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February 23, 2015 2:37 pm

Survey: More Than Half of Jewish College Students Report Antisemitism on Campus

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Trinity College (campus pictured) and the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law released The National Demographic Survey of American Jewish College Students. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

JNS.org – More than half of Jewish college students surveyed in a new national study said they have been subjected to or have witnessed antisemitism on their campuses.

The National Demographic Survey of American Jewish College Students—jointly conducted by Trinity College and the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law (LDB)—found that among 1,157 self-identified Jewish students at 55 campuses nationwide, 54 percent reported instances of antisemitism on campus during the first six months of the 2013-2014 academic year.

The survey revealed that high rates of antisemitism extended beyond both schools with a history of that sentiment and students such as Orthodox Jewish men, who are more easily identifiable as Jewish.

“The patterns and high rates of antisemitism that were reported were surprising,” said Dr. Barry Kosmin, a professor of public policy at Trinity College. “Rather than being localized to a few campuses or restricted to politically active or religious students, this problem is widespread. Jewish students are subjected to both traditional prejudice and the new political antisemitism.”

Additionally, the survey found that female students are more likely than males to report antisemitism.

“We hear frequently from college students who find that their experiences of antisemitism are not taken seriously,” said Kenneth L. Marcus, LDB’s president and former head of the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. “A decade ago, Jewish college students spoke of the vindication that they felt when the US Civil Rights Commission gave voice to their concerns. … This report should provide a similar vindication, since it indicates that the scope of this problem is greater than most observers had realized.”

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  • Simone Miller

    I remember as a young girl during WWII that the schools that I went to were anti-Semitic. Many of the children were also anti-Semitic even though most of them had never met a Jew before.

    Today there is really no excuse for it in this country. The problem is, as I see it, that rather than think about the lies being spread by the Jew haters across the US and Europe
    and realizing that the truth about the Jewish People is not being told ( sort of like the blood libel) students are jumping into the hatred.

    They do not think for themselves…worst of all Jews are buying into this too.

    G-d help us all.

  • American

    How do you think the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem feel? 🙂

  • Baht Harim

    When I was a college student in the early 1970’s, I saw anti-semitism on campus, but not to the degree that is seen now. I remember being told by someone that the root word for jewelry is Jew, thus apparently proving that Jews are all rich. And this was from a college student!

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    His strongly worded remarks came as he delivered a keynote speech at the opening of a two-day international symposium on “Migration, Islam and Multiculturality in Europe” arranged by Hacettepe University’s Migration and Politics Research Centre.

    Racism and a lack of tolerance of different cultures and lifestyles are some of the chronic diseases in Western societies, Gül said, drawing attention to the increase in support for political parties which portray migrants as the main reason for societal problems in European countries such as safety, unemployment, crime and poverty.

    “When politics begins ‘otherizing’ a segment, then we see the alienation of migrants and minorities from the country in which they live and from the society in which they live as an inevitable consequence. As seen in countless examples in history, countries which have been able to perpetuate societal and cultural diversity in unity and harmony have stood out in history. Correspondingly, countries which have exerted efforts to either destroy or put pressure on societal and cultural diversity due to different fears have first of all lost their human richness; subsequently, they have experienced a loss of economic and political power,” the president said.

    “In this regard, although each country is responsible for producing its own authentic resolutions, showing respect for multiculturalism [is necessary],” he said.

    “Racism and intolerance toward different cultures and lifestyles are unfortunately one of the most chronic diseases. Although this disease can be taken under control, it arises again, particularly during times of economic crisis,” he said.

    The president also emphasized the importance he attaches to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection which was approved by Parliament on April 4 in a bid to harmonize Turkey’s regulations on the issue with those of the EU. Gül approved the law on April 10, allowing it to go into force on April 11 after being published in the Official Gazette.

  • RobiMac

    Yeah, that’s because all the anti Semites are brainwashed. That’s the funny thing about brainwashing, you can hate someone and don’t even have to know why you do.

  • Feigue Cieplinski

    But this is not new at all! This event happened at then end of 1980s. It seeped easily, and sadly without the knowledge of administrators. In this prestigious college – in which got the best education possible- on a beautiful sunny May 1st the students decided to celebrate the day. On campus there was an outside group selling socialist literature, but down the table it said : “Israel out of Lebanon.” I approached them and I asked what did this day celebrating Socialism had to do with Israel. NO good answers. T went to administration to complain, and they told me the students were in charge of the festival, so they did not know anything about this. I called the rabbi and we set a table near this people with students. After a while discussing the tie with Israel, the truth came out: “you American Jews are rich”.
    This incident proves that behind every Anti-Zionist there lurks the old antisemitism.

  • zadimel

    When I was a third year student at Northeastern University (1955-1960), I decided to join a fraternity. I chose a well-known one, but was denied entrance, because I was Jewish. At that point in my college life, the denial was of little concern. These shmucks could live within their little sphere of hatred, while I could continue enjoying myself at Hillel at Boston University – at that time Northeastern did not have one. I was too busy with my studies and working-part time.

  • Michael

    Where are the so-called Jewish leaders.

    One never hears a word from Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League – isn’t that the reason for this organization? Foxman only knows to go against Jews – such as saying P.M Netanyahu should not give speech in congress.

    Where is Rabbi Heir of the Simon Weisenthal Center? Isn’t he supposed to be fighting anti-semitism?

    Where is Malcom Hoenlein – of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations?

    Where are our congressman? Oh wait, this not against blacks or moslems only against Jews.

    • James Feely

      The people you refer to pick up a check and make cavalier appearances when donations decease.
      I am Catholic, but have been asking the same questions. Where are the Maier Kahane when you need them. The biggest anti Semites are in the White House.

      • Sherry Segerman

        I hate to say it, but I agree with you!

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    • Uriel

      What possible relevance has this message to the topic of “Antisemitism on Campus”? as far as I’m concerned this is just “palabra”

  • While this is not a business related article I reposted it in the blog section of my website because it is such an important story.

    When Jews invoke the phrase ‘Never Again’ for most they are simply words that they would like to believe when the reality is so much different!

    Study: Over 50% Of Jewish College Students Reported Anti-Semitism On Campus!


  • jack shuman

    of course my comments will generate kneejerk jewish reactions like self-hating,blaming the victim etc,etc.
    israel under netanyahou has provoked a legitimate distaste for any overt display of judiasm.its actually merited .

  • Lynne T

    A dear friend of mine who has spent 35+ years in administration in a large and prestigious Canadian university expressed his shock about the open antisemitism on campus a few years back. Not “criticism of Israel”, just open Jew hatred.

  • eugenia nayfeld

    All tks to Obama,and still Americans Jews will vote him

  • Jane S. Gabin

    College counselors in high schools can do their students a favor by explicitly NOT recommending anti-Semitic colleges and universities. On the other hand, we would not wish those colleges and universities to become “judenrein.” Rather, we want the bigots and oppressors to be censured. But a dropoff in applications and enrollment would send a message to college administrators, wouldn’t it?

  • Rebecca Camhi-Nachmia

    This was not the case when I was a student in Syracuse University. Although I was both a foreign as well as a Jewish student I never experienced any kind of racism, I was warmly welcomed and made feel at home. What happened to the free spirit of America? This is so frustrating!

  • Grantman

    Why does it say ’22 Comments’ yet just show six? Where are the others?


    Jewish Students: come to Israeli Universities and feel at home – BE at home…
    Parents of Jewish students who foot the bill: for the cost of one year in the USA at a good university – get three years in Israel at a good university…

  • you left out Swarthmore!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob polllack

    Maybe itis timeJews strike back,cut off alumni funding to universities that don’t stop BDS action and demand removal a tenured faculty that are knowed as ant-semetic. But why pay all that tuation to a university that harbors anti- semetic groups. either jedws stand as a group or fall as a group.

  • One gets the impression that American Jewish media give more coverage to anti-Semitism in universities outside the USA, while minimizing internal problems. It’s time we woke up. Although a ‘non-lethal’ anti-Semitism runs deep in Anglo-Saxon Christianity, the ‘new anti-Semitism’ is Muslim inspired, and we have to work together with American Muslim leaders to promote tolerance and respect

  • Trish

    In answer to Robert Weintraub, it’s because Israeli universities teach in Hebrew and most American Jews don’t speak it or raise their children to speak Hebrew. There are courses to upgrade student comprehension and get potential students to college-level Hebrew, but most American Jewish students aren’t motivated enough to do this.

  • baruch

    eu, canana, usa, auvstralia supported nazi, antisemites, facshist rejim hunta in ukraine. stop support antisemitism in ukraine.

  • Al Talena

    Not surprising if one factors in traditional anti-Semitism coupled with the lefty/islamo fascist alliance.

    Proof that the enemy is here & the enemy is organized.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    There was a time that Jews couldn’t get into the Ivy Leagues and professors couldn’t be Jews.

    Those days are gone and Jews didn’t riot or protest to their shame because they were busy protesting for everyone else first.

    Let these Jews stand up and be strong and silence their haters.

    If Arabs are causing these problems throw them out of the colleges and make non-Jew respect the strength of the Jews.

    The Holocaust only happened because 600,000 German Jews couldn’t find the strength to stop Hitler in the 1920’s.

  • steven L

    The US Congress must defund colleges and universities supporting and condoning racism.

    • Roz Shorenstein

      AMCHA is an organization devoted to publicizing illegal anti-Semitic actions on California university campuses. They have repeatedly tried to get California State Attorney General Kamala Harris to enforce federal laws that consider use of university websites to promote anti-Semitism or actions of SJP against Jewish students as violating the civil rights of Jewish students, but Harris has never responded. Laws can only be enforced, and universities penalized financially, when State Attorneys General and federal attorneys do their jobs. Unfortunately, they are not doing so, perhaps because our current US Executive branch does not encourage the protection of civil rights for Jews. Just saying!

  • Eve Laing


    Reading this article and knowing that Anti-Semitism is on the rise on USA campuses and in Europe as well is so disturbing. It is not acceptable on any level. So what are we clever people going to do about it? We are good with words, ideas, movies, stories. Let’s use our gifts to firmly and assertively put a stop to this. Let’s use our brains once again to get ourselves out of this obnoxious situation. Jews must always have excellent education available, when and how we need it. We need to take it upon ourselves, get together to figure a way out and we can do this…again, and again and forever.

    Eve Laing

  • Julian Clovelley

    How are the blacks doing? Has everyone started being nice to them?

    • Al Talena

      What a stupid statement. Does racism ease anti-Semitism?

    • Lynne T


      • Bill Channon


        Clearly this idiot doesn’t realize that there are plenty of excellent pertinent blogs to suit his ‘style’.

  • I witnessed “antisemitism” during my college years at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. Itsohappened withmy “roommate” Sandford “Sandy” Hurwitz. He was an honor student studying biochemistry to later enter Medical School. But to enter medical School he needed a “letter of recommendation from some of his professors. They denied him sucha letter alledging that he did not “proyect himself” more on Campus. – Sandy was a quiet person, who you would not notice unless he made a noise. I don´t know what became of him, but that injustice of 50 years ago, I don´t forget.
    I hope he is OK.

  • ilene

    If these were Muslim students, it would be national news.

  • Matt

    Campus anti-Semitism is widespread because it is propagated both by foreign-financed organizations whose purpose is to promote anti-Semitism and by faculty members who, for political reasons, are willing to endorse it. Acting against one, without acting against the other just doesn’t work.

    • TheAZCowBoy

      Yup, after Gaza 08/2008 and 07-08/2014 the ‘Eternal Victim’ Jews are toast!!!

      Jews ‘Reap what they sow: “Any questions?

  • Linda Rivera

    Horrifying. A stain on America.

  • Robert Weintraub

    Israel has first rate universities and, I understand, tuition is much cheaper than at American schools. It is beyond me why parents would send their kids to a school where they are likely to be subject to abuse for being Jewish

    • Exactly why my daughter and my niece went to school at “Ariel”. Even with the costs of living expenses it was more affordable than college in the U.S. And the academics were far superior to American colleges since they are more concerned with teaching “Political Correctness” and “Leftist Agendas” in America. At “Ariel they teach academics not politics.

  • Paul Cerar

    Why have so few victims laid criminal charges on their assailants, or civil rights abuse charges? Why have so few victims fought back against their assailants? Why have so few victims sued the universities?

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

    • Efram

      Some have attempted to file civil rights abuse charges, but Holder turns a 100% blind eye to such requests.

    • Jim42

      Paul, you are right…..It seems amazing how Jews are still prudent and coward even in the USA where a lot of their grand parents enrolled in the US Armies and fought…meanwhile all the others kept quiet to don’t disturb Beloved FDR….
      Apparently, only these last ones got Descendants?

    • Tom Porter

      Gee,I believe I read somewhere it is illegal for Christian pastors in Canada to speak out against homosexuals on pain of arrest at worst, or removal from the pulpit at best. Why have so few Canadian Christians fought back or sued the government?

      • Paul Cerar

        Yes, good question.

  • brenrod

    Jews in America should take this seriously as this is what happened in the third reich. If this can take place in academic educated environments then it will become much worse in the rest of the US later. the USA is following europe and american Jews should start to consider the possibility of aliyah. If it starts to affect ones job and school then america will cease to be good for Jews.