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March 25, 2015 8:47 am

Women Fought for Hamas in Gaza War, Too (VIDEO)

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Women were among the Hamas terrorists fighting against Israel in last summer's Gaza war. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

How many of the women “civilians” killed were actually terrorists?

From The Times (UK):

Hadifa sold all her engagement jewellery to buy the battered AK-47 that she lovingly cradled as she talked about preparing for “part two” of the war with Israel. Her fiancé didn’t mind the extravagant purchase, she said, giggling: he is her battalion commander.

A 26-year-old student from Gaza City, Hadifa wears the black niqab and monochrome bandana of her battalion, the Nasser Salahuddin Brigades. She is part of a growing movement of female fighters in the conflict-ridden territory.

The 51-day war with Israel last year, which claimed the lives of 2,100 Palestinians, 66 Israeli soldiers and seven civilians in Israel, was not yet over, she said, and fighting would break out again “any day” now that the Israeli elections were over.

Palestinian women fighters have been active since the second intifada in 2000, but their numbers have swelled since the most recent Israeli offensive. All of Gaza’s fighting groups have female units, but the most efficient is the Nasser Salahuddin Brigades unit.

“There are more women than ever — we are now almost equal to the number of men. After this war we saw a huge increase of women signing up for the next fight,” said Om Adam, 40, a leathery-faced veteran fighter, and wife of a senior Salahuddin commander.

She said there were several hundred female fighters in Gaza, but no one knew the exact number because each unit worked in a secretive, 25-strong, cell-like structure. She agreed to meet The Times only after nightfall.

The women know only their comrades in their unit. Each cell is led by a female commander, who is assigned a male superior. The Salahuddin Brigade is thought to have at least 80 female combatants and hundreds of others who work in support roles.

Om Adam said that the women fighters had become increasingly important because they could move more freely, passing on weapons, food and information to the men, who might spend weeks almost entirely underground in Gaza’s intricate network of tunnels. “We act as the eyes and ears on the ground for the fighters, checking the streets before they move.”

Some were engaged in direct combat, said Om Khadija, 24, a female fighter who manned an RPG and several rocket launchers during the two months of fighting last summer. All the women recruits were trained to use and fix weapons, including sniper rifles, AK-47s, RPGs and M16s.

Om Adam signed up for a frontline role after her son lost both his legs and half of one arm when their home was bombed during the 2008-2009 war with Israel. She said that a shrapnel wound was still etched like a shark bite into his skull from the blast, which killed several other members of the family.

“Think of it as revenge. People have lost everything and live in appalling conditions here in Gaza. Either you die pointlessly and slowly, or quickly with purpose,” she said.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has forced many desperate youths who have nothing else to live for to join groups fighting Israel, according to Pernille Ironside, Unicef’s Gaza director.

I love how UN agencies justify people becoming terrorists.

…[P]overty is widespread — leaving people with little else to do but fight, Om Khadija said.

Sure. It’s not like they can learn web design or languages or desktop publishing or any other freelance  job that could be done with only an Internet connection. Nope, they have no other choice.

Her battalion trains three days a week, in a flexible schedule which works around the women’s domestic commitments. Training videos posted on YouTube show them wielding RPGs, all wearing voluminous black burkas and niqabs — but in battle and in the tunnels, some of which are reserved for women, they wear tunics and lose trousers for ease of movement.

“We have a rigorous fitness programme, like the guys, which involves everything from climbing to running through fire. We also study war strategies, English and technology,” said the young mother. “It’s only a matter of time until the fighting starts again. We’re training and re-arming. We’re fully prepared.”

Even if they weren’t active combatants, it seems likely that some of the women killed in Gaza who are regarded as civilian were actually part of the terror infrastructure.

Here’s video of the ladies. I like how the standard terrorist ski masks aren’t modest enough for them.

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  • Olojuopolo Elere

    well I am not suprise at all because I followed the last conflict and I knew that both children and women were involve at one point or the other. It is high time the world body should stand up and condem this act in the meddle east and stop their attack on Israelis. Elere Nigeria

  • mark whiteford

    this report is very troubling. it suggests that there is a conflict between two forces. these women are freedom fighters. the figures for deaths in the last slaughter by Israel were staggering and sickening. 2 thousand Palestinians murdered, almost everyone of them civilians, 700 of them children and babies, i think 67 Israelis were killed by Hammas rockets during the whole seven weeks of bombing by Israel, and I also believe everyone of the Israelis killed were soldiers in an army that was bombing and destroying whole neighbourhoods of people’s homes. If Hammas [the democratically elected government of Gaza] with its tiny army, some of whom are photographed here and minimal technical resources can manage to make everyone of their targets soldiers, how come Israel with the might and technology of the western world behind it, has to blow up civilians including babies and children????? This is not a conflict. It is a tiny population and its tiny army trying to fight to get its land and its life back from the invaders- Israel.

  • Sorry people. “Disgusting” isn’t a word I would use. Tragic, heart breaking, maybe. Although it is my son”s these women hope to kill, and no worse, these are the people my sons might have to kill to protect our right to live as Jews here in Israel, the ultimate tragedy is that these human beings have had their lives stolen from them before they even beathed their last breath. Manipulated, brainwashed, coercied in a thousand ways that you or I cannot imagine by their families, their culture and their leaders these poor woman really see no alternative. That is the real tragedy.

    Unfortunately I personally see little hope of defusing such a situation without the total utter destruction of everything their leaders hold up as proof of their delicious beliefs.

  • Helena

    Disgusting, that is all I can say.

  • Female terrorists or male terrorists disguised as females are nothing new. The suffering of the Gazans is caused by Hamas yet the Arab world has not done enough to remove Hamas from power. Gaza was ruled by Egypt from 1948 to 1967. When Israel made a peace treaty with Egypt Israel returned land to Egypt, but Egypt refused to accept Gaza.Perhaps the Arab League with UN agreement should agree to return Gaza to Egypt and outlaw Hamas.

  • KMan

    So Israel withdrew completely from Gaza, but fact don’t confuse those confused, violent, aggressive and frustrated chicks, ha? Fight against your true oppressors in Hamas… What business do you have with the Israelis? Are you secretely giggling how attractive Israeli soldiers are? Stupid.

  • Anschel

    Thanks for this interesting, informative, and very important article.

  • steven L

    All these children and women fighters will be part of the “civilian” casualty of war. We are ready to see a routine tsunami of lies from the shameless mass media! They will find thousands of pictures to use from the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, N-Africa, Yemen etc and pretend that they are all about Pal victims.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    If woemn fight then women die Same for children/

  • Milhouse

    This has been obvious for decades; not that women were engaged in actual combat — that may be new — but that they were active soldiers in the enemy army, and thus legitimate targets. When the true Jenin numbers were released, and we found out that 52 Arabs had been killed “most” of them terrorists, I said right away that it was implausible that only “most” of them were terrorists, because I couldn’t think of a reason why a civilian would have remained there. The only reason anyone remained was to fight, and thus the female bodies found must have been those of terrorists, even if their role was to supply and support the men who did the actual shooting. In a regular army they would be in uniform, and would be regarded by all as legitimate targets, so how is it different when they fight for an illegal ununiformed army?