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January 6, 2015 5:34 pm

Poll: 49 Percent of Israelis Want Netanyahu to Remain Prime Minister

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The latest poll from Israel's Channel One reveals that 49 percent of Israelis want Benjamin Netanyahu to remain Prime Minister. Photo: Wikimedia

A Channel 1 poll released on Monday revealed that 49 percent of Israeli voters believe current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should keep his job, with 33 percent expressing a preference for Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog.

Herzog and former Hatnua Party chief Tzipi Livni have assembled a joint list, called the Zionist Camp, to run in the upcoming elections, set for March 17.

According to the poll of 1,500 people, the three top political parties are the Likud, with 25 mandates, the Zionist Camp with 24, and the Jewish Home, with 15, Israel’s NRG News reported.

A new Knesset Channel survey on Tuesday, meanwhile, showed the Likud Party leading with 24 seats over 23 for the Herzog-Livni alliance.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party’s share would rise to 12 seats, compared with 10 in a previous survey, while Economy Minister Naftali Bennett’s Jewish Home party would match the earlier survey’s 15 seats.

Among the ultra-Orthodox parties, the Shas party, despite sharp internal dissent, would win six seats, while Eli Yishai and his Am Itanu party would take only three seats, one below the threshold for entry into the 120-member Knesset. United Torah Judaism would win eight seats.

The results also showed that Moshe Kahlon’s Kulanu party would win eight seats, while Yisrael Beiteinu, led by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, would win seven.

On the left side of the ledger, a joint Arab party would win 11 seats, and Meretz, six.

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  • charlie johnson

    I don’t get to vote.As a US citizen my thinking is this.I never saw the man with a golf club. That is big plus in my books,He probably spends his time in the interest of his nation and earns his pay.Not conspiring with elitist against the ordinary citizen in the lap of luxury.He has lived in the USA ,So he understands the average citizen of the USA. He went of his own free will into the armed forces of Israel.He could have sit at a desk and moved papers around and called himself a hero.But he was in a combat unit with a rifle to risk himself and serve among the best citizen of his country. Now compare that to that fool our media elected in the USA. There are many of us in the USA who would trade our parrot for your hero.

  • Emmett

    If the media whores had their way, only they & their bought & paid for leftist politicians would be allowed to vote. Shouldn’t Israel have a Torah observant leader and not a corrupt leftist destroyer of Jewish homes, which has been the status quo for over the past six years?

    • Thank you Yeshua to KEEP Minister Netanyahu in Office He is A firm, tough, as these days temper he be but yet HONEST Class Act Diplomat of Our World and Stands for JERUSALEM ISRAEL’S CAPITOL. Bless God for him everyday!!!

  • More than two months away from election is a very long time in politics. I do hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu will retain his majority and be re-elected. IMO he has done an outstanding job of resisting an openly hostile American president who does not understand the first thing about Israel and keeps pushing the tired and unproductive idea of a second Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, when they already have one in Jordan.
    I understand that the despicable BDS movement is in decline which should help the Israeli economy to grow to its full potential. I think developing trade relations with India and Japan, as has been recently reported, is the right way to go and to show the U.S. that it is not the only game in town.
    Mazel tov, Bibi!

  • richard sherwin

    these polls remind me of the stock market fluctuations before the crash. perhaps it’s now for netanyahu again/still because no one can imagine any of the other party leaders leading the country in any direction the majority feel is both prudent and realistic. and less ideologically driven (we’ve seen what president obama’s ideologies however unstated have led the usa foreign policy re the middle east into tolerating if not encouraging). perhaps for our generations netanyahu and sara constitute our equivalent of ben gurion and paula, or –shock?– fdr and eleanor? odder things and couples have appeared in history….

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    This is a poll conducted by HS Seniors and College students in the North of Israel. It is not a pubic effort.
    As a Senior Professor in the Engineering field, including statistics of course, I recommended to them to use a cumulative method rather than flying spot sampling.

    Finding: 48% of the voters have not made a decision yet.
    The remaining 52% responded to the two question poll.

    Poll results:
    LIKUD: 23
    Jewish Home: 18
    Livni-Hertzog: 16
    Muslim Block: 11
    Mr. Kohalon: 9
    Mr. Lapid 8
    Mr. Lieberman 8
    Orthodox: 8
    Meretz: 7
    Strong Israel: 4
    Rav Yishai: 4
    Shas 4 (3)

    The results are for our groups use only and represent a limited number of voters in the North.
    NOTE: Due to the heavy bias from the fact that about half of the voters are undecided, the results are not to be taken at face value.

    Regarding the specific report about 49% of Israelis supporting Mr. Netanyahu. Does that mean that all of those listed as voters reported so or is it that 49% of the 51% of those that made a decision said so?
    Assuming the remote probability that indeed 49% of the voters support Netanyahu, for the sake of reporting integrity one may say that 51% do not support in one way or another.

  • steven L

    49% of Israelis have common sense. This is very high considering that common sense is not common!

  • Kerry Berger

    I hope Netanyahu loses the election. He is no champion for peace. He is a myopic local politician more interested in extending his Premiership than making peace. I have no respect for him at all. He is responsible for working against peace in order to create a greater Jewish State that is NOT accepted by any country in the world except Israel. Time has come to get out of the occupied territories and make concessions that are mutually acceptable for a bilateral peace. Next step will be a settlement with Syria. Security is a genuine concern, and efforts to build a trusting relationship with neighbors that have been enemies for 60 years is going to take time. One advantage for Israel is the fact it is a nuclear power. In the final analysis, maintaining that advantage is the only way to preserve the State from the fanaticism that is so common among the autocratic neighbors in the region.

    • Nosaer N. Esnes

      For now, let’s all hold hands & sing kumbaya. Maybe then you will be at peace. But don’t impose your handler’s idea of peace on others. I, along with others who are informed know that BB shouldn’t be PM because he oppresses Jews and hasn’t done a thing to support Jews or Israel, while he’s been supporting & doing the bidding of Israel’s enemies. To all ignorant leftists, BB is one of your own. Why aren’t you supporting him?

  • Perhaps it’s time for someone else.

  • Wake-up world to the real Muslim mission.

    Israel has no choice but to continue to fight for its survival with a unified people and a unified nation.

    I have long said, this is not about land, but extermination of a nation, religion and culture which is not accepted by another. I have actually asked the question, what if there was no ‘holy land’. Say a natural disaster, dissolving the place into nothing, but not the people. Would the Arabs still fight? Well, the answer was chilling and emphatic, it saddened me greatly. The answer was over and over, “we have the right to kill all non believers”. I have read and re-read everything, from both sides, also, many non-biased writings.

    I have come to the conclusion that Israel must protect herself in every way possible or face genocide. The Arab countries have expelled over a million Jewish people, confiscated all their assets, businesses, homes and land totaling over 120,000 sq. km. (which is 5 times the size of Israel) and valued in the trillions of dollars.

    Those in power in the Arab-Palestinian leadership have rejected again and again any and all attempts to recognize Israel’s right to exist. They continue to teach their children and the masses hate and violence.

    Don’t start with who was there first, even-though in actuality there has never been in history an Arab-Palestinian Nation, but there has been a Jewish Nation homeland in Palestine-Israel for the past 4,000 plus years, although sometimes occupied by various empires. Israel has won and liberated their ancestral land in a defensive war, it is known that possession is nine tenths of the law. Israel is the rightful liberator and successor, having won and liberated its ancestral homeland in war, numerous times. Sadly, it will continue, because when one Arab culture wants another’s elimination, there is no talking.

    I hope Israel does not concede to any of the Arab demands, or give up any more land, because they will only make themselves more vulnerable and endanger the safety and security of its citizens. Israel must not capitulate to world pressure. Israel’s foremost duty and obligation is the safety and security of its citizens at all costs. Any responsible democratic country will do no less. Israel as a responsible democratic country must do the same. The end result will be that the world at large will respect a country that defends its people from harm and terrorism at all cost.
    The Muslim mission in the world is not only Israel but the rest of the infidel non-believers. Might I remind you, on 911, there was Arab terrorists who wished our extermination, right here in America. This will continue until education and humanity replaces a hatred, for no other reason, than to not accept that you exist.

    The Muslims have killed over 50 million people since its inception 1500 years ago, and they will continue to kill anyone who they consider is an infidel. They have colonized the Middle East over the years. Slowly but surely they are taking over Europe, and if we are not careful they will take over the United States and other countries.