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April 3, 2015 3:37 pm

Bosnian Soccer Fans in Vienna Chant ‘Kill, Kill the Jews’ While Waving Palestinian Flags (VIDEO)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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A Bosnian soccer fan, on the right, wearing a yellow hat and blue apparel, is seen waving a Palestinian flag outside the football game on Tuesday in Austria. Photo: Screenshot.

Bosnian soccer fans joined pro-Palestinian demonstrators in chanting antisemitic slogans and waving Palestinian flags a few hours before an international match in Vienna on Tuesday, according to Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard.

A video, which was posted to YouTube on Friday, shows the soccer fans, who gathered to watch Austria play against Bosnia-Herzegovina, shouting “Kill, Kill the Jews” and “Free, Free Palestine.” Some of the Bosnian fans can be identified in the crowd by their blue, white and yellow apparel, representing the soccer team and the country’s official colors.  The rally took place in Stephansplatz, Vienna’s central square.

Der Standard reported that police are investigating the incident. Police spokesperson Roman Hahslinger said about 100 people participated in the demonstration, 50 of whom were football fans.

Watch the disturbing rally in the video below:

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  • Cannot wait to see ISIS cut these fans’ balls off and then cut their heads off. Keep the flag boys–you’ll need it to wipe the blood off your neck!!!

  • As long as Hamas or Fatah rule, it is correct to associate “free Palestine” with “killing the jews”, and that is indeed the reason why it is not easy to “free Palestine”. Since summer, I am more open to the one state solution. Put the member of the Hamas in jail, and give the Israelian nationality to the arabs and muslims who agrees to respect the democratric rule. Well, I am sure of nothing, it is complex. Those Bosnian soccer fans help nobody, it is the least we can say.

  • Claude Weil

    I am an Israeli and a Canadian. There should be no doubt. Not a single person who chanted these horrors will do well in life. Every dog has his day.

  • Charles

    To bad Eli Wiesel cared about there lives

  • Muslims are such betrayers. It was Israel who FIRST stepped in to help the Bosnians while Serbs were murdering them. Same like in Yathrib (Medina) 1400 years ago when Muhammad’s own people were trying to kill him he ran away to Medina, Jews gave him shelter and then once he established himself there, he killed them and took their wives and children as slaves.

    • Armin

      I am Bosnian and I find this offensive, here in Bosnia Jews have great relations with Bosnians. This is obviously drunk Nazi sect portraying Bosnia. Obviously they got paid from someone in Austria to say this. BH Fanaticos songs are always extreme nationalistic. This is not attitude of Bosnia as a country we have nothing against Jews and we are sad cause of Holocaust. So don’t blame all Bosniaks for this it’s just football fans

  • Bo



  • Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! All legal immigrants are welcome and must accept all of our laws, federal, state and moral codes! Sharia laws are not acceptable, period! Respect for all religions is honored and must be respected! Protest against religions, individuals and small business will not be tolerated and should be resolved through the courts!
    Question; How can we trust any deal made by people that shouts, ‘Death to America’?

  • Alex Lint

    What I find most remarkable is the verbal tone of the chanting — it actually sounds gleeful. The initial chants are in English, but then it shifts to Serbo-Croatian and gets louder and more rhythmic and happy as they chant, “Zhidove! Zhidove! Ubi ubi ubi Zhidove!” Translation: “Jews! Jews! Kill kill kill Jews!”

  • zadimel

    Bosnia – a sound that rings well with the Bosnian SS of WW 2.

  • What sickens me is that Israel helped the Bosnians during the war and this is their appreciations

    • Armin

      Soccer Players, BH Fanaticos are PAID by Media as normally soccer fans get paid by Media, in this case Austrian media to do nationalistic stuff and politcal. This is not attitude of Bosniaks and I find this very offensive

  • And where were the Police?

  • ban this gang from the usa

  • steven L

    The FIFA must sanction Bosnia. But in light of the lack of ETHICS and Morality revealed in the handling of Qatar multiple humanitarian abuses it is very likely that nothing will happen.

  • Istavian

    Serbs made half job in 1995

  • Isabella

    This is a case of unintended consequences. Saving Bosnian’s from their plight during the 90’s certainly didn’t teach them to be kind or considerate of others did it. They are the same nasty, uneducated and moronic Islamists as most of them are.

    • Armin

      I am Bosnian and I find this offensive, here in Bosnia Jews have great relations with Bosnians. This is obviously drunk Nazi sect portraying Bosnia. Soccer Fans usually get paid by Media to do some show they can write about. We find this offensive too. I repeat, this is not attitude of Bosnians

      • Harry

        Well said. As a Jew who spent a lot of time working in Bosnia from 94-96 I was so encouraged by the liberal and tolerant attitude of urban Bosnians (Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica) towards Jews. Jews were always cited as being a valued member of the Bosnian community and part of the multi-ethnic make up of Bosnia. This is not representative of Bosnian Muslims but of extremist football fans – who are the same all over the world. some of the comments on this site towards ‘Muslims’ in general are just as offensive as the ones made by the football fans

  • Jehovah Blesses Israel

    Its all fun and games until Jesus puts his sword on to deliver his people.

  • David

    Does not matter all pooor ignorant generic garbage.

  • Eve


  • Henryk Zaleski

    First arrest them, then deport them, then cut off all the aid. You act like Nazi’s try to reenact their style in the filed of democracy and die like the terrorist you are. DO not feel sorry for them there will be no concentration camps, no second chance to kill more Jews and no second chance to resurrect Hitler he is dead as is his sick plan of a master race. Look at your economy, if it’s not working is because you are living off another people. Get off the welfare and make a living.

  • Enezio E. de Almeida Filho

    I’ll bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you, Abraham…

  • The Bosnians and of course the palestinians must be so proud of themselves. Ignorant inbreds.

  • Eco


  • Steve Loeb

    Let us not forget it was here in Bosnia that Grand Mufti el Husseini, leader of the Arabs in Palestine assembled the Muslim SS “Handzjar Division – an SS Division that murdered thousands of Jews and Serbs so these chants of “Kill the Jews’ should come as no surprise ito anyone. After the war Husseini was tried in absentia for war crimes and found guilty.

    So much fior the argument that the “Palestinians never had anything to do with the Holocaust – it wasn’t because they didn’t want to

  • Do not fear, enjoy your Passover Seders. I say this only because I am a 2g. G-d in a way owes us. He took away our families and made certain most of us never knew our grandparents. He can not take away Israel from us. Israel would annihilate Iran long before they had the capability of destroying Israel. Maybe I sound unRabbinic, but I truly believe our parents experienced Hell on earth and are now in heaven. They are crying to G-d to let Israel LIVE……I BELIEVE THIS ..AM YISROEL CHAI, THE NATION OF ISRAEL LIVES AND WILL LIVE.

  • Historian

    Bosnia is filled with racist.. Good thing there were no obvious Jews there.. Palestinians have spread their hate anywhere they can. They will NEVER have a State in or around Israel. Who in their right mind would want to live next to that State?!
    Palestinians get their marching orders from Mamoud Obbas their leader,

  • No talk about Israel, well maybe the Palestinians, or academic chit-chat about anti-Zionism just good old fashioned anti-Semitism. Nice and clean, no frills, the real thing. And football! What could be healthier. Street chants, love of sports, international sharing.

    Study it, become familiar with it, really get into the bowels of this because it is deeper than just the canary in the coal mine. This is the drum beating out the anthem of hate, resentment, condemnation looking for the witches, scapegoats, somebody to blame!

    Dress it up, put a wig and lipstick on it, teach it to sing, yes, yes, yes…and still it’s a pig. The question to ask is why!

  • Scott

    This will only stop when Israel annexes Judea and Samaria and proves to the world that a united Israel can be a nation of peace. READ CAROLINE GLICK’S BOOK!

    Isreal: The One State Solution.

    As long as there is uncertainty in Israel, the bad actors will keep coming out of the closet.

  • 10


  • Eric R.

    These are the same Bosnian Muslims who fought for Hitler in WW 2. Not that the Serbs or Croats are any better.

    Maybe we can get them to fight another war, like they did in the 90s.