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April 19, 2015 2:22 pm

Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt Says Israel no Longer ‘US Chained Dog’

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Former Swedish prime minister and foreign minister Carl Bildt. Photo: Wikipedia.

According to former Swedish prime minister and foreign minister Carl Bildt, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamanei is no longer correct to describe Israel as a “US chained dog” as things have now changed.

“When Iran Supreme Leader @khamenei_ir says that Israel is ‘US chained dog’ he has obviously missed key developments,” Bildt tweeted in Sunday, adding helpfully that the dictator needs a “reality check.”

Bildt was responding to a Twitter rant from Khamenei earlier in the day in which the leader of Iran said, “The cause of insecurity in the region is the Zionist regime which is the US chained dog.”

Bildt may have been referring to the recent distance that has developed between the US and Israel over differences of opinion in how to handle the Iranian nuclear threat and peace with the Palestinians.

Over the years, the Swedish politician has been a vocal critic of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, sometimes taking to Twitter to chastise the Jewish state. Last year he became the subject of ridicule for tweeting a satirical news story about an Israeli travel ban on Sweden as news.

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  • maria

    Sweden is the worst pro muslim country in Europe. Soon the country will be a muslim state. Bildt is one of the worst Swedish politicians equal to wallström and kaplan.
    He has always hated Jews and Israel and the US, and he would like Israel to be destroyed.
    However, now nobody cares what he says as he has no influence any more

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Sweden will be the first European nation to officially adopt sharia as the sole law of the land.

  • Sweden has bowed to Islam-nazism, as has the entire world.
    Remember – Hitler got Persia to change the nation name to Aryan – IRAN.

  • Tony Minchew

    Perhaps the Iranian leader should be more concerned with the chain breaking rather than who holds the chain. Btw, the Entity that holds that “dog” back is its Owner. One day things will be made clear, but it will be to late. And your concern will not be Israel, but the Messiah, Jesus the Christ. You will not be able to get on your face fast enough and you will not rise to bow again.

    May you all come to know “the One who is, who was and who is to come.”

  • anthony Lefco

    Bildt is not being complimentary to Israel. It is a nasty comment. He is saying that Israel is now the United States unchained dog. He does not like Netanyahu or his speech to Congress opposing the Obama cave to Iran. Bildt thinks this is clever. Not really.

  • spk truth

    Sorry, most people around the world believe the US is the chained dog of Israel….but Americans no longer support Bibi the Terrible…the times they are a changing.

    • Retired

      How do you know what most Americans support?

  • Mickey Oberman

    Perhaps, just perhaps, he is correct this time.