ that we ‘killed Jesus,’ and that ‘Hitler was right.'” The summer protests at Kedem, he said, “were a magnet for anti-Semites. It reminded me of the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses launched in 1933.”

Watch a North-West Friends of Israel video from this summer’s protests outside the Kedem Store:

NOTE: This piece has been updated to reflect Tristan Woodwards explanation of the events covered in this news story.

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  • Carl Freeman

    Hmmm. The article (and its headline) has been changed since it was originally published. Is the author now beginning to regret making the accusation.

    It would appear no that he is trying to make out that he is simply reporting that such an accusation has been made on social media. It is true – this accusation is being made on social media. In fact I have seen the accusation made all over social media (that Tristan Woodwards was giving a Nazi salute). However, in every single instance that I have seen, Ben Cohen’s original article is given as the source of the story. How does the old saying go….? Publish and be damned?

  • Colin Honeyman-Smith

    Do you have any other evidence, besides this highly questionable photograph, that Tristan Woodwards is a Nazi. I have personally met him on several occasions and have never heard him express anything that could be construed as Naziism fascism or right wing ideology. Tristan is in fact a person who cares deeply about justice for oppressed minorities (such as the Palestinians), he is also opposed to racism in all forms Either come up with some other evidence other than this photo which is clearly open to more than one interpretation, or stop publishing this nonsensical story.

  • rivelle

    The figure in the photo is clearly waving.

    There is a smile on his face. His arm is NOT stiffly held upright.

    And the slanderous photographer has just captured the moment and disgracefully distorted the single moment.

    Exploiting the paranoiac, narcissistic self-pitying of Zionist ultra-nationalists.

    BDS “activists” are typically anti-EDL, anti-UKIP.

  • RJ-USA

    Share this and place it within your facebook name (BDS=Kristallnacht)

  • Dante

    Thanks to Mr. Woodwards for showing what BDSreally is: A Nazi movement.

    • rivelle

      The guy in the photo is waving at someone.

      He is smiling.

      This is NOT the posture, arm movement, or facial expression of someone who is “saluting”.

      Others in the photo are also looking in the same direction toward someone or a group of people and are smiling with a greeting type smile on their faces.

      You honestly think BDS activists would be this gormless?

      Photographs can very often be deceptive.

      Add to this paranoiac narcissism of Zionists. Zionist psychotic self-righteousness NEVER allows them to examine their own crimes with a moral eye.

      Their critics are always conveniently “Nazi” or “Muslim”.

      • Rob

        And you are always reliably distorted and dim-witted in all your perceptions. In short, you are utterly repulsive.

  • victoria brandeis






  • What a desperate ferret faced little Nazi this BDS guy is and yes he’s giving the Sieg Heil.And yes in Germany the BDS is made not of Good German Conservative people.It consists of Leftists,Anarchists,Nazis and Muslims.All the garbage in Germany

  • Larry A. Singleton

    Yep; too much trouble to have a decent print function. Might as well give us users the middle finger salute.

  • charlie johnson

    protestors and demonstrators.Most often linked to educators and college kids.They are very obnoxious and confrontational.They claim to desire people to sympathize with a victim of injustice that they have made everyone aware of.But most normal people do not go along with the troublemakers because they are outcast among society.If their cause is just they diminish the cause by acting like five year old children throwing a temper tantrum.

  • Nathan

    I would hope to see Israel-advocates using this incident to link BDS to the Nazis, their true ideological bed-fellows.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Reaffirms my belief that the left is the other end of the circle with Fascism and Naziism.

    • Nazi is an acronym for the German words for:

      National Socialist Workers Party.

      In other words, nazis were far left and they were supported by the Western European and American left right up until Hitler attacked communist Russia.

      They are not a loop. Nazis are left and modern Nazi parties like Jobic in Hungary are also socialist as well as antisemitic. I believe that Golden Dawn in Greece is also socialist.

      • CHARLIE

        Vlad Tepes nu te-au infipt destul de adanc in teapa. Data viitoare o sa controlez eu ce ti-au facut. Esti cumva ruda cu Capitanul C.Z.Codreanu? Mars de pe pagina

  • Julian Clovelley

    I have sent two posts that indicate that this article is almost certainly entirely falsely based

    Neither appear on line balancing the article

    I find that outrageous!

    • Lynne T

      There are two of your usual windbaggy posts below at just before 7 p.m. on January 2nd and another about an hour later.

      The moderator probably has a day off over the weekend and lots of stuff to review, so unknot your knickers.

  • art frank

    Like the scumbag nazis desecrating Jewish owned stores in Germany in the 30’s. Mixture here of arab muslims and photo nazi’s like the late oswald mosley. Plenty of home grown Jew hating christians in england.

  • The problem is the Nazi salute in the United Kingdom is not an arrestable offence.

    Somebody can come up to your face and do it 50 or 60 times and you still will not be arrested. This is what the police said to me after many demonstrations pro-Israel demonstrations being given the Nazi salute by the Palestinian supporters.

    However, holocaust denial remember in this country is not illegal whether it is imprint whether it is on social media. Anti-Semitism is also not illegal in this country whether it is on social media or in print but it can be if it offends somebody recorded as a hate crime.

    I had the police round earlier this morning to explain to me that the laws pertaining to anti-Semitism itself really is quite interesting. If the anti-Semitism is directed at yourself with filing and its they can be arrested for that if it is just a reference to being Jewish they may just get a warning.

    This is actually difference if you are a muslim or gay and experience a hate crime

  • Ed Moss

    Please stop capitalising all the words in your headlines good people! Prepositions and conjunctions definitely should not be!

  • george beacock

    Tristan needs to get a life, and get on with his own problems, looks as if he has got one with one arm stuck in the air and another stuck to his side how on earth does he manage must be difficult in that position

  • Robert Davis

    Such examples prove that bds is arabo-socialist nazi cause meant to destroy Israel. The fact that fakestinians are not defended anywhere else than Israel proves these bds and other persecution intended harassment which has nothing to do with “critic” are intended to destroy Israel as hitler their hero destroyed jews in the 1940s Far left communists and far right extremists are mere nazis ie socialists.

  • Reform School

    They like Hamass? Serve them some on Rye, with Hot Mustard and Swiss. Don’t tell them what it is until a week after.

  • June Grant

    This dispels any doubt that BDS-ers are indeed anti-Semites and not, as they like to be depicted, “only anti Israel”. Now they can concentrate on BDS-ing actual human rights abusers such as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, North Korea and a host of other like-minded regimes

  • Lauren Goldman

    Police banned the Kedem activists were banned from their activities at the store, yet they are still happening on a random basis. If this were a muslim store being treated this way, there would be masked rioters and a wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth about the outrage. And so, the UK goes the way of Europe.

  • Larry

    I would say this jackass has no idea the number of British civilians that were killed because of this salute. I doubt if he even knows there was a World War II.

  • Kerry Berger

    I hope the store owner presses charges against these idiot antisemites on the grounds of fomenting hatred and bigotry. This kind of behavior congregating outside a Jewish store reminds me of the Nazi Brownshirts when Hitler was coming to power. We don’t stand for this kind of intimidation anymore. I believe it is high time for Jews everywhere contribute to our own militias like the Jewish Defense League to take appropriate action when authorities decide to abscond from accountability.

  • paul hanes

    Tristan is waving in this picture. Look at the girls by him .they would never tolerate a nazi and tristan is not a nazi. Your paper is so going to get sued for this rubbish.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Could i suggest that when you publish what is likely incorrect information you moderate refutations a little quicker from both private persons and from Algemeiner’s editorial

    I note that after well over an hour this potentially defamatory article hasn’t been pulled or a balancing refutation published

    This is not on. Sorry! If the Guardian had done this to a right wing political activist – and i doubt if they would without thorough checking – I suspect they would have been sued

  • Julian Clovelley

    I sent you two posts on this

    where are they?

  • Rosencrentz

    Sticks and stones
    May break my bones,
    But names will never hurt me!

  • Julian Clovelley

    There is a little more I’d like to say in a separate post. Anyone reading Algemeiner on line would know I often write very long posts. I don’t expect all of them to be published but many – like this one – are directed at editorial standards. That is why they are so detailed.

    Algemeiner is an excellent journal of far wider than just Jewish interest. But I do feel that it rather allows unqualified credibility to rather extremist American Right and extremist Zionist points of view. I do not always feel – as in this case – that the views are properly examined to ensure that the Algemeiner article is well enough balanced and researched. I also feel that – as in the nineteen thirties, supping with the Right is potentially suicidal

    The particular issues on which noticeable inbalance can occur at the original article level are any that might impinge on the Zionist Settlement and Occupation policies. These however are surely the areas in which one must be most careful to ensure both sides of the story are told, and that the writer is not trying to get an article published that in fact accords with an unstated political and territorial agenda

    In the attacks on the Guardian that repeatedly appear in Algemeiner, from one main source, I have asked the writer to clearly state his own bias and agenda relating to the points of conflict. I have never received a reply. But I would ask “has Algemeiner?” because if not, then why do such clearly agenda motivated and biased attacks continue to be published? It is not a lot to ask. the Guardian remains one of the greatest sources of information against antisemitism that there is. Thousands of articles over scores of years.

    I belive – my bias – that a forward looking Israel and a progressive Jewish community that addresses questions of past and present Identity have an enormous amount to offer a suffering world. But I believe we all need to work together on this. My bias also perhaps comes from having generations of assimilated Jewish individuals in my family. The real dynamics of Genealogy are open and clear in my own family. Identity is an issue that it addressed well over 150 years ago. For my children their known descent is from people whose birth religions were Huegenot, Roman Catholic, Plymouth Brethren, Presbytarian, Baptist, Anglican and Jewish. What we see in our own family over two hundred years is the real pattern of intermarriage – assimilation – conversion and mixed Genetic ancestry that everyone has had over five thousand years. I cannot deny we are one people because in my own family it is screamingly obvious. To ask a simple silly question – “If the territories belong to the “Seed of Abraham” – which bit’s mine?” – but hey it’s a silly question.

    Working together requires great care and integrity, a determination not to be ruled by unstated agendas. I like to think we all agree on one simple point – the right of the people of the Middle East to live in peace, joy and security.

    We may not agree how that is to be achieved. But it is the same prayer for peace.

  • Glenn Williams

    Hope you’ve got some good libel lawyers. A disgusting and slightly sad and desperate attempt at defamation.

  • Sinbad Sweeney

    So if Tristan has been picketing Kedem for so long, why has this alleged Nazi salute only happened now, after all this time, as if it just kind of “slipped out”?

    Also, he is not a “professional protester”. The only “professionals” are police spies. Please explain, if he is a “professional”, who is paying him and what evidence do you have of this? Evidence is quite an important thing, you know? You do realise that this is tantamount to libel, I hope.

    Could you also please give some examples of the “anti-Semitic abuse” allegedly “hurled” by BDS activists? Again, this is another example of libel. I also feel it is very rich when some of the pro-Israel supporters have had banners with photos of 9/11 and 07/07, somehow linking those atrocities to the people of Gaza. That to me seems like blatant Islamaphobia.

    Although I was not present today, I find it very difficult to believe that any of the activists sunk to the levels of blaming Jews for the death of Jesus (seeing as most of them are either atheists or agnostic), they are anti-capitalist and anti-fascist – meaning they won’t be praising Hitler in a hurry, and as for Hamas – how many people has Hamas killed compared to the IDF? Does Hamas have firepower anything like what the IDF does? No.

    And as for the boycott itself, BDS is nothing like Germany in 1933. The reason Kedem is being boycotted is because its products not only come from Israel and therefore benefit the Israeli economy, but they come from sea water which is pumped from Palestinian territory, therefore directly being stolen from Palestinians.

    Seriously, if you want to be honourable, at least do not obfuscate. That is the lowest of the low. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. With this sort of propaganda it is YOU who is spreading the fear of anti-Semitism amongst the Jewish community because YOU are completely fabricating incidents of anti-Semitism and playing to the rest of the Jewish community’s legitimate fears of it. YOU are terrorising your own community by propagating these lies. SHAME ON YOU.

    • Dante

      While claiming this article were propaganda of the worst kind, you make propaganda yourself. You claim that Israel’s land were stolen from the Palestinians without even mentioning that also thousands of Jews were robbed and expelled from Arab countries.
      Of course, you are right to say that Hamas has by far less firepower than the IDF but your judement is turned upside down. IDF could cause much more harm than it actually does or even wants whereas Hamas wanted to harm much more than it actually can.
      All the IDF firepower does not exterminate the Palestinian people but a similar Hamas firepower would exterminate or at least decimate the Israeli one – including the Arab Israelis who are not anti-Jewish. This is what Hamas itself says.

  • Paul Cerar

    It is not hypocritical for left-wing fascist Communists to collaborate with right-wing fascist Islamites and Nazis. Hell calls to Hell.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Julian Clovelley

    First to state bias. I am not a supporter of the BDS movement. But I do believe in accuracy in reporting

    The photo is a selective cropped enlargement of one that appears in fuller form on:

    It is quite clear from the uncropped photo that there is a considerable distance between the cameraman and the subject. As such it is unlikely that Mr Woodward is “posing” for the camera

    In 3 Twitter posts directed at CIF Watch and at FOI Tristan Woodwards himself writes:

    @AlinaFriedman @NorthWestFOI Looks like, but it wasn’t and you know I was waving to you while taking a picture.

    @NorthWestFOI @CiFWatch Claiming this is a Nazi Salute when you know I was waving is a low..

    @NorthWestFOI @CiFWatch It was waving to you not a Nazi Salute… Totally against fascists

    If it were a Nazi salute – even at the camerman – I would not expect the person mking it to deny it later – since it would have a political purpose behind it, either insulting the cameraman, or insulting the State of Israel

    Furthermore if this were a Nazi salute, then it would be a very incompetent one. In case anyone has forgotten the arm is held straight and the fingers closed together

    A good example of the correct salute appears on:

    When waving, however, it is normal to relax the fingers so the hand is in an open form in greeting, and accompanies a smile (which also appears in the photo)

    I would have hoped that Algemeiner would have checked the subject matter more closely befor publishing Ben Cohen’s article here. Mr Cohen is hardly a person without personal and political bias (why should he be) There were two sides here and only one received publication. I wonder if you would mind correcting it

    It would not be difficult to make direct contact with Mr Woodwards. Mr Cohen seems to have introduced this subject via Twitter – he could hardly not have been aware that Mr Woodwards responded to the accusation with a clear and unqualified condemnation of Fascism and a denial that he gave a Nazi salute.

    I would be interested to know if the camerman or any other person close to him gave Mr Woodward a cheerful wave before he waved back in greeting – It’s the oldest trick in the book – and Mr Woodwards main offence might be to have fallen for it. Wakey Wakey Tristam (doh!)

    But a Nazi salute – I think not…

    • Lynne T

      Right, Because there hasn’t been a wave of imitators of Dieudonne M’bala M’bala in several European countries, including soccer stars, and other countless other well covered incidents of “anti-Zionists” drawing equivalences between Israel and Nazi Germany, including Arab villages flying Nazi flags and demonstrators replacing the Star of David with swastikas.

  • ezra

    what savage stupid person is this.
    what is his aim to satisfy the blood thirsty hamas-isis -extremists-which they will kick his and his families ass -what a shame is using democracy to contaminate the value of democracy—stupid-

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Fight or Flee

    Break their bones

    Get the English behind you.

    Threaten them as they threaten you.

    It’s not 1933 or 1938 but it might as well be if you don’t fight.

  • Why don’t these people protest against their own governments for continuing to exploit the poorer countries of the world.

  • Mark Edwards

    Sorry guys, you have the wrong end of the stick here. I know Tristan personally, and I can tell you as a former black activist that not only is he a true, trusted and valued friend, but he has also stayed at my home on numerous occasions.
    He is not, nor has ever been a Nazi sympathiser, nor anti-semite!

    This young man is a truly honourable man, who has stood against the fascist right on more demos and marches than anyone else I know.

    The photo featured is a snap shot of a second in time. A second in which he was waving to a friend next to the photographer apparently.
    If there is any doubt as to the claims I make, please feel free to contact me via my supplied email address.

    Thank you, and respects.
    Mark Anthony Francis Edwards.

  • steven L

    GB condones antisemitic provocation. All this under the one way freedom of speech!!!! Racists feel good in this country.
    Saudi Arabia supports financially Egypt but also GB!

  • Hy6r1dW1re

    Much fail this article posseses, he’s actually against ,Nazis and Fash, did you even look into his politics? Not far right all.

    Thanks for the lulz guiz.

  • Rachel Cooper

    If you look closely at the picture, you can see that his left hand is actually in his pocket. The black that you describe as “his left arm locked at his side” is actually part of Kedem’s shop interior. And he is not making a Nazi salute, he is waving. Talk about putting two and two together and making five!

  • anne power

    I understand that this shop obtains its supplies from Palestinian land (little that they have) and trades at exorbitant prices. A very rich Israeli group stealing from the down trodden Palestinians.

    I cannot tolerate Zionists. Like other extreme groups in Christianity and Islam they have used religion to support their right wing views. They are corrupt and dangerous.

    This does not mean that I dislike all Jewish or Muslim or Christian people. Quite the opposite. There are millions of enlightened, egalitarian and forward thinking people in all these religions. We must distinguish between them.

  • J.A.E.Werham

    As someone of Jewish decent I understand we must be vigilant of anti-Semitic hatred coming back, but this article is factual wrong and is accusing a good friend of mine of hating all Jewish people (myself included).
    This information you have been given is making wild claims that are just not true.
    This is a picture of him waving to someone and is obviously not the Nazi ‘Zig heil’ salute. As an antifascist campaigner my self, who has been at meetings with this man, Drunk with this man, and lived side by side with this man for over a year I can tell you he is not a Nazi or even a conservative/right wing sympathizer
    Under American law can’t he sue you deformation of charter/Slander? As I wouldn’t want you to feel the legal ramifications of being given wrong information.

    • J.A.E.Werham

      please email in response as I feel this is a very important issue of integrity for us as a people, we claim antisemitism just because we don’t like that some people disagree with what the Israeli government are doing

  • David

    Is anyone surprised by this behavior ? The comments of Roger Waters, Lisa Duggan and a host of other BDS leaders have repeatedly shown that their disdain for Israel borders on maniacal hatred. All of these clowns should be outed by the media and their employers should be identified and boycotted. For those who are not employed, deny them all forms of government assistance. For the plethora of academics behind the BDS movement, revoke their tenure, stop funding their courses and revoke their defined benefit pension plan benefits.

  • dante

    Sean is great. one would assume that he realizes that the only purpose served by inviting the imam to appear on his show is to allow him, by his conduct, to reveal his intolerance, fanaticism and obscurantism. One can’t expect that the imam would provide responsive answers to the questions. and, it turned out, for all his self-delusion and his lies and his evasions, the imam did reveal a lot about himself. so, the interview served a purpose.

  • Isabella1709

    Looks like a Muslim to me. Forwarding this to the Presbyterian USA church who supports these fascists over Israel!

  • caroline

    I am a Facebook friend of the person you cite here as making a nazi salute. Tristan is not a nazi, and if you are interested in a balanced report then I would like to make it clear that, in fact, Tristan is a champion of the people – as in humanity and could equally be seen demonstrating against any nazi group.

    What you see here is a shot taken when he was waving – that is all waving!

    His protest here was to bring attention to the bombing of Palestine, so against the State of Israel NOT Jewish people!

    • charlie johnson

      If you really look at the small picture above you see a female hiding her face.She made a mask . That says a lot of the kind of people they are.By their nature they are deceptive when one has to hide their face as they gather to express their complaints about an injustice.

    • Dante

      It is at least very naive to deny that anti-Zionism were not anti-Jewish because Zionism is the Jewish freedom movement. It is a bit like obviously, a movement against emancipation is hostile towards women, especially if it wants to weaken laws against sexual violence. And one who is against bombing the Palestinians but not against murdering Jews just for being so and without being against creating a judenrein Palestine (whereas you surely can being both Arab and Israeli with full civil rights) is certainly anti-Jewish.

  • Sofia Bain

    So sad to know Great Britain is now a muslim country, as is the rest of Europe, the great culture destroyed by people being politically correct and letting these thugs take over,and soon, after the Jews, they will come after them. Who will protect them?

    How stupid and ignorant are people and don’t see what is coming their way. Actually, I believe it’s already too late.

    God help us!

  • anon

    Despicable. I don’t think the Nazis were that fond of people of his hue either.

  • EthanP

    Still think it just about ‘occupation’?
    It’s always been about Jew hatred! Always!

  • Let Mossad pay them a quick visit.

  • charlotte libman

    Some naive people will say that this man was waving. Totally disagree he is standing right outside a jewish shop that is selling products from the dead sea. It is a UK business paying Uk taxes. He is insulting the jewish people by displaying the Nazi salute. This behaviour is not acceptable and needs to be stamped out immediately.

    • charlie johnson

      If these people were blocking the entrance to a porno shop or abortion clinic the liberal socialist would call out for the police to haul the terrorist to jail.