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January 14, 2015 2:29 pm

Report: Top Iranian General Qassem Solaimani Seriously Wounded in Islamic State Attack

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Maj.-Gen. Qassem Soleimani of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who was wounded in a suicide bombing near Baghdad. Photo: Twitter

A senior Iranian military official was seriously wounded in an Islamic State (IS) suicide bombing attack near Baghdad several days ago, Israel’s Ch. 2 News said Wednesday, citing unconfirmed reports.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Maj.-Gen. Qassem Solaimani, who heads the Qods (Jerusalem) Force and oversees Iranian activities in all Arab countries, was traveling near Samara north of the Iraqi capital when the attack occurred, according to the reports.

Solaimani was hospitalized in Tehran and appointed a deputy to take over his duties, according to the sources.

Another officer under his command, Gen. Mahdi Nirozi, who headed the brigades’ Basij militia commando forces, was killed in a similar suicide bombing along with about a dozen others, three days ago.

In a related development, at the end of December, IS terrorists succeeded in downing a Jordanian coalition jet flying over a-Rakka, in northern Syria and taking the pilot alive, according to local reports. This was the first such success since the beginning of international coalition attacks against IS forces in Syria and Iraq.

Photos published by the jihadist group showed what appeared to be the pilot, shortly after he was apprehended.

A Syrian monitoring group said that “we confirmed the reports, according to which the Islamic state organization captured an Arab pilot who was not Syrian, after his plane was brought down by an anti-aircraft missile near the city of a-Rakka.”

The US-led coalition against IS has carried out hundreds of attacks on the organization’s positions in recent months. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE have officially joined the attacks, with Qatar providing logistical support for the campaign. IS, however, is still raising funds and support in several Gulf Arab states.

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  • SomeUser

    No truth to this report as there are many pictures of him taken since this alleged report. In one, he is upright, holding a baby.

  • fuckup jews

    the Israelis entered Palestine peacefully and killed murdered and destroyed homes schools mosques… attacked to all of its neighbor and violating all international laws developed mass destruction bombs and mentioned that it has the right to kill any body that is against Israel in all of the world

    • charlie johnson

      Notice the forgotten prelude to the IDF going into Gaza? Very clever propaganda is it not?

  • DockyWocky

    Looks like turnabout is fair play after all.

    Suicide bombing – probably using Iranian-suppllied explosives, too.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Is there any advantage at all for the US to stop Islamic State attacks on the Iranian regime? Why is our government talking about teaming up with Iran to stop IS?

  • jbwillikers

    Solaimani was helping the Iraqis on the ground with the Shiite militia which has become the backbone of Iraq’s defense. Contrary to the WH policy of leading from behind, Solaimani is a lead from from the “tip of the spear” guy and demonstrated strong command. Regardless of country Solaimani is a military guy that one can respect.

  • charlie johnson

    In a short time two Iranian generals get dents and dings in this little war.I am not a big fan of the present Iranian leaders at the top but I will say that military officers who put the privates into battle should take a lesson here.The generals are up there with the soldiers ,Whatever commands they make they get get rapid feedback on how smart or dumb their strategy was.If it was a dumb move they are dead. These kind are far and few in the USA armed forces. The real leaders ( The bold ones) are shuffled out of the armed forces very quickly. Like General Standley Mc Chrystal was.He was a real leader. Those kind don’t rate well up at higher headquarters where the golfers roam. Leading from the rear is an accepted policy in the USA. The last large group of real warriors was in the US civil war then by WW1 they left the battlefield for a desk near a golf course.Mc Aurthor and Ike played a lot of golf.Probably won a lot of spelling bees too.But war is not a trade for clerks and golfers. The few real warriors I have known had respect for their enemies who had leaders who took risk along with the average private. So as for these two Iranian generals I would think that they should serve as notice that they are doing their jobs as leaders. We could learn something valuable from this or continue to blunder along as we have been doing until we run out of privates or golf balls.