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April 23, 2015 6:14 pm

New Film: Boston University-Affiliated High School Workshop Promotes Anti-Israel Agenda (VIDEO)

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Axis of Hope founder Carl Hobert admitted to receiving guidance for the workshop from anti-Israel. Photo: YouTube. – The advocacy group Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) on Thursday released a video (see below) that sounds the alarm on a Boston University-affiliated high school workshop that APT says attempts “to indoctrinate students, especially Jewish students, against the state of Israel.”

While Axis of Hope (AOH) claims that its mission is “developing in young adults an understanding of alternative, non-violent approaches to resolving complex conflicts locally, nationally and internationally,” AOH’s “Whose Jerusalem?” workshop runs mock negotiating exercises that specifically select Jewish students for roles that try to get them to empathize with Hamas, the Palestinian terror group whose charter calls for Israel’s destruction and the murder of all Jews.

Carl Hobert, AOH’s founder, has admitted to receiving guidance for the workshop from anti-Israel professors Noam Chomsky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Denis Sullivan (Northeastern University), according to APT. Hobert has told the Al Jazeera broadcaster that one of the workshop’s goals is “putting pressure on our government to create a Palestinian state.”

AOH has worked in at least 28 high schools across the US, which are listed on its website at The 27-minute film by Boston-based APT, titled “Axis of Bias @ Weston High School,” focuses on AOH’s presence at Weston High School because the group received outreach from a concerned individual in that area.

APT President Charles Jacobs explained that while Jewish organizations are finally taking action on the threat of anti-Zionism on college campuses, the new film shows how “the poison that we now know is on the campuses” is also spreading on the high school level. Programs like AOH are “grooming these kids” in a way that by the time they reach college, “they’re already coming pre-heated against Israel,” Jacobs told

“Under the banner of global education, and peace studies, and conflict resolution, and activist diplomacy, all kinds of things are being brought into the schools that are anti-Israel,” Jacobs said. “This is one of the more egregious examples, and we’ve got it on film. We’ve shown this film around to people who are experts in education, and also to Jewish leaders in the city, and they’re absolutely appalled.”

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, former senior commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Education, said, “This is a must-see video for parents who care about their children’s education and want educators with academic integrity in the classroom.” Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, chair of the “Curriculum Watch” initiative at the women’s Zionist organization Hadassah, called AOH “a pedagogically flawed program by a self-styled guru of educational civil disobedience promoting anti-Israel propaganda to well-meaning students who want to bring peace to the world.”

The AOH website says that the initiative “is no longer conducting official teacher training sessions,” instead pointing visitors to new conflict resolution teacher training programs at the Boston University Global Literacy Institute website. Those programs are also led by Hobert.

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  • My impression after watching this video, is that the Creator is, through the medium of nature showing those that ‘C’…. that we have lots of work to do…… and the sides are being drawn.  

    If one considers that Carl Hobart, is playing his role in the Axis of Hope, and all of humanity are but puppets, (Shakespeare speaks to this) and we are, then it shifts the seriousness of worrying who is going to do what to who and places a greater responsibility at the individual level to connect to like minded people with a heart for the betterment of humanity.

    Science as well as Hollywood are arriving at more scientific proofs, proving that we are puppets to a degree as they have discovered the God Gene VMAT2 which says we are hard wired for spirituality as well as the DRD4, the Curiosity Gene and so, in the field of genetics and neurology are putting forth that humans are but electrical impulses and have on one hand what seems to be free will but in actuality we are first animals attempting to work and earn our way to a higher level of consciousness as that is what Gmar Tikkun is about repairing the world.

    When one examines closely what is being said here in this video, on both sides, the “for side” and the “against side” one sees that all the emphasis is placed upon external activity or physical actions and not on the internal ‘world’ meaning the activity or mental actions of an individual or a group of people.

    One can look at an air-conditioning system as a model or example and say based on external conditions that it is not cooling or heating, (heat pumps has both functions) BUT, and this is a big BUTT as it speaks to the BOTTOM or the soul of matter itself…. so if one does not look at and factor in the internal conditions of its ‘closed’ system’ having both an upper and a lower system… one will never correct or resolve the external situations. This closed system works the same as our physical bodies and the one on the electrical or power side as well as pressure that develops by design (the refrigerant circuit)…. one cannot diagnose the situation properly and will constantly be blaming and pointing fingers at the external conditions on the symptoms, meaning the external activities, and this includes, thoughts, words and statements of individuals as well as their actions…..and again if one does not examine this “internal state” issues will go unresolved.

    This is science and not my opinion(s) and there is no point in pointing fingers as to who is wrong and who is right, and both sides of this “PHYSICAL ISRAEL VS PHYSICAL PALESTEIN DISCUSSION” need to begin to see and PERCEIVE this to a greater degree. This is a big piece of the puzzle that needs to be realized in order for there to be peace…. now as to how they, meaning those on both sides of this “physical discussion’ will arrive at perceiving both sides of the external/internal coin is a whole another matter. This involves a new paradigm and a new education for all!

    In short we must look deeper than material matter as “there are two worlds…. one on the inside and one on the out… and one affects the other.” Lee Kelso

    Note: I am not saying that just because there should be pointing of fingers does not mean society or an individual, should not be alert and have measure in place, working, at protecting themselves. The finger pointing should be turned inwardly before looking outside of ourselves. Jews in their religious circles know and understand this and they need to teach it, meaning their insights in how to unify humanity in a non-religious fashion. It is definitely challenging to say the least but it must be done in order to bring order in both worlds.

  • Lynne T

    I hate to say it, but no surprises when the president of the US makes his first and very likely his only visit to Israel during his presidence, skips visiting the Knesset, but instead goes to an Israeli high school to tell his young audience that they must pressure their government into settling the conflict without doing the same while he was in the West Bank.




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  • If we go to the roots of the article we will find one shared factor between groups like Hamas and people like Karl Hobert. Those roots are religious. We Jews see the Return of Jews to Israel as part of the unfolding of Divine Providence. Israel’s defeat of the united Arab armies in 1948 and 1967, Saddam’s 39 Scud missiles that destroyed 1,500 Israeli homes but killed very few Jews — these were giloi haShechina. To Muslims, we Jews are a fossil, long since replaced by Islam. For Islamists the rebuilding of Zion is a repudiation of their belief that no land ever occupied by Muslims can be returned to non-Muslims. For many Christians 1948 was ‘impossible’ because Jews could never return and rebuild Zion until we accepted the Nazarene. For Muslims and Christians as well as Jews, the ‘New Jerusalem’ is a deeply theological issue.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Another sign of the times: anti-Semitic vandalism and intimidation on college and university campuses; pro-‘palestinian’ demonstrations, including masked non-student agitators; teachers reading the koran to grammar-school children in public schools. There is an agenda creeping into our education systems that bears close scrutiny, for starters.

  • Rick Zwelling

    I would have liked to see how the Israeli side was presented.

  • Neil Horlock

    How ironic that these liberals who preach tolerance are so actively pursuing such an intolerant attitude toward Israel. They have blindly believed the lies promoted by Islamists who have a huge monetary foothold not only at Boston University, but at Harvard, USC, UCLA, UC Berkley, Columbia, and others. All one has to do is follow the money to our Saudi neighbors who’s oil money has established strongholds at some of our major universities. It’s time to eliminate this type of influence at our schools. Eliminating this influence would decrease anti-semitic attitudes. Any student caught promoting anti-semestism should receive the same disciplinary action as those who use such discrimination against African-Americans. Professors who advocate anti-semitic discrimination should lose tenure and be excused from the positions they hold. When will we stand up against all forms of discrimination?

  • Love of Torah starts with our own Kind

    Love of Torah starts with our own Kind,

    It is disgusting that Chomsky y”l and others have spit on their own people to help the invented nation. We can trace their ancestors, however to the Torah, and the amalekites and haman’s supporters.

    We must get rid of these programs and teach the nations about Torah and Israel and the Temple of Solomon.