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April 15, 2015 11:22 am

Liberal Jews Push Obama to Drop Support for Israel at UN During White House Parley

avatar by Dovid Efune

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The White House. Photo: Zach Rudisin via Wikimedia Commons.

Members of a group of Jewish supporters of the Democratic Party who met with President Barack Obama this week urged him to remove the long-standing American veto protection of Israel at the United Nations. The group, affiliated with the left-wing lobby group J Street, pledged to support the president within the Jewish community in the event of a Security Council resolution calling for the creation of a Palestinian State.

The exchange took place in the second of two meetings Obama held with American Jewish leaders to discuss the current negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, as well as other regional issues. According to a source who was in the room, one J Street supporter told the president that if he decided to back a Palestinian state resolution over Israeli objections, “let us know first, and we’ll do the legwork for you, in the community… so you’re not going to come in cold.” Among the J Street supporters who were part of the delegation meeting with Obama were Alexandra Stanton, Lou Susman and Victor Kovner.

The atmosphere at that second meeting was described as pleasant and cooperative, in marked contrast to the first meeting, described by one source as “ungiving, very stern and tense.”

The Algemeiner spoke to four individuals who attended the meetings, as well as one other who did not attend, but was extensively briefed on what was said. All of the sources declined to be named for this report, as they were not authorized by the Administration to speak on the record.

The discussions totaled approximately two hours and forty minutes and were likely the most significant ones between the two sides since the start of the Obama presidency. “For sure this was the most important” one prominent Jewish leader stated, “because it was about Iran.”

Regarding the first meeting, at which senior representatives of groups like the World Jewish Congress, the Conference of Presidents and the Anti-Defamation League were present, one source said the conversation was “difficult” and “depressing.” The source added that “nobody was breaking ground, they were at cross purposes.” An attendee who spoke with JTA described the gathering as “intense” and said, “There was an openheartedness, there were some deep reflections by the president.” Other participants who spoke with JTA used the term “therapeutic” to describe the tone of the talks.

The President joined the first meeting at 1:50 pm, about 5 minutes after it was opened by National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and spoke for about forty minutes before he took any questions. He reportedly discussed “everything in the world” including Israel and Iran. He left the meeting at about 3:00 pm.

In his opening remarks, Obama reiterated the sentiments he raised in an interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, published on April 5th, in which he asserted that “It has been personally difficult for me to hear the sort of expressions that somehow we don’t have, this administration has not done everything it could to look out for Israel’s interest.”

One source told The Algemeiner that “the President acted as though he was very hurt that he has been so supportive of Israel and at this critical juncture finds that people are so critical of him for trying to keep Iran from having a nuclear bomb.” The President was at times anguished, participants told the JTA.

Obama addressed his relationship with Israel and recognized “the motivations of the Jewish community when they express concern” about the Iran deal “because of existential threats coming from [Iran’s] Supreme Leader and others.”

In a report on Monday, shortly after the meetings took place, The Washington Post cited a participant who said, “The president talked about how deeply he feels about Israel and the Jewish people and antisemitism. It was not just about Iran. It was much, much deeper in terms of the president sharing with us how he felt.”

“It was very cordial, he had all our attention,” another participant told The Algemeiner. “He spoke from the heart.”

“In that part of the discussion, I think people around the table appreciated those comments,” yet another commented.

After the President’s introduction “there was ample opportunity for everybody to weigh in on a whole range of issues” one of the attendees said. “Anyone around the table who had something to say… the opportunity certainly was there.”

“The impression [President Obama] was left with was that many remain skeptical about Iranian intentions, not about the [White House’s] intentions in trying to negotiate to end the program, we have differences about that,” one participant said.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Algemeiner that he raised two questions with the President. The first was about the silence of the P5+1 powers in the face of threats to annihilate Israel, and the second was about why Israel should be required to relinquish land to the Palestinians while Hamas remains in control of the Gaza Strip.

Hier referenced an upcoming presidential trip to Berlin to commemorate the victims of World War II, and asked in light of Iranian threats to destroy Israel, “what is the meaning of the memorial if we don’t take action when [something similar] occurs.”

One source quoted a “well known Jewish leader” as telling the President that “unfortunately we have learned the lesson that when people say they want to exterminate us, they tend to try it.”

“The language at the table was, ‘what about this? and what about that?’ and what about the issue of billions of dollars that will come into the hands of the Iranians when the sanctions regime is loosened, or ended, that they would then plow back into their terrorist activity or to other military related issues,” an attendee said. “What was being said was, here are our concerns, we are in the middle of this, and these concerns are going to continue, because we don’t feel quite comfortable with where we are now.”

In terms of the takeaway from the first meeting, one participant said, “I think [Obama] understands that people are upset, and that people have a different, a very urgent view of the Iranian threat” but added that the leaders in the room “would not have felt that he totally understood our concerns.”

“Many people walked in having questions and left having questions,” another said. “I don’t know that positions were necessarily changed around the table.”

The second meeting, which was largely stacked with Obama allies, “was very pleasant,” according to one of the guests. It was “all his friends,” the guest said. As well as J Street supporters, others present included Haim Saban, the Israeli-American entertainment mogul who has been critical of Obama’s Middle East policies, and Democratic donors associated with AIPAC, including past presidents Amy Friedkin and Howard Friedman

Obama presented himself as thinking “like an ultra-liberal Jew” and conveyed the “J Street mantra,” according to the source.

Although some pointed questions were asked, Obama faced far less resistance, and was even encouraged to take steps against Israel and remain steadfast in his approach to Iran negotiations.

According to the source, one “J Streeter” pushed Obama to remove the American veto protection of Israel at the UN in the event that a Security Council resolution called for the creation of a Palestinian State.

The individual “said if you decide to go against Israel at the UN, ‘let us know first, and we’ll do the legwork for you, in the community… so you’re not going to come in cold…’ and they pushed him to do it,” the participant told The Algemeiner. “Another major Jewish leader… not J Street, more centrist, but he wants to cosy up to Obama, says [regarding Iran] ‘you are doing the right thing, we are behind you 100 percent’.”

Obama said that despite his disagreements with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on a host of issues, “the countries are still working tightly together on security and military issues,” and “the fact that him and Bibi are not getting along is not hurting the relationship between the two countries.”

Obama was also asked if he would invite Netanyahu to visit the US in the near future. The President said he would not because “‘all Bibi will do is… go out there and publicly criticize me,’ so it will be awkward.” The President said “we’ll wait until July,” according to the source.

The President also criticized efforts in the Senate to assume a role in the negotiations through the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which unanimously passed review at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday and will now move to the full Senate for a vote.

The President expressed a “deep, deep resentment of Republicans in Congress…. and a feeling that Congress is out of bounds” in its actions on Iran, according to one of the sources.

The meetings with the Jewish groups were initiated as part of an extensive outreach effort by the Administration to win support for a framework nuclear agreement reached with Iranian negotiators in Switzerland last week. Critics of the deal say the White House has made far too many concessions in the talks. The agreement’s most vocal opponent, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, has said that it paves Iran’s path to nuclear armament and leaves Israel vulnerable. Israel has long called for the removal of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure as well as the cessation of uranium enrichment.

Just days before the meetings were held, a Gallup poll found that American Jews’ approval of President Obama has dropped 23 percentage points since 2009, and the gap between Jewish approval and general American approval of Obama—which has been marked by higher Jewish approval—is narrowing.

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  • Samir Halabi

    Dear Rabbi I am in total agreement with you. I only wish thst there were more Jewish people with your philosophy. Unfortunately it would seem that Jews especially those leftist liberal traitors haven’t as yet learned the lesson of the Shah.
    Those stupid idiots just want to be loved and accepted by those same Gentiles who if they had the chance again would finish Hitler’s work
    These traitorous leftist liberal Jews have their own religion and that is liberalism, may they be a kapporah for the rest of us. Let them go to hell
    Where they truly belong
    They should never be admitted into Israel they are the sexperts enemies
    As Israel has to this day. May they get their just deserts as they are not worth saving.

  • All J Street together with the rest of those Jewish traitors should be barred from ever visiting Israel. These liberal leftist Jews are nothing but slime, they should be completely ostracised from the mainstream USA Jewish community. They should not be permitted to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. These swine’s of hell haven’t learned the lessons of the Shoah. They are simply apologists for the Arab refugees of the former British Mandate of Palestine. Palestine was never a Sovereign State or Kingdom.
    Palestine was re-named from Judea by the Romans so as to further humble the Jews (Judeans)by calling it Palestrina after the Philistines a non-Semitic people who originated from the Isle of Crete who lived on the coastal strip of land stretching from the Sinai peninsular to Caesarea. The Philistines were conquered by the Jews and disappeared from the scene some 600 years before the Roman conquest of Judea. Palestine or Palestrina is latin, therefore has nothing to do with Arabs.

  • Esther

    I am discusted with J Street. From the first meeting I attended, I saw the illegitimate way they were supporting ? Israel. J Street and their anti semitic followers should visit Auschwitz again and rekindle the attrocities that the Nazis inflicted on 6 million Jews.
    J Strret is an abomination supposedly connected to our Jewish world. Let Israel throw them out as we in America want to do as well.

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    114 min – Jul 10, 2014 – Uploaded by Edison TV

    Special guest Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg discusses his book “The Holocaust As Seen …

  • JEWS CAN not stand the truth. The picture below is the truth…. Intermarriage is another self- made holocaust 70 % OF JEWS are intermarried and the number will soon be 90%. . Yes I am one Rabbi who has the guts to say this. If you do not agree or your feelings are hurt then delete this message immediately. I am telling you the way it is. Someone last night said I was lucky that my children were not intermarried… No luck, I sent them to Yehiva, gave them a great Jewish education and told them no intermarriage unless orthodox conversion, pure and simple. Yes some orthodox have intermarried. Please do not hate me for this message. SOON THERE WILL BE FEW JEWS PERIOD…..

    Sheri Noa Caron Schultz shared The Israel Network’s photo.

    6 mins

    The Israel Network’s photo.

    The Israel Network

    As shocking as this sounds, it is true. Iran said I themselves: wiping Israel off the map is non-negotiable……
    You really don’t want a country that says those kind of things, to have the resources to a nuclear bomb!

    Like · Comment

    -Seen by 1


    Bernhard Rosenberg gee I Said the exact same thing last night where I was the speaker and THE JEWS SAID THIS AND THE HOLOCAUST IS NOT THE SAME….. YES IT IS…..

    • Richard

      The problem with your thoughts regarding no Jewish Non Jewish intermarriage is it leaves the Jewish Community with fewer genes. Before the Orthodox even consider a match a genetic test is required to see what problems might arise from such a union. This is not good. Push this genetic isolation 2 or 3 centuries forward and you will have more than just Tay Sachs to worry about. The answer is not isolation but inclusion.

      • Charles

        I’m with Rozenberg on this one, intermarriage has caused so many problems it’s almost unearthly.First the hundreds and thousands of Jewish single women the orphan eye doe.Second,the giving in to the non Jewish spouse to not stand with Israel.Third no Jewish children —shall I go on.Bottom line it doesn’t matter if you agree or not because if not you can’t fathom the pain involved in this horrible holocaust anyhow.Chances are you anger is over the fact that you one want Jewish children and don’t want anyone around to remind you that they are not Jewish if the Mother isn’t.Further your animosity towards Jewish women whom bare the children is rabid.Still GD forbid your family sat shiva you wouldn’t inherit monies really not due you.The answer for you is keep all Jews a bay even if that means torturing ,abandoning, and loathing.Get a clue we know who you are, and why you do the things you do.Dont kid yourselves the cruelty you inflict hasn’t stopped our ability to understand your rationale for your behavior.Im a secular Jew so get over blaming the truth on the orthodox this intermarriage has gone way beyond them and awoken even the likes of me.

    • Karin Hall

      Intermarriage began between long ago in Genesis, when Abram was made the Father of many nations By God the Father. If he hadn’t intermarried, we would never have a non Jew to intermarry with. So in the beginning we are actually all Jewish. Isn’t it possible that in the beginning they became infected with Genetic disease as well. God forbid in His ultimate Wisdom, He may have allowed something so indiscriminate as possibly Hepatitis since there was actually intermarriage. It had to come from somewhere. God gave us the gift of healing, he had to have given the horrors of disease to be healed from. I’m a Jew, I’m not married to a Jew, “Oh my God” Suppose God should become angry with me because I married a non-Jew; now I have no reason to try to convert him to Judaism. Or God may be so may that He would decide to kill me, He’s going to someday anyway. Big deal! I’m looking forward to being with God; where I’ll always be happy, and away from this hellish place we call home.

  • The American Jews just threw Israel and their people under the bus. It is sad to be betrayed by your own people. After all what have the Jews living in the United States have to lose? When Israel is attacked, they are safe here in the United States. The blood of God’s People will be on the American Jews.

    • Henry Meisel

      sad but so true……….our own worst enemies right here in the US……….
      nothing new US Jews supported FDR who contributed to the Holocaust

  • Dorothy


    • Warren

      J Street, originally funded by the diabolic George Soros, continues the age old problem of “dissention” within the ranks. In the face of rising anti-Semitism/anti-Israel, this organization persists in claiming to be pro-Israel when it isn’t, but in effect lends support to Israel’s enemies. This is not a new phenomenon within the Jewish people. It goes back to the time when the Second Temple was destroyed when the Romans were able to breach the walls of Jerusalem primarily because there was in-fighting amongst the Jews within the city of Jerusalem, thereby weakening the defense of the city.

      Regarding J Street (or as some are beginning to call it – J GUTTER – In 2009, then-Israel’s Ambassador Michael Oren publicly labeled J Street as “a unique problem in that it not only opposes one policy of one Israeli government, it opposes all policies of all Israeli governments. It’s significantly out of the mainstream”

      • Avi

        1. See and Michael Doren’s article therein entitled “Obama’s secret Iran strategy.” That should satisfactorily clarify the President’s intent.
        2. Re J Street, if you see the film about them, you’ll understand: Their “Pro-Israel, Pro-peace” slogan is a mask. Off mike, the leaders have been caught desiring Israel’s destruction.
        3. Don’t be surprised. We burned the granaries when the Romans seiged Jerusalem and the Jewish police went door to door in the Warsaw Ghetto on behalf of the Nazis. Sick. Disgusting. Horrible. שנאת חינם. But true.
        4. The real Q, the only Q that matters is: We say never again. But do we mean it? Maariv in Hebrew a week ago wrote: A Holocaust does not have to have ghettos, trains, and gas chambers. In other words:
        5. We know what Iran intends to do. We know it in our bones. We just don’t want to face it. Because to face it means…….we must act. And like Jabotinsky said on Tisha B’Av in Warsaw in 1938: We are too busy with our everyday lives to act.
        6. 40 years ago, when I was a kid, my Dad dragged me to see Simon Weisenthal speak: He said people ask me why do I run around the world hunting Nazis? He said: Because when I go up to heaven and the 6 Million ask did you forget us? Have you fought for us? I will have an answer for them.
        7. There is no difference between August 1938 and April 2015. Dear Friends, If we mean never again, truly mean it, write your Senator about the danger of the Iran “agreement”. Read “Iran’s Revolutionary Guard” by O’Hern: These people are dead serious about destroying Israel. Dead serious. Tell everyone you know. Pressure our representatives and senators!
        8. It is written in the Mishna; “In a place in which there is no men, make an effort to be a man.”
        9. Stop reading. Stop spinning. Stop thinking like an American. Think like a person from the Middle East. Take off your American lens. Then you’ll get it.

  • Gil Solomon

    The following is a result of my research of Barack Obama who I regard as a foreign born usurper to the US Presidency.

    The US Constitution requires that only a native born American can assume the Office of President of the USA. All evidence indicates that there is no record of Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham ever having given birth in Hawaii as Obama and his supporters claim.

    A simple Internet search indicates that former elections clerk Tim Adams had signed an afffidavit swearing that he was told by his superiors in Hawaii that no Long Form hospital generated birth certificate existed for Barack Hussein Obama in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Centre nor Kapi’olani Medical Centre in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their facilities.

    Before his election, some in Obama’s extended family in Kenya had stated that he was born there, but were immediately silenced. Additionally, Michelle Obama had slipped up one time referring to “Barack’s home in Kenya.” All indications are that the current resident of the Oval Office came to the USA as a Muslim foreign exchange student from Indonesia who went by the name Barry Soetoro (just Google this name for yourselves) whose student ID Card showed the religion box being stamped “Islam”. Subsequently but prior to his entry into the US Presidential race, every shred of evidence relating to the activities of a Barack Hussein Obama in the mainland USA has been sealed. Not even purported university attendance records are available for scrutiny.

    All requests to this President to produce the hardcopy of his original birth certificate were rebuffed. An Internet version of this document was finally released prior to his re-election but forensic examiners who have analysed it say it is a forgery. All letters contained therein should be that of a 1960s typewriter but it apparently includes font types from a current day computer. With a compliant press, critics seem to have been exhausted and given up on this issue, instead of standing fast and insisting on the release of the original hardcopy which is the only legal vital statistical record of a person’s birth parents, birth location and birth date. This will probably go down as one of the greatest cons in American political history. If later it comes out that this man indeed lied to a gullible public and was not constitutionally fit to be the POTUS, then in my opinion he should be incarcerated in a Federal Penitentiary for a term decided by a joint sitting of Congress.

    During his first term, Obama entertained his Muslim Brotherhood friends at the White House. The National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor was quoted as saying “we believe that it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are committed to democratic principles, especially non violence.” How one can link the Muslim Brotherhood with democratic principles and non violence beggars belief, yet in spite of the ludicrous audacity of this comment, not a peep is heard from that disgraceful group lacking any backbone known as American Jewry.

    Those who care about Israel should be aware of an act of profound treachery committed by this Administration. Fearing the affect of an Israeli military strike on Iran’s partially complete nuclear reactor prior to the re-election, the Obama Administration disclosed to the world the secret Israeli base in Azerbaijan from where the Israeli Air Force would, at a time of its choosing, launch an attack to eliminate Iran’s nuclear capability. By this act, Obama sabotaged the entire operation, eliminated any element of surprise and in the process subjected Azerbaijan to a possible future attack by Iran. Needless to say, that country’s co-operation with Israel will in future be non existent. This co-operation would have no doubt included landing rights, mid-air refueling capabilities and much more.

    With this episode in mind, Israel would, in my opinion, be insane for sharing any future vital intelligence with the USA as long as Obama is President.

    One can only come to the conclusion that the current occupier of the Oval Office is a supporter of radical Islam.

    We all saw the appalling situation in Benghazi Libya where the American Ambassador and members of his staff were besieged by rampaging Islamic fanatics. Begging for help, watched in real time, Obama did not lift a finger. First he blamed the riot on an anti-Islamic video that was aired three weeks prior to the attack on the US compound and then apologised profusely for that same video while at the same time Libyan officials were categorically stating that the riot had nothing to do with the video. Help by US marines from bases in the region was readily available but no, this Muslim born Islamist sat back and watched in real time while America’s representatives abroad were being slaughtered.

    If one assumes that Barack Obama is not a fool, then one can only reach the conclusion that he harbours a deep and abiding hatred of the Jewish nation and is working in every way to bring about its downfall, by forcing (so far successfully) concession after useless concession, over-riding past understandings by former Presidents and by riding roughshod over historical facts.
    Israel and the Jewish world especially that silent minority of American Jews who say they support Israel need to wake up and wake up now.

    It is high time for Israel to get up off its knees and act like a sovereign nation in control of its own destiny.


      Mr. Solomon, you sound like an uneducated, racist idiot!

      • Gil Solomon


        If that’s what you think, then so be it.

        However, I’ll add one final comment and that is if sometime in the future it is proven that B. Hussein Obama has pulled off one of the greatest cons in US political history, then it is my view that he should be incarcerated in a Federal Penitentiary for a term decided by a joint sitting of Congress.

      • Warren

        Yep, when you don’t have a leg to stand on, hurl epithets at others. So, anyone who questions, dislikes, hates, despises this president is a racist, right? Not his policies, not his one kept promise to “fundamentally transform this country”, not his proclivities towards Islam, not his petulant narcissist attitude whereby he, and only he is right about everything, not his maudlin approach to Iran, etc.
        Increasingly, it is apparent this nation would be FINISHED GONE FINISHED if the BRYNABABYs of the nation achieve their aim. So lets take this person’s dumb ignorant attitude for what it is worth – a reverse racist who idolizes the worst president in our history – a true radical/Democrat/liberal all rolled into one.

    • Jil Solomon’s comments should be savored as history will show them to be correct. I don’t believe that in the history of civilization a deception of so many by so few was ever so effectively perpetrated. While the stage has been set, at this time the disastrous consequences of this treachery have not yet unfolded. I often wonder how so many who are currently ‘in the loop’ have nevertheless been willing to sell-out their country, religion, and personal integrity, based on their certainly that being on the winning team guarantees their immunity to the consequences of selling-out both this life as well as the World To Come. While Obama has certainty endangered Israel, it doesn’t match the damage already inflicted on the U.S. When factoring in the future disasters headed to this way, American Jews will taste the bitter consequences of their self-inflicted blindness. Not as Jews, but as Americans.

    • Yossi Beneliezer

      If in the end and it comes out that Obama is not a native born American, then all laws, acts and authorizations signed into force by him are null and void. What will happen to him is the American people’s least worry.

      Maybe here in Israel, it is time for us to go our own way. Jews in the U.S. are for the most part secular and have tied their future together with the American people.

      Those that came from the USSR, came and the Ethiopians fought and struggled to come here. Those that want to come from the United States can come and for those that do no, well “Le azazel” with them… Yossi

      • Avi

        No Yossi, my brother, we are listening. Most American Jews know what is going on. We know our history. Do not say L’azazel. הרוב אתכם כתף לכתף. כולם שונאים את ברק חוסיין כאן , יודע את האמת, ותומכים אחינו בארץ. ויש הרבה נוצרים, חברים שלנו, שתומכים עמנו בארץ. אל תתייאש כלפי אחיכם בארה״ב

    • Louise Elkind

      You spoil your side by asserting that Obama was not born in America. Everything else you say is suspect. I saw a copy of his certificate of birth. You don’t have to like him but don’t discredit yourself.

      • Karin Hall

        I not only don’t respect the man. But when he first came into office; knowing some of the Jewish language from being in synagogue and having a strange feeling about Mr. Obama; I looked up what his name meant. Baruch Obama means this
        Baruch means : Blessed
        Obama means : lion
        In both Hebrew or Muslim baruch means blessed Lion means Obama = lion
        Therefore Baruch Obama means blessed lion which is an affront to God who is Blessed and a Great Lion

      • Gil Solomon

        Let’s not play games.
        You saw an edited copy no doubt.

        Below is an extract from my earlier post.
        “All requests to this President to produce the hardcopy of his original birth certificate were rebuffed. An Internet version of this document was finally released prior to his re-election but forensic examiners who have analysed it say it is a forgery. All letters contained therein should be that of a 1960s typewriter but it apparently includes font types from a current day computer. With a compliant press, critics seem to have been exhausted and given up on this issue, instead of standing fast and insisting on the release of the original hardcopy which is the only legal vital statistical record of a person’s birth parents, birth location and birth date. This will probably go down as one of the greatest cons in American political history.”

    • I concur with you Mr. Solomon. Obama is trying to destroy Israel. For those Jews that
      support J Street, you need to visit a prosperous Israel. I ave been to Israel 9 times. I am a Black-American woman. I have Jewish ancestry and I am very proud. It is the only safe country to visit in the Middle East. The Muslim brotherhood is in the WHITE HOUSE. ISRAEL WILL OUT LIVE THE UNITED STATES and that is prophecy.

  • Timmy Lamse

    It’s obvious to me that the people representing J-Street don’t live in Israel where the missiles are pointing every day, all day. If the president was smart, he would want opinions of those who face the daily missile and bomb threats.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Well I never! Do this group of neo-Chomsky traitors really think they have any meaningful support from the Jewish people?But I’m not surprised Obama gave them a hearing – he and the traitors are in the same boat : do everything possible to undermine Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist and support Israel’s enemies,especially those who want to develop a nuclear bomb!These Jewish traitors are nothing new in Jewish history and the treachery is symptomatic of a minority group feeling scorned and disparaged by the majority.The old saying “If you can’t lick’em,join ’em” rings true.In pre-modern times ,when religion was all-important, the traitors converted to the majority religion and then turned on their former co-religionists.Now with religion taking a back seat,politics has become all-important and we find Jewish “political”traitors coming out of the woodwork.But don’t get me wrong – I’m fully supportive of a two-state solution as long as the future Palestinian state is not run by Hamas or Hezbollah or any other terrorist organization which has the destruction of Israel in it’s manifesto or constitution.

  • Mr President. The comments from the supporters of J Street are not doing you any good. They do not speak for the majority of American Jews or Jewish Americans. They are, in their stance against Israel, is pushing many of us who have supported you, are now turning towards the Republican Party. In the UN you must continue to support Israel. Although you and Bibi do not see eye to eye, Many of us still support you. Your continued support of Israel will bring them back to supporting you and the Democrats.

    • Gil Solomon

      Mr Semaya,

      What is wrong with you?
      You refer to Obama’s “continual support of Israel.”
      Do you read nothing, do you hear nothing?
      When will you open your eyes to reality?

      The man you voted for was and is a clear and present danger to Israel.
      He, along with his Muslim Brotherhood members in the White House are working feverishly for the destruction of Israel. These same Muslim Brotherhood members were appointed by executive privilege in order to by pass senate confirmation hearings as to the suitability.

      The man sitting in the Oval Office is a Muslim who hates Israel. Your attitude and naïve continual belief in him is why the Diaspora in general despises American Jewry.

      All I can say is wake up to yourself.
      If it will help, please read my above post of April 17.

      • Louise Elkind

        You, also, discredit your arguments by saying that Obama is a Muslim when he is not.

        • Gil Solomon


          You are the only one discrediting yourself here.

          Again for your express benefit, below is an extract of my comments in an earlier post.
          “All requests to this President to produce the hardcopy of his original birth certificate were rebuffed. An Internet version of this document was finally released prior to his re-election but forensic examiners who have analysed it say it is a forgery. All letters contained therein should be that of a 1960s typewriter but it apparently includes font types from a current day computer. With a compliant press, critics seem to have been exhausted and given up on this issue, instead of standing fast and insisting on the release of the original hardcopy which is the only legal vital statistical record of a person’s birth parents, birth location and birth date. This will probably go down as one of the greatest cons in American political history.”

    • Richard R Silverman

      Many if not most of the Reform Rabbis in Seattle are “proud J-Street members. They adhere to a viewpoint that expresses sympathy and support for a two-state solution based on the so-called 67 armistice boundaries, even though, this position has been a failure for sixty-eight years! Israel can not afford to concede territory that threatens their homeland. Moreover, given that all the Palestinian government’s call for Israels destruction, the position of J-Steet and these Rabbis ignores the consequences of their anti-Israel position.

  • Hannah

    J Street should be incinerated

  • Californiamodern1

    Obama is a satanic bastard.

  • lana

    Obama elected to talk to this group out of the majority Jews because he wants to show to the world that ‘jews’ asked for destruction of israel. ‘not his fault’…the ‘jews fault’

  • Gil Solomon

    American Jews on the whole are the morons of the Diaspora and it is no wonder they are regarded with contempt by world Jewry. Morons who voted not once but twice for Obama when the writing was clearly on the wall about his anti-Israel bias, his Islamic heritage, his Marxist beliefs and his lies as to his place of birth.

    Their ancestors must be rolling in their collective graves at this lot who have lost their heritage. Self hating Jews who care more about being ultra liberal than they care about Israel or the US Constitution.

    Being the morons that they are, they will flock to Hillary Clinton’s side as they did to Obama even though her only claim to fame is that she was the wife of the last Democratic President who commanded a degree of respect at home and abroad, a President who did not spit on the Constitution he was duty bound to uphold.

    In relation to Hillary Clinton readers should be aware of her stupidity during Israel’s recent war with Hamas, when she stated that Hamas stores its missiles in civilian population centres as “Gaza is a small place and there’s not much space to put them anywhere else.”

    Finally, this woman like Obama, still babbles on about a two state solution when in reality how one can talk about a solution when talks have fallen in a heap from day one in spite of concession after useless concession having been made by that insane democracy called Israel, is mind boggling.

    • Laura Burkhart

      Brilliant! So sad…her words remind me of Nehemiah’s enemies!!

    • Avi

      You are correct about two-thirds of American Jews making a huge mistake. Not this American Jew, no way would I vote for the Rules for Radicals folks but you miss a couple key points:
      1. Jewish support and especially money for the GOP has increased significantly in theist several months and that is a major change.
      2. Nobody in their wildest dreams, even my mistaken brethren who voted for him, could not have imagined in their wildest dreams he would be this bad. This terrible. This pro-Iran.
      3. My Zayde always said keep a bag packed. Now we have tons and I mean tons of Christian friends here. Who are more reliable and pro-Israel than many Jews. But I wonder if perhaps my conscious and sub concious were honest with each other, perhaps I would realize why I am learning Hebrew so aggressively is more than just because I am proud of our heritage?
      4. In other words, if we’re all being honest here, I think we would be liars if we didn’t say Barack Hussein makes us all very uncomfy. There. I said it.

  • They are a disgrace to humanity.

  • Samuel Lossos

    All J-Street is are a bunch of self
    hating jews who have either not learned
    The lessons of history or just don’t
    Give a damm!!


  • Judy watson

    Who is the main source of power and money to JStreet? Does this person or persons have affiliation to Obama? In other words, where does the money trail lead?

    • Cindy Novak

      Hi Judy,

      It should come as no surprise to you that the money behind J Street comes from the most self-loathing Jew of all: George Soros


      Don’t be ridiculous. It’s leader is an ambitiopus, arrogant opportunist. It is he who encourages the ugly ideas and comments coming from those who met with the President.

      The President on the otheer hand, is still a great friend to Israel and, guess what, to Americans.


        Oh and J Streets obnoxious leader is Jeremy Ben ‘something’.

  • steve ross

    So what was the answer to rabbi hier’s two questions????!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Debic6

    As a Jew this repulses me!
    Those are the Jews who would throw their own children into the gas chamber first
    to live 1 more minute in hopes of the oppressors approval.
    No pride, no allegiance, no foresight and most of all no balls!

    They are not self hating Jews. They love themselves so much they wish hate on other Jews. They should all get a 1 way ticket to vacation with ISIS
    They make we want to vomit.

  • Tony Craig

    Haim Saban is an idiot for having funded Obama, the ultimate Manchurian Candidate and for financing Hillary’s run who will also be no friend of Israel. These J Streeters and their followers are no better than the Judenrat leaders in the Ghettos during the War who tried to appease the Nazis as the ghettos were being liquidated. As a Canadian Jew I am so proud of Harper. Why can’t we get someone like him or Bib to be the next President?

    • clyde mann

      Marco Rubio is Pro-Israel and struts with a swagger that hasn’t been seen in year.

  • Jo-Ann Jacobson

    It is so sad we Jews cannot see thinks clearly. Israel is our ‘home land’ and we need to protect our family. J Steet is NOT our friend…they are a detriment to Israel and Jewish people everywhere. Jo-Ann Jacobson



  • Steve Loeb

    In all likelihood, once Obama is gone, J – Street will follow shortly thereafter. Their use no longer as his “fig leaf” will no longer be required

  • Gordon Strauss

    Some Jews are our own worst enemies. History repeats


  • Walter Einstein

    This is a disgrace . J Street is a disgrace and Jeremy ben Ami is a disgrace. All of these are terri ble comments . as are the threats from Obama.
    We are all Jews and should stick up for the state of israel surrounded by all those who want to destroy it and have another holacaust
    Thank you

  • Baht Harim

    I am a life-long (64 years)pro-Israel Zionist, from a Zionist family (my grandfather had a photo of Herzl on the wall) and support the right of we Jews to have our own state. Having said that, the Palestinians are no less entitled to have their own state than we are. Just because Jews support Palestinian statehood does not mean we are anti-Israel. The two state (NOT one state) solution makes the most sense. Dai Maspik! Let’s work this out and get on with all our lives.

    • Roger Lorberbaum

      A two state solution is fine if the Palestinians are truly sincere about Israel’s right to exist . However , it is wishful thinking in light of the fact that the Paletinians only desire is to push the Jews into the sea .

      • Avi

        Let’s see. We were in the “West Bank” for 1,000 years. 1,000 years!!! Read the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Ruth, Isiah, Shmuel I and II. Then the Romans killed us and enslaved us. So we rebelled 60 years later. And won for 2.5 years. So: the Romans, who used 3 roman legions to destroy the temple, sent 8! to defeat Bar Kochba at Betar. Estimates are 400,000 to 500,000 dead. Then they went village to village killing and enslaving Jews. Putting our leaders to the stake. Raking Rabbi Akiva’s flesh. Until there were almost no Jews left in the Land of Israel. Then they re-named it Phillistinia. So we yearned for Jeruslame at every holiday, ecery wedding, got up in middle of night for 1800 years to mourn. And some of you say two state solution! Know your history! Have some pride! And know this: the land of Israel is inseparable from Judaism. Inseparable. You may or may not like it but it is a fact. And what is the land of Israel? Hebron! Schem! Bethlehem! Forget the security argument. Which is totally valid as Iran would take over the West Bank. Why they are already in The Golan, southern Lebanon, and giving plenty of money to Hamas in Gaza. Know your history! I’m sick of our own people who do not know their history thinking they know better about a “two state solution” than those who care more and know more about our history. Begin called the “two-state” solution people “beautiful souls”. He would smile or giggle when he said it: it was not a compliment. Do you know what Yehuda Avner says about Begin? He was perhaps the only man he ever met who knew all of Jewish History at once. Avner served Golda, Rabin, Eshkol, and Begin. He said Begin was the greatest leader and man of them all.

    • Toby

      Both Arafat and Abbas turned down Israeli proposals for a state in all of Gaza and 97% of the West Bank, even with the possibility of shared governance in part of Jerusalem. The Palestinian leadership clearly cares more about destroying Israel than about creating a state in which their people can rebuild their lives. Ask yourself, if Israel could absorb and uplift 800,000 Jews thrust out of their homes in the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa in the late ’40s and early 50s, why are third- and fourth-generation descendants of 800,000 Arabs who fled the Arab-initiated 1948 war still classified as refugees? Why does Abbas insist that those grandchildren and great-grandchildren be allowed to settle in Israel? (Even if he gets a state, only Arabs whose families were living on the West Bank before 1948 will become citizens).

      Netanyahu’s vision of a demilitarized Palestinian state, willing to live peaceably beside the nation-state of the Jews, is the only Two State solution that can provide peace and prosperity to the Jews and the Palestinians.

    • Around 1947 CE, British Palestine was divided into two parts:

      Eastern Palestine (78%) became the Arab state of Jordan.
      Western Palestine (22%) became the Jewish state of Israel.

      The Palestinians already have a state:
      It is called Jordan.

      • bea green JP BA

        Absolutely correct.

        AND – when the state of Israel was created, many Jews in Arab countries had to flee.
        Arabs were not thrown out of Israel – in fact they are represented in parliament.
        There are over twenty Arab countries and only one Jewish state = Israel.

    • Elmo Glick

      Uh, just one problem. There’s no such thing as a separate group called the “Palestinians.” There are Arabs,and there are Arabs. They have plenty of states, including Jordan, which is the real “Palestinian” state. Still, they don’t even deserve that. The Hashemites have been a more responsible group and are adults, they deserve to run that area and it’s state more than the Palestinians, who are increasingly despised throughout the Arab world.

      Even if the “Palestinians” acted like grown ups, and deserved their own state, where would it be?

    • esther noodelman

      I guess you don’t realize some important facts. (We Jews are the real Palestinians . The Arabs already have a state,thanks to Britain who very generously gave them part of the land we were supposed to get..Jordan..Remember? Also,their Arab Brothers already have 23 states to take them in. So we are very happy in the one state given to us.. That is all we need.

      We seem to have one problem..I guess you have a memory problem.Any time we have tried negotiating,the Arabs can never keep their part of the bargain and send missiles our way.SOOOOOOOOOOO when they learn how to act as a democracy and lay down their arms and become accountable,who knows may improve for them and their citizens..we really don’t appreciate missiles as a Thank You..Get it?

  • n.l. shriber

    The Amaleque from within. Disgusting!!

  • Dan


  • Bat Sheva

    American Jews can’t speak for Israel just because they are Jews !!

  • Donald Weiss

    J Street is full of self-hating Jews. Collaborators who would have begged to be Kapos in Auschwitz! I’m disgusted.

  • Yale

    Is it believable that Obama isn’t aware J Street is a front group for his Administration? If that is the case, who is really calling the shots in this administration?


      For God’s sake, J Street doesn’t have any power or standing, so don;t give them more credit than is due. They just make a lot of noise. Not important.

      The President doesn’t need a ‘cover’.

  • Larry Andrews

    “Actions speak louder than words!” President Obama can talk all he wants about how deeply he feels about Israel and the Jewish people. But, the facts are that President Obama has been the most anti-Israeli president in the history of the United States! President Obama deliberately stopped a shipment of Hellfire missiles to Israel when it was under attack from Hamas. How the heck can he explain that as supporting Israel??!! As far as
    J Street is concerned, they exemplify why Jews invented the word schmuk to describe other Jews!!

  • Lee Diamond

    Just as Americans have the right to demand of Israel not to interfere in its political process, Israelis have the right to demand of American Jews to cease in interfering in Israeli politics. Political discussions between Israel and the U.S. should take place between the governments of both countries and not between the American government and assimilating American Jews.

    • esther noodelman

      Lee Diamond,
      I agree with you totally.Internal enemies’ opinions should not be taken seriously.

  • ed

    Jstreet represents no one. They are not leadership in the jewish community. This is yet another attempt by Obama to seek out the views that agree with what he wants to do. JStreet is a PAC that looks like it was formed by some people in primarily New York with deep pockets..their agenda is not for the good of Israel but Obama likes their checkbooks.

  • I used to believe that the biggest enemies of Israel were: Syria. Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, the PLO, and Iraq.

    Now I believe that the biggest enemies of Israel are: The New York Times, The Guardian Newspaper (formerly of Manchester, now of London), Time Magazine, The J Street organization, the United Nations, Jewish Liberals and Leftists, the Reform and Conservative “Judaism” movements, the liberal and leftist churches, the liberal and leftist college professors, and the liberal and leftist Democratic Party.

    If you love Israel, then go to these web sites:

  • Lawrence

    J-Street are entitled to their opinion.

    As a result, I hereby declare that Alexandra Stanton’s house belongs to me and that she must move out. It is against international law for her to be occupying my house.

  • Grandpa Gary


  • Plain Talk

    IMHO, all “Israel Bashing” has its genesis from one of the following

    1. Plain and simple antisemitism
    2. Israel’s constant policy of building and taking of disputed territories

    Many Jews target the first reason to justify or whitewash the second. Its unfortunate but the fallout is gigantic in its negativity.

    • esther noodelman

      Does Netanyahu tell you where you can build your next home? Where do you get the chutzpah to tell Israel a bona fide democratic country,THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST,where and when she can build on her own land ?.We used to have an expression in the old days…”Does Eaton’s tell Morgan’s what to do?”

  • Wm.Levy

    What a sad commentary for the end of Judaism and all the Jews in the world.

    Thee is not one strong Jewish leader among all of them other than what inherited wealth can buy.

    There is no one weaker than Abe Foxman of the ADL who confronts acts of anti-Jew incidents by writing letters and giving seminars to the offenders.

    He is a Holocaust survivors which makes his cowardice all the more terrible.

    This is 2015 and it might as well be 1905 or 1920 all over again and it will be all over for the Jews including Israel unless the world sees us as tough and unforgiving instead of “Let’s all be friends.”

    Terrify our enemies and they will love us.

    What Jews have done for the blacks Jews must do for the Jews.

    How many times has there been a Jew president in the movies? How many times has a black been a president in the movies? More times than I care to remember and Jews write the scripts and produce the movies.

    What the hell is wrong with our people?

    • Elmo Glick

      It’s a puzzle as to how Abe Foxman got his job heading up the ADL. I can only figure that, since he was Ben Epstein’s briefcase carrier and errand boy, Ben set up Abe to succeed Nate Perlmutter (who served between Epstein and Foxman) as the National Director.

      There were much better people than Abe Foxman who should have been put into the line of succession to succeed Perlmutter after he retired. One would have been Justin Finger who was no. 2 to Arnie Forster heading up the ADL’s Civil Rights Division. Somehow, Gus Finger was moved out of the line of succession to make an otherwise weak candidate, Abe Foxman, next in line after Nate. There must have been all kinds of politics, backstabbing, and machinations, not to mention payoffs, to get Foxman in as the fellow who ultimately received the job and has held it for all these years. Those familiar with the ADL during the Epstein-Forster years wonder what exactly Foxman did. He used to travel with the biggest of the bigshots to all the important meetings, like big meetings down in D.C. Since he was a lawyer, it is possible Epstein wanted a lawyer on his own personal staff to give him some independent legal assistance to counter the power of Forster’s legal staff on the civil rights division. It was always an uneasy sharing of power between Epstein and Forster when they pretty much ran the organization between them. From all appearances, the really important, impactful parts of the ADL operation–fact-finding (investigations) and counteraction have all been shut down. Gone are the days when the Jewish community could count on the ADL to penetrate its enemies, and the hate groups, and develop solid and important information information on the activities of the enemies of Jews.

      You’re right, the ADL is all about letter-writing. It doesn’t even do full-page NYT ads or posters anymore (not that those did much good, anyway). It also tries to teach its enemies to do the right thing. After a horrible scandal involving the anti-semitic removal of the security clearance of a Jewish CIA attorney, Adam Ciralsky, the most significant act that ADL tool was to get its own contract for sensitivity training for the miscreant agency. They did nothing for Ciralsky that I can see, just for themselves. They also have done nothing for Jonathan Pollard, who was sentenced for a length far in excess of that which he deserved for his crimes, most of which were exaggerated by the anti-semites in the Justice Department.

  • sidney sands

    I read with horror that the J Street anti-Semitic Jews are actually asking Obama to stab Israel in the back, he doesn’t need much encouragement to do it, but for these disgusting so called Jews it would seem the end of Israel is what they want, I pray that the vast number of American Jews will stand by Israel, and that these J Street supporters will be shown what a vile group they are.

  • Today is a day for Temple, to say Kaddish for all who were lost to us, not just our family, but for all Jews, for the young men killed by Muslim Terrorists this past year, for the family’s of IDF soldiers lost to us.
    Today is a day of Remembrance for the Millions who died for us, for the righteous, Courageous Jews who died establishing the State of Israel !
    Go to youtube play Haktivah, Israeli National Anthem, if you do not know Hebrew so enter English also, “Hear” the words let them into your heart, this is Israel !

  • Lynne T

    George Soros’s money and the toxic influence of Obama friend Rashid Khalidi (and Muslim Brotherhood apologist) at work.

  • I am a Jew, I was a Democrat, I am a Zionist ! I am the son of a Halocaust survivor !
    I am the Great Grandson, Nephew,Grandson,Cousin of 18 Members of my Fathers family who died in the camps !
    It is repugnant to me, insulting to all Jews, that “liberal” Jews would even meet with such a pro Islamic sympathizer !
    These “J Street Jews”, my father may he rest in peace, would compare to the “Capos” Jews that worked along with the SS Nazi guards, for a crust of bread, leading other Jews to the Zylon-B showers !
    I say Shame on these Jews! a Shanda for Jews everywhere !
    They do not speak for me, do not let them speak for any of us, what right do they have to do so!




  • Stan Nadel

    unknown anonymous sources with unknown agendas making unverifiable claims.

  • Sam Hager


    • Elmo Glick

      Don’t underestimate Obama and his advisers. They are playing a clever game of dividing and neutralizing the American Jewish community. To a large extent, they are succeeding, although not entirely.

      Some recent polling suggests Jewish support for Obama has dropped by about 23%. At least some are opening their eyes.

      We still have large numbers of those who are enthralled with this man. Many are probably those with the most tenuous Jewish identity anyway, whose children, or they themselves, are intermarrying themselves out of the community. If they intermarry out, do not raise their children as Jews, and eventually disappear—I guess that will be OK. At least they won’t be the fifth column anymore.

  • robert davis

    jstreet is a criminal,suicidal and arch stupid group : if Israel is destroyed who will protect them? do they think the US will always have a democratic government? even a democratic govt. of the obama type would NOT protect them in case of crisis! obama pretends to protect Jews because he cannot do otherwise thanks to the Senate,Congress and…Israel! If Israel did not exist his victims would be the Jews. His policy is that of SLICES one after the other. If the one ie Israel did not exist he would turn to the next ie Jews. I donot mean this obama with this Congress etc. but in future anotjher obama will probably pop up and the political environment will not always be as favourable to American Jews as it is nowadays. This is why we all need Israel. Jstreet is a group of gangsters or banksters whose G.D is …money!

  • Haim

    The individual “said if you decide to go against Israel at the UN, ‘let us know first, and we’ll do the legwork for you, in the community…

    Some legs should be broken in advance. Probably some heads, too.

  • Lauren Goldman

    J Street acts like a ‘palestinian’ front group. They, along with the New York Times and Jewish Voice for Peace, condemn Israel, no matter the situation. It is like listening to Al Jazeera.

  • Harvey

    Think of JStreet as you would think of any other anti Zionist organisation . There are forces ranged against Israel who recognise the absolute necessity of inducing a schism within the Jewish community in order to weaken the ties that bind and thus undermine support for Israel . The ultimate goal is to delegitimise and isolate Israel resulting in a single state . A great deal of money is being thrown at this long term project . Its sad to think that a great many liberal Jews working within JStreet really think they are doing the right thing when in fact they are no more than useful dupes contributing to the split in Israel advocacy and the Jewish Community . Israels enemies are rubbing their hands in glee as they see their plots and scheming come to fruition .

  • VictorMc

    You voted for the Muslim fraud – TWICE. – Enjoy…..Less than 2 years to go and he and his nonsense will be history.

  • eli goldin

    JStreet = Judenrat Street

  • None of these Jews who support Obama want to live in Israel or send their children to live in Israel, so why are they allowed to have an opinion. That goes for some of those who don’t support Obama, but Jews in the Diaspora should support Israel or shut up. J-Street is not pro-Israel and never has been.

  • Roz Shorenstein

    How can we effectively counteract this terrible influence of J Street on Obama? Any suggestions?

    • Avi

      How to counter JStreet?
      Learn hebrew, pray, study bible and Mishnah. No, that’s not a joke. Doing those things will give you proper perspective on everything. Really. They will also make you smarter, sharper, and give you peace. You will begin to see the world in the right way. And all the answers will then come to you. That everything in creation is for Israel. That the most important thing in life for a Jew during our short period on this earth is to live as a Jew. Get involved with our people’s eternal struggle. Fight. Fight but have faith. The greatest proof of G-d’s love for us is that after 4,000 years we are still here.

  • Barry D Berger

    The headline of this story, “Liberal Jews Push Obama to Drop Support for Israel at UN During White House Parley”, is neither appropriate nor accurate:

    Supporting the creation of a Palestinian State in peace alongside Israel is one of the best ways to support Israel. Indeed, Israel will not continue to fulfill its Zionist ideals if a Palestinian state is not created and Israel continues its occupation in its present form.

    I say this not as a “liberal” (I probably am not) nor as “pro Palestinian” (I certainly am not), but rather as a Zionist living in Israel, who believes in the concept of a democratic Jewish State based on equality, diversity, respect, and justice.

  • len o

    Why are we calling J Street, Liberal? These Jews are not Liberal they are Left Wing Radicals who have no business being called Liberal. They are trying to Hijack the voice of American Jewry and will do so if they are not confronted and stopped . This is nothing less than a Bolshevik style takeover of Jewish opinion and desires.
    These obnoxious smug gangsters have no connection to the likes of Hubert Humphrey, Mario Cuomo, Ed Koch, John Lindsay, Walter Mondale , Adlai Stevenson ,RFK ,MLK ,JFK , LBJ etc. etc.None of these leaders of Liberalism would allow the abandon her greatest ally to the jackals of the U.N..The only one who erroneously recognizes their legitimacy to speak for the Jewish People of America is himself a tainted leader who unfortunately finds J street’s noise music to his ears.

  • Howie Subnick

    “Liberal Jews”, the ass holes who put Obama in office and who tore the United States into shreds! Those liberals who are on the side of the LIAR OBAMA AND ON THE SIDE OF THE TERRORIST WITH WORDS OBAMA AND ON THE SIDE OF THE JEW HATER OBAMA AND ON THE SIDE OF THE ONE THAT HATES THE UNITED STATES OBAMA, should find an island of their own and live there till they die! THEY ARE TRAITORS TO THE JEWS WORLD WIDE! THEY WILL NEVER CHANGE!

  • Reform School

    Like President Nixon, whose model President Obama follows, the meetings were secretly recorded. Excepts follow:

  • Bob Jackson

    Send this article to the Jewish Week, who has been shilling for J St for years through former reporter Jay Besser. The hobby of publisher, Gary Rosenblatt, has been to bash PM Netanyahu at every opportunity. Also send to the NYTimes and other media.

  • Moishe

    Jews worst enemy are Jews themselves..the enemy within!!!!J Sreet claim to be Jews…Maybe self-hating Jews….

  • Abi Gezunt

    Rabbi Stephen Wise was one of the most significant leaders of the American Jewish community during the 1930s and 1940s. He was president of the American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress. His importance comes from the nearly undisputed understanding by modern historians that his leadership and influence with President Roosevelt cost millions of European Jews their lives during the Holocaust. His only concern seemed to be a fear that asking for help for European Jews would increase anti-Semitism in America.

    Wise worked against efforts of other American Jewish activists who tried desperately to show Roosevelt’s administration what Hitler and the Nazis were doing to European Jews in ghettos and death camps. Wise had the chutzpah to call Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky a ‘traitor’ for trying to evacuate millions of European Jews to Palestine.

    Reading this article, on the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day – Yom HaShoah – it is as though in only 70 years, history is repeating itself. J Street is the incarnation of Rabbi Wise, doing all it can to ignore the huge documented growth of anti-Semitism, which allies itself with a President (Obama) that has been no friend to Israel in the hope it will keep American Jews safe, and which advocates for policies that can only lead to further violence by Hamas and other terrorists against Israelis.

    If he came back to life, Rabbi Wise would instantly, and proudly, be the leader of today’s J Street.

  • Beverly

    These are not Jewish leaders…these are meshuganahs!
    Absolutely pathetic and a disgrace……they probably deny the Halocaust also.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “Obama allies”

    P.T. Barnum was correct when he said “There is a sucker born every minute.”

  • Alvin

    Does Obama think these people represent the interests of anyone but themselves ? They’re the Al Sharptons of Jews, hurting Jewish causes and endangering Jewish people while pretending to represent their interests.

  • Anschel

    I do not consider to be Jewish in any respect.
    Those of its members who claim to be Jewish appear to have lost the core of Jewishness and are at most Jewish in name only, but not in substance. Who needs such Fifth Columnists?

  • I am ashamed that they all present themselves as Jews . They speak only as 1 percent of Jews in the world . Do patients with disease I blame liberals . Feeling angry identity theft ! Stupid stupidity . Flattering to the devil . Reminds me of the same 1 percent of German Jews who supported Hitler . Do not talk on our behalf . Shame on you !

  • kern

    Sad to say that Israel can rely more on the support of Christian Fundamentalists than the would-be Capos of the Jewish left.

    Anyone who stills believes that the bare faced liar in the White House is a supporter of Israel or any Jew who has not sold his soul to the Jew hating pro world government leftists is sadly blind to stark reality.

  • Bella

    “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

    J-Street are whores who think the crocodile won’t eat them…but it will.

    Unfortunately if their ideas are followed, millions of innocents will suffer first.

  • nelson marans

    J Street long ago blew its cover claiming that it was pro-Israel. Instead it is a group of self-hating Jews who have supported vigorously this administration’s policy that is anti-Israel. It has alienated mainstream Jewry by its actions and should be classified as being extremely anti-Israel and pro-Obama and his flawed policies.

  • Abe Serot

    JSTREET are enemies of Israel.

  • frogorf

    It is worse than tragic when a Jewish group betrays the Jewish people by actually suggesting that the American president take action to harm Israel. I was a Democrat, but with the Democrats willing to go along with liberal efforts to sidle up to Iran and others who would destroy Israel, I cannot remain in that party. As for “J Street,” they have the mentality of Sonderkommandos, only worse. To find Jews who willingly work to hurt other Jews is repellant.

  • noanoa

    These Jews are so leftists/delusional IDIOTS. They would have justified Hitler’s actions from the inside of a concentration camp.

    They are misguided lost souls.

    They should be deported to Syria where they could be felt with accordingly.

    Beheaded by ISIS just like chickens.


  • Emily Korzenik

    Pres. Obama is dealing with the Iranian leaders the way he initially dealt with the Republicans. If I compromise they will be reasonable and nice. He lacks the strength that leadership requires. However I dare to believe that he is not taken in by J Street.

  • Michael Fox

    Self loathing apologetic Jews are nothing new. They are embarrassed by their heritage and are uncomfortable with the concept of G-d. They are the ghosts of the Jewish Kapos in the Nazi concentration camps.

  • Michael Fox

    Self loathing apologetic Jews are nothing new. They are embarrassed by their heritage and are uncomfortable with the concept of G-d. They are the reincarnates of the Jewish Kapos in the Nazi concentration camps.

  • Elisheva

    Obama is such a big phony when he talks. It is incredible that people do not see it. Natanyahu is a real mensch.

  • ilene

    Your headline is disgraceful –I am a proud liberal Jew – but I would never ask for the President to stop funding and supporting Israel at the UN. Why do you make crap up?

  • emile harari

    It’s very sad to see some jews being anti Israel. Not only the majority of this lame world is already anti semitic but these liberal Jews adding their voice to it must have pleased Obama

    Any jew who denies his support for Israel should go and
    live in Teheran

  • Ephraim

    They are NOT liberal Jews, they are left-wing fascist, worshipers at the shrine of politically-coerced censorship, self-hating Jews.

  • yussi

    F J street! They are their own worst enemies.Ignorant,harmful self haters. They should keep in mind that the nazis didnt ask whether german jews were orthodox,conservative or reformed or even members of a idiotic group like J street where there was one. They wanted to kill all of us. You J Streets should just go back under the rocks you crawled out from under and dont speak for us. LIFE LOSERS!

  • brenrod

    those jews who urged the withdrawal of support are an existential danger to Jewish children everywhere. Such Kapo Jews should be barred from israel for all time from the law of the return so that when the anti semitism turns on them they must suffer through it. Kapo Jews should be dead, I despise Jews like that.

  • Philior

    It is unconscionable that so many Jews are being outsmarted by a single pro-Islamist.

    • ilene

      PRO-Islamist? Good one….

    • Michael Garfinkel

      No one was “outsmarted.”

      Obama was pushing against an open door.

      This second meeting was nothing more than an opportunity for Jewish traitors to congregate, discuss strategy, and encourage the anti-Semite in the White House.

    • Charlotte

      They are sadly in deep slumber, not knowledgeable about their history and sucking up too.
      I cant wait for Oblabla to be out of office and I knew when he was running that he is goig to harm Israel. Hillary may be worse with regard to Middle East.
      I am not voting for her no way no how.

    • William Moskowitz

      Outsmarted? No, I think they know exactly what they want and where to get it. They find a willing ally in this administration and sadly in today’s Democratic party.

    • larry smith

      J-Street is and has always been a Jewish Trojan horse, designed to destroy Israel from within.

      I guess being Jews, we can’t deal with Collaborators the way the Muslims do, though IMO that would be very valuable and very effective.

      There’s nothing new here either, their Idol George Soros was a Nazi collaborator and brags at how well he did his job.

    • What is so obvious is, that the President is simply evil – and like Hitler, is unaware that he represents not progress, but the greatest corruption of the transformation of society.

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro

    We are plagued with the most hostile-to-ISRAEL US Pres in history. He is, was, and always will be PRO muslim. It is in his DNA, isn’t it? The fact that he is more then in bed with self-loathing J Street speaks volumes. Both he and they will never assure ISRAEL’s JEWISH citizens the safety and security they deserve. The sovereign ISRAEL will always prevail. J Street is like Delano-FDR’s ‘Court’ JEWs, who. with the exception of Morganthau, stood by idly as 6 million JEWs, including 1.5 million JEWISH children were wantonly slaughtered.
    How despicable is it to have the serial lier susan rice do his bidding!

  • We must declare war against any group such as J street that wants Israel’s safety compromised. Numbers count. Send in thousands of letters to your elected officials and yes even Rabbis that belong to organizations such as J street. They can all blame me and attack me as the one encourages you to fight in the streets if need be against fellow Jews who will sell us out. There is no compromise, there is no discussion, only action.

  • I absolutely in disagreement with President and a few American Jews…Just remember that Hitler had a helper who was a Jew….America obligated to support Israel…we are American Jews will support Israel in all possible and impossible for imagination ways.
    Israel will survive P. Obama around 2 yrs and ,later, will start a new chapter in American-Israelin chapter.

  • JStreet traitors would have sided with Hitler and would have certainly ended up in ovens. Beware of JStreet the fifth column.

  • “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
    -Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • Ray A. Cohn

    Does moderation mean you can’t say if somebody is failing to protect the US Constitution and that of the State California by backing a government dedicated to SLAUGHTERING NEARLY 7 MILLION AMERICAN JEWS that they are COMMITING TREASON. If that is the case, is that “MODERATION” or is it “CENSORSHIP?”

  • Jeff Holman

    Obama’s only goal in these meetings is to pave a path for two things:

    1. He wants his legacy deal with Iran to pass through Congress with Jewish support,

    2. He wants to pave the path for Hilary Clinton with Jewish support

    If anyone believes Obama has any authentic feelings of empathy for the Jewish people, they are delusional. Look at his actions, not his words.

    He is a politician, nothing more. He is doing what politicians do, schmoozing the audience to get what he wants.

  • Ray A. Cohn

    What bothers me — as a retired political/government reporter — is WHAT the CORPORATE PRESS is NOT REPORTING. Especially as ironically The Sacramento Bee Executive Editor/Vice President Joyce Terhaar calls reporting in FULL CONTEXT.

    Voting member of the Wellstone Democratic Club are required by their Oath of Office to “protect and defend: the constitutions of California and the USA “against all domestic and foreign enemies.”

    The Palestinian Government that governs the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank of the Jordan River has adopted the Hamas Charter of the Shiite Terrorist organization Hamas. Said charter provides for EXTERMINATING all WORLDWIDE JEWS — INCLUDING NEARLY 7 MILLION AMERICANS. So failure to do so is clearly a violation of their OATH of OFFICE and clearly TREASON AGAINST the USA.

    Also at their last July meeting, I challenged them as to their position on 9/11 — the WORST TERRORIST ATTACK in USA HISTORY. Voting after voting member go up — if you can believe this — and said “9/11 is not relevant.” The WORST TERRORIST ATTACK in US HISTORY is NOT RELEVANT? Unbelievable!

    The student Senators at the University of California at Davis who submitted the resolution asking the university’s regents to divest money away from Israeli Corporations and those companies doing business with Israel have to take the same office. They too are supporting the Palestinian Government that is helping the TERRORIST GOVERNMENT of PALESTINE.

    For the sake of full disclosure, I was born in Tel Aviv in October of 1945 in what was the Palestine under British Mandate. They too are committing TREASON AGAINST the USA.

    Ray Arye Cohn

  • Samuel J. Savitz

    I’d be interested to learn the percentage of J Street’s membership that consists of Holocaust survivors or family members of Holocaust survivors. It would, also, be of interest to know the age distribution of its membership. I’m inclined to believe that those touched by the Holocaust and those who lived through that odious period of civilization do not support the position of J Street as described by this article.

  • Zion Israeli

    J Street is an organisation of Jewish traitors.

  • Isaac Waterman

    There is no lack on self hating Jews, who will sell their whole family and all their friends and thinking, that is the right thing to do, while knowing they are betraying their own people. These are disgusting people, not worth being Jewish.

  • SteveHC

    J-Street appears to be comprised primarily of liberal Jewish college students & graduates who never quite grew up into adulthood.

  • david freilich

    Why is there not a boycott J Street movement going on already?
    Who are these Quislings? They need to be marginalized in a big way.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    This is the reason I left the liberal section of Jewish Democrats. These people are lower than the belly of an earth worm. They are diseased and should be isolated from humanity.

  • Dale K.

    Poor poor Obama those mean Republicans and Jews who take issue with his willigness to place Israel in extreme danger. And those darn Christians…. taken to task on Easter with the Crusades shoved in their faces in an attempt to humiliate. He sure is one of the best player’s I’ve seen. I think Obama is a sociopath.

  • This issue is not simply about the existence of Israel. The P5 deal will spawn a nuclear arms race in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia that will ultimately threaten the world. Remember Munich? This is worse.

  • rachel robinson

    They are making me sick!!!

  • HaroldT

    When so many outstanding Jews were massacred during WW2, how could G.D save these quisling Jews parents to give birth to such evil.

  • David

    What a bunch of self-hating Left Wing Mamzerim!

  • The Radio Jihad Network

    J Street are the ‘Voluntary’ Kapos of the Jewish community.

    At least during WW2 the Jewish Kapos did what they had to do to survive.

    Today – J Street voluntarily walks the road of Kapos weakening Israel while living safe lives in the United States. J Street is evil in the sense they would encourage the Obama Administration to sell Israel out to the UN and then provide Obama cover to do so.

  • Let me be clear, these are Nazis and shtick drek. I am a Rabbi and I say to anyone who does not like these comments kish mir in tuchas…..

    THESE kapos, these traitors, belong in purgatory.

    Liberal Jews Push Obama to Drop Support for Israel at UN During White House Parley

    Members of a group of Jewish supporters of the Democratic Party who met with President Barack Obama this week urged him to remove the long-standing American…

  • Liberal Jews and Jstreet are Traitors.

  • Louis Fried

    Unfortunately, throughout the years there have always been groups of Jews who will do anything to ingratiate themselves with the political elites. These Jews, like the members of J Street and their confederates, are Jews in name only and are an embarrassment and a threat to other Jews and the people of Israel. They are vehemently anti-Israel and their vision of Israel is not that of a vibrant Jewish state living in prosperity and security.

  • J street is pro Israel like the palestinians are pro-Israel

  • manley kiefer

    Politics, party first, your Jewish homeland last. We’ll remember who you are in forthcoming elections and who we will thank and admire and those we won’t.

  • Anthony Dayton

    J Street to President Obama: “let us know first, and we’ll do the legwork for you, in the community… so you’re not going to come in cold.” One can only hope that theirs is a small community; it will be a frosty day when the likes of these J Streeters enter mine.

  • Bruce Parks

    Obama and J Street may mean well but they will long be remembered for the damage they do, the lives that will be lost. Like Melville’s Ahab, Obama will lose everything to chase this great whit whale, this make believe agreement with Iran. J Street, what can be said, of these pocket Jews, these useful Jews?

  • Scott

    J-Street needs a major political expose – somehow where the MSM has to show it.
    Real friends of Israel know who he is, but “main street” doesn’t.

    J-Ben-Ami is anything but a supporter of Israel. I want to know when Abbas appointed him as his foreign minister.

  • Robert Weintraub

    That J Street is permitted an audience with the president is indicative of how far away from supporting Israel the Democratic party has traveled since the days Of Scoop Jackson, Hubert Humphrey and Pat Moynihan.

  • shloime

    was obama “pushed”, or did he ask to be pushed? at a carefully orchestrated speech like this, before a tame audience, it’s not hard to plant a few shills in the crowd.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    they’re not liberals, they’re terrorist Jew haters, assuming we still assert there’s some difference between the two.

  • suzie

    If Obama is saying his position on Israel is like ” ultra liberal Jews” then he must know that his positions are far to the left those held by the rest of the tribe.He can’t even try to mend relationships with Bibi, yet he expects American Jews to embrace Iran which has threatend our Israeli breathren with anniilaton. JStreet is a crooked allyway full of garbage that Jews who feel embarrassed that Israel is a nation toss about. They think that roses will bloom from already withered rubbish.

  • Poppi Z

    In every generation someone arises and tries to annihilate us and in every generation there are Jews who assist them and are, either naively or intentionally (believing they know better than the rest of us), part of the annihilation effort. Shame on those Jews who are naive and on those who are intentional in their treachery.

  • Ayatollah Ghilmeini

    Imagine during WWII Rabbi Steven Weis encouraging Roosevelt to really turn Breckinridge Long and the State Department against the Jewish refugees and that is about where JStreet are at. My contempt for them grows almost daily.

    They are despicable scum. Neturei Carta with dreadlocks.

  • Obama presented himself as thinking like an ‘ultra-liberal Jew’! And we only thought he was a well meaning moderate, part Muslim, part Christian. I would have reserved a phrase like ‘ultra-liberal Jew’ for people like J Sreeet who don’t have a clue about the Middle East.

  • Mary

    Some of the worst jews are the self-hating ones and are much worse much than the enemies of Israel.

  • David Levavi

    “…let us know first, and we’ll do the legwork for you…”

    Said by a craven coward certain that Jews are too civilized to break his or her legs for it.

  • THESE kapos, these traitors, belong in purgatory.

  • Eren

    My father always said that the worst anti-semites out there are our fellow Jews, when they turn on their own people. They do more damage than any other hate group because they know where to hit so it would hurt the most.

  • rulierose

    NOW can we please stop saying JStreet is “pro-Israel”?

    • Howard Cox

      JStreet is as “pro-Israel as Fareed Zakaria

    • Charlotte

      YES there are too many rebellious self hating Jews who want to think they are WASP.
      They buy this Politically correct BS which I appalling because it is dishonest. :(:(:( I do not see them as Jews I see them as the enemy of Jews.
      JStreet is Ant- Semetic.



    • sifter

      J Street IS Pro-Israel (extermination).

    • maria

      Yes, fight the JStreet, It is an antisemitic organizationthat should b e closed.

    • n.l. shriber

      “J Street” is rather anti-Israel and anti-peace organization, led by people who are eager to perpetuate the Arab Israeli conflict because this has become their profession: to spit at the liberal-democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, the modern State of Israel, while embracing those whose hands are dripping of the blood of Jewish children. And, the longer the conflict goes on the more likely they will continue to be employed by the business called “peace in the Middle East”.

  • paul jeser

    But, of course…

  • Divest from traitors thricely and build alliances with numerous Pro-Israel groups

    Divest from traitors thricely and build alliances with numerous Pro-Israel groups

    • cynthia haddad


      • Abe Serot

        I agree.

      • J. Brooks

        Totally in agreement

        J Street does not represent the majority of Jews in the United States
        For them to support a Veto of the State of Israel over a Palestinean state is beyond comprehension. I agree that we divest immediately from this group.
        They obviously don’t care about the security of Israel.

    • Max

      The state of Israel should levy a permanent (25 years) block of entry to all American “Jews” that are involved in these Auto-Antisemitic organizations like ‘J-Street’

      Some of these Jews wouldn’t care as they are De-facto enemies of the Jewish State, others would think twice before they trash/sabotage Israel and realize it is, like Jo Biden recently admitted, the only place which is truly safe for the Jewish people…